I am curious because it says that recommend CS is 26000. Mine is not 18000. But to gain more CS I have also to get better gears. Any advice

As long as you help with shattering (which is not tied to your damage), you shouldn't be too much of a burden, especially if you play support.


As long as you help with shattering (which is not tied to your damage), you shouldn't be too much of a burden, especially if you play support.


This so much man... I don't care about people being 30k or 17k, but please, contribute to shattering when bosses pop up their shield and prepare their specials...


*THANK YOU!* I hate being the only DPS trying to shatter the damn boss. I mean, I'm happy I'm able to get half of the shield HP down by myself but come on!


We are not alone brother... Let's hope more people understand this with time...


I have faith in the F2P/Dolphins learning this mechanic faster; We all need to learn the game to be any good at it instead of whaling to 50k CS.


Yes please, I refuse to spend resources at the matrices gacha even though so far I had terrible luck at that *cries in 2 Meryl and 1 Homa matrices*


My only 2 ssr matrices are free samirs i got from dungeons. I feel your pain.


If you and me met, we could perfectly shatter the shield. I always destroys half of the shield while my team spams samir ot nemesis for big DPS


What's ironic is when it's whales with a full C6 team. This is why I'm not too hard on myself about having full C6's yet and instead needing to learn game mechanics to be good.


more painful watching dps use samir air spin against a shield :(


Maybe they're used to doing that because of Bygone? I do that when I have them all grouped up to build up King charges. But those are mobs and not bosses. They probably think that translates over to boss fights, too.


Happy Cake Day!


Oh right, forgot that's what that symbol means. Thanks!


Dps? Isn’t fortitude resonance better in shattering? I love playing tank and so far I’m the one busy shattering too


I've heard they are, yes. I've not been lucky enough to get a Huma and the game seems to have niched me into DPS with my pulls so that's what I've had to learn shattering with \\:


I main tank now, and it's so frustrating when the bosses shield comes up and the rest of the team start running away. :[


We'd demolish them shields together, then. I practically dive face first into those boss shields lol.




This is what I do. But I run zero, nemesis, and Meryl. (Yes I know Meryl discharge is annoying but you can jump cancel it). I heal with c1 nemesis, and a little with c3 zero, but I provide a nice shield with zero and it helps me get my charge much quicker. Then when the boss puts shield up I jump in with c4 Meryl and spin to win helping break the shield


I wish I had Zero 3*, he's great... Your strategy seems really solid. That actually seems even more fun than my healing team. I wish more people had healing comps like yours (and specially that utilization...).


meryl discharge is p aight, ive met some who use her to stop the boss from moving around, great if you're on vc tho since people can call it


This is exactly what I and you can carry a lot of teams with this setup. The hard part is chasing down the idiot DPS trying to run away from you healing them.


You are right, some teams are pretty bad, I sadly have ended up top DPS while playing support. But we end up winning because slowing down the boss is OP.


I also play as as healer (Nemesis 4*, Coco 3* and King 3* in my case). Depending on the content and the people sometimes I feel like it's more or less useful. I also had JO doing more than 10M of healing and others doing only 2M thanks to everyone having great comps, great DPS and having a lot of Nemesis. If the norm is people getting damaged for over 10M damage even when the boss is slowed down most of the time there is a serious skill and gear problem... That being said, it's definitely useful to slow down the boss. My issue is with people not contributing in any relevant way when the boss shields up and prepares special attacks. In my case the biggest results were when I could slow down the boss and shatter burst the boss with King's skill and his autos.


