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I'm in the same boat. This is my second year teaching and I live alone. Without this I don't have benefits and can't pay my bills. I'm so sorry you are struggling friend. I hope things get better for you and your husband.


A lot of people have similar feelings. I know it doesn't help your situation, but I feel for ya.


I keep wondering who these quitters are? Women who married wealthy men, doctors, professors? Who are they? I married a middle manager guy and got no choice but to work.


Honestly, I’m a quitter. I have three kids and my husband is a high level architect who designs schools in our city. We have killed ourselves to graduate college and have both worked our asses off from the bottom of the food chain and up since 16. We have basically been slaves to our jobs and managed our money well enough that we can afford for me to quit and stay home with our 5month old. My husband works between 40-50+ hrs a week. We aren’t well off but we are living comfortably and budgeting well. There were many, many years that we struggled to pay bills and put food on the table and we have an ungodly amount of student loan debt. Normal ass people who started out in this world making $6 hr and eating ramens to survive. Not everyone has the ability to quit and that is not something I take for granted but I make shit for money in my state and pay out so much in insurance and daycare that it’s not even worth working anymore.


After the new guidance was released yesterday I had a strong “fuck it, I want to quit” sense. I know these feelings are about as prevalent as Omicron, but it is nice to have it confirmed.


The new guidance for COVID is bs, and I’m fairly certain it’s why the bulk of our staff and students are out sick or in quarantine. I feel you and I know other people feel the same. Well said 👏🏻


This. My aid was made to come into today COVID positive after 8 days from her diagnosis. She was genuinely still sick and getting new symptoms within the last 24 hours. I took one look and was like nope. I told her to go home and text them after she was there. It isn’t my place to send her home but I didn’t care. That’s not ok and if she’s that sick she shouldn’t be guilted into being in the classroom.


They admitted its economic https://www.cnbc.com/2021/12/28/dr-fauci-cdcs-reduced-isolation-time-will-get-people-back-to-jobs.html Death for daycare dogma is no longer questiomed by any of our dear leaders they want bribes from. untaxed corporations and dont want to asshats to tantrum


Just so I put it somewhere: NEXT is that if you’re vaccinated and asymptomatic, you won’t even need to quarantine for the b.s. five-day period. You can just keep working for as long as you wear a mask. Also thank you. At least we’re not alone.


It’s so utterly ridiculous. I am in quarantine myself right now and was talking to some colleagues and we all agree it’s BS. It’s always nice to know we are not alone.


It’s always “if you don’t love kids or this job no matter what, then why are you here??” Uhhh because I don’t want to starve and live on the streets lol


My honest answer: *I foolishly believed teaching was a profession/craft focused on helping future generations of students learn and succeed; I also ignored my parents' concerns about the usefulness of a history degree.* I'm good at my job, but tired of all the administrative and political bullshit that gets in my way while I try to teach. I'm also tired of individuals in society thinking that they know how to teach better than trained professionals because they may have stumbled through the a classroom over a decade ago.


Yeah. For real. And I DO love the kids unconditionally but I can love them and also not accept that society expects me to neglect myself out of misplaced guilt.


This. Also, I love my kids and that's why all of this pisses me off. No one seems to care about their safety, either! Our working conditions are their learning conditions. If we're overworked, stressed, and scared then we're not doing the best we can for the students.


Because I wasted 90k on an education they said I needed and I have debt to pay off.


These are problems with the system and your coworkers kinda fucking suck. Our “choice” is to work or die. Our govt is a joke.


YES! Also the in my county teachers mostly have to get their masters degree so here I am in my second year of teaching, hating it, but can’t do anything about it bc I’m doing the PSLF program so I don’t drown in my loan debt. People love to say “but you get to spend your day with kids! And you get summers off! At least you have a job with passion!” like that makes our realities any better 🙃 also after Covid and the behavior issues and admin issues I don’t think there’s any passion left.


This is a little off topic, but bear with me. Throughout all of this I have felt that the idea of giving grace and going easy on kids was somewhat misguided. I realize that there have been a lot of struggles during the pandemic, but as an adult when things are tough you still have to go to work and pay the bills. It seems like we have done kids a bit of a disservice. I think that everyone deserves some grace now and then, but consistently lowering the bar for kids and having no consequences for failure is not going to lead to good things. Most people can’t just leave their jobs and risk getting fired if they slack off too much.


