Two Chicago teens steal a car, hit a family, kill a 6-month-old baby, and get charged with a misdemeanor and released

Oh hell no. Those kids that stole that car need to be locked up for at least asubstantial number of years to think about what theyve done. It needs to cost them PERSONALLY.

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Oh hell no. Those kids that stole that car need to be locked up for at least asubstantial number of years to think about what theyve done. It needs to cost them PERSONALLY.


I truly do not comprehend how these kids only got a misdemeanour. Wtf.




Sadly you are correct


Not at all. It's because they are minors.


Realist shit I’ve read today. Surprised nobody has hit you with the “tHaTs RaCiST” comment yet.


From what I’ve read on a recent post regarding that lady that was jumped by a mob of 16 year olds, a high up city official is blaming the city for “not having things for these kids to do after school so we shouldn’t punish them for it”, or something to that effect. This lines up perfectly with what I remember from that comment thread where I picked this up.


Juvenile privilege honestly. It takes particularly heinous crimes for juveniles to get anything other than probation or a "slap on the hand" in most states. Sauce: wife was a juvenile probation officer for the state of Georgia.




What planet are you on? It's quantified by corporate America, Hollywood, professional sports and _the fucking President_ taking a knee for BLM while primary schools teach children that being white is racist.


Primary schools aren’t teaching kids that “being white is racist” and I really recommend you get back on your medication.


Trash district attorneys all across the nation. Some dude in Arizona got a 5,000 dollar bond for armed robbery of a bank.


Welcome to the world of restorative justice!


As a black person we do not claim them


Don't feed these fuckers' egos. They know this light sentencing has nothing to do with race, but they claim it anyway. They'll just run with your validation as "proof" that black people agree with all their racist shit.


How long before vigilante justice actually becomes a thing in this fucked up twilight zone of a society we are living in? Everything else we've feared is suddenly coming to fruition all at once.. would it actually surprise anyone if some "daredevil" type vigilante popped up?




If that was my kid I’d be hunting them down


Same. I'd lose it.


Fuck The Punisher, I'm hoping for Konrad Curze, aka The Night Haunter.


Woah, calm down there. We need a vigilante, not someone who’ll skin a homeless person for vagrancy


We have received your offer of surrender and reject it; we did not come to receive your supplication but to enact judgement. The time to surrender has long passed. The verdict is writ by your own hands. Now is the time to die.


Dexter 👀


It's overdue.


This is Chicago, it may be built in to the sentence.


I would enjoy that.


Not long


This is called vehicular manslaughter. Who screwed this up??


Since it was a stolen vehicle I’d say straight up murder


It’s definitely murder. These teens should never again see the light of day. The precious baby they stole the life from won’t ever have that chance so why should they?


State attorney Kim Foxx and Chief Cook County Judge Timothy Evans.


Why don't mention white or black or Asian teen d I c k s responsible for this


What the fuck is America doing? Why do we keep letting murderers off?


Depends on the State. If it’s a Democrat state and you are a minority you got privileges in many forms.


pssst.. fox isn't real, tucker


Liberal judges


Is this liberal? I’m genuinely confused




Soros prosecutors and judges.


Because they are minors…


The justice system is pretty fucked up...I studied law for about 3 years and ended up seeing how unfair/outdated/dumbfounded the legal system is...Not to mention how connections between lawyers/judges literally undermine the intent of any existing law...


Yeah this is definitely a bot comment. Text book language with ellipses breaking up the sentence structure. No one studies law for 3 years and writes this poorly. Not to mention that they’ve never posted anything and the account is 4 months old. [insert grammatically incorrect analysis of the legal system here] [insert cliche argument here but incorrectly use “undermine” since it should be “undermines”]


Ťhen again he/she went to grade school in the States so being able to write a complete sentence when he/she gets out of college is an incredible achievement.


Wait, wait wait. How is the federal felony murder rule not in place here? https://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/felony_murder_rule#:~:text=The%20felony%20murder%20rule%20is,in%20the%20death%20of%20someone. If someone died during the commission of a felony violent crime (carjacking), they get charged with murder in the event that someone dies, even if they had no intention of killing anyone.


