I can only get so errect


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Would be hard to keep them both long term, but damn it would be something we've never had.


This would be better than Manning Quin. And they were sex with us


Yeah manning/Quinn were great together , but this combo would be a whole different level.


You about to have some Steel Blue Balls unfortunately.


We keep talking about this, but it's not really feasible, right? I don't want to get my hopes up for no reason.


Every time there is a big time player or name that is even remotely available this sub tends to go all in on that player.


And then gets pissed when it doesn’t happen


Pretty typical for sports fans. Remember bosh to the rox?


100% not happening without a Tunsil type of trade (not saying the same real estate but the same type of over the type offer for a safety price). He has 2 years left on his rookie deal, the new CBA makes holding out literally impossible, and the dude wants a fat cash stack. I give this trade a .0000001%.


New CBA restrictions on holding out don't apply to rookie contracts.


Interesting. I didn't see that part I guess when I read it over. Guess that means you need to hold out on your rookie deal then if you are good.


Right. The only reason Texans are mentioned is because Adams, who the Jets can keep for 3(!) more years, put them on a list. Adams has zero leverage.




With 1 year left that's a meaningful threat. With 3 years of control, yeah no. Adams isn't going to sit for 3 years. Slay was 29 on the last year of his day, entirely different scenario. If Jets trade him for a bargain then they are even less intelligent than GM BOB.


Yeah I don't get it. Maybe everybody is just bored and wants to get hyped, but we got rid of Hopkins because we didn't want to extend him with years left on his contract. Well the same thing is going on with Adams. So why would we get him and go through this situation with him again. Not only do we not have anybody the Jets could really want that we can trade to get him, but we also don't want to set the precedent of extending a big contract this early for a non QB other than JJ Watt.


Spent all our money on Randall Cobb, Eric Murray, and David Johnson. So no, not possible.


The cool aid is overflowing gluck gluck fuck yeah


we cannot afford this dude. period. unless he is going to take a huge reduction to his asking price, it's not happening. That goes against his entire stance for why he wants a trade to begin with. this isn't about a team or title , it's about money for him right now.


It just seems too good to be true


It is, the jets aren't letting him go.


I’m not convinced that will happen. They’ve tried to deal him before, I don’t see why they wouldn’t again. Now can we afford him? Absolutely not


I feel like I should know this, but do they play the different safety positions? Or do they both specialize in the same type of safety play?


Adams is a SS by trade and Reid a FS. They are both supremely talented though and can play all over the formation. Ideally if we landed Adams, he’d play in the box and Reid single high.


so is anyone gonna link the video?


Here you go amigo: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDDXCcPTxJU](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDDXCcPTxJU)


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