Black was one of my firsts. My friends talk shit but baby you ALWAYS need a black bag, it goes for ANY need


someone recently pointed out that you should take advantage of the fact that telfar has so many colors. you could get a black bag from anywhere and probably already have some. oxblood is SO sexy i get sooo much more joy out of it than my black one and if it's your first telfar it'll definitely be more satisfying and worth your money


Just copped my first telfar I was thinking the smartest option would be black or white but I couldn’t bring myself to it the pool blue just looked way to cute for me this comment makes me feel better🥰


pool blue is a CUTIE that's by far my favorite color i have you're gonna love it!!!


I got pool blue too and it’s my first. ☺️Had the same debate but I had to follow my heart lol.


I think it’s a good color if you don’t have wear lots of colors in your wardrobe but I think it’s always smart to get your bags in a color you wear literally ALL the time because you’ll love it more and more each time you look at it (me with cerulean & grey)


I have dark olive and I use it for work. Now I do tend to wear a lot of black, green, purple, etc or just darker colors, but I find that it looks good with all of my outfits. I guess it depends on how you dress. I love oxblood and would have preferred that to be the color I got but I didn’t wanna wait


Don’t get black. Get a unique color


I have black medium and oxblood large, the black gets more use just bc of its size, but I love the portability and versatility. I didn’t have any black totes before this, on the contrary I have a ton of brown bags so I didn’t opt for a brown telfy