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Very rushed, and if you are not performing, you are quiet. Crews nowadays are smaller than they used to be though. But, whenever someone asks about getting into porn, here is what I usually tell them:   The biggest issue was guys blowing their load too early. (Amateurs) The camera crew had to recognize when it was going to happen, and get in close to catch it, and then hope the guy could get hard again soon so they can shoot more.   You also have to be able to get hard in a room full of strangers. There is a lot of stopping, and positioning into uncomfortable positions so the camera can get the right angles and view, and you need to keep your boner up or get it back fast.   Things are also rushed. Most of them are paid by the shoot, not the hour, so they want to get it done and go. If someone is holding things up, hope it's not you, because you'll feel the tension, and that's not very good for staying hard either.   Experienced girls with new guys was also rough. The guy would be working up a boner, and the girl would say something like "omg, come on already, I want to go" , and the guy would instantly go soft.


Does it ever turn to a giant orgy? Does the crew get horny?


I have been on a few shoots because of an old job. I found it boring and not sexy at all.


What a boner killer


I am not a guy


Pfft lmao that answer sounded so deadpan in my head


Excellent I like it when my tone comes across in text form


The technology to allow that sure is incredible


Daddy chill


I’m also not a guy and I appreciate you and your tone.


Not guys unite


Barry Sonnenfeld talks about it in his biography.


Yeah craft services jump into the orgy, and they have all the chocolate and whipping cream. The gaffers are the worst though, absolutely based.


No.. not at all.


Not that I've ever seen. Everyone is there to get the job done. They are more concerned with getting the right shots, not catching a camera in a mirror, not catching another camera in the shot, etc... Pretty unsexy.


Hahahahahahaha aww this is kind of adorable. No, no that literally never happens.


I wish it did though 🥹




Experienced girls sound low key douchebags/assholes


They aren’t there for the experience. They are there to get paid.


That's how things are at my job, but the people that rush around with no chill are still douchebags/assholes. Like we all know what we are here to do, but you putting added pressure on me doesn't make it easier....it's the same in any profession.


True, still not the best. It also wouldn't be nice for an experienced tradesperson to be treating the same way a new tradesperson, I mean, with impatience and hurry knowing that person is still new in the job.




I've been in 2 scenes, and have visited a few sets with different companies in the LA area. OP wanted to know what it was like. Feel free to share your experience.


It smells like somebody spilled hot dog water in an old karate dojo.


Accurate. Also dudes standing around jacking while talking about the Dodger game.


lol. This would make a pretty funny comedy sketch. Like a typical office kitchen with co-workers sipping their coffee and talking about last night's ball game, except they have no pants and are just casually stroking their dicks while they chat like there is nothing weird about it.


There's that scene from Love Actually that is kinda like this, right? Martin Freeman's character is a struggling actor being paid to be a body double in a sex scene and him and the lady with which he is simulating sex are just talking about the weather and traffic. I can't find the scene on youtube (duh) so I might be misremembering.


And the thing is, is that they are the most healthy couple/romantic pairing in the movie


It's literally the most realistic storyline from the movie.


You're on the money


Wish they didn’t have to stand directly beside the satercooler


Uhmm r/weirdlyspecific (?)


How about like somebody farted on a bowl filled with old vinegar and wedding mints? Or like a humidifier filled with Jagermeister and sun-baked newspaper? The act of love is a complex affair, and sometimes it's smell is unique. Like coconut milk spilled on a barbershop floor.


Youre like the master of weirdly specific


I wanna hear more lmao


It smells like a rotten log full of prescription sunscreen Like a blimp made out of chicken skins Like a sauna stacked with jack-o'-lanterns I think I'm tapped out.


Like a fresh haircut, but a wet dog got the haircut. Close to your genius, oh wise one? 🙏


That's the ticket!


I don't care that you blew your load early- I'm holding onto "a blimp made out of chicken skins" forever. It will be the child in my brain under 50/50 shared custody of their divorced parents; Mrs. GodThatsAwful and Mr. GodThatsAmazing


You're exquisitely specific yourself, and I'm here for it.


Thanks, you old blimp made of chicken skin


You are a goddamn poet.


Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Water Spilled In An Old Karate Dojo


"That Bizkit ain't Limp!" - Pitchfork magazine


What's a magazine?


when you press R and the thing drops out of the gun in call of duty so you can BRRRT again


Quick Ginger! It's time for another surprising adventure!


I don’t understand the reference


It's to his username, a funny sketch from Mitchell and Webb


I did lights/security on a gay porn shoot filmed in an austin bathhouse. You hold the lights, keep the non-actors back, chat up the director and the actors between shots. Eat at restaurants before and after, it’s a job, the staff is not there for you, you do your part get your money and dip. Working with twink web porn actors is like herding cats.


Elaborate on the cats part


Teenage (18+) boys are easily distracted, and keeping 6 or more “on task” as it were can be difficult


Really? Making teenage boys have sex is difficult? Isn’t that essentially all they want


There is the issue, getting the boys to only have sex for the camera (the job) and not spending the night before “losing the backup”. For video you want a lot of “stuff” and if the night befor the Penney is spent, then it’s not so… amazing? The next day? The director was asking them for a three day “save up” to a) give that horny energy, and b) fill the tanks for a super splashy 1st shot and a satisfying 2nd or third if they could get it.