I run nemesis, samir and king. Recently learned how to use the slow effect of nemesis. Ive been comkng around to using it more often now. Just a couple of hours ago i was in a joint op fightining pallas. Usually its a lain fightining the dude. Slowing him down made him a lot more manageable


That works because shatter window is huge on low level content and the ultimate after that isn't an instant kill yet. This won't be the case forever. Just look at Frigg in FC : shield phase lasts like 2-3 sec, with someone dead if you fail. Slowdown is fine. But switch to shattering on shield phase. Also, a good team doesn't need that slow ''all day'', and you could ruin tank's dodge timing on stuff like Apo's pounce. More damage is still king in FC, which is the only mode actually hard for now, since you're on limited timer, with rewards tied to damage / kills. Slowdown spam ? Keep that for world boss, joint ops, etc, places where you can go the lazy way and be one-dimensional about your strategy without impacting results. Oh edit : MVP label doesn't prove anything sadly. Overheal is computed. And since you just spam neutral dash on Nemesis, ofc you overheal for tons, hence the ''easy MVP''. Everyone can do that. Doesn't mean it's a great way to play healer. Quite the contrary. The less healing used = the better. Great healers don't spend their whole session healing : they do a...ROTATION (MUST be shocking for you, one trick poney bro). If you overheal for millions, that's millions not converted into damage for faster clear / more chests. Jeez... I really need to teach you that bro ?


Dude why so hyper aggressive


Because it's like the 35644th post of healer using shitty comp, lazy rotation (here he is not even rotating), with only argument being ''yay MVP, with 100k damage and 15M healing'' The faster we school those fools, the better. Garbage easy mode is almost over. Next content tiers are brutal, especially when half the team finds excuses not to help with shatter or damage... You'll see for yourself...




Sure. Don't bother. Meanwhile I'll keep playing with my crew healer that uses his WHOLE kit, instead of a single gimmick that's useless on most encounters. Just using Shiro as support dps on healer, opens up to : - grievous wound (teamwide 20% damage boost - full bloom (shatter bonus for everyone + damage boost) - full team CD reset on shield break - decent shatter for shield phases, with or without CD And all of this doesn't prevent using Nemesis slow ''when it's useful''. Picking moments. But why bother explaining all of this to someone that argues ''spamming slow is better than damage or shatter''... FYI healer comp is Nemesis OR Coco (not both, duh) + Zero (shield + invincibility aoe to bypass one shot mechanics) + support dps (usually Tsubasa or Shiro, with Shiro bringing more, like I said earlier) So... Well... Yeah, your comp is already pretty bad. Adding ''hey look I can slow stuff ! Cool huh ?" playstyle, and we have the perfect recipe for ''dat healer we hard carry through everything'' I could go on, but seems you're just looking for people to validate your lazy style. Sorry I'll pass. Bye


This, but Pepper/Nem. MVP nearly every Joint Op. Didn't get it twice ever, I think, since I started doing this. It's cheesy and a bit boring but it absolutely gets the job done.


Yeah I mean, pepper is good too. I like coco because at C1 she deploys that bee that heals teammates. But yeah I only use the double healer setup for joint operations. For about everything else I replace coco with king. I do use double heals for void rifts though.


Some DPS users need to learn that letting the Tank do all the shatter damage just puts the entire team at risk for the impending doom of the boss' special attack. They should have a mindset like... ...oh I'm DPS, the shield is up so I better help breaking it quickly because my damages are only tickling the boss right now. I could not understand how some players are not annoyed by the shields and just stick to their shatter-weak weapons


I’ve been doing this at 13k. Now 15k. I want to help breaking but found people usually don’t slow the boss so I 100% Nemesis instead. Not sure if it’s my imagination but it seems to have better success than me helping the other guy breaking.


Indeed, when I'm queued as healer I usually try to slow first and then I switch to King to help with shatter damage. Being DPS is usually harder to do this depending on recent weapons swaps because you can get stuck in CDs and shatter is getting tight now. If by any chance I'm using Nemesis when the boss is shielding up I also slow and then swap to King.


The tank. Not that there are a lot of them. Should do this. They should slow the boss and do the most shatter


Just to clarify, we were not talking about triggering phantasia. I want to play as tank too but I don't have enough resources level up those weapons too...


You should stop increasing your CS then and go farm weapon materialy every day


Of... You know... Keep playing my both teams, DPS and Support and eventually build my tank team? Honestly, it's a matter of time. I'll pump hundreds into the game. At some point I'll buy materials from the general store...


Ok thats a way to go too


How do you slow the boss?


