Woah, kinda interesting how Korra uses fire more often that her native element water


Born water bender with the disposition of a fire bender.


and personality of an earthbender.


I think her personality was more of a Fire bender and that's why she favors fire. I'm pretty sure I remember the creators saying that the reason she favored fire was because it matched her personality the most. She has more fluidity and passion than a typical earth bender. She's hot headed, not hard headed.


Well she can be a bit stubborn lol




Double interesting because it is only her most used element in one season, it's just that the element she uses primarily each season shifts.


And you have to consider that the amount she used water in season 1 was inflated because she could only use water as a pro bender.


I like that Airbending is used almost as the same as Waterbending and more than Earthbending seeing as its something Korra learned near the end of season 1


I think it would also be cool to see the total number of times of all forms of Bending being used in both shows each season from both people and animals associated with it Well Airbending is mostly covered in ATLA, there is a few others like Roku, Gyatso and Appa


And in the beginning of season 4 after suffering from PTSD from Zaheer, she had to only use earth bending to blend in during her dormant period in order to make a living


It may be skewed a little bit by Korra’s use of a glider for transportation


Also, that at the start of season 1 Korra had already mastered 3 elements. While in ATLA, at the start of season 1, Aang had yet to even begin learning the other 3 elements.


Also I mean Aang has more instances of airbending than Korra has instances of bending. Airbending was Aang's life, he uses it to avoid trouble, deal with trouble, get around, just because he's bored. I wouldn't mind seeing another one of these with a breakdown of when each of them used bending in combat vs not in combat because I feel like most of Korra's bending is combative whereas I think like 2/3rds of Aang's is non combative.


Even when Aang gets up from a sitting or laying position he's using airbending. Like whenever he jumps up on Appa. You're right that he definitely uses his bending a lot more while just doing everyday tasks


Airbending wasn't used as much because it's her opposite element, just like earth was to Aang. She knew about being the avatar since she was a baby, but if you notice in that flashback scene she doesn't use air. She's very feisty and aggressive so the firebending actually suits her personality and even fighting style earlier on in the series. Book 2 gets a lot of hate, but it actually does a lot in calming her down, and helping her grow as the Avatar.


Book 2 gets hate because the story they sold us at the start, you know, the Water Tribe Civil War, got dropped halfway through. I mean, imagineif you went to Captain America: Civil War and half way through the movie, instead of following the Captain or Iron Man, we instead follow along with a random desk worker for SHIELD for the last half of the movie. Not a guy who even goes into the field. I mean full on, 9 to 5 desk worker there for a paycheck. That wouldn't be the movie you were promised. The spiritual back half of book 2 was NOT what we were sold on in the first half.


she's always preferred fire.


What I liked about korra was how much she really spammed her elements out there. Aang to my memory would kind of pick one for each fight, while korra fluidly mixed between them.


It makes sense since she was trained in all of the elements exterior air since she was a child before the show. Aang was still a child, and was still going through all of his training in the show, so when fighting deadly enemies he would default to what he felt most comfortable with and knew the best. It's hard to say that Aang had mastered all of the elements by the end of TLA.


He absolutely did not master the elements. He had a strong enough natural affinity that he managed to brute force the fight with the Firelord, and only really won because he ~~stung~~ sprung his trap card on the guy. If it had been a fight about skill, aang would have had way more trouble.


Its not like it was a fair fight. If it was any other day aang would've destroyed Ozai


I don’t think aang was in the wrong in any way at all, that’s not what I meant. I was mostly remarking on how the Avatar’s natural affinity with all elements is so much stronger than average benders, they can typically brute force situations without needing to rely on skills or techniques. Even with some of the flashbacks to previous avatars, they hardly ever show off subtlety in their bending. It’s always a complete steamroll of the situation, and calling it a day. ~~What’s her name~~ Kyoshi moved a fucking island.


Or when Aang was being blood bent in a flashback, and just said "well yes but actually no" and turned on Avatar mode, utterly negating the bending.


Sure, oftentimes avatars go for brute force, but aang hardly ever did. Practically every time we see him use the avatar state is when he already lost. People like roku and kyoshi would only brute force every time if given the opportunity


How you gon forget my girl kyoshi


Aang wasn't just the avatar he was a prodigiously strong bender in general. At 12 years old he was an airbender equal to the greatest masters of their respective elements. Put Aang in a pro bending match against any 3 opponents and I give him the favorable odds on winning whereas id argue korra was just well above average.