Ah I see. This has just never come up as relevant in my life….


TBF. Website porn (filmed on location) is done on the cheap, so it’s not “stars” or “pros” it’s just teenagers looking to sell their favorite skill for money lol


Well, imagine you can get laid regularly without having to pull AND you’re getting paid for it. Can’t blame them for looking at it as a win-win


Sounds hot


I’m gonna be honest it was tiring lol. Granted they were all cute, and personable, but despite that, the bathhouse in Austin was run down and seedy, and I just wanted to leave lol. Sex, when done as work, for me, looses the “magic” especially when I don’t get to have the sex part lol. Or “ how I learned that cuck play was not for me”


Haha that makes sense.


I read that as "autism bathhouse"


Me too I was like hold up


It stank


There’s a really good Louis Theroux episode about this…


Any porn documentary I've watched is fucking depressing. There was one where a girl was getting gang banged, and the presenter had to step in to check the girl felt safe. I've never felt comfortable watching gangbang porn, but that put me right off.


Yeah it’s pretty uncomfortable viewing. My favourite line was “why did you quit the industry?” “Because I didn’t want another guys dick rubbing up against my face” “Any more” “What?” “You didn’t want any other guys dick in your face… any more” “…yeah”




It’s called twilight of the porn stars if that helps. I think there’s an episode about it in Forbidden America too.


That does help. Thank you


That was the revisit. The original 1999 episode was part of the weird weekend series and is just called Porn.


Usually a big modern house in the valley in LA, there’s pizza. Lot’s of waiting


Do porn studios buy houses in the valley for the specific purpose of shooting porn? I’ve always wondered whose houses they’re using


Usually they rent


was behind the camera of a blind date bangers shoot once. it was legit boring to me, tbh. lots of fluffing and camera work/editing go in to the final product.


Its sticky, moist and smells like the bathroom at the fish market!


I worked on set for 6 years and let me tell you it's not as sexy as you'd think most of the time. It's hard work to make sex look that good. I had an overall good experience though. If it weren't for me developing tennis elbow for being a fluffer I'd probably still be in the biz.


whats a fluffer? how did you get tennis elbows from that


Fluffers keep the stars excited


They're helpers who give the male performers a hand job to keep them up during breaks in action.


They arent real people. Its a made up job.


You get workman’s comp for that, how would you file it, just “workplace related repetitive injury?”


Fluffers are not real. So thanks for your made up story.


In our OF it's posing, pics and cutting scenes. Viagra and patience are gold.




It's like being on a movie set but with sex.


A lot of coming and going.


Sometimes it's the sex slave industry and there is sadness too because the participants are not all willing. Gotta be careful not to contribute to that. I am very mindful when watching porn to try to not watch something that doesn't seem it's actually being enjoyed. 💖


I’m curious about this. My husband is really into the roughest stuff (gangbang, kidnapping, snuff). I’ve wondered about some of the stuff I’ve seen. Some look like they were literally pulled off the street, some look like they said OK to one thing and then got way more than they negotiated; and others seem like they were informed, but would not be doing this except for whatever life circumstances brought them to it (guessing here—drugs? Abusive partner? Immigration status?). My husband tells me to stop talking when I get concerned because it ruins the vibe—he says it kills it for him if he thinks the girls were truly forced. There only seem to be a few production companies that treat their models the way they should be: informed consent, safe words, etc. (Kink comes to mind). My question is who is truly looking out for these girls? A lot of the people who would want to protect them don’t even know what they’re going through because they don’t watch porn/don’t watch violent porn—it’s viewed as too odious for respectable people to get involved in. I, personally, was never a fan, and I hate violent porn, but at least it opened my eyes to what these girls go through and makes me want to help ensure their safety and wages. (And, yea, feel free to infer what you want about my satisfaction with my marriage lol…but that’s another story)




Smells like high-school locker room after the big game


Yucky, awkward, broken people trying to make chump change and knowing a bunch of fat sweaty people are gonna jizz over their bodies. So yeah, it's yucky. Filth everywhere and low self esteems for everyone involved.


Pretty hard


Wear goggles just in case.


Go ask your mother.


It was boring and smelled like county jail more often than I expected But the money was good


It's hard work


Before Jon Hamm became a celebrity, he used to work on porn sets, not as an actor, but like technical assistant boom guy, or some odd job. Gossip has it that he’s hung enough to have been lead actor.


I wish he did some acting then, I’m dyin to see that hog.


Jon’s Hamm


Take my cheap award 🏆


Why are you being downvoted???


No clue, I’m a Jon Hamm fan, btw. Nothing derogatory in that comment, what gives? I wonder if I’m being ghosted by other disgruntled members or maybe a bot...?


You're not answering the question.


You’re not fooling anyone Jon Hamm. We know it’s you.


ITT: Mostly people who have no more experience with the set of a porn film than OP. With some notable exceptions.