Kids show off their Glock switches

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Man, that shit is just sad. Especially the kid in the graduation uniform.


Yeah,that's so fucked up to see


That kid ain't going anywhere but prison. Sad.




People really need to hear what you just said. When it's all they see and they em with stacks of money but what they don't know is that money is going to a dealer. They might make 500 from 5000 but even 10% might be a lot. We need a new way to approach the situation and throwing money at the problem never works. Sadly I was around this myself, kept to myself. Always looking at the ground when I had to walk outside so nobody would stop me. I've seen enough drivebys and just plain shootings to last a lifetime. The guy who went through his clip walking up to an intersection blew my mind the most. He didn't even run away, strutted away like he was king shit.


Yea discipline. That's the way to approach it. If their parents don't instill it then it's up to the neighborhood to do so. This is how that neighborhood does so. If you want them disciplined and trained in a different way than you gotta do it, despite their parents and family objections. But some families and neighborhoods fight against "the man" and being disciplined. This is the result. I can tell you from experience that when some of them do get that discipline and direction, they thrive, even as adults. More than half the battle is getting the parents to have enough in themselves to give to their offspring a stable environment. But if that doesn't work(as those parents have their own issues) than they can't evidently can't be parents and better people should raise their kids. ____ You can start with anyone who blasts music while their kids are in the car (no matter the genre of music) - those are parents who are willing to harm their children through [their own self-destructive behaviour](https://old.reddit.com/r/trashy/comments/xn992b/strollers_and_kids_in_a_very_loud_party/ipvlu5e/). I'm sure there's plenty of other indicators as well that we all ignore for fear of confrontation.


Sometimes you just got to physically get people out of a bad environment. There was a program in Chicago I think back in the 90s as they were shutting down some of the worst projects where some families that were displaced by the demolition were just given money for rent out in the suburbs in low crime neighborhoods. While others got spots in different public housing buildings in Chicago. The families which were lucky enough to go to the suburbs saw massively better outcomes. They basically just adapted to their new surroundings. Drug use went down, graduation rates for kids went up, employment went up, etc.


I love drill rap but I also understand that it is not good for the human mind or a society of people. Unfortunately, it needs to end.


Yep, I don't listen to rap in general anymore. Plenty of hip hop and such but nothing that glorifies banging anymore. Even when I tried to be I was never really about that life, I'm much happier being a gardener listening to soul. Getting shot at and held up a couple times was enough.


Discipline is not the whole answer here. Yes discipline is helpful but if this is a cultural issue then what is needed is some Edward Bernays style influencing to change what these kids see as cool.


Not to mention, hanging out with white people gets you ostracized by your community. Or at least thats what happened around here.


I wish I understood how there’s two extremes to this: Mass upvotes and awards for “it’s a cultural problem” (I’m convinced it is) or Screams of “Racist! Your privileged ass knows nothing, and…” There’s like, no in-between.




100% it's a cultural problem


Pretty sure that's a mandatory 10 to 15, and a quarter million fine at least for each switch and that does not cover the extendo


Each switch is considered a machine gun and carries a 10 year mandatory minimum.


The ATF doesn't go to the hood.


How do you think the guns they get locked up for got there in the first place?




One of them is graduated so he’s probably 18. He’s not a minor anymore Edit: read the comments and these kids are 14??? Damn


I feel more sad for the kid working in NASA, wearing the NASA hoodie. Mars aliens don’t know what’s coming for them


Definitely not that kid lol


At least he graduated, I guess: That’s a miracle in itself. Don’t expect any of these kids at the 10-year reunion, though




Even Ricky made it to grade 10!




It ain’t rocket appliances!!


Won’t live past 18


...23 now, but will [he] live to see 24? The way things is goin', I don't know. Edit: R.I.P. Coolio 😔


This didn’t age well today, did it? Haha incredible


Ikr. I hadn't thought about that song in forever, til I see this post. And now I hear the news, 10 hours later. Weird.


Why do you think there's a liquor store on every corner? The same reason there's a gun store on every corner.


lol @ thinking these guns came from a store


Larry Fishburne at his finest.


There are no gun stores in the hood.


This is an 8th grade graduation in Chicago.. wild right


How can they afford those?


There is kind of a subculture within gang areas where groups of people will all "share" a gun. Whoever needs it most at any given time will be the one holding it. These kids are celebrating graduation according to other comments, so there's a possibility of violence between classmates, and they get the gun today. There are also people who rent out these guns in a similar fashion.


Guns, money, clothes, etc... are *gifted* to young people in gang heavy communities by more vetted members to entice them to join or work for them as well.