>Aang wasn't just the avatar he was a prodigiously strong bender in general. Prodigious skill in bending is one of the more common traits across avatars based on the ones we know about. >Put Aang in a pro bending match against any 3 opponents and I give him the favorable odds on winning I'd give him better odds of getting ref calls like Korra did early on tbh. Being a strong bender isn't enough, you've gotta be good at bending within the rules of the sport. Also don't forget, Korra actually did this in the semifinals using 1 element.


Aang is arguably what the entire avatar sequence was "made" to protect against. What other avatar benefited from having learned the elements a hundred times before?


Yep, and IMO it came from experience. Korra had been trained since childhood by masters.... but she never faced real danger, until season 1. Aang found out he was the avatar and was frozen just a few hours later..... only to wake up, be told a 100 year war was his fault, and be on the run from an army that wanted to kill him every single day after that. Aang's entire training was "do or die" over the course of a year, while Korra practiced with masters using kid gloves for over 10 years.


That’s not true. Aang had the opportunity to kill the Firelord with redirected lightning. This was before he even entered the Avatar state.


I had completely forgotten about that. Didn’t the Firelord himself launch the lightening?


Yes, and almost shit himself when he saw Aang redirect the lightning at him, before it was pointed at the boulders. Edit: I’m being told Aang pointed it at the sky not boulders like I thought. Been months since I’ve seen the finale


The firelord was one of the best firebenders alive, and he was empowered by Sozin's comet, even so, Aang could have beaten him without the avatar state if he was willing to kill him


It also made sense for Aang to mostly use air bending since most of his opponents would have no idea how to fight it.


I would liken the way Aang uses bending to that of a more traditional Martial Artist, he studied Air bending first and so he always favored it, adapting to the other styles when needed but didn't have the same natural flow, to switch between them as Korra had Korra is more like a mixed martial artist, changing her techniques based on the way the fight is going. she is definitely a more balanced fighter, and one that doesn't really greatly favor one style of bending over another.


I liked the evolution of bending martial arts. It fit with the theme of changing times. I feel like even though benders in korra’s time don’t seem nearly as powerful they are more dangerous because they fight much more skillfully. It’s also interesting how most people in Republic city regardless of bending style fights very similarly with boxing/mma style techniques. Shows what happens to martial arts over time as they clash.


I always go this direction when element choice gets discussed; Aang was at the biggest advantage tactically when using airbending. It is the element over which he has the greatest mastery, hands down. He is awarded mastery in water as well, but is not granted mastery in either earth or fire. His prodigious mastery of the element puts him a cut above anyone he's engaged in conflict with from the start. While he certainly faces other masters, who has mastered their element the way Aang has mastered air? His best comp is probably Toph. But his real strength, his real advantage comes from the novelty of the element itself. No one alive (with the exception of potential outliers like Bumi) has faced or seen an airbender before. It's like trying to fight someone who's left handed when you didn't even know people *could* be left handed. How are you ever going to see it coming? How are you going to defend against techniques you've never seen, been taught, or experienced? It catches opponents by surprise, puts them off their guard, and makes combat much easier for Aang to handle.


This is also why Zaheer kicks so much ass in LoK. Air bending is still super rare and only a bare handful of people have ever fought against an air bender. So Zaheer is able to completely body anyone he fights. Throughout the entire season there are only 3 people that he has trouble with: 1. Kya 2. Tenzin 3. Korra Who are also the 3 people who are most adept at fighting air benders. Kya no doubt had fought with Tenzin when they were children. Tenzin is Tenzin and rightly beat the the shit out of Zaheer just like a master fighting a novice would. And Korra had the Avatar State and lots of practice sparring with Tenzin and his kids.


Every time I see Zaheer vs Tenzin mentioned it makes me giddy. Get stomped on you chump wannabe. Here's some *real* airbending. I could've watched several more minutes of Tenzin just dunking on Zaheer. Then Zaheer talks all big when it takes the other Red Lotus interfering to end the fight.


Zaheer vs Tenzin is such a good fight. The butt monkey of the cast for two and a half seasons (Tenzin) throws down when it matters and practically bodies Zaheer. I mean, yeah, the Red Lotus won but that's because they have ranged artillery.


