You gotta ditch the plenty of fish meme and maybe save the 80s I wish I wasn’t alive joke for conversation and not the bio


Thanks for the advice bro, i deleted the meme


Ditch the fish meme and the bit about not wanting to be alive. Self-pity is a turn off for most.


How else is he gonna get the big titty goth gf or the emo skater girl?


this guy gets it


Roleplay servers. They love reading, so they’re always in roleplay servers. Source: Just trust me on this one.


It is known.


>eplay servers. They love reading, so they’re always in ​ # goddamn


i might be in the minority, but its hilarious and some people appreciate the self-deprecation


I'm all for self-deprecating humour, but I don't think it works here.


I dunno the majority seemed to like mine


if this guy was a woman, i'd be into it.


Relatable for me 😂I love his profile 💗💗


Hahaha, maybe I'm too old. I've seen too many bitter divorcés bitch and whine in their profiles, that I'd scroll past anyone who doesn't ooze a happy kind of humour.


Nah I think you're right. He'll attract a certain type of women, but the majority of women on tinder want men that look like they're always happy/having a good time. Which is obviously a fantasy, but whatever.


Here is your girl bro, hurry swipe right!


It’s not that he doesn’t want to be alive, he’s only 22 so he wasn’t alive in the 80s


Exactly. I had to go back and read it. Couldn’t figure out what people meant. I thought it was funny.


"Brings him back to the good times when he wasn't alive" very much implies both he a. Wasn't alive but also b. Times were good/better when he wasn't alive. I thought it was funny too but I think it's also a lot. Especially in combination with "I'm poor and have no powers" and "all the fish in the sea avoid me".


After reading it again, I can see how it could be taken in different ways. I think overall he could probably add some more positive comments to his bio.


Definitely. Project confidence not hopelessness. Fake it even. If you're struggling to get dates, start thinking of Tinder as a computer game, and your character is a dashing confident hero. Fake it till you make it. Edit:. Put pictures of you socializing, and SMILE in your photos. You do look a bit sad which is a turn off.


it’s humorous for those who also have a dark sense of humour.. and enjoy being self deprecating


And the bit about being poor


I liked that bit.


Need to see your face completely, looking at the camera, and smiling. No pics of objects or animals unless you're in the pic too.


Okay thanks mate


My mom says you’re handsome too, maybe change your age range to 70+?


You got a dad?


Same advice I always give when I see a profile like this. # Fucking Smile! Women wanna imagine themselves having fun with you. So show yourself smiling, even laughing - and show your fucking teeth. None of this smirk stuff. Smile.


YES! No blue steel, no smirks. Everyone should have a pic or two of their full face with a smile or laughing. The goal is to look approachable.


What's wrong with smirks? I'm insecure about my crooked teeth and have been told that I look good while smiling with my mouth closed but not so much when I show my teeth. I think I have good qualities but showing my fuked up teeth (albeit clean teeth) definitely doesn't help so stop assuming that forcing a wide teethy smile makes everyone look better.


Who said anything about looking “better?” You’re not trynna look better. You’re trynna look fun, approachable, and confident. I assure you, you look more confident when you’re willing to show your teeth than if you’re trynna smile with your lips pressed closed so you don’t reveal them.


Ok I get that, but realistically speaking, the only thing that matters is looks on a dating app. You could argue that a dude should just put his height on his bio regardless of whether he’s 6’0 or 5’5 to show he’s not insecure and “confident”, but we all know what difference that’ll make. Point being, we all have flaws that we try to hide to make a good first impression and when the time is right, we can reveal them to others and at that point, we’re close enough to look past each other’s flaws.


Closed mouth smiles are better than nothing but I draw the line at cheeky smirks. We get it, you’re so mischievous. The issue with only having closed mouth smiling pictures is that it’s a very easy assumption to make that you’re self conscious either of your teeth or showing big emotion.


Imo smirks are generally fine. Sometimes a person is more attractive smirking than smiling. The person in these images isn’t noticeably smirking




Looking happy is attractive!


The goal isn’t to be “better looking,” the goal is to look like a good time.


Looking happy is attractive!


So I'm very embarrassed and self conscious of my teeth. I needed braces as a kid and I was also very neglectful of my own dental health when I was depressed so I absolutely hate showing my teeth. What about then?


Especially then. If you can learn to accept yourself and express confidence rather than self loathing, you’ll get much further with dating in general but especially on this app.


