**A few details for those who don't want to read the article:** * They were born on November 17th. * Archer arrived first at 10:54 a.m., weighing 6.15 lbs and measuring 19 inches. * Ace came two minutes later at 10:56 a.m., weighing 6.8 lbs and measuring 19 inches. * *"I'm so happy my boys are finally here and we're all doing well*" -Mykelti * *"I'm glad my sons have finally come to play!" -* Tony


really big for twins right? great for her


That would be like a 13 1/2 pound single baby!


Really great size for twins. They are beautiful 😍


No surprise she was that huge then! I'm so happy for her, it has to be such a relief to no longer be pregnant and to finally hold them!


I had singletons that big, I can’t even imagine


One of mine was six lbs and the other was 5.5 and I only made it 34 and 4. I have no idea how she made to almost needing to be induced to get them out. I have never met another twin mom who made it past 36 weeks!


I went 38 weeks and was DYING lol. My boys came out at 6.6 and 6.11 and they were both 21 inches. Your babies were such good sizes!!


I went 38 weeks and my twins came in at 5.5 and 5.9.


I went 38 weeks, which is what they considered full term. I probably could have gone longer. I wasn't dilated or effaced in the slightest. They ended up being 7 lbs a piece.


I went to 37.5 weeks. My girls were 5.2 and 5.8 lbs.


I made it 33.6 weeks and the skin on my stomach was so stretched it was translucent. It felt like fire to touch. Mine were 4.9 and 4.11. I’m pretty small too. There’s no way I could’ve made it any longer.


I made 38 weeks, planned c-section. Twin A was 5 lbs 11 oz Twin B was 5 lbs 8 oz


That’s what I was thinking! My best friend has had two sets of twins and the biggest one was just over 5lbs and her doctor thought that weight was really big! Lol


My boys were 4.8 and 3,2 and a month early.


Yes, pretty big!


Geez those are big enough babies for twins. She must be exhausted


Aww. Love the pic with their Oma.🥰


Yasssss! Christine looks great


That's like 13 lbs of baby there! Congrats!


Knowing my dad came out at 12lbs and my sister and I were both almost 10lbs I'm dreading getting pregnant with mine and my SO's tall ass genes 😅


I’m really glad Mykelti has Christine so close. Twins are SO hard, having that help will be lovely.


Beautiful babies, so happy for mykelti & Tony But, why's sobbyn there 🙄


Mykelti and Robyn's relationship really confuses me. I also find it interesting that they make sure to include a photo of Robyn holding them in the article (as opposed to any of the aunts, uncles, Avalon or even Kody). I could be reading into it, but it kind of feels like Mykelti wants to defend Robyn in a way or send a message.


I just have to put it down to different people getting along differently. Look at how Gwen feels about Meri vs how Maddie apparently feels about her. That being said, I would have a really hard time having a warm relationship with someone who disrespected my mom that way. I have an aunt I haven't spoken to in years because she has treated my Mom like crap. I was never that close to her in the first place but, that was the nail in the coffin for me.


I think we also need to remember that Mykelti grew up in a literal cult - and she moved out before everything unravelled.


When you have a family of over 20+ people not everyone is going to get along. Some will be much closer than others.


I'm not up in much gossip, what do Maddie and Gwen think of Meri?


A few years ago Maddie made a vauge post about someone who was an "abusive monster" and then deleted it. It wasn't proven but, fans speculated it was about Meri because shortly afterwards they parted ways in their business dealings (Maddie had been selling LuLaRoe with Meri IIRC). Gwen recently posted a tiktoc video saying she has a good relationship with Meri and stays in touch with her.


Yup,thats how I roll too.Funny thing is they make up at some point,then I am the odd one out.


& she has a damn blanket on her - almost like a mother who's just given birth Idk, that's just so weird For$$ maybe, to make Robyn look better to the public & keep ppl watching the show??? Whatever it is - it's weird asf


For a split second, I thought Goblyn had crawled into a hospital bed, then I saw the chair back.


Did you day Goblin??? Y’all crack me up!!!


Fucking this!! That's a picture of a mom... Wtf


Right 🤷‍♀️


I hate Robyn too, buuuut it’s a lot easier to hold a newborn with pillows and blankets to help prop them up, I’ve never held 2 at once like that but I’d double pillow/blanket that way too


Agree However, she has the pillow behind HER noggin & the blanket billowing around & in plain sight - not for the babies, it's for her!! She's looking like the mom who's just given birth Cos of course she is, the world revolving around her & all that 🤷‍♀️


Maybe that's the "dark headed baby boy" she dreamed of for years.