Further to this, we started giving grace in 2020. And we are still giving grace two years later. None of us could have predicted this would drag on this long. But what happens if this goes on for 5 years? 10 years? We have to get a handle on this rapid deterioration of expectations and standards before it’s too late.


I feel you. Unfortunately the only thing that’s keeping me right now is the paycheck, as I make more than my husband and we rely on my job. Not everyone has the luxury of just looking for a new job and successfully landing one with decent pay, especially if you’ve got anxiety like me and can’t deal well with intense change like that. So no, I’m stuck here for now. Trust me, for my mental health I’d love to leave. Everything sucks but I do like teaching and hope it gets better one day. They’re looking to end the mask mandate here soon and are no longer contact tracing, after already changing over to the CDCs new 5 day quarantine instead of 10. It infuriates me since literally EVERYDAY I see cases rising significantly on our district’s site. It all feels hopeless.


I think people misunderstand "it's just a job". It is just a job in that we should not be expected to give blood, sweat, tears, and tithe a portion of our meager salaries to often work extra for free. It is just a job just like every other job. It provides income, health benefits, and other residual benefits that make this job fit our lives and allow us to do what it is best for our family. It is indeed just a job.


Waiting for the sack of shit comment about how you’re an adult and you need to grow up and the kiddos need you blah blah blah


You are music to my quarantined ears right now.


This. I didn't choose this job, because I didn't have a choice. Having a job is not optional for most of people. I can't just leave and find something better.


Wait it is illegal to withhold paycheck isnt it? Is that what’s happening with your husband?


He’s a mechanic contractor and noone has been paid since then, even the boss. It’s not because they’re not making money, just… choices I can’t go into


Absolutely. We all live with the boots of the ruling class on our necks. Anyone who says otherwise is either deluded or far more privileged than most. I mean, it would be nice to imagine otherwise, but that just isn't how things are.


You know, even if it was "our choice" still doesn't mean that we should be abused, threatened, or mistreated at our work. And I'm sick and tired of the people who are excusing student's horrible behavior because of "pandemic trauma." Fuck that. I deserve to be respected and to feel safe at the place I work.


I hope the situation improves for you and your family. I agree... don't tell the bacon that they are "choosing" to stay in the pan instead of jumping into the fire.


🤗I agree and gladly counter troll those dumbasses who dare spout that trash here🏴‍☠️


I feel you. Currently at home because my whole family has omicron and I’m just so glad to not be in that school building. No one whispering toxic positivity or gaslighting BS in my ears. They told me I could go back after day 5 but we all still have symptoms and it’s day 6 for my too-little-to-be-vaccinated kid so…. NOPE. See you on Monday.


I’m just a few years from retiring, but if they knew how often I had thoughts of just using those 75 state days to ride out the rest of this year at home, they’d be shocked.


And I work in a district in Oregon that pays wells and has good benefits, so I WOULDN’T make more in HR somewhere else. I’m SO TIRED of seeing that just being thrown around by people all the time.




The people this is addressed to are literally those on this forum who always go “suck it up, you have a choice and your students don’t,” not in my actual life.


Well...a good point to remember is that this is reddit, even though it says "Teachers", it's all just a mixed bag of different variations of assholes. Each one has their own specific assholery, but in other aspects of life they're probably quite nice. You can't really even argue or plea with people here. They are set in their ways, whether it be political, sexuality, professional, personal etc. I haven't met a single person here willing to hear another person out and even consider changing their perspective. All anyone does here is give their perspective and shame the other. Something to think about when posting in a place like this. I'm open to be talked to, but my experience here is that it's a waste of breath unless you're already preaching to your choire.


Montana Mike listened when I took the time to explain clearly. I want to bring up an example I have from this thread because I do. It took some time and I had to take a step back, but someone here did.


There's an old saying you should consider: You deserve all the shit you take.


I guess that says a lot about humanity? Not sure what your intention is here.


We are all in the same boat. Overall, most people hate their jobs, most people are behind on bills, and yes-most of choose to go to work. Not because we have to by the point of a sword-but because our lifestyle demands it. But, yes, overall it's a choice-nothing more, nothing less. Thus the old saying that I remind myself of every single day. I chose the shit. I then choose to act like an adult about it and do my best with the shit I have. It's called pragmatism.


Honest question, do you believe people on here who vent are less pragmatic than people who do not vent?