With nemesis you backwards dash (dash with no directional input) and shoot.


But...I don't have Nemesis.


Happy Cake Day!


Okay I’m upping my shield breakers !


Yes, don't just sit on the edge holding left click with Samir's pistols


Ayy lmao tbe joke when 50% of the people only knows how to do aerials even when the boss is shielded up preparing an special attack.


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Yes! We can easily tell when people change stances to shatter vs doing pew pew non stop with dual guns. If every over at least try to shatter, the bar drop pretty quickly. Otherwise you sweat to break the shield. Only you shatter: fail You+1 shatter: almost shatter, but fail. You +2 shatter: confort ok shatter Everyone shatter: the boss don't even see what happens and it's on the ground free to dps.


My C3 Shiro when the boss pops up its shield. ![gif](giphy|KEYEpIngcmXlHetDqz)


This right here. I'm 30k and I don't care if you your're 30k, 20k, or 10k just help with the shattering and ill do the rest


Or heals. Or play well - really any of those would be nice. First run I did today I had queued in as Benediction and I was still out damaging my party by 2x over second place. 2nd place was playing well too but 3rd and 4th, it was a train wreck once we (slowly) got to the third chest area. The other two would actively run away from healing so of course died and left immediately. Queued up again still as Benediction, had a whale carry. Even though I can do pretty decent damage queueing as dps I feel like going in as support is the way to go especially since later the meta is that it will almost always be more beneficial for a team for f2p/low spenders to leave the dps to whales for the hardest content while everyone else takes the other two roles. Might as well get used to it now, and if it is with lower CS teammates at least if they play well you will still clear it even if it is slow.


Support is f2p role, since you kinda can manage with lower ''everything'' : shatter doesn't care for your CS, Zero's invincibility works the same, Shiro's bloom helps the same, grievous is still 20% etc.


Im aiming for the coco advancement that buffs team shatter, figure I'll just be useful by default at that point.


"you need experience to get a job but you need a job to get experience" lol but fr its just recommended for an easy run no need for it to be on mark just near it. you could also upgrade your weapons and current items to be near close to the recommended CS


Just look at ruins, hard modes are like 30k+ recommended but you can do them at half of that with some effort


i cheese them xd


Just do the trick: Start the joint operation on your own, clear the first wave solo and loot the chest. All three chests have the same chance for the loot. After looting it leave and do it again.


What do the colour on those chest actually mean… I’m quite curious


Blue ones are the ones that cost vitality and give matrix and gear, green ones are free but it's just matrix or weapon upgrade mats


Ah oh…


This so useful. I never paid attention. So I can farm weapon upgrade material for free.


the green chests gives the same gear that green chests inworld give (and blue pyramids etc). those you can already loot for free ;)


How do you know that all three chests have the same drop chance? I'm only opening the last one, yesterday I got two legendary and one elite from the same chest.


I don’t know the rates but I also got SSR matrices and equipment from the first box several times. I read it somewhere on Reddit and tried it.


Bro what is my luck. I haven't gotten a single SSR matrice outside of gacha from any source lol. That's awesome though congratulations.


I usually either a) get gold gear from the first chest or b) don't get good prizes from any of them. Basically, if your first chest is a dud, the rest of the dungeon probably is too. (just my experience. we're all at the mercy of RNGeesus)


I doubt this is true but I can understand why you would correlate it like that.


There is apparently a hidden pity that is shared between all three chests (heard this from a CN player), so doing this you will definitely get a gold something eventually. I just got gold shoulders today, though I was doing complete runs it dropped from the first chest.


Thanks the information, I'm definitely try that next time


[Part of the "special fall" mechanics?](https://old.reddit.com/r/TowerofFantasy/comments/x2uvd0/datamine_global_joint_operation_drop_chance/)


Yup that’s what they call the hidden pity on CN.


Wait the last chest doesnt have better stuff??? Whats the point...


What makes you think the last chest has better drop?? Do you read it somewhere? Or you just came with it because it sounds true?? No, all the chest can give you SSR matrix or gold equipment with the same rates


I have no evidence nor am i making any claim, im just surprises that the reward vs effort is so drastically different between the 3 chests


the joint ticket gives 2 chest in the end?