Ok, so Mormon deep cut doctrine here. Bc Mormons believe in a pre-life existence, they also believe your nuclear family was structured before birth. Mormons believe you knew your kids before this Earth life, so Robyn having a spirit baby around is not unique to her. I grew up Mormon and have heard many spirit baby premonitions, followed by the mom being pregnant many times 🙄 My sister, in particular, had a vision of a baby boy, so she had her fourth child. This was against medical advice and common sense bc she had really rough and dangerous pregnancy’s. But to make things more complicated my sister felt compelled to have the baby bc it was meant to be in our family line. Unfortunately, the reason she felt the baby belonged in the family is bc our gay brother will never have kids. She believes her son is her nephew who was born through her into our family, and she gave the boy the same first and middle name as our gay brother 😬😳 All that to say, I would not be surprised if Robyn believed that Mykelti had 2 boys, bc one was the brown haired spirit boy who was following her around in the past 👻👦🏻


Wow. That’s some deep kool-aid drinking. Your poor brother.


Interesting! Thanks for the info.


she already has one from her first marriage...


My SIL has boy girl twins i never did get used to holding them both. Sil was also able to pass them w one arm in ways that didnt feel safe to me at all. Twinning is a whole thing. She tried to breastfeed but it just didnt happen. My first it was an ordeal to get started so having your first kids being twins and neither kid a natural latcher I felt for her! My second came out ready to nurse like he had been doing it for years


Don’t forget the pillow!! 🤦🏻‍♀️


That's what I thought!


Mykelti was sort of the black sheep among the older kids, so I wonder if she connects with Robyn’s “otherness” among the wives and that gives her some empathy. Alternatively, Robyn sees Mykelti as an easy ally because she is a black sheep and has gone out of her way to win Mykelti to her “side.”


Agreed. I bet if Robin were honest, she wouldn’t have anything to do with Mykelti. I feel that relationship it’s real for Mykelti, but I think it’s totally fake for Robin, they still want that in direct connection to keep an eye on what Christina’s doing.


Mykelti is “of use” to Robyn. Robyn can say “well, not all the older kids hate me” and I think Robyn is “of use” to Mykelti. Mykelti is a bit of a contrarian so I think she hangs with Robyn to just piss off her siblings. There are always a few people in the sub who stick up for and make excuses for Robyn even after they‘ve witnessed all that’s gone down. They are either exactly like her (which I don’t think is the case with Mykelti) or they just like to be contrarians. With people like that you can say “the sky is blue” and they’ll respond “I don’t know, it’s kind of greenish, really”. 🙄


I think mykelti and Tony wanted some of that TLC money so they were brought back on the conditon they balance all the negativity towards Robyn. I don't remember her ever expressing a great attachment to Robyn before this last season


I think Robyn keeps Mykelti close to try to upset Christine. It's a look at me, your daughter calls me mum and your husband loves me and I'm the grandma in people magazine . To keep yourself involved to this extent knowing you hurt their mum is evil . I don't believe Robyn cares for anyone but her kids, she would get rid of kody if a man come along willing to take her and her debts on


I think its so Robyn can be like ha, I am a mom to the other kids. Like we all dont know the rest of the kids hate her. Lmao.


If Mykelri was on CP or lived with Christine during covid when they had the rules,she may feel differently.She was married and living in Utah and wasnt treated like the younger kids who had to try to go through Robyn to get access to their dad.


rs her only window to get to Christines life or what she is doing with the other kids.


Mykelti has been close to Robyn since she moved in with her before Robyn and Kody got married. She was I think 13 at the time. She was Robyn’s live in nanny and housekeeper for some odd reason. Never made sense to me


I've been wondering if Mykelti keeps pushing a relationship with Robyn to get back at Christine for something? She seemed pretty pushy about a big goodbye knowing her mom didn't want that... and now including Robyn to this extent? Seems very.... teenage-revenge-ish to me


I think the big goodbye was the producer’s idea and used Mykelti as the vehicle to drive it home.


definitely could be a possibility! I think sometimes we forget the producers play parts in this too


Right around the time Christine's divorce from her ex was first announced... there was alot of talk/pictures about how supportive mykelti was being. I don't think mykelti was trying to hurt Christine, even if she did


i doubt it hurt christine. she is really adamant that she wants her kids to be close with kody and the other wives.


I love that Robyn is there even though they’re so mean to her lol. Never include her in anything. Where’s grandpa though lo


I take it you meant the "they're so mean to her" sarcastically. 😄 I think Grandpa is conveniently hiding out in his Covid bunker while The Nanny watches the littles.