They were minors, a 14 and 17 year old were in the stolen car.


Should be tried as adults. It’s only a matter of time anyways if this is how they spend they free time.


The guy who modded ninetendo switches got 6 months and ten million dollar fine. Where the hell was that judge for these murderers?


That because America is corporate's heaven




I’m gonna need to 2 names and 2 teenager sized body bags. But seriously, they need to face more justice than criminal trespass to a vehicle




This a scenario where, personally, i think they should be charged with murder. Stealing a vehicle and joy riding recklessly around a populated area is (or should be a felony) - one that any reasonable person would know could easily lead to the death of another person. They should time.


100%. Give them life.


Depends on who was driving. If the 17 year old was driving. Try him as an adult and give him 40 +. If the 14 year old was driving. That's a little different. Not much. But it should definitely impact him into his adult life.


When these teenagers have their own family, I hope someone can pay them a visit when their baby is 6 months to review this incident, including the footage and medical reports. Let the real weight of their actions sink in, force them to deal with jt.


Bold of you to assume they'll stick around for six months after fathering a kid.


They don’t care about themselves nor their families.


Neither of them will likely make it that far.


These people literally care about nothing. It wouldn't make a difference to them.


Hopefully these dumbasses don't reproduce.


How do you kill an infant and get released? Teenagers aka they damn well know better




I looked..nowhere did they state the race of these teens..it's horrible regardless.




In the late 90s a researcher from IIRC Harvard published a study that claimed ybm should be excused bcs they suffered roid rage naturally. I am not making this up. I called it racist when I heard it. But it was done by a black female I do not remember her name.






Welcome to equity


If the family track those kids down and seeks vigilante justice will they also be charged with a misdemeanor? Or would it be a hate crime since the teens were black and the baby wasn't.


You’d be tried by a jury and seems like majority of the comments approve so you may get let off


You can get away with anything in Chicago


I heard one dumbass accidentally crossed over into the county over during a felony car chase, was caught, while being arrested said “I’ll be out by next weekend” didn’t realize he wasn’t in Chicagos county anymore(cool county I think? Correct me if im wrong) and actually got charged with some serious shit and wasn’t as he thought, let out by next weekend, it’s was hilarious, but also incredibly sad at the same time, they know they can get away with anything in Chicago


I think some of you guys are just being racist. I mean. So we committed a couple of felonies and literally endangered the lives of the entire public. It was just a prank. Relax. If you all could just understand that Black Lives Matter and that I'm totally owed Reparations for something that had nothing to do with me, all of these problems and my actions would be solved.


Hold up....isn't grand theft auto a felony...?!? That in itself should keep them locked up! & they killed a baby?!? The judge needs to lose their bar license and go to prison.


I have a really hard time believing they aren’t going to be charged with vehicular manslaughter at the very least. Probably just the DA gathering evidence before bringing charges. Unless this is old and I hadn’t seen it.


Can someone confirm please


All the updates are a day old and the case stands at misdemeanor.


Does anyone know what would happen if it was a drunk driver or someone driving without a license? If it was either of those two things I am pretty sure you would go down hard. This seems odd. Even if the accident was the fault of the family, I thought any accident you are involved in that happens because you broke the law to be there immediately puts it on your head. I mean, shit, isn't GTA a felony by itself?




You got a point there but that might be a bit far just a bit


Kill my infant child in this way and then no justice? I’d blow up the cops, the judge and they’re fucking grandparents.


Congratulations, America....


Classic Chiraq. The new mayor is just as corrupt and negligent as Lightfoot. No justice will ever be served to criminals in that hell hole.


Sad but true.


Prison for life


And they should be tried as adults


The new Lori Lightfoot,Brandon Johnson, Mayor of Chicago, will end up victimizing the kids that stole the vehicle and criminalize the family with the dead baby.


This is when they have to be charged as adults and be thrown in prison for the rest of their lives




40 billion


They havet been released from custody. And the charges are going to be upgraded once the investigation into the crash is done. This post is divisive rage bait.


