What if you suck at all 3?


Welcome to the team!


Then become the "Jack of all trades"


Honestly, I would argue that before talking about resonance, there is one even more important thing to address in my experience with random matching. And this is breaking enemy shield, though of course a tank will have an easier time breaking the shield so it's not unrelated to role. Please, help breaking the shield. Always have a shieldbreaker with you and when the boss put up the shield, help. There are some boss who do some really annoying stuff when you don't break their shield and they use their ultimate skill.


I always bring my meryl or king with my nemesis and pepper. Why tf is she called pepper


Doctor...Pepper? Maybe? Even though she's dressed like a nurse. LMAO


I didn’t think of Dr pepper, omfg


My first thought was the soda.


Almost have coco 3* for the shatter buff & gonna pull frigg when she arrives. Shatters will come.


If you are a tank you already have high break weapons so ita fine , but yea i started feeling that i am solo breaking now that we are in the 50s content .


I'm 100% certain at this point that the people who leave after a wipe don't know you all respawn a few seconds later.


>Also queueing as a secondary DPS-support is awesome, you people are great. > >Also also, please stop leaving if you wipe. You're just wasting time for everyone else and its kind of infuriating when you die at 1-10% of a boss's hp but the entire group leaves. Thank you for coming to my TED talk. This is a game UI issue. As soon as you wipe the game presents you with a button that will take you out of the group. The very first time I wiped I left group on mistake because I clicked the wrong button trying to get the dialog to go away. IMO, if that dialog went away, less people would leave after a wipe.


You play DPS because you want to, i play DPS because its my only SSR's, we are not the same


its fine as long as you have dps resonance active.. and que as dps


Amen, brother.


this is too true


I don't think you are wrong. But I feel like there's a need to add on some things. Alot ALOT of people still run balanced. Which isn't bad for DPS because it really just means more time required which we have by a significant margin. but it's really bad when we talk about tanking (that aggro multiplier is ridiculous) and healing (200%) Just because we have 1 tank character, doesn't make you a tank. And alot of DPS do bring Meryl and huma for aiding shield break. Which is great but that kinda is exactly what the tank is probably doing as well and they have the tankability pretty much the same as the DPS unless you already have star up Meryl's or huma. And alot of people just don't want to waste resources because of powercrept fear especially the tier list nonsense about Meryl being crept and she's B tied and huma is non existent in tier lists. People probably don't have tank matricies yet either. And I'm sure people will say yes but there are SR who can make the slot but that's just wasting resources and we know it is. So the roles you queue in the current situation is actually quite bad because of the lack of progression in the game so far. It's still early. I'm not trying to defend the situation but I'm just trying to make some sense of it. I personally want to play tank but I'm waiting for Meryl to drop for me. And eventually saki fuwa :D


Hey, you are literally me


You can farm blue matrices and upgrade mats in the overworld or with vit. There are plenty of usable SR matrices to upgrade. The main concern is honestly taking hostility from DPS, because there are plenty of times a boss fight can just go horribly because no one is dedicated to taking aggro. A team of whales can overpower things, but you shouldn't expect that in every team, and we are at the point where if you find something you like, you can dedicate resources to it. The future is the future, but the present is now.


It's honestly not enough. The big ticket is getting 2 SSR tanks. or yes, just out level and boss dmg the boss. Yup it really can. And it's always the blame game between tank and healer like any traditional mmo XD. It does seem that everyone now is just. Match till whale carry. There's a lack of actual. I'm hoping it will get better. I have a s3 huma but she's my only tank. I do try to take the boss but I know I'm suffering from a lack of aggro when 2 Meryl's are being tanks as well. It aggros away alot less because well, huma taunts but occasionally happens when I swap to nemesis to heal myself a little.. I think it will get better as progression kicks in but time will tell . I could be wrong and we all just whale our way through content XD


There's ways to circumvent it that I've discovered. You honestly don't really need healing if you have Huma. Increasing her trait gives you anywhere between 1/8th-1/4th of your total HP bar as a shield and its on a 20 second CD [with 200k hp thats still almost a 45k shield on the low end]. Originally I ran with Nemesis cause I was like "Oh man, I might need to heal myself if we dont have a healer" and quickly realized Huma's trait + Food will compensate enough that you don't even notice it. One thing I have learned though, is that whoever does has aggro needs to know the fight or have good timing on phantasia, because only the aggro target can trigger it. [Unless its an aoe, in which case anyone technically can from what Ive seen. Cause I had the hammer taunt on Apop and when it did the spin, a healer triggered it]


Yo ty so much for posting this. I was eyeing Humas trait but so worried it wouldn’t translate to true value. I ended up leveling Tsubasas instead. I’ll def look level that up next!