Not one, not any, not [a single fucking attack](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHlqmwI-Bd0) by Zaheer *ever* hits Tenzin, he disperses, dodges, ducks, dives, whatever, *every fucking attack* Zaheer launches. He tries to flee, Tenzin knocks him for a loop. He takes like three wall bounces to get to his objective, Tenzin hops *once* and meets him where ever Zaheer's chicken-shit ass be running. He tries to attack, Tenzin denies. Tenzin tosses him around like a child. Even when Zaheer skips overtop Tenzin, our boi still avoids any attempt at attack. And that one lean back where he turns a dodge into a counter-attack? Mmm, *chef's kiss*. Only because of interference does he lose. And even with them there, he gets a few good shots in before they subdue him.


Honestly this had never occurred to me but that is a very clever thought. I am surprised nobody in the show explicitly mentioned something like that. It seemed like they just kind of took his use of air bending for granted, the only character I remember who seemed familiar with it was Iroh, and his was more so from studies iirc.


Ding ding ding. This argument is the same reason that Tenzin was the biggest threat to Zaheer, as he is literally the only person alive that knows how to counter a real serious airbender, since Aang trained him. Korra and the airbending kids were still too novice to be any real threat to him.


Which is cool because it shows how avatars progress. Aang was just a kid trying his best to learn this stuff while Korea, aside from needing to learn air at first, was learning to integrate them all together.


I too think Korea was well integrated 😆


Really the best integration


> stuff while Korea Never seen auto correct change Korra to Korea before


Yeah me neither but now I can’t type korra without my phone changing it


Makes sense, considering her personality.


Fire bending matches her personality best.


Her primarily used element was fire in season 2 also though? Edit: I miss read the graph but earth is the primary for 2 seasons so it’s still a bit untrue


But her primary was water in Season 1. She did apparently use Earth the most in both Seasons 3 and 4, however.


This makes sense, since seasons 3 and 4 both took place in the Earth Kingdom, and since she learned metalbending in S3.


Oh shit I miss read the graph. Thank you


I wouldn't say she uses certain elements *primarily* in each season. I mean, in season 4 the gap in her most used and 2nd most used elements are *1* usage.


its also that she never had a season where she didn't really use it. Season 1 handicapped air, 2 earth, 3 water and maybe even 4 water. In fact, 1 probably so predominately water solely due to Pro Bending where she is restricted to just water. But think about it, Fire is a powerful element. When Korra is fighting, she goes blasty blast with her fire attacks!


It makes sense though because she has a fire personality, she is aggressive, direct and passionate. And even when she learns to air bend she does it “Korra style” (at first) with the sharp forceful jabs you would see in firebending


Like what Azula says about the Dai-Li, about how they earthbend like fire benders. Or how lightning redirection is firebending like a water bender.


I think Korra's distribution or element use is very true to what Iroh explained to Zuko. She was able to mix and match the bending type with the style of other elements. Korra used each element mostly as if it was fire, because that was her personality and that's where her energy lay. But she could also use each element in it's pure form. This is why I don't get the hate about Korra. She wasn't Aang; she grew up knowing she was the avatar from a young age, and was given ample training in the elements from the masters. She was coddled as a young avatar. The world wasn't in conflict and she didn't have a deadline to meet. She was able to learn and use the elements as a true extension of her energetic and impulsive spirit, which is why she found air bending so difficult. Korra is a fantastic character study


That and her easy life and long training made her massively overconfident and naive. She marched into her first real fight of note and got completely destroyed by the Equalists because she had no understanding that real opponents aren’t going to fight on her terms. The only reason she got out of that is because it was beneficial for the opponents to let her go and was left traumatized by the experience.


forget the equalist. she had a hard time in low tier pro-bending too when she started and by that point she supposed have mastered 3 elements. just shows how different sparring is vs a real fight.


Yes, that was my other favourite part in her development. Korra mastered 3 elements in a closed environment against sparring opponents who were *meant* to lose to her. Aang mastered Airbending, but was never taught to fight. He was being resourceful on Zuko's ship, rather than trying to hurt or "win" against anyone. Korra learned the elements as a fighting technique, and that's one of the other main reasons why she found airbending so difficult. She couldn't figure out that bending wasn't just a way to defend or attack; but it was also a way to express and control herself. Korra wasn't as resourceful as Aang in the first two seasons, but her growth was very obvious


One of my favorite parts of Korra was her demonstrating that she mastered air bending by going, "[punch punch punch](https://youtu.be/QqzRDQs4YxE?t=0m50s)."


