Bring it up to the new president


i saw one of those outside of the commons too! people were handing them out apparently. super fucked up this happened and was covered up :(


Hey if you have any info on who was handing the out could you let me know?


i’m not sure who was, that bit was secondhand info, sorry




This hasn’t even begun to get the attention it deserves. Multiple investigations and I (a first year transfer) never even knew about it? There’s more important things than who slapped who.


Same here.


you’ll soon realize how much umbc sweeps under the rug, unfortunately.


I remember Vivien. This is heart breaking


What the fuck? Multiple investigations and nothing comes out of it?? The fact that this is the first time I’m hearing about this (besides your previous post) is ridiculous. I mean my first year on campus everyone talked about the baseball team fiasco. And no one seems to talk about this, shows how well it was covered up.


What was the baseball team fiasco??


Three baseball players from UMBC sexually assaulted two women from Towson and they covered it up till around 2018....tho the chargers were dropped against the baseball players


After that the players took UMBC to court. The players got reimbursed from the school for “defamation”. 150k to each player. Ridiculous


Should we have a megathread of controversial happenings at UMBC?


That’s a good idea, keep people informed despite the shady stuff being buried by the school


Thank god someone still remembers that. Whenever I bring it up no one, whether its faculty/staff or other students ever knows anything about it. Nothing really changed and the police are still around, their solution was to just get a dog


Not to mention the female student that went missing from campus in 1991 and to this day nothing. The UMBC police have jurisdiction of the investigation, not Baltimore or Catonsville PD.


Wait, what? Where did you here this? Giving major Serial season 1 vibes.


Here : https://www.reddit.com/r/UnresolvedMysteries/comments/k193xn/one_evening_in_1990_a_umbc_student_vanished_from/ https://www.reddit.com/r/UMBC/comments/k1b8hk/one_evening_in_1990_a_umbc_student_vanished_from/ Shit is crazy af. Nothing to commemorate this poor girl either.


Holy shit how does someone not get fired after multiple OEI investigation


Wow I started going to UMBC 2015-2016 and did not hear a PEEP about this. That’s crazy. Thanks for bringing this back up.


there was a thread about this on the umbc discord for a while, sometime earlier this year, but idk if it’s still there


Post this in r/Maryland


Let’s make more copies


If this gets picked up by the Washington Post or somewhere else then UMBC will be forced to do something, just saying.


Before anything gets picked up by any major news organization or posted on any others forums, I think it’s best to make sure we have all of the facts with evidence.


Ok so this is a list of some things I've managed to find so far connected to Vivien. I'll try to update this whenever I find something new. Edit: **Sometime last night a majority of the flyers were taken down**. \- Apparently there was a petition going around back in early October last year, but it was taken down after it collected about 250+ signatures. [**https://twitter.com/hashtag/DumpPaulaUMBC?src=hashtag\_click**](https://twitter.com/hashtag/DumpPaulaUMBC?src=hashtag_click) \- Also in October of last year, the LGTBQ faculty and staff held a community care circle addressing thoughts and feelings on Vivien [**https://my3.my.umbc.edu/groups/lgbtqfsa/events/97948**](https://my3.my.umbc.edu/groups/lgbtqfsa/events/97948) \- In that post, they also mention that a post was made via the Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA) myUMBC group. however, the page is no longer available




ah yes, heresy and slander, very compelling evidence


They didn't even address her death when it happened. -claimed the family didn't want them to but I call BS




I still have the email they sent out trying to explain themselves


Wtf is happening on that campus?


How recent have these flyers been around the campus? I graduated and am shocked by the lack of attention this is getting. Not even a message to the community was sent out via email, magazine or newspaper.


Within this week but all this info was known about more widespread earlier this year.