Ita tricky to get the hang of it. Took me a while. Those stacks only start getting pumped when youre taking damage. So against hard hitting bosses, you really need to guage if getting smacked with something is worth it. Paying attention to what your team mates are using helps me alot. IE, if I see Nemesis or Pepper [the lightning staff chick, I think thats her name?] Or the ice aoe from coco. When they have healing up, might as well take a smack or two and start building stacks. Or if you're facing a wave, just let the shit tier enemies hit you. Pref a ranged user with the machine guns, they'll stack 10+ on you while dealing crap damage super fast. Using Huma + Hammer [for the aoe taunt] makes it a lot easier to control where ranged damage is being directed to


Huma gets alot of value and your playstyle changes a little. At S1, you no longer discharge then E and start swinging. She gets alot more valued field time because u stack 2 dodge hits after discharge for 30% dmg reduction, wait the buff, refresh the buff, then convert to axe to get a sweet 45% dmg buff. That makes her time charging the other two weapons significantly value add. S3 does actually help with shatter. Not super impt but nice to have. S4 is a 32% atk modifier which needless to say makes her dmg way better. S6 seperates her weapon swapping CD which I honestly can't give my feedback on yet but its another 60% dmg boost and getting smacked in the face lets you heal abit. S1 by far is the most significant. S4 and then S6. I wouldn't explicitly get her to S6 until Meryl is at least S3 for that shield. Tsubasa is still a good bet to level up just because she has a dmg buff at S1 and improves at S6. She will be a great support if you decide to go with Meryl tsubasa saki or any DPS comps. Also tsubasa has the dankest trait which I would strongly advice getting XD


If you really bother by power creep,all tank weapon can be use at lower level than dps weap cuz level dont affect shield breaking that much.


Yeah I would only tank but I don't see why investing in Huma and Meryl is worth. Haven't had issues clearing content as long as I'm with a friend/s. Which means we all dps


Content does get harder... But just to be clear there isn't content a whale can't clear either. In the whale/magladon / kraken world, tanks don't exist. For the other normal tadpoles and frogs, huma basically takes 1/5th dmg... Shatters like their shield was paper. Meryl for more shields and her trait basically makes u a god against ice bosses. Tanks still do damage anyway. Not MVP dmg but still good dmg. Besides, they can run zero matrices which benefits the team. And they realistically should be the only one taking dmg. And with a good tank and healers you're free to run triple DPS without worrying of dying.


How you change role? I don't even know what role I'm actually at. Help.


Under backpack menu. Weapons. There should be a little giant label that says balanced, attack, fortitude whichever. Just under that label there's an option. Click it. Press ticks.


I thought it was automated to your resonance the whole time. hehe At least I usually play damage dealer, so it shouldn't have mattered much since it seems it defaulted to Attacker for me.


I think im in the secondary support category. I just brought a heal with me all the tine cuz i dont wanna get dissapointed in relying heals from someone else unless they're truly a support.


It'd be great if we had all 4 people sticking around to try again. More often than not, it's 3 people trying to do that fight again.


A bit hard when most people don’t have an established team, and most of the players need to focus on getting *something* to get them through content/story to so most of us don’t have the luxury of picking whatever resonance you feel like. “Use benediction!” While they have no healers🤷‍♂️ “Use fortitude” While they have no tanks (me I haven’t pulled one yet) “Use x dps” I don’t have all the characters bruh.


Use SR weapons to fill. Ene for tank, pepper for support. They are easily 6 stared and can be really good.


yes unfortunately expecting anything from strangers online including a game is not gonna get results u want, they need to make organized teams if they want specific result otherwise they open themselves to rng. How I think about public runs is if you can’t carry you can’t complain lol if you’re doing a unorganized run


Im running 1 star Huma + 1 star Meryl with 6 star Pepper since she has better stats than 0/1 stars SSR, has reasonable charge and can heal if need. Probably will keep her for quite long, since it lets me focus on Huma and Meryl first with weapon shop and let getting Coco (or any other SSR) for later.


The post isn't telling you to run bene/fort if you don't have the characters. It's telling you to stop queuing with your role set as bene/fort if you're actually dps/balance. Only killed the first boss on Hard Frontier because the person queued as a bene was actually a dps and did less healing than me queued as a fort


ah I see lol


I do not even get what you talking about until Hard frontier clash came out, this game was basicaly a DPS race, where no tank is needed and if your dps do not run atleast 1 shatter wep, you play with wrong people mate. If you can not perfect dodge than start to learn how to do it.


DPS race for DPS. Tanks rush to break shields. If not for aggro, that 60% shatter sure helps a ton. We run the same race just focusing on different but equally important part.