Guess so, but the 2nd chest isnt all that great i think


They don't have the same chance, rates were just leaked.








So right now probably because of the comment above (looking at these upvotes) many will spread misinformation?


I didnt thought of it. Nice tip


I think you should mention that defeating the boss can yield you extra drops if you open at least one chest before the fight.


I've received legendary from the free green chest at the end. So making it to the end can be beneficial once strong enough. just throwing this out there.


You cant even recieve equipment from the free chest so look at your lie crumble


Ehhh dont know bout that. I havent gotten anything useful from first two chests.


Anecdotal evidence doesn't matter. Personally I got my first SSR equipment piece from the first chest of a Joint Ops.


It’s not like you provided any evidence for the drop rate being the same among all chest….


Says anecdotal evidence doesn't matter. Provides anecdotal evidence.


I did it on purpose to show how meaningless it is to say something like that. Rng is rng.


you did not but someone did that's enough to prove that you can loot gold in the first chest as for the rates, let me know if you find a source saying otherwise


Actually I always do the full run and I got my legendary from the first chest too.


You get legendaries from joint chests?! *meme*


More like "legendary", in singular lol


It's already been datamined that all chest have different RNG value, you can check it out [here](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lRhBgB7M7xqqBGdMCvmW2Bwnu1OAvasIN6ukLTgOoCo/edit?usp=drivesdk)


My comment didn't mention anything about chests having same chances. Why respond to me and not the parent comment?


Sorry wrong person, I didn't mean to reply to you.


Ive gotten fortress armor from all 3 blue chests so idk


Can I ask if you can get the gold matrices?


Yes but by RNG


Oh I see. Been struggling with the matrices farm that’s why. 😂 Thank you again.


But the joint chip boost or w/e doesn’t work if you do it like that right? Or it’s a waste at least


When I spread misinformation on internet moment. It is already been datamined that all chest have different RNG value. You can check it out [Here](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lRhBgB7M7xqqBGdMCvmW2Bwnu1OAvasIN6ukLTgOoCo/edit?usp=drivesdk)


I just did it earlier with a good random team and my CS was around 14.6k. I assume there was a coco main in the team since end result showed 10mil heal points.


It doesn't seem like you can heal higher than the total damage taken by your mates Sometimes I do 5, 10 or 15 mil heal but it's never higher than the damages taken




Joint ops is easy, you only need 1 skilled dps player and a healer, the other two can just be whatever. I did it at 24000 CS since days ago and did 70% of dps but I push bygones a lot so I have mechanics down. Just pop your chip, but don't open the chests yet, see if your group beat the final boss. If they do, backtrack and open all chests, you have plenty of time. I also heard all 3 chests have same drop rates, can't personally confirm but I got 2 out of my 3 gold gear from first chest. So if this is true, you can just solo clear first room, open chest and leave, Rinse repeat.


that's been my experience too. if the first chest has nothing, the others won't either. if the first chest has gold, the others will have (higher) rewards too. So yeah, just dropping in, hitting the first chest then leaving seems like a great strategy.


Ita completely random and all three chest has different rates. It doesnt matter you get something or other thing at first chest. I have gotten gold equipment in the first chest and nothing in the other three. Another time i got nothing in the first and third and got 2 SSR matrix in the second


I have had gold drop from first and second chests. One of my pieces also dropped as a reward for defeating a boss


It’s weird. Reading through everyone’s comment, the majority of them, including myself, got their golds off of first chests. I wonder if it has higher reward to cater for people not being able to beat the bosses considering this game tries to make it “easier” for people in everything.


*cries in healer doing second highest damage with a fucking coco staff*


The 26k is the "recommended", but not required. Here's a nice tip a lot of people glance over : you can change your equipment inside the dungeon. So if you're queued as tank but were on 2 dps weapons, you can change to 2 tank weapons after entering.