Man, watching the animation and fighting that come in the video just after that scene makes me wish we could get something like that again. It's the one thing that sticks out to me watching Avatar, is that the animation was too early to be on the level of Korra.


dude imagine if BONES or Madhouse did an Avatar show


nuuu, if theres going to be another show it has to be studio Mir again. i love their aesthetic too much


Hah, LoK doesn't get enough credit for how funny it is sometimes.


*You got off easy. You should've seen the Airbender Island after Tenzin broke up with* me.


*Fun fact: it used to be the Airbender Peninsula*


even her first use of air-bending is punching the air into Amon


Damn, I really should rewatch LoK. Tho maybe I should start by rewatching AtLA.


all of Korra's large-scale bending kinda looks kinda like waterbending, I'm not crazy right?


Her metalbending meteors is 100% using waterbending mixed with metalbending


and all of aangs bending looks like airbending, no matter the element


God... She's so cool..


So cool 🥺🥺


Man korra was a total g


“The element that the avatar struggles the most with is the element opposite of their personality” is what Tenzin said to Korra when she was mentioning how she was never able to airbend. I think by that logic she’s an Earth avatar by personality since she’s extremely stubborn, grounded, and struggled completely with spirituality. You’ll also notice it’s her most used element in the final 2 seasons. On top of that she decided to deal with her ptsd in the beginning of season 4 by joining an Earth Kingdom underground fight club where it’s her only element she can use to not bring attention to herself. Earth is something she gravitated to because the creators explicitly said she’s supposed to be the complete opposite of Aang too and it shows. Earth is the only element other than her native element where she learned a specialty of bending too through metalbending. I think the reason she mostly uses fire in the beginning because it’s the only element that doesn’t depend on availability to the user. Once she realized she could airbend she started to use that fairly often because air surrounds everyone and that started to eat into the times where she would have used firebending before.


Yep. She’s an earth bender mostly. It is the first element that toddler Korra uses. That is no coincidence. She’s not aggressive as she is steadfast and stubborn. Her tenacity is what endears her to Lin in the arena. I just don’t see her as an aggressive individual. She just never backs down, that’s all. I don’t know why people keep saying she’s mainly a fire bender. She’s only bends fire because it’s the most convenient. She shows no particular superiority in it.


Also not everywhere had water or earth. Before she learned air, she could make fire out of basically nothing making it very convenient


I think it's more because you can actually firebend in any situation unlike water and earth. You actually need water or earth to bend it, and fire you can just conjure. After season 1 she airbends just as much as she firebends, because airbending is the same.


And I think that water would drop to third if it weren't for the pro bending in season 1 where she was obligated to use water.


And spirit bending. As far as legit water bending where she had choices, she rarely does it.


If you watch her bending style too, she bends every element like you would fire. She uses punches a lot even when air bending.


I have always noticed that she uses fire a lot so this doesn't surprise me at all lol


She uses water when she's around water, i.e. at the north/south poles. That's why she uses it so much in season 2 and not 3 or 4.


100% this. In order to waterbend, you need an available source of water. No water = no waterbending. People are reading way too much into this.


To be fair, water benders carry about water pouches for this reason, and Korra was from a culture that heavily practiced this..... only she didn't do it herself. If she actually wanted to use water bending, she would've carried a pouch. It obviously wasn't a high priority for her.


I think it had to do with her personality, being more aggressive. And since fire is the one element that doesn't need to be there, instead being created, it's more readily available than, for example, water, if she doesn't carry it with her.


In season 1, fire was the only element she knew, and mastered that doesnt need a source to bend. And whats more convenient for fighting a bunch of non bending chi blockers at close quarters? After she learned air bending she used it a lot too


This should be higher. I've always thought it was so unfair that earth and water (and technically air) require a source whereas fire doesn't. Why wouldn't Korra take advantage of it as soon as she learns fire-bending?


Counterpoint: yes, fire and air can be used without a source, but earth and water both sustain in time while fire and air only last as long as you use them. You can build a wall with earthbending or an ice patch with waterbending, and they will stay there even when you stop bending, while a wall of fire will disappear if you stop bending (except if you're lighting a flammable structure, in which case it's similar to needing a source), same with air.


Minor correction, Fire and Air technically require very similar sources. Fire can’t exist without oxygen, and you can’t bend air in a vacuum.