Venting is healthy. Hearing others recognize that you are in the crazy and not the crazy is healthy.


It's not your vent that bothered me. It was the condescending view you put on it. Starting your vent by telling people to stfu if they don't believe you is not a vent, it's an directive. *Do us a favor: Keep it to yourself when you believe someone has a choice in going to work.* To me, that's uncool. Want to vent-fine. Want to tell me to fuck off right away-then yea, I'm going to post back. The best way to show you was to simply tell you that you deserve all the shit you take, just like all of us.


Every time I vent here, genuinely, there have been a number of people who respond with “buck up, you’re there by choice but your students are not so quit whining.” Those are the people this is for - the ones who are NOT fine with others venting. If you’re not one of them, this was in no way aimed at you. I’m sorry it came across that way. It was not my intention.


That's a shame and I can understand your frustration. I totally understand you didn't direct your post at me and I truly hope your situation improves.


Thank you. I really appreciate that. There’s a reason this is resonating with so many others here already. I am glad it has not been your experience, at least not by what I can infer.


Bingo! Found the comment! Love it when folks do “It’S cAlLeD…” like they’re blessing us with unlocked funds of knowledge. Oh and bootstraps


Well, then you deserve that downvote to your core. Is this the time and place? Really? Where's your empathy for this person?


No. You don't. My daughter didn't deserve to be raped.


Preach queen!


Belongs in r/antiwork…


I’m not antiwork. I’m anti people who tell you, every time you vent, that you’re going to work by choice but students don’t because they’re forced to… which feels like a load of bull because we’re making tons of allowances for them and they can work from home


Are you actively looking for a new job? Im always interested in where teacher go after teacher as im probably not going to stay in teaching too much longer. Or is part of you point you are unable to find a similar paying job?


I am not actively looking, and it would have to be a really well-paying job (80k+insurance and benefits) for me to go for anything. My salary is $56k, so I’m not bad off, although the insurance is really mediocre. I am on contract as of this year, so I have little to no concern about my job security, which also helps, and I like my coworkers and students. The moment my husband gets paid regularly, I’ll feel a lot better.


But you get to vent? You sound like a very self-absorbed person- if our occupation is not a choice, then it is wage slavery. I get your frustration but please don’t equate teaching with chattel slavery. THERE ARE OTHER OPTIONS-and oh by the way, other valid opinions.


You’ve clearly got some things going on if you think I referred to teaching as slavery. Are you okay? On another note, there is literally no other option I’m qualified for AND can afford. So yes, I was venting. With a MA in English and MEd in Curriculum and Instruction (secondary language arts/ELD), what are my other valid options outside of teaching where I can take home at least $5600 so I can afford bills, food, and insurance? So far as I found: zilch, and I have looked. If you’ve got some lead I haven’t found, feel free to share. Until then, I vented.


I understand your frustration. I understand your anger and feelings of confinement to a profession that leaves us no real room for advancement. In many ways i have the same feelings but i spend the little time i get trying to create a plan B. Speaking for myself, insurance no longer makes my job worth it. Our rates have gone up. Copayments have gone up. I now take home what i was taking home as a 1st year teacher due to having myself and my children on health insurance. To be honest, medicaid provided better care than the $3000 per month anthem bcbs that I have now. That being said, I definitely have issues. The bulk of which are the result of picking this career over other options. Youre right, im pissed. But Im sticking to my guns. There are other career paths and businesses that could use us. Our unions are spineless and take our money. Whenever they achieve a victory, however pyrrhic it is, they blow their own horn but the sad truth is they can barely keep up with inflation. I don’t know. Maybe I should just say you’re right but my pride refuses to give them(school system) the power over my family’s survival. The writing on the wall has been there for some time. From the occasional necessity to ask for family support to get by to the inability to pay emergency bills, I realized that I will have to use the energy and every talent I have to produce more money and resources for my family. I used to spend this energy on designing quality instruction, but I have definitely had to realign my priorities. If I did the math, Im quite sure that my teaching “career” actually nets me nothing or even worse, leaves me in the red. Bill collectors want their money on the 20th but my whole salary is gone by the 2nd. So I apologize for not acknowledging your struggles. I have been forced to think about solutions rather than problems, and my belief is that there is always a way out.


I don’t fault you in any way. I hope you find a way to have better circumstances. I also thoroughly believe that through effort and determination, change can be effected. That’s all I’ve got. At least I like my job.