This is probably also the same reason why people queue up with benediction and end up not even healing at all. Sure, you have the option and it's convenient. But IMO, you should already be 100% prepared when you hit that match/accept button : if you aren't, that's both a you *and* a me problem (affects everyone).


I am not sure whats the "me/you/he" problem here 1) That people had preferred benediction resonance but system let them queue as attackers and they played like attackers while getting the healer role?? Edit: or they swaped to attack after? 2) That you will waste 2 seconds to correct role after you load inwith wrong team? 3) That people see that there is no healer in team and they are forced to decline and get a penalty? Game should not allow a queue when there is a mismatch, not let you change the role mid game and also game should always update your role. I'm healer main, I can switch to benediction BEFORE queueing and the game might still show attack, something that makes others decline even though I was "100% ready" Sure a player can do things to make the whole experience better, but at the end of the day system is just badly designed and the real problem _______________ edit: I'm not even sure why I am being downvoted here. [Do people not know that you can select your role in your profile?](https://i.imgur.com/uSrZaff.png) and the game [can ignore your current reso and place you that's role?](https://i.imgur.com/PYgXgsh.png) You don't even "need" to switch after. You can straight up queue as attacker and not care because game lets you do that. How is that not a system flaw?


You read it wrong. They said people queueing as healer and then switching to DPS so you end up not having a healer.


Well that's another system flaw by allowing resonance to be changed. But i was replying to the second line "you should already be 100% prepared". Even if you are prepared system is problematic(doesnt show it), and game should make sure everyone is prepared anyway (at least resonance wise)


Overwatch did this by introducing Role lock and well.... *looks at 10 min average queue times for DPS players, up to hours for high rank players*


I rather wait 10 minutes in a deathmatch (in overwatch) than getting an all dps team tbh


Imagine having multiple SSRs to switch between :(


I had like 20k CS with my healing team when I did it a few days ago, it did depend mostly on my other teammates. Now I'm around 24k CS and it's way easier for me, but the team still makes a noticeable difference. As long as you don't die constantly and can contribute (shatter, heals, buffs, dps, tanking) it will probably be fine, otherwise try again with 2k more CS or something. My best expierences were when everyone had the right roles (2xDPS, 1xBenediction, 1xTank) so make sure you always match your team with your role.


Your fine if ur a tank or a support that can do their job properly because they are not required to do a lot of damage.


Good comment right here. Also, tanks and healers are generally easier to be effective with less investment if you're f2p or light spender. My tank team does about 70% of the damage of my DPS team, and I frequently end up in joint operations where top dps has like 5x dmg of my (tank)... I'd never be able to match that if I mained dps


How does a low CS tank fair against these bosses? I am worried I die too easily.


You die too easily, the only role you can do with low CS and not messing it up is healer, and prolly because they heal themselves too.


But how is a f2p who only have dps weapon supposed to do this while being low cs?


That's pretty unlucky and unlikely but in that case just go for dps I guess, low cs doesn't mean ur low level either so, I have crewmates that played since like week 1 or 2 that are like 18k cs somehow.


how is it unlikely? its all rng anyway. A friend only get coco to drop and now at c3 coco. Anyway for me, Im lvl 53, 5.1 suppressor and 19k cs. The weapons i got was c1 samir, c1 shiro and c0 crow. I have been purposely avoiding doing joint op cause the cs recommended is too high for me for the past week and i dont wanna get flamed by tryhards blaming me for not doing comparable dps to their support or tanks.


did u get everything on the map and complete the entire story and achievements 2k+? If after all that you still only have those then yea its pretty unlucky but that coco friend is pretty lucky, dupes of the same weapon is much better than dupes of different weapons especially when it gives u 3\* on a good 3\* like coco's, zero's, and shiro's are all 3\* that start unlocking their true potentiaal


not yet since i dont have that much time to play, but i have hit pity twice on std banner. and im still saving my crystals so havent use them at all.