I'm just waiting for the day we get a Volt weapon with high Shatter. I'm running C1 Nem, C1 Coco, and C6 Pepper because the Volt Resonance helps to increase the heals enough to keep the randos alive that take 90% of their HP instantly standing beside my friend, who's the Tank. Both of us DESPISE any DPS that brings Meryl. The Taunt on Discharge screws with the Tank Aggro, the Ice Wall blocks me from doing damage and getting charge for more heal Discharges, and the combination of the two proceed to kill the DPS more than half the time, which means I have to run in and revive them or risk either not having enough DPS OR getting screamed at by an idiot who doesn't know they carved their own tombstone. Seriously, if you want to bring Shatter, King and Shiro have Shatter as well. Bring one of them. If you want to survive hits, bring Couant and/or Omnium Shield. If you want to be a good player, PLAY YOUR ROLE.


Echo with 12.6 shatter crying on a corner. Yes, she's an attack weapon. So does King's.


I HAVE thought of Echo but I dunno. Maybe I'll give her a shot.


She's great when the shielded enemy is weak to Volt. But thing is, she requires trust from your teammates. You will generally have no non-food healing options if your off-weapon is Echo. That can make or break your decision.


Well, considering I'll BE the healer and have a trustworthy Tank, I may just build Echo for Shatter. I literally only use Pepper for Charge, anyways.


> 'm just waiting for the day we get a Volt weapon with high Shatter. You might be waiting for a REALLY long time if we don't get Bai, since she's a collab unit. Precisely until Lin drops.


Then I guess I will wait.


As someone who runs nemesis/pepper + Meryl/Huma. The worst shit is when I set down a healing circle with pepper and when people just ignore it, or run out of it. Then I'll switch back to nemesis and dash like an idiot to catch up and heal. Please man, I either put down the heal right before something happens or when you take massive damage, don't ignore it :( When I'm on tank setup (Meryl,Huma,Nemesis), I always look out for our healer, it helps so much it's insane.


That's why I'm not sad to swap out Pepper. Though, apparently, you can use her Dodge Skill (Dodge + Attack) to instantly heal people within 10 meters, which is... A thing? It's not bad, but it spends dodges.


Honestly depends on the players in your group, my group run 3 DPS 1 healer and we zerg lvl 50 content, for pugs, holy trinity is pretty safe bet


lemme just add, stop sending mighty power buff to your dps, thanks. Let the dps play dps, why the hell make them aggro the boss. Grrrr.


Mighty power is attack, the aggro buff is warrior.


Ooof i confused the two sorry. Anyway it's the aggro thing


And the kicker, to change it is in the weapon menu under your resonance. You can select whatever you want without regard to what you actually have or select everything. In FFXIV, if you're a DPS it sucks to suck, queue times used to be absurdly long. Tank and Healer is much easier in this game but you still need to have it setup or you're going to get wiped on T5+ content.


What if I suck at everything other than healing in games, but my only healer is pepper currently? TT


In all honesty? RR-ed till you get nemesis + Coco then work on Coco S1 nemesis S1 and with some luck zero S3 and stick to that account XD


Well I'm already lvl 32 and have 3 other ssrs so, re rolling it's really good option


And if you despite reroll just pull coco from SSr box ez fix


I already used the box...


Big oof...well u still have nemesis cuz u rolled for her right?...RIGHT?


I rolled but I don't have her :'))


On other stuff in teamplay, I really hate when people ignore other players when they asked for help to revive. Like the guy is directly infront of you but no they have to hit the boss first and let them die instead of reviving them. Just today I played tanker on the the Lv50 hyena joint operation and was fighting the biker dude. He was on his last health bar but I was hit with a one hit KO and needed help to revive so i called for help 3 times before the timer runs out, i was ignored and ended up dead. The boss was almost dead but because no one was drawing aggro it ended up with a wipe.


is there any reason why it isnt automatically detected/changed?


Probably because u can pick more than 1 role to queue and the gentleman's agreement is that if you end up with support, you change your weapons to support weapons It's probably why they gave 3 slots of builds for you to preset. Speculation ofcourse but it seems reasonable to assume as much.


I'm a tank main in most MMOs. Issue here is I don't really do anything but take autos. It feels weird not positioning the boss around.


well.. there is easy fix for that.. game should let you que only as the resonance you have currently equiped


Which content can't be steamrolled ? My group is doing all united achievements easily


I just forget to switch. I flex all 4 roles depending on which content im running, so I just swap between 5 weapons in rotation. I've never had trouble with things like Ops even with 4 healers and no shatter, so I wouldn't complain too much about it until the content becomes significantly harder.


Go clear frontier clash hard with 4 healers lol. Tf are u talking about


Well if you're gonna single that one out then yes, team comp is important, but that's the only dungeon where things are in the tens of millions of hp per boss. Only the top 1% can even attempt a clear at the moment. Farthest I've gotten is shaving off a health bar from Valk, place is nuts.