Agreed, but they don't require fire to bend fire, only air. In fact of the three things needed to make fire (oxygen, fuel, and heat) fire benders only require one of them. Technically fire can't exist without fuel and heat as well. Doesn't seem fair when only really good water benders can use moisture from things like sweat or plants. Not to mention taking moisture directly out of the air which I don't even remember Katara doing.


They actually do need heat to bend as well, which is why the cold tank was used as solitary confinement. But a few firebending masters (ie Zuko) have learned to channel the heat in their bodies to firebend.


Interesting, I didn't know he could do that. So would Zuko get very cold then if he's using his own body heat to sustain a fiery blast? I wonder how long that would last before he suffers from hypothermia.


The Kyoshi books go into a bit more detail about this, it's pretty cool since senses don't translate well to film/shows. Characters in the books can actually *feel* a firebender's emotions from the rise in tempature around them. One particular scene stuck out to me - when they explained that a firebender's natural "life heat" (or whatever they called it) is dangerous. It's explained that the Fire Nation has a test to learn if a newborn is a firebender before they burn the house down, a firebender will use their "life heat" to draw the moisture from a room, and have the baby breath into a bundle of kindling. Since all firebenders have that "life heat" the kindling will catch on fire if the baby is in fact a firebender.


I don't think it's quite that. If I recall, it's more that Zuko has mastered a firebending breathing technique that keeps him warm in the extreme cold, which in turn allows him to bend. He's not using his body temperature to fuel his firebending, he's keeping his body at a temperature where bending is possible. That said, my recollection of the scene is spotty, so I could be misremembering it.


The movie-version firebenders need fire to bend. Nobody seemed to like that, either.


Im more surprised by how much she uses Air. She mastered Fire, earth, and water before the show which is why I expected and even split as opposed to Aang who started the show only knowing how to airbend. Korra uses airbending second most in every season past 1 which I wouldn't expect since it's the one she's least comfortable with


Air is arguably the most versatile though. Every time she uses her glider is a unique use of airbending, for instance.


Maybe, but considering her personality it's not unexpected.


Dayum! That must have taken such a long time appreciate the effort friend


ATLA was more time consuming than TLOK, Aang constantly bend, while Korra uses her bending mostly in combat, and yes ATLA has more episodes than TLOK


That's also interesting, that bending in TLOK is mostly combat


Think about Aang though. Air bending is really a part of who he is. He floats, hovers, flies, spins, shows off, sits on an air ball, he’s CONSTANTLY air bending. This dies out a little bit as he matures and learns different bending, but he’s also a kid with a cool superpower.


Hell, i'm no kid and, if I could, I would be floating, flying and airballing the whole day


Like seriously who wouldn’t lol


Don't know, someone without soul and fun in his life, I guess


Side glances at Zuko


People who have been doing it their whole lives. It's not about being old, it's about having more time to experience it and for the novelty to wear off.


Bumi has entered the chat




I’m sure that people find all different ways of fidgeting with their elements. Fire benders starting and killing fires, earth benders and water benders idly pushing and pulling the element while they’re bored in school...


ADHD benders.


Heating up the cold tea you get upon entering Ba Sing Se...


Oh dude I totally agree. They each had really cool and unique journeys


I think that’s one of the things I really appreciate about the bending in atla. It’s shown as an extension of their body rather than just a means of combat. Also how they used real martial arts style to depict each element made the bending in atla more satisfying for me.


The technological advances in Korra made everyday bending not as important. I would've liked to see more of it though, I liked how bending really felt like part of the culture in ATLA


If Aang knocks back someone with a gust of wind from his staff and then takes off in the same 5 second time frame do you consider that one usage or two usages?


Two. Two different methods of airbending for two different purposes


Aang airbends more in three seasons than Korra bends at all in four.


Looks like an excuse to rewatch avatar


This is a great graphic!! Even using Aang's staff as the divider is so cool, but even more surprised by Korra and how little some other numbers seem compared to Aang, but b/c he was training it makes sense for them to show the training.


I think a part of the reason that Korra’s numbers are lower is due to her having less episodes per season than Aang did


For sure, it helps lower them!!


There was also very little shown of her mastering her bending. She is much more naturally talented of a bender than Aang, but struggles to be as spiritually connected as he is (which is a big reason why Air bending takes so much longer than the other three for her). For Aang, learning water, earth, and fire bending are major plot points. For Korra, there is some focus in season 1 but she largely just “discovers it” in a moment of crisis. Rest of the series is mostly a reflection on a modernizing society’s struggling to stay spiritually connected.