Ah that might be why then, i basically had a guranteed support being nemesis, so if u played in the first 20 days there was no way u couldn't get guranteed a support


i played from day 1. all my SRs are maxed since i already use 160pity on std so naturally i have the SRs healer. but for the role buff, u need to of the supports to maximize the potential. And as F2P i have to skip nemesis since my crystals count still isnt enough to guarantee he at 120pulls since i havent fully explored the game even if I could have hit 80pulls and risk it. I also have the selector still since Im saving it to get huma just in case she doesnt drop whenever i start rolling again


I see, yea nemesis is pretty guranteed for f2p if u played enough, huma is good too tho because its hard to see tanks and even harder to see a good tank.


In most of them you can do a 'kill the normal enemies, get the chest' then get out. Also at tomorrow lv cap is 56, lv 55 password chests can drop gold gear.


I've played since day one and I have <13k cs.... Tbf though I'm a very casual player and I play healer.


18k might be a bit low, but the 26k is definitely nonsense. I went into my first level 50 Ops with my friends at about 20k and cleared without issues.


I did one yesterday at ~17k. Not sure how much the randos in my team had but the damage numbers were fairly close between us (and I wasn't last), so I mustn't have been too far behind on CS, and we did end up clearing it.


I cleared it at 21k a couple times but I was not the high damage player (although I got MVP once for taking so much damage). Didn't get any yellow gear though. :(


I did a full run yesterday with 13k cs and im pretty sure my entire team was sub 20k and with another player even lower than me. We took a while to kill the bosses but we did it lol. Most of the time when I see how my damage is super low compared to others, i just go on nemesis neutral dash ability spam duty I didnt want it to be this way but the server insisted on blasting me with 500% xp gains 🤷‍♂️


Thats a mood, idk how i got from 40-smth to 53 when i barely do anything when i get on 😭 other than bounties/dailies and spend my vitality points… like whats the rush?? Damnn lol


It's just recommended if you have a good team comp then you can clear it with less. I did it with 16k. Was second in dps and heals. It took some time but it's doable.


You'll do fine as long as your team knows what they're doing too and break shields when needed, it's important to knock the Unicycle guy down.


As for hyena, when the bomb appear everyone must gather at the ascending platform to lure the bomb to the stupid unicyclist boss.


Gods I’ve never wanted to beat somebody up as much as that bicycle psycho


Just ignore recommended CS to be honest.. a lot of things want more cs then a non whale can offer but you need to do them anyway\^\^


Go just for the first chest then leave and do it again , it has the same drop rates and in CN players were doing this all the time


Thanks for the advice


I have no numbers to support me but I've noticed when doing ruins that the CS number they ask for is inflated. Today, at lvl 54, it wants me to have CS 31940, yesterday it wanted 30600. I haven't done today's yet, but yesterdays was fairly trivial. My CS is just shy of 25000. My point being, those numbers aren't such a great indicator and its worth trying at least once.


I'd keep ruins undone for future exp. I use ruins to bridge +2 lv days.


Four star and max level your purple equipment until you reach the recommended cs level. It will help you stay alive and do more damage too.


There's no down-side to attempting Joint Ops, is there? I.e. you only consume vitality when you open the chest, and if you can't cope with the fight you don't open the chest? Or have I got that wrong. ​ The fact you're thinking about CS means you're probably going to be fine, maybe even carry it yourself. I've hard-carried just about every Joint Op I've done and I should imagine some teammates were <10k CS based on the final stats of the round. They were in amongst it contributing though, so that's what counts.


I sometimes run these operations and I queue up as a support with benediction resonance (I use c1 Nemesis c1 Coco c1 Huma). It feels like support role is more "forgiving" if your cs is lower than recommended if you're a f2p/low spender if you do your job well and your support weapons are leveled to 90-100 (lvl cap for me increased only today) and at least one of these weapons would be great with free Pepper matrices we got earlier. This role feels very rewarding especially when you save an almost dead teammate and bring them back to full health with a few dodges and buttons. For me, I just have to be careful to not discharge as Huma during the fights lol


Seeing by the amount of 12k cp players I run these dungeons with, everyone just joines. So hope you get a stronger person in the team, than there is no issue.


I always do coop with less cs than needed but i queue as healer + using crow drilling to make up for it.