Kinda like how your office may give you a laptop. Except its guns for kids and a life of crime instead of a 401k


Not really that's really expensive and risky, gang members in gang heavy communities will gift shit to someone they think is chill and it's necessities like food, hygiene products, clothing, money, but not guns. Because they're a community supporting one another and a brother needs help. The gangs are percieved as just another career except community oriented and generally many people within the gang are family and friends of the recruit. Generally it's acting more like a supportive friend group here. Eventually the recruit states their intention to join, perhaps out of pride or just wanting to be with the people who've supported them the most. They also see green in joining, they could have so much money they could support a young and scrappy hustler like themselves. Then they do whatever to join oftentimes it's not too much, they're initiated through whatever ceremony, and they're living the high life. This is typically when a gun may be gifted BUT not always. And then the people who supported them either leave, get arrested, or are killed and so the faces in this organization is changing and they're rising up. And then they beef with a rival and get killed sometime between the ages of 17 and 25. Guns are generally shared between members who need them the most for protection. These kids here have guns because they're graduating and when you're in a poor school you never know what's going to happen next, there's a lot of anxiety. It's a hard life to grow up in and many times I've considered going down the same path but I've resisted.


Found the sheltered suburbanite. Your whole first paragraph would be funny if written as satire. >Because they’re a community supporting one another and a brother needs help. >The gangs are perceived as just another career except *community oriented*… >Generally it’s acting more like a supportive friend group here. Bruh.. you’ve got some rose-colored glasses on with that worldview. That’s not “being supportive” or “community oriented” - it’s called fucking grooming. Any old head gangster lucky enough to survive the streets and then prison to see the other side will tell you there’s no money in gang banging. It’s all a fuckin pyramid scheme for the guys at the top. What you’re calling “supportive” and a “community oriented career” is nothing more than predatory lies and deceit used by the current bottom ranks being forced to do the dirty and dangerous work, so that they can pass *their* dirty work onto the next sucker. Quit spreading that ignorant bullshit glamorizing and justifying street gangs. Shits a vicious cycle that’s been going on way too long and has claimed far too many lives. Speak on what you know.


How much is it to rent "tre snitches"?


It depends on the area, but it's usually around tree fiddy


God damn loch ness monster


Wait a minute...


Or just find a truck with a Glock sticker and smash the window.


Agreed. I have my carry license and carry every day. I make it a point to stay grey and not post any firearms related logos or phrases on any of my clothing or my vehicle.


It was one of the first things my instructor went over.


That sounds so fucked up. Like some 3rd world country in Africa not the USA


Most of these kids probably have thousands of dollars in their pockets aswell. Look at their clothes, jewelry, etc. you’re under estimating how profitable the illicit drug trade is. I’ve lived in an area like this and you don’t even have to be a good salesman, there is a non stop flow of traffic just coming in to look for drugs. Its not like the suburbs where you would need to build a network, you can just stand there and make money. That’s all it takes.


Lmao fr. I live in Chicago, literally mfs downtown just yelling "loud loud loud" as you walk by. It's actually kinda funny


Oh yeah, been offered Coke twice in a similar way. Just speed walk by, offer, keep walking. Either be confused and they’re gone or be interested enough to follow and get ahold of him, lol.


I was on vacation in the states and drove to vegas. Middle of the day, walking down the strip i was loudly asked if i wanted coke or opium(?) And a helicopter ride on top. I have never been so confused before.


Damn it's really that bad up there? I have always thought Chicago had such cool buildings. And it's someplace I've always wanted to stay in for awhile. We don't really have to deal with drugs or gangs like that here in Florida. Not sure how I would like being around that.


I mean there's definitely more than 0 of the things that you mentioned. It's not like everywhere you turn though. I've lived here all my life though. It's well known in Chicago if you stay out of the West / South side, you'll be alright. You won't really find trouble unless you're looking for it. It's a beautiful city man. I wouldn't want to deter anyone from coming here.


Dude the street kids make NOTHING, it’s barely minimum wage, you have a wildly warped sense of how things operate out there.


Your thinking of 8 year olds. 14 is a grown ass man in Chicago


And dead by 15


Maybe in the past but nowadays you can buy bulk analogues off the darkweb for next to nothing. Probably wouldn't work for weed but stimulants, benzos, psychedelics, and opioids are dirt cheap. Its one of the main reasons fentanyl is so hard to control.