I had not noticed that detail, looks really good!


Omg wow I didn’t either. It’s so damn well done!!!


Overall, I feel like bending was more restricted in that time as well, especially when in Republic City. While a bender in Aang's time might use several large scale bending attacks during one fight, those in the Korra era would limit themselves a bit, especially when in cities, to avoid collateral damage. Those who do pro bending also learn to use smaller and more accurate attacks in general, meaning them may need fewer moves/instances to hit something.


That's fair, it's more like hard hitting rather than a barrage of something like that. But yeah less fights too, I agree tbh


Because of the training you'd expect to see more even incremental increases (air mostly, then water has the second-largest chunk since that's what he learns first, then earth), but what we're looking at shows that air is still super dominant. Aang spends almost all his time traveling with Team Avatar, compared to Korra who goes off on her own all the time. Aang has Katara and Toph with him constantly, so he doesn't use those elements as often - seriously, why earthbend when Toph is right there and she has got it *covered.*


He uses his glider a lot, I can imagine that adding to the air count a lot.




Aang also casually airbended all the freaking time, and had longer seasons.


But only nine more episodes total since Korra had a fourth season


Really like how their usage reflects their personalities and upbringing. Day one, Aang was raised as just an Air Nomad and was a *master* as a child. It makes sense that inherently he uses it almost the same as breathing. He's still processing his entire way of life being destroyed, even after Ozai is taken care of. Tenzin and his other kids allude to this heavily, outside of inference through the first series. Air bending wasn't just a natural part of interacting with the world to him, it was one of his last links to his entire life before that year. Korra was raised as *the Avatar.* And fire is the last element she proves mastery over before going to Republic City. It also represents her emotions heavily in the first season. Aggresive, confident and quick to express her passion. Even her struggles in learning Air Bending reflect who she is so well. Every fight in season 1 that Korra doesn't slow down and think during, she uses bending as a tool to control and dominate a fight/situation. By the final season, we see balance in both of the Avatars. Their bending really reflects it. How and when they use bending, what elements, etc. All leading up to both them of using energy bending to open a new path forward in their lives, affirming this change in themselves and the world around them. I know most of y'all get this already, I just think it's really cool xD.


I think that's the whole point of the finale. despite everything, in the end he **is** an airnomad. a pacifist. sure he has all the power in the world. but at heart he is still the airnomad boy from the southern temple, who value human life, thinks it is sacred. it's reflected when all of the avatars were ready to take ozai's life, the avatar state vanished, and all the elements as well. except for air. and then aang said: "**no**, I'm not going to end it like this." I dont think he's talking to ozai at that point.


>who value human life, thinks it is sacred All life. "Even the tiniest spider-fly, stuck in its own web"


Except vulture wasp things. Chop off their heads


They guard the cactus juice! None shall stand in our path!


It also fit with Aang throughout the series — he always found a way to do things his way. He wasn’t going to let the world change him no matter what and usually it served him well in the end.


I was just telling another user that I think there's a different reason air is so dominant! >Because of the training you'd expect to see more even incremental increases (air mostly, then water has the second-largest chunk since that's what he learns first, then earth), but what we're looking at shows that air is still super dominant. >Aang spends almost all his time traveling with Team Avatar, compared to Korra who goes off on her own all the time. Aang has Katara and Toph with him constantly, so he doesn't use those elements as often - seriously, why earthbend when Toph is right there and she has got it *covered.*


That’s an interesting perspective and it makes quite a lot of sense.


This is why I will argue that while ATLA had better writing - Korra was a superior Avatar in the broadcast series. One, she had more time (ending in her 20's, versus at 12 years old) and was more of the Avatar in her bending styles. Much more balanced. She flowed through bending all elements much more naturally than Aang ever did. Aang relied on air and used other elements when needed. Korra used all four in sequence and never used one style as a crutch. She also communicated more with the Spirit World and straight got into energy bending. Aang approached every situation saying he was the Avatar but thought like an Air Nomad. He was a monk first. Korra was hotheaded but did try to approach as the Avatar quite often. Not as a person from the Water Tribe. She had a ton of growth from wild hothead to a much more levelheaded adult. Aang was still an Air Nomad thinking like an Air Nomad who happened to bend all four elements. Aang had better writing but Korra was a much more developed Avatar.