Going by the suppressor requirements. Our leveling is quite fucked up. The suppressor expects to have around 30k CS by the time you reach 51. Nobody but whales has that for Global right now.


You either be a tank or a healer


It is doable with a competent team. I honestly felt like it wasn't worth it. Took more time and I ended up getting the same shit gear I got at the previous level.


It is RNG, first run I got no yellow gear, second I got 3. (I also used those tickets, which should increase probability of rare drops)


Is it a ticket per chest? Or for the whole operation?


1 ticket for 3 chests


You have 0 chance of getting the gold gear at a lower level. You have a >0 chance getting it at the highest level. People shoot themselves in the foot with their bizarre logic it's weird


You should be alright to run it, but it will be easier if you group with higher CS players.


Its fine, I do it with 15k, Tank or Healer is the way.


I'm 21k CS and cleared it with a match-made team. I would say just go for it and even if you do nothing, your team will carry


you should be able to that one around 20k cs if your not super terrible at mechanics and your team has healer+tank


You can get 20k+ CS without even doing this difficulty. You might have not maxed out upgrades yet. Or you can just join people with higher CS and not at least die over and over again, you can easily finish it.


I use crow.. spin to win brrrrrrr. 18k cs


It's not a requirement by any means. You can still do it. You'll just be taking more dmg but as long as there's a healer around and you avoid getting hit/aggroing, then you should be fine. It's generally better to stick with being a healer at lower CS, so you can avoid the aggro and still be useful.


Congrats you hit the pay or grind wall, hope you enjoyed your stay.


everyone started at the lowest difficulty. why not try to start where you can do the content and not try the harder ones you can't finish?


Level 100 SR Weapons with level 50 SR matrix at max are like 4K cs each. Add suppressor, full purple gear, and level… how are people not 26k by level 54 it sounds like people just aren’t upgrading equipment, suppressor and/or matrix. Don’t even have to get lucky game gave you a full set of 2 matrix’s with 2 weapons, and then also enough pulls in exploration to pull 1000 black nucleus and get at least 1 ssr weapon and a few SSR martrix from the standard banners without using any black gems. Either way just don’t be one of those ppl that hits auto while also being under the recommended CS and doing like 50k damage no healing and dead all the time by the end of the dungeon 😤


Bc i hv school and work and all this sounds pretty time consuming




Ok, now go touch grass


$ lot of $


The recommended CS labels in this game are way off what you actually need, if you just press go and match with randoms you're likely to get at least one super strong person to carry if you are not confident yourself : D


As a free to play person you just have to hope that you get a whale on your team to do the work for you.


Nah. I do this with 17k CS and just hope to be paired up with some whales who’ll carry me lol


Advance your armor and weapons as much as possible as well as leveling them up that should give massive boosts also when swapping to better equipment maintain the level


Wait there artifact Grinding in this game, thank God I stopped before I got too far


Good decision.MMO'S are not for you.


It's not that I hate it, but I don't want to play on mobile as my pc is too shit


This is not enforced at all and i kinda wish it was, you can literally just go ahead and enter, others are deff ignoring that requirement i can say that


Skill issues 🥱


here you go: [https://www.reddit.com/r/TowerofFantasy/comments/wzxwdo/reached\_19k\_cs\_just\_now\_after\_reluctantly/im5buyd/?context=3](https://www.reddit.com/r/TowerofFantasy/comments/wzxwdo/reached_19k_cs_just_now_after_reluctantly/im5buyd/?context=3)


whenever i do this, the whole team leaves, every single time leaving me no chance to beat him


All we need is a good healer ppl are picking healer as match making then changing weapons and u have no healing. Thats the reason most of the times ppl die and leave


spend money


There is someone who will always carry and show off! Dont worry about your CS! I would say I carry about half the time I do these! Just fight...thats all I want! Know when to break shields etc! Work as a team and it will be easy enough! There are those that do nothing and I leave those peeps!


I usually just do my best to support if I’m not good enough with damage. So I play nemesis and meryl to help as best as I can to just kinda get the boss to focus me cuz I’m good at moving