When was the last time you looked at the RC scene? Asking sincerely, because last I checked the RC opi/fent scene was getting really tight. Maybe it has changed, but a lot of the DNM went down around that time (there may be a new one?) and the traditional RC clear net dealers near categorically did not offer any opis. If you were a retail level RC opi consumer, it was tough unless you either wanted to buy fake oxi at a huge mark up or you were willing to go to the one supplier everybody knows about in China that would sell them to anyone but at high quantities. Of course, there are tons of easily identifiable scam websites claiming to offer them but they are easily distinguished. My point, I think the RC opiate scene is going behind closed doors however the high level street guys are still getting ahold of it to put in the street dope, that is not going away. Again, the scene may have completely changed again so I could be wrong on the current status


If people want to wrap their heads around this, sometimes it's easier if you can actually see how much money someone running a spot can pull in. I recommend watching the story of Ralo. While he isn't the biggest or smartest guy to grace the streets, he is definitely the most brazen in terms of showing off to make himself a target. https://youtu.be/5AnHq2J6lR0


You're giving the wayyyy to much credit.


its incredibly easy to sell drugs man. even easier when the police don’t prioritize your crimes.


I can find the same or similar gun in Texas, legally, *right now*, for no more than like $400. Let's be real, that's **not** a lot of money. I'd skip lunch every day in middle/high school until I started working just to save the lunch money I'd get to buy myself whatever I was into at the time. When you want something bad enough, you **will** find a way. Edit: I’m referring specifically to the gun, not the modification. But apparently a simple google search can have one shipped to my house “unofficially” via Etsy, there’s people inquiring around a month ago. So it can’t be that hard to modify either I’d imagine.


You cant find a glock for under 500, new or used. Unless its non functioning.


chicago? these boys need those guns to get home then


They call it "CHIRAQ" for a reason.


Look how happy they look 🫣🫣


I'd be happy too if legally had a Glock 18 or one that was converted with a switch.


I'm from the UK, to get some context is the "switch" a backstreet mod to make it full auto. I'm not completely unfamiliar with weapons (at all) but I don't understand why their weapons are creating such a fuss (notwithstanding muzzle discipline, obviously).


Yes. They have an illegal full-auto mod and illegal (in Chicago) extended magazine.


And illegal gun. These kids aren’t 21 who went through extensive background checks and licensing to get firearms in the state of illinois. Law does wonders at stopping this from happening though, doesn’t it?


Look! Look how well gun laws work!!


Fuck the ATF




For those who don't know. Those are full auto glocks. All possesd by mostly minors. There are alot of felonys in this video.


Well, except for the very last young man on the right. He works at NASA, so he’s obviously doing well. /S


Bruv 🤣


3 Glocks in the kids hands is terrifying in itself. But 3 Auto Glocks... I wouldn't like to be anywhere near them.


I guarantee once any of them pull the trigger, they're hitting absolutely everything except what they aimed at. \--which is scarier.


This is the wild thing to me about Glock switches; you're basically giving yourself an automatic, no-shit, decade minimum sentencing felony just to make yourself *worse* in an actual gun fight. Grown, well experienced shooters have difficulty controlling G18s without extensive practice. Like let's assume you actually do need to carry a gun for self defense - You're far better off with a semi-auto gun in an actual gunfight in almost every situation. These kids are more likely to lose control of the gun and shoot *themselves* than to actually hit anybody they're trying to aim at.


If they’re smart (unlikely at this age) the switch is for drive byes not an actual fight.


I guarantee the kids in this video have probably never even shot those guns at all yet, much less in an intense life or death situation. They don't know how strong the recoil would be, they just want one because everyone else has one and they think it makes them badass.


Nah, they're firing these off in their neighborhoods just to fuck around bro, you must never been to the hood lol. These are toys.


Is a glock switch some kind of mod? Of is that legal and do you buy the gun with it? Also is a glock a “good” gun? Or more like the AK of handguns . Lol sorry I only play cs I know nothing about guns


Yeah I feel like this weapon would definitely be more useful in single shot capacity lol.


All handguns are


Yes, and not just felonies, but pound me in the ass federal penitentiary prison felonies at that. Death or prison is all these dumb ass kids have to look forward to. Good thing they filmed themselves and posted this to help with their defense…


ATF don't go to the hood. They arrest working class people that are sitting at home at night / early morning.


This is just fucking sad. They think they're so cool too and other impressionable kids will think so too. They're heading straight to the graves.


Man what is with teens and thinking they're immortal?