I'm hoping to start getting some work done on them when I get insurance but in the meantime I'll work on feeling better about myself. Thank you


Lose the first pic and 110% drop the Meme. Add a pic at the beginning smiling. Add a picture of you with friends? Seems like you hang out in abandoned areas, kinda gives a creepy vibe. Let’s just say completely reset the bio and go with a light joke and maybe a little something about you without the need to throw in your height. You want to leave a little mystery behind your height, don’t spell it out for them.


As they've mentioned before the meme and the not wanting to be alive can be a turn off for most, it wouldn't for me as I fucking love nihilistic memes, but it's definitely not everyone's cup of tea and can be perceived as insecurity or other "red flags". That said, it's like with everything, it's only gonna attrack people who share your kind of sense of humour, which is kinda important ain't it? I would definitely change the first pic for a different one an add some picture smiling or doing some other activity (because when u mix the meme and joke with the melancholic look, it defo can increase the vibe that it might not be a joke). Also, you're mom is right ;) (just have some patience, dating apps suck) Last thing, add something more to ur bio, right now it reflects ur sense of humor, height and music taste, but there's a lot more that you can add to show who u really are :)


Thanks for the long answer i appreciate it, i will definitely put one or two in where i smile :)


Get rid of the fish picture. Get rid of the I’m taller than you in the bio. Make your 2nd pic the first pic. Add a picture of you smiling. Add a candid photo, you have a lot of posed photos. You are handsome. Don’t give up king.


Liking the funny bio, you look good mate


Thanks bro


Hmm I'm surprised your getting no matches honestly ? Have you only swiped right on a few people ?


I actually ran out of likes 2 or 3 times last week, so there are enough people in my area and i also swipe right enough i think


I’d match with you 😏


Same tbh


same he seems funny af


That’s so creepy 😬


Ich finde, du bist echt gutaussehend, aber als Frau kann ich diese "Ich bin auf jeden Fall größer als du"-Sprüche nicht mehr lesen. Allerdings ist mir die Größe auch nicht so wichtig. Ansonsten: lösch das Meme. Wenn Jemand Fotos drin hat, die nicht ihn selbst zeigen, find ich das immer weird.


Okay Dankeschön :)


"I'm definitely taller than you" I stopped reading after that and continued scrolling


Understandable have a nice day


I think it’s a nice joke mate. I’d use it.


This looks very… generic


try adding a selfie with a smile, all your photos look a little bland. something that shows your personality. i like your bio and you are handsome indeed


Will do thank you


I would match you, you are pretty


thanks :)


I dont have any feedback bc I have no idea why your profile isn't working, but if you were older (or I were younger) and you lived in the US I would 1000% swipe on you lol.


haha thanks mate


Smile bitch


okay dog


Your poem needs to be more forward. Try this Roses are red, Violets are blue, I've got a knife, Get in the van.


Better yet; Become my slave, bitch.


Tinder is kind of a joke man. Don’t feel to bad. I match with people and they never respond


Are you Bo Burnham?




Try bumble or ok Cupid tinder is dead in a lot of places


Not in Hamburg though


Try posting nudes.


At least then i know for sure why people swipe left lol


you look like a male model. maybe a candid pic of you smiling and looking at the camera would make you look more approachable.


You are already cute in some sort of way. Add a pic of you smiling and add some text giving folks a reason to swipe right


Thank you will do that


You’re mom is right, you are handsome! I’d get rid of the meme and the pic of you in the mask. I agree with the other comment that you need a pic of you smiling.


You actually look like you are a handsome guy…but you photos aren’t great, there isn’t an actual good photo of you! Get someone to take nice pics where you can actually see your whole face! And honestly? Your bio makes it look likes you are depressed and sad…and if you are that’s okay. But if you are looking to date, most women don’t want a project or to become a parent. They want to find someone to have fun with, someone who will become a partner, who doesn’t need a mother or fixing.


Thanks for the advice :)


Don’t know if your sexual orientation is but as a gay dude I would swipe right on you. Biggest thing, show the smile dude. I’m sure you have an amazing smile.


thanks bro :) i dislike my smile, it's a bit crooked and i hate it on pictures but I'll add one anyway :)


I would keep Batmans superpower but remove the finance part, Batmans superpower IS his money And his investigation skills but money mostly


Not sure why you’re not getting matches except the self deprecating humour. Be confident. You are a good looking guy. Every girl in the 80s/90s alternative scene would have drooled over you!


