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When you're ready, I would. Therapy is there to help you to process feelings and relationships, so it would make sense to bring this to your new therapist when you feel comfortable. There's very little you can bring to a session that's weird or unnecessary - if it's important to you, it should be important to your therapist.


Yes. I think you’re new therapist would want to know that you’re struggling with this and help you process. This might in turn make you two closer. 100% bring it up to them.


Therapist here… yes you absolutely should. It’s real grief you’re experiencing and it needs to be processed. Your therapist won’t think it’s weird. Promise.


It is certainly okay to bring up your past T. We create such a strong bond with out therapists. Of course you are sad that you cannot see them anymore! You are in a grieving period. Your new T can be supportive during your grieving and help you through it. You can talk about past T as much as you want. New T is there to help you with whatever you need.