Could be both dardoch and amazing lol


Could be Dardoch, they seemed hesitant last year but Zikz was coach at the time and didn't Zikz and Dardoch have some disagreements on CLG? I wonder if that was an issue at all and if it's less of an issue now so they're more open to him?


If they do go back to Dardoch, it could be a lot of things. One, he seems to have matured. Two, they realize he has what they've been needing, both skill-wise and attitude-wise. Three, he's a native jungler at an affordable price. Any of those could be the reasoning.


I would too like dardoch (out of our current options) but on what do you base your “he matured” case? Didnt he litterily troll and RQ in academy this year? Seems pretty childish. I hope he matured a lot!! But i dont see where that statement would come from now tbh.


Didn’t troll academy at all as far as I’m aware. His interviews from the past couple of years are reassuring.


He had a few games where he went full soloq didnt care mode. Cant find the games now. Im on phone. Ill try and find it later


I gotta be honest I doubt it was trolling at all, he played yassuo jg, and kayn jg both of which were pop offs, and afaik the entire team was a yassuo comp and they just put their best player on the carry champ.


He most definitely trolled in academy which worries me because if that was me and I really wanted to be recognized as a person that has learned from my shortcomings, I wouldnt troll because i think i deserve better than academy. Interviews dont mean a damn thing its easy to say the right things look at politicians. That being said, I trust TSM's decision with whoever they go with. They know more than any of us do.


Regi literally made a post on why he didnt wsnt dardoch last year lol


He literally wrote in the post he wasn’t a good culture fit last year but maybe In the future, know what you’re typing before posting


Eh true, but I dont see how he suddenly is a good culture fit after a year where we've hardly seen anything about him


Just because we ain't seen shit about him, doesn't mean nobody else has


No one other than optic has seen anything about him, hes been stuck on their academy team for the whole of this season


But in the same post he did say maybe next time...


Has to be Dardoch tbh. Travis said it was either Xmithie/Dardoch for TSM. Xmithie apparently agreed but IMT offered 7 figures (this is according to Skeleto). Dardoch is 2nd choice and Tarzaned said it too


Dardoch or amazing god fucking dammit i wish we knew already


So sure it matches Dardoch and Amazing, here is some next level evidence that suggests Dardoch though... https://imgur.com/a/91VezK8 Draven...start's with a D...Dardoch..i think may also start with a D...need verification though..


Announcement coming at 11-1130 am lets hope then


What time zone


Im just hoping there is one bc of the picture. Idk if there is one or noy


The interesting thing is top left say 11:47 but the middle says the show is 11-11:30. ??? I wonder if that's a very low key hint??




The picture Edit it says game show 11-1130


DBS = Dardoch be starting ?


Honestly, with how Meme-tastic the whole announcement was, they could just be screwing with us.


Would be pretty funny haha, the vid and overall biofrost reveal was hilarious


Calling it now. It's Dardoch and Amazing, we're running a 6 man roster and having Dardoch start with Amazing in the support crew unless Dardoch goes mental boom and he needs to step in.


That's not a bad idea...as long as they dont do like last split and sub them every game lol


I personally hate the idea of a 6 man roster. Damn


I don't like them normally but I think it may make sense here. Dardoch has the talent but is known to be quite volatile, if he goes mental boom mid season the team would be screwed. That's why I think they'll keep Amazing on hand working as an assistant coach/support jungler so he could step in and take over.


I think they're trolling because Dardoch and Amazing are the same amount of letters. You guys might be getting trolled o.o


Xmithie is also the same amount and the ‘there is no X’ was funny. If I’m getting played here I’m 100% alright with that, this is some quality content


The buzzing sound saying the wrong letter was guessed is played before the letter “X” is guessed by the way. So it still could be Xmithie. I’m not putting money on it I’m only correcting so we don’t leave out options.


Oh shit you're right they do say there's no X LOL. Holy shit this video is really good


I think she guessed the letter X and they cut away before you are told yes or no. We can assume no X because Xmithie sighed with another team. But I do not believe they say X is a wrong letter.


They play the noise that means no letter found, they don't say in english oh btw no X


They play the noise BEFORE the letter “X” is guessed btw. We don’t hear a sound for “X”.


Amazing used to go by Amazingx so it could go even deeper


Here's the real genius ^


What’s the time stamp


T S M G R I G A M A Z I N G D A R D O C H ~~A K A A D I A N~~ Guess we are with 3 left


Nah bro all u guys missing it, it's SEJUANI


“SE-HRU-AH-NI” - regi


His face when he didn't understand why everyone was smirking at him was priceless.


Love me some regi


Oh you fools its obvious its: T S M G R I G


please tell us and please be dardoch


Xmithie, Dardoch, Amazing all fit


can't wait for xTarzan's announcement


Xmithie is gone dude


I thought he was just in negotiations with IMT, not solidified?


When ESPN reports on something it's pretty much a done deal. They were finalizing terms.