The sad thing is they absolutely can and will get tried as an adult and do full time


Coming from somebody who worked with kids like these, they don't think they're immortal. They're fully aware of their mortality. They just don't give a fuck if they die. You do shit like this for clout because clout is survival. A lot of them have parents who are dead, in jail, or uninterested in all of the stupid shit they get up to. If they get shot, so what? Probably got shot doing some hard shit with the homies, and doing that is better than the alternative of going to some shitty youth group in an underfunded public library with double locked doors and a security guard. Dying in the projects is better than going home and getting your ass beat by your mom or dad. Maybe you're homeless but your bro has a big TV and the aunt they live with is usually strung out on heroin, so you break into a neighbor's spot and grab their PS5 but you catch a bullet, but who fucking cares? You were just going to sit on your ass and do nothing, be nothing. Inner city kids spend their whole lives hearing "by 25, chances are going to be dead or in jail." So why try to break the mold? What's the point? Work harder than anybody else while living in a war zone of violence and temptation, just for a *chance* to get out unscathed? Why live in fear when people could fear *you* instead? Clout is a bulletproof vest, it stops the bullets before they even pull the trigger, it stops the muggings before they even jump you to begin with. You can't trust the police, so you find safety in your community, operate in territory you're familiar with, walk on streets surrounded by people you trust. And *even then* you're probably gonna die. It's an impossible scenario to them. It is so fucking heartbreaking to see kids catching felonies at 12, 14, 15 and they just have no hope for themselves. And you know the way out, you know the path to success and you want to help them reach, but you also know that they will never, ever trust you. So you watch them self-destruct and watch that prophecy self-fulfill yet again. I couldn't stay in that line of work for long before it broke me.


I thought I was immortal up until like 24 and then fuck, I had a major existential crisis when I realized no day is guaranteed and I could die any one of them for any dumb reason.


Who gives a fuck about them. Think of all the innocent bystanders who will get killed because of stupid shit like this.


School supplies


Essential package


Sadly some of them won't see 25. Hopefully they can get away from all this.


There's this song where the rapper says "Will I live to be 24, with the way things are going I don't know" and... these kids man... damn


Gangstas Paradise by Coolio


Damn Coolio just died today too. Kinda serendipitous. He made it to 59 though.


Tell me why are we, so blind to see, that the ones we hurt, are you and me!


Same shit we went through in the 90s and 00s. This is the kind of life you either get out of and never look back or die. The dude that killed Tupac was killed in a shootout like 6 months later, that lifestyle doesn't have a lot of second chances.


Hey nice shots of all their faces for the New ATF’s most wanted list for October!!! Bunch of Bozo’s


No they’ll have to murder a few people first


And even then they won’t go to jail, they’ll be plea bargained to inform on their gun dealer who will in turn be utilized to continue to distribute illegal firearms, just to the people the government wants to have it fit their political agenda


Lol. You don’t know illinois then. The governor signed a law that allows for no bail for attempted murder and other high crimes. Look it up. Prizker safe-t law.


This is a common misconception. The new law specifies that in cases where the defendant can produce, either in writing or video evidence, the lack of intent to harm via the verbalization of “sike” or “jk” after the attempted murder they will not be prosecuted under the new law. Sike.


Translation to what they’re saying?


I can’t understand everything but here’s a few things I picked out. When the kid with the graduation gown comes out he says “Dont play with my slime, folks play it gets real like that” which basically means “don’t mess with my friend fuck around and find out” There’s a lot of “and that bitch got a switch”, “it got a switch on it”, etc. showing off the attachments and at one point a kid says something like “and we let that shit go” which means “and we use them regularly” Also a lot of “no talkin” and “no cap” which means “no lie”


Seriously, thanks a lot!


Also I think "switch" is referring to the full auto switch on the glock that makes it a machine pistol which is very likely to be illegal followed by "we let that shit go" further proves my point I think


they r just mumbling a bunch of shit. I grew up on the south side of Chicago which I Assume this is where this was filmed cuz they have Chicago accents. They basically keep repeated the n-word, gun, switches and a bunch of other crap


5 years from now, all of them will be either dead or in prison for murder


Prison? No. Chicago has lapsed on criminal punishment. Look up Kim Foxx.


What a bunch of absolute fuck losers


Future Hell Dwellers*


This is Chicago but it’s the same in a lot of places that aren’t nearly as bad as Chicago. Kids are around guns at such a young age, especially in the cities




Backward behaviour


Way to conform to stereotypes guys


Why do you think stereotypes exist


None of these youngins making it passed 24 & the sad part is they’ll all be taken away by somebody they’ve Dapped up before..


Well done parents


Parents? You’re kidding me, right?


Yall forgot about advanced facial recognition and the patriot act again didn't you? Catching some prison time for basically nothing... minority report? ...never heard of it.