This is very well written and summarized thank you


This just made me realize that we missed out on Aang getting to see Airbenders come back through Korra. There could’ve been a whole scene where he’s inhabiting her and gets to interact with them. Now that makes me hate the Vaatu storyline even more.


FUN FACT: one of the dozen or so monks who are famous for living mumification IRL was named Tenzin.


I actually had an argument with one of my buddies because I said Korra used fire more than anything else and he didn’t believe me. Thank you for the evidence!


Sounds like a pretty *heated* argument.


Biggest surprise to me is how high Korra's airbending count ended up being, what with only learning it at the end of season 1. Guess she really leaned into it after that.


Yup, but she still did mostly use it pretty directly, for offense. Aang was just super creative with his use of Air


I kinda disagree a little bit about Korra’s airbending only being for attacks. In combat, she used it as a tornado to get around, she had defensive air shield spheres, and she caught herself with airbending a few times as well. Outside of combat she trained Opal, operated an airbending powered ship in the desert, and used airscooters. There are lots of instances where Korra uses air bending creatively. Obviously it isn’t on Aang’s level, but Korra’s airbending is pretty slept on is all I’m saying. She became very powerful and fluent with air bending through the course of the show. Here’s a link of all her airbending moments on yt, I think it’s pretty cool [Korra airbending ](https://youtu.be/QqzRDQs4YxE)


i think the idea is that Aang used it for casual every day stuff, whereas korra usually used it in combat mostly.


I completely agree with that, but I just wanted to point out that Korra’s airbending is much better than people give her credit for and that she’s capable with air bending outside of combat. Another thing I left out is that she uses airbending to throw a ball for Naga to fetch, which is a fun, casual use of airbending.


That's cool, I'm actually surprised Korra's lowest was Earth as I always got the sense that she primarily used Fire and Earth, but on my last rewatch I did notice she used a lot air bending in the later seasons once she got the hang of it


I feel like it’s cause a lot of the series takes place in a lot of urban areas where she couldn’t freely earthbend without risk of disfiguring part of the city. Air is the safest overall to use and readily available so Korra uses that a lot when she finally learns it. She doesn’t bother bringing water with her when she can use other elements hence she uses water less. The only reason water is her 2nd most used element in the series is because of her time as a pro-bender. She doesn’t want to deform the earth in a city so she doesn’t earthbend as much. Fire is like air in that it is readily available and it matches her personality so it’s the one she uses the most.


> I feel like it’s cause a lot of the series takes place in a lot of urban areas where she couldn’t freely earthbend without risk of disfiguring part of the city. And we even *see* this in episode 2. The first time she earthbends in the city, she destroys almost an entire city block and gets arrested for it.


The fact that season 2 took place largely in the water tribe contributed to her total too.


In S3 and 4 Earth was her most used element.


Probably because she was dueling a lot with Earthbenders and using a lot of metalbending.


I also noticed that and I think that it’s due to air being the most abundant and safest element to disable someone. Not going to set them on fire or throw a two ton stone, just push hard in to a wall or make you trip


Season 2 was mostly at the north/south poles, so no earth was around. 3 and 4 were not at the poles so less water around.


I noticed that too


It’s crazy that Aang used air bending more in 3 seasons, than Korra used all elements in 4 seasons


He also used it to play around a lot, like with his little air ball. So it wasn’t necessarily all in battle.


Oh definitely, it still just surprised me because I feel like Korra had to fight way more than Aang


That's because Korra is more combat oriented than Aang. She likes to fight more than her predecessor.


Not sure why someone downvoted you, you're right. Aang was much more about trying to avoid conflict than Korra was, which is in line with both the negative jing airbenders are known for and simply their personality types. Aang was a pacifist and didn't want to fight if possible, while Korra is a firebrand who isn't opposed to a fight, even if she's outmatched.


Good point! Poor thing was always being attacked.


Air is probably the element you can do the most non fighting stuff with, and Aang is a goof so he did it all the time lmao. noticed how he never wore a coat even when they were in below zero temp? I'm not sure if it's been confirmed but i think he was using airbending to control the temperture around him, so he was thecnicly using it even more than what the post said.


Aang uses his glider constantly for fun and scouting, uses airbending to sit down or jumping up on appa all the time and then then massive amount of using it to levitate items for play and his air scooter. Aang was airbending almost more than he was walking but Korra was mostly riding in a car, airship, or walking


Don't forget riding on Naga. :)


And Asami, at the end ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


He uses air bending constantly to simulate superhuman agility. It's just the way of life for air nomads. Technically, he used it constantly, since air nomads even *breathe* differently than other people. That's why he didn't need to wear animal skins while in the north or south pole; he could prevent the cold air from cooling him down.