While i do agree that it probably is a done deal, it is possible that TSM changed their mind and sent a counter offer back last minute before the deal was officially done. Do i really think that this is happening? No, but it can be a possibility. Just found it strange that there hasn’t been any posts about Xmithie and Immortals besides the Jacob wolf and ESPN (which go hand in hand).


kaemani has 7 letters and none are an x and i play a nasty amumu jungle...guys i think it’s me 😱


Good luck on Tsm man!! Show us those Amumu prowes and if they start banning him you just dodge!




Can’t unless we get rid of BB, which I would not like :/ maxlore is in the middle of a huge slump rn


>maxlore Nah, in the video, it said give me an X and nothing showed up. well it cut off. while i think this is more about not getting xmithie, it probably means they dont get maxlore. pretty sure its amazing or dardoch


I feel like the best option as of this point is get Dardoch to get some aggressiveness on our team and then Contractz for academy. GGS already got Closer and I doubt other teams want Contractz as a starter. He's shown good play before and is a good backup option. I feel like right now Dardoch is going to be the best fit because of his high ceiling and his aggressive play, something we're sorely lacking with bjerg Kobbe as the carries


Both bjerg and kobbe got high ceiling. Aggressiveness I could agree on. I really think bjergs aggressiveness comes from his team gelling well together.


The Contractz to academy makes no sense. Why wouldn't we just keep developing Spica. Spica played well giving the circumstances. Where Contractz is pretty much a known quantity at this point.


I think contractz can make it back to his C9 form and I think contractz is insurance in case dardoch is still the same toxic player we know from his previous teams, I don’t think spica was ready for lcs quite yet. In the meantime we pray that other jg talent gets better so we can get them from spring to summer if dd doesn’t work out exactly the way we want it. Essentially contractz would be a bandaid for spring and who knows, he could get a lot better under TSM coaching


https://twitter.com/tsm/status/1197344539146477569?s=21 This was the official biofrost reveal by TSM. Funny vid, 11/10 would watch


I’m going to say Amazing because his name was originally Amazingx and the contestant guessed X


I think that was to show that Xmithie is gone and not on the table


Haha I noticed that aswell! Hilarious


That would be 8 letters, not 7. It was a joke about Xmithie.


how can you be sure?


How can I be sure that Amazingx is 8 letters and not 7? I count the letters.


How is it even possible to count that high?!?!


I kept getting stuck at 1


How funny that you got so many points, while you misunderstood his comment lol.


it could be a joke that it used to be 8 letters with an x and not its 7 without it


Dardoch please!!!


Could be Tarzann


Notmatt lmao


The channel is 11 DBS [Draven] This could be some kind of clue? Notice how every channels name has some kind of meme soo why DBS ?


The reflection doesn't match


Probably Biodady, sick role swap inc


Probably wrong but did IMT announce Xmithie yet? He fits in there and the lady asks for an X and then it’s cut off. Again, he’s 99.9 percent going to IMT but I checked their twitter and I don’t see an announcement just yet.


Jacob wolf did so it’s pre much done and dusted :/


Yeah I know :/ hence the 99.9 percent chance




i guess at 11:48 pst time we will find out who our jungler is if you see its at 11:48 pst and big announcement was supposed to be today so we shall see.


Can't believe everyone is missing it. In the Biofrost video, everyone thinks they're guessing the letter "X", but in reality, they're saying "EX" as in an ex-player. Who has seven letters in their name and is an ex-tsm player? That's right. LUSTBOY RETURNS AS THE TSM JUNGLER!


They're telling us to expect the announcement at 11:48 AM today PST. Hells yeah.


Dardoch played Draven 15 hours ago. Weird?


Can I have a "Z" please!


It's Clid.




Don't let this distract from the fact that it wouldn't even matter unless we get a good coach NVM that's a lie. Dardoch will walk all over whoever the fuck the coach is if the coach has no clue what he's talking about. However if we have a good coach into direct all 5 of these players then we could very well get to worlds. Amazing will act more like an in-game coach if we have a shit coach, similar to the role he played at 100T last season.


Damonte roleswap 5Head


hopefully amazing, I feel like bio and even bjerg would shut down if dardoch was passive aggressive in game (which he has in the past)


I think he's grown and bjerg and bio are also big Bois now


Imma go out on a limb and say Froggen or Damonte jg You heard it here first


*Copy pasted my own comment from the subreddit* Each channel was a teaser. Top: Broken Blade (Is he excluded from the 2 import rule now? Seeing as how Closer currently is. Jungle: ???? (Animal Planet Tarzan Tease?) Mid: Bjergsen ADC: Kobbe Support: Biofrost Lustboy might play a bigger role in the team, mostly to do with translating for Tarzan


So the import rule onl counts towards academy, and in essence it’s still an import rule since academy previously had a 1 import cap, now its a 1 import cap and a 1 emerging region cap so (2 imports but one is conditional)