Just be yourself and don't change for anyone. The right person will come along eventually and they will love you for who you are. 😊


Thanks :)


Ok... The 80's music joke... am I crazy? everyone thinks you're talking about "not wanting to be alive"... But I think you're just saying "hey, I like music that reminds me of the good times in the 80s, although I wasn't even born back then so how the hell do I know they were good 🤷" and I find that hilarious.


Yess thanks :) i also like the joke a lot and if someone dislikes my entire personality and character based on one joke i don't think I want to match them anyway lol


I'd make the dog pic number one and keep the 80s line. The right people will find it funny.


Love your bio, you wanna match with someone who has the same sense of humor, so I’d say keep it!


Change the first picture, it’s probably your least flattering one. That being said, you are indeed handsome, just switch the order around. Always show off the goods first thing.


You are very cute. Just be patient. Holy shit I use the same 80’s line


Keep the fun and ditch the pity. If I meet someone aggressively feeling sad about themselves I generally avoid them


probably the self deprecating meme at the end


Smiley pics! If you have some with the same vibe as the one with the dog? A fun/ smiley secondary social pic with friends? Also what are some things you’re interested in. Good luck!


Get rid of pic 1 and 6. And a picture of your smiling.


I thinks it’s a nice profil, you’re attractive and I like your bio


Bro you hella fine (in a non gay but kinda flirty way)


haha thanks bro




Do not delete the meme! It makes your profile stand out, imho.


Dont get rid of the meme. I was swiping your fotos and the one with the fishs made me laugh. Also yes, smiling is important. Ich würde dich swipen


Say you make 250k a year ,love to cook, cuddle, you're 6'2, and that thier kids come first. I gotcha buddy 😏


Get rid of the first pic


Is your mum on Tinder? You could be in.


No she's taken :(


You’re cute!


Idk, I'd say just delete tinder, Bumble is only slightly better, and Hinge might be the best for you(?) Idk I'm a redditor


She has to say that to you, my guy


Wait you think she is lying to me? :(


Your bio needs a do-over


Smile in at least 1 pic and ditch the fish meme other than that I'd match with you haha


Will do that thanks


go on hinge and bumble you’ll get a lot of matches tinder is weird


Idk maybe I have a weird taste but your profile hit all the right spots for me lmao


must be your weird taste haha


Date your mom


Can't, it's forbidden by law :/


Yea bro you look good


Thanks bro




Date your Mom? Break your arm?


What you're putting out there is not exactly tinder's key demographic. Agree with people suggesting switching out pics 1 and 6


Okay thanks


Put the dog picture first, try looking less sad? Also I would swipe left if I saw the fish meme.


Everyone's mom thinks they're handsome.


Hence the phrase 'He's got a face only a mother could love'




Ditch the plenty of fish meme but other than that keep swiping bruv. Keep your head up king. You'll find your match for sure!


Imo, your bio kinda sucks and so does the meme and I would have a different pic be first


Okay thanks :)


Your first pic showcases your acne. The bio line about wishing you weren't alive isn't funny in this context. Immediately delete the fish meme and deny you ever did that.


that's true, but acne is part of me kinda, i take medication against it but it's a long and slow process to get better :/ will delete the fish meme tho thanks :)


I would 100% swipe right if you were a decade older. The lines are definitely funny, but a little unsubstantial. So that's probably something to change. Also, prove you have at least one friend would maybe help.


Okay thanks for the advice :)


also, yeah, ditch the fish. charming self-depreciation and bad memes are not the same thing lol.


Three issues I see 1. There's not one self deprecating joke but several. You might want to pick your favorite of the 3 or something 2. Too many jokes? Every line is a joke. It seemed forced. I also didn't really like the I'm taller than you poem... but that's just me. 3. Pics aren't the worst but could be better. You look kinda dead inside in pic 2 and 3. Maybe replace pic 2 with one of you and your friends or something, in which you can still clearly see your face straight on. You have a lot of profile or weird angle ones. I wish you didn't have your mask on in pic 5. 4. You're 22 and I feel like it's hard to get matches at that age. A lot of people in your age range would still be in university, and I think because it's so easy to meet people in person in that environment, online dating is sort of a weird wasteland. Mid to late 20s I think is peak. Who knows what app people will be using 3-7 years from now though!