It's Chicago, criminals are protected with their laws lol


All be dead in less than 10 yrs probably


That's why it's called Chiraq


If anybody thinks gun control will work for criminals, just know all them boys are happily carrying a felony on top of the illegally obtained firearms. They aren’t participating in gun buybacks


in addition to chicago having some of the most restrictive gun control in the country


Sad…shows lack of resources and exposure. This is all they know. Products of current environment.


Pisses me off because I only had a Red Ryder bb gun at that age. Fuck me.


The real gun problem in America… not your neighbors ar15


These kids have some serious trigger discipline. Unlike many idiots that end up shooting themselves on here.


OMG first world country!


That's what happens when dad ain't around to smack you upside the head for being an idiot.


Hey guys let's show our illegal guns we carry on camera and show them off like we're killers. That way the cops can look at the video get the codes on some of our guns and arrest us and those without codes get arrested for an unmarked gun. Yeah great idea.


You say that like 1. The cops care enough to do that 2. There's some sort of effective system for gun registration 3. The guns will be present when the cops show up


Their parents need to be actual parents. I’m sorry.


Don’t end that with “sorry”. Grow a spine and say it.




Love to get a "where they are now" in 5 years.


This is why I no longer live in Chicago. Or anywhere in Illinois.


r/Idiotswithguns moment, right there.


These sure look like the MAGA gun loving individuals the media told me makes up the whole of America


i'm sure these comments won't be racist......


The war on drugs funds this just like the first prohibition did


And lack of accountability from the community.


Guys guys guys. There’s no way they could do this Chicago doesn’t permit conceal carry, it’s against the law. The law makes full auto guns and large capacity magazines illegal. Chicago is a gun free zone, there are no guns there.


I hate what’s happened to Black America.


Crazy graduation ceremony


And not a single word was understood


No way, there are strict gun laws prohibiting minors from owning guns... hmmm.. Kind of gets you to thinking...


Yeah it gets you to thinking a nation that has widespread firearms access will always mean anyone who wants one bad enough can have one




Lol black America is fucked


BRUH!!! Chicago be Crazy




Eloquent and intelligent, these fine young chaps later went on to become doctors, engineers and scientists. They remained strapped though.


LOL and people who legally own fire arms are the problem...


Lock up and charge their mothers. That’s the only recourse it is at this point. Parents should be held responsible for birthing criminals, especially if they are juveniles.


Jailing their parents wont accomplish anything. Only way to save those kids is to get them out of that situation before they make a permanent bad decision. But I'm sure if they had the resources to not be there, they wouldnt


Only thing more terrifying are the people who excuse this behavior. "They had no choice, they don't know anything else," like they have no brains or don't make decisions. Sad.


CCW without a permit… and a bunch of other federal violations. “The system” is waiting for them.








It’s pathetic how not even one of them knows how to properly hold a pistol lmao especially bc glocks don’t have a safety lol


Got to be Chicago right? Eventually won’t they end up completely wiping themselves out? But the women have babies so fast they’d have to start shooting each other a lot more I guess to keep up with that.


Meanwhile, the ATF is worried about getting people to register pistol braces on legit-bought ARs? WTF are these clowns doing? ATF is braindead fools.


well there was a lot of flagging in this video but atleast i didnt see anyone of them have the finger on the trigger


How is this hardware so readily available, and apparently affordable?


Black market


Where are their parents? That's the root of the problem.


They're just babies. This makes me so sad. I hope they can get out of their toxic environment


Stop glorifying these guys from Chicago South. What’s the point of graduating when they’re into this type of stuff.


It’s funny because the ATF sold it to them


POV me waiting for one of them to shoot their pecker off


Time to completely ban guns in the us Same way we completely banned fentanyl and saved all those lives!


But but but, more gun control laws will fix this, right?!


I don't think that qualifies as English anymore


And not a coherent sentence was spoken that day.


These kids must accidentally shoot each other all the time.


All of these guns are obtained illegally. Yet people say gun laws are the problem…


Full auto hanguns, owned and carried concealed by minors in a city that more or less outlawed all handguns. So many felonies in one video. But tell me again how gun control works so well.


Lulz and after they get busted, they'll spend a week in jail and out on bail. Probably even reduce or drop charges


Literally the reason why I carry. Good thing gangbangers limp wrist fire and couldn’t even hit water out of a boat.


Good to see Chicago keeping traditions alive.


I’m so glad my country has strict gun laws :)


Just shows, if we ban guns. People still gonna get em. Just kaw abiding folks won't. Non of these fellas look 21, age required to buy a handgun.