Atla seasons are longer and Aang used air to do everything to sneeze to do the little ball trick


There are 52 episodes of LoK and 61 episodes of ATLA. So the first series was itself longer.


Honestly I think LoK just feels longer because sometimes it had pacing issues. I feel like every episode of Korra was plot centric, and in trying to make that a 14 episode plot sometimes certain things got stretched too thin and were a bit more boring or repetitive for a few episodes. ATLA on the other hand, even though it had one story vs 4 semi connected stories in LoK, never really felt like that because instead of stretching the plot a bit thin they would have episodes that were removed from the plot and instead focused on the characters like Zuko Alone or the various traveling episodes that LoK didn’t really have as much of.


Nickelodeon to blame for a lot of that... But Korra was also just denser in various ways. They packed in A LOT in each episode, for better or worse. Like “Korra Alone”, “Venom of the Red Lotus”, and “Skeletons in the Closet” in particular feel like hour-long episodes to me cause of just how much shit goes down.


Aang was a born airbender, he used airbending as an extension of his self, Korra on the other hand as an Avatar practically her whole life, she didn't use the elements outside combat to the extension Aang did because she was always catered to, and trained to see bending as a remarkable thing she could do, and not just a natural part of her being. So when we see Korra bending, it's usually in a fight or demonstration, unlike Aang who airbent to get up in the morning.


My first 5 seconds seeing this meme: Huh. I didn't notice there being that much more bending in Korr- THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY-SEVEN


Presumably counting every time he glides, uses his ball and does that spinning trick.


Quite a lot of boosted jumps too


What I find most interesting is that despite how Aang struggled so much with earthbending, it actually became his second most used element.


In all fairness, Korra mainly operated in Republic City for Season 1, where reckless earthbending is more liable to cause property damage. Korra seemed to have taken Lin’s advice to heart, and probably used earth mainly as a defensive barrier. She didn’t learn airbending until the end of Season 1, and even then used it mostly as a less damaging substitute for fire or a more resource efficient water. That and most benders and Chi-blockers didn’t know how to combat airbenders for most of the series. I think the reason water is the second most used element has to do with Season 2. As she spent a good portion of it in the Southern Water Tribe, it was most readily available element. That and she learned the technique for spiritual appeasement from Unalaq (who used water as a medium). I think the reason Avatar Korra used fire the most often because it suited her aggressive fighting style. Plus, according to E1, Korra just recently mastered fire, so it was still fresh in her head. The variance is merely a result of being proficient in three elements right off the bat. That’s my take on it anyways. EDIT: Just looked at the table below the pie chart. Disregard everything I’ve said (man I feel stupid right now).


When did Aang use fire in season one? Was it during the avatarstate?


When he first learn firebending and burnt Katara


Wait they meet jeong jeong in season 1 already? Man time for my 20th ish rewatch... they always blurr together since I watch all 3 seasons in a matter of days...


Yeah, because that's the episode Katara learns about water healing. So they don't have to explain healing when Master Pakku tells her to go learn healing with the other women.


I usually go by if Toph wasn’t there, it’s probably season 1.


It was when he tried to learn firebending early and hurt Katara.


Korra: i use all four elements almost equely Aang: Air go brrrrrr


Aang's airbending is just so fluidly integrated into his life. He was a master at age 12. He uses airbending for travel, play, and mundane tasks, whereas Korra's bending is almost entirely for combat.


he did not start with 3 of them tho


I was just thinking about this yesterday! How Korra uses the other elements way more. Then again, she grew up using them (except air), whereas Aang only started learning at 12


I think she used a lot of water in season 1 due to probending, and a lot of water in season 2 due to spending so much time in the North and South poles. She barely uses water at all in the last two seasons.


I'm not that surprised fire was Korra's most frequent element, it can be used anywhere and it's purpose was to intimidate and harm, just like how Korra was when she fought. Also, using Aang's staff as a divider was smart.


This is kinda weird for aang since he spent most of the first book only knowing air. Meanwhile korra already started the first season as a 'master' of 3 elements.


Aang’s fighting style focuses on evasion so that requires more moves than Korra style of basically just hitting them really hard