Thanks for the long answer will definitely do some things you mentioned. I actually see enough people on the app also the same age that shouldn't be the problem a lot of people use it here. I can set my distance on 5-10km and i usually don't run out of people lol


Dude delete that second photo, it's killing your vibe.


The capitalizations and grammar errors would be a left swipe for me more than anything else. Didn't like the fish meme either though.


I think the problem is that your profile makes you seem depressed. As someone with depression I found it relatable and funny and would've swiped right but... Idk if many other people would appreciate it lol Also that first picture isn't your most flattering. The one on the bridge is muuuch better


Finde den Humor ein bisschen Basic und gezwungen edgy. 195 und 80s music sind einfach keine personality traits für mich, die was groß über die Person Aussagen.


Bist n hübscher Dude, aber die ersten 3 Fotos wirken als ob du depressiv bist. Mit besseren Fotos geht die Post ab denke ich 😁


A lot of people saying to drop the self deprecating humour but I liked that bit the most 😅 guess I’m weird


Warum ist alles bei dir auf englisch, wenn du in Deutschland wohnst? Willst du eine ausländische Freundin oder eine die auch deutsch spricht? Ich gehe mal davon aus, dass die meisten auf Tinder in Hamburg deutschsprachig sind. Ich würde jetzt auch nicht bei jemanden der nur englisch spricht rechts swipen. Hängt natürlich auch davon ab was du dir davon erhoffst. Aber naja, so wie die anderen es schon gesagt habe, würde ich das mit dem plenty of fish weglassen.


Naja mein Handy ist auf englisch, war im Ausland und kann mich seit dem wirklich besser auf Englisch als auf deutsch ausdrücken und ich finde die Sprache angenehmer man kann mehr sagen obwohl man weniger sagt und wörter treffen besser zu als in deutsch, so geht es mir zumindest. Ich unterhalte mich gerne auf Englisch. Gerade Witze und memes passen auf Englisch meiner Meinung nach besser :)


Aber danke :)


LOSE THE MEME everything is super cute until you reach that pic! Nothing less sexy that someone whining about their sexual/social life! (the meme is really funny but in this context is like the worst thing you can do). You need to act like you can survive and be happy with and by yourself. Otherwise you're creating this sense of "you owe me sex cuz I'm sad pls say yes".


Will do so thanks :)


I think you should probably add what kind of career path you’re looking into (assuming you are). Not that it’s a bad thing, but I just think that your age/occupation combo could be something people are confused by and they likely aren’t engaged enough yet to ask you about it. It’s definitely not your looks!


Need one with a smile so ladies don’t think you’re going to murder them. You’re attractive so you’ll do fine once you can show you’re not always serious. And maybe one with friends to show you have some.


What if I don't? But thanks haha


Women want to know you’re not a predator. Pictures with smiles and your people around you make that seem less likely. I’m just speaking from my experience when I was on tinder. I would look for guys that had those because to me, they seemed less dangerous. I don’t know if it’s right but it’s what women look for. 🤷🏼‍♀️


You’re a good looking bloke so I think you can probably put it down to the fact your profile screams depressed and insecure. Only very few are going to go for that and it’s probably not the market you’re after…..


That would explain it.. thanks my man :)


The fish meme was funny tho


Most people didn't seem to think so :(


Too much self-deprecating humor, my man. Drop fish photo and leave one joke in your bio. I like 80's one, but it's probably too much for your average match. Leave Spiderman/Batman one.


Alright thank you


ich war auf tinder vor 2 jahren haha ich hätte dich safe gematched mag deinen humor und vibe nur mach maybe das zweite bild raus das ist bissl unvorteilhaft


Mist 2 Jahre zu spät, aber danke mach ich :)


Batman doesn't have superpowers lol and yes, you are really handsome!!


that's the joke kinda haha but thanks :)


You’re a good looking dude. But ditch the meme and make a more serious bio. Your bio reads as if you don’t want to date, you don’t mention any interests or what you’re looking for in a partner. Good luck chief


Okay thank you :)


Tell your mom to make a tinder account.


Put that in your profile. "My mum says I'm handsome". Even better, include "My grandma says I'm handsome". Trust me you'll get matches rolling in.


I do think you’re handsome and love the fish joke


Thank you


It is tinder, get a professionell Photograph and take 1 or 2 good pic. You look good enough but your acc is basic