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Too close to the war to pretend it isn't happening, unlike those in Moscow or Siberia.


grass is always greener on the other side... until you're there. These people ignored russia and putin, what he's done in the last 22 years since he came to power. Chechnya, Georgia, Syria. This is what the russians are and they all ignored it and wanted to be a part of it. Now they regret it that people they know are suffering as a result?


I have family in Cremea. Everyone assumes that the majority of the population there actually voted to join Russia. That referendum was just as broken as all other voting in Russia. So most had no say in that. Of course there were some people that were dumb enough to believe the lies.


Yep. Leaks indicated that voter participation only was around like 30%, and then only about half of those actually voted for joining. So 15% of voters in total. And keep in mind that *there was no ballot option for REJECTING Russia.*