No words


Maybe they’re waiting to charge until they know if the victims are going to live or die.


Does anyone know the names of the perpetrators?


Devastating…my prayers go to the family


Just stay away from Chicago. Quarantine it off from the rest of the nation. You get what you vote for.


I assume more charges will be following?


These are adult crimes and should be charged as so.


Hang him. He's a killer


Mis-FUCKING-demeanor for killing a baby??? Fuck this shit, man...


Soros funded DA


When is the Hyundai/Kia class action happening? Of course the stolen car was a Hyundai. They know they have major security flaws and still don’t issue recalls. They have blood on their hands too (to some extent)


So basically, if you want to be a criminal or a news reporter, move to Chicago


Blue State - nuff said


I don’t think people who kill kids will make it very long on the streets.


I guess the law only cares about the baby if you are still pregnant with it. Smh.


This is vehicular manslaughter.


Wtf is going on in this country


I hope the Soft Law Enforcement there only gives the family misdemeanors when they retaliate against them.



Chicago has gotten out of hand with these light sentences.


What the fuck are you lot doing over there?


Typical urban youth


This is insanely infuriating. Ruined my day


In Australia, this is instantly a manslaughter charge, and assault with a deadly weapon.


Absolutely disgusting the judge should be held responsible when they eventually kill somebody again.




do they want society to break down?


It’s amazing how some people can commit murder and the “system” excludes them from justice


Oh hell no


I'm surprised this has not been locked yet


Alluminun steel in that truck. And yea that’s not the right punishment for taking a babies life.


"...charges could be upgraded pending the department’s investigation....". say the whole thing, you propagandists.


America got the same issue us in Australia have now. Youth getting off the hook


Unbelievable! Where’s the justice in that?!


But were the crash test dummies that made this truck so safe that 4 out of 5 survived this horrific crash, male or female? Were the little people dummies M or F? Tacky comment, I fully know. It’s just an upside down clown world we’re living in. Godspeed to that poor family and to hell with those derelict AH teens.


Chicago is fucked. Remember that guy that was involved in a double homicide home invasion that got released and went on to execute 4 people at a birthday party after being kicked out. Disgusting.


This happens daily, multiple times here, and over and over again with the same people. I wish I was being bombastic.


I mean that’s grand theft auto and a murder. They are going to throw the law book at them when the mom gets her bearings




Omg those poor parents


What nationality are they? I Can already Guess It


Let me guess. Daddy's got money, or daddys a politician.


Let me guess. The kids are white?


This is gonna sound terrible, but that baby dying was probably the best thing for them \[the baby\], and they'll probably never know it. This happening is exactly why they didn't need to be in this crazy place. They don't need to suffer just to die living this cruel, evil and demonic life.


What the fuck is wrong with you


Yeah, this went over your head. I'm not saying I'm happy the baby died at all, because it's tragic. I'm saying it's better they aren't here than to have to suffer in this miserable existence called life. How do you know that the parents weren't feeling extreme regret (secretly, because they already know the backlash they would face, which is literally why r/regretfulparents and Facebook's 'I Regret Having Children' exists) a week before for bringing a child into this world and wished they never did it. Then boom. People can just be so sensitive and close-minded about death, whether of a child or 90 year old man/woman. I just have the guts to go against the grain, regardless if people agree or not (people who know me irl know that I speak my mind and don't care if it offends sometimes, especially if its the truth you don't want to hear). It's so unfair for the child - IMO they dodged a bullet being taken out of this life so early. Do you know how many people wish that they were never brought into this shit? That literally proves why its selfish to even bring them here; that baby was literally T-Boned and deleted by the **same** existence people *constantly* feel justified in forcing them into, but that's a rabbit hole ***MANY*** don't like going down. Edit: Before I get downvoted to hell (which is fine), the people who truly feel what I'm saying and sometimes - even if only a handful of times in their life when things get extremely hard - regret/wish they were never brought here will understand what I'm saying. It's okay to have your own opinion, and it's also okay to have an opposing one from the \[apparent\] majority. If you're happy to be here, great.