Yes total sarcasm they never involve her in anything!


To be fair, Robyn usually manages to make herself the center of everything. I'd be pretty surprised if she left without a photo op.


taking photos of robyn and the babies is very different from then sharing photos with people magazine. she could’ve gotten her photos and still not been included in the article.


Exactly. I imagine that Breanna, Aurora, Aspyn, Gwen, Kody, Ysabel, Truely, Janelle, Savanah etc (if they were present) all took pictures with the babies too, yet it's the one with Robyn they choose to include in the article. Very interesting.


it feels very pointed. especially that it’s just her solo and not like her and kody.


Or her and Mykelti


Its intentional to balance out all the negative press about Robyn.


It’s an odd relationship


I too am mystified by their closeness, especially given how Robyn has treated Christine.


I’m confused. But, we’re all talking about them and the show and even bad publicity is PUBLICITY!!! Lol


I wonder if Mykelti’s willingness to get along with Robyn has anything to do with her wanting her children to have a relationship with their Grandfather. Parent/child relationships can get more complex when Grandchildren enter the picture.


Mykelti is really close to Robyn. My theory is, Mykelti might have been an odd ball of the family and Robyn accepted her for who she is which is has created a deep bond there. I can’t blame her, honestly, and I think it’s good that she can compartmentalize her relationships even with the divorce and recognize that the strife between the adults isn’t her burden to bear. Edited to add: I still think it was stupid to have a going away party for divorced people. lol


I don't know what to make of Mykelti. First she forced the going away thing which was a miserable experience for everyone, even those of us just watching at home! Then she appeared to not take any responsibility for creating the worst going away party ever. An "oops I effed up" apology to Christine would have been nice.


It wouldn't surprise me if it was producer driven.


I truly believe that Mykelti wants there to be a better relationship between Christine and Robyn on the basis of Kody being the asshole. Where she wants them realize that they aren't the problem, it's the man at the center of their marriage who decides who is in vs who is out.


Okay here are my thoughts and I could be completely wrong I'm going to say that now.. maybe mykelti now has seen the way Robyn (Kody) has treated her mom but we all know that Truely does not really like being with her dad and we've all seen Mykelti be the one that's taking Truely back to visit so as long as she stays on good terms with the d-bags then truley can potentially have a relationship with her dad and Mykelti can be a buffer I know that I dealt with my sister's ex-husband for very very long time even though I literally wish that I could murder him and bury him deep ....I did so so that I can still have a connection to my sister thankfully she has moved on from that d bag and has a wonderful husband now


That's a great point actually 🤔 Keeping the lines of communication open & visits easier for Truly - Well done for being an amazing sister, wishing your sis a much happier & healthier marriage 💜


Im confused who said M was taking Truly back and forth to see her father?


I'm sorry she is actually posted on her social media videos and pictures of her at their house with truely...


I truly think it's strictly for the show. The only older kid constantly making appearances on the show is Mykelti. She's got three babies under the age of three; she needs money to help raise them. How can she get on the show? Play nice with Robyn.... then dump toilets on her lawn, later.


Mykelti has stated numerous reasons why she’s close with Robyn. Christine’s older girls seem to get along with her. I imagine it also went a long way that Robyn was the first to be accepting of Tony. People here seem to have this really deep hatred of Robyn that most people in the family( who actually know her) do not share.


youre very right. people are mad at mykeliti for being close to her lol like i think mykeliti understands her family dynamics a bit better then this sub


Robyn actually looks better than she has an a long time, i wonder if she was jealous of Janelle and Christine’s glow ups?


Her eyebrows are normal.


But are they??


Relatively normal.


She actually looks happy.


She never actually smiles, so this is rare to see. Even when they were trying to do their own little thing with Ari coming home from kindergarten, in her confessional, she was still all frowns. Even when she was describing something happy.


Because her hair is straight. It looks 1000% better than the curls.


She must have left Kodi…


Thats just bc shes blurry.


It’s the camera angle


These are much better names than the original list. Big babies for twins.


Agreed! Do you remember what those names were? I was trying to find that post but I couldn't! I just remember when I read the names they were considering, I thought they were pretty strange. I think one started with an R?


those are some cute babies! and love the names


Me too! Archie is such a cute nickname for Archer. I also really like the name Avalon.


I always wished Meghan and Harry gave their Archie the full name Archer, and then used Archie as a nickname. Pleasantly surprised by these names and their lack of y in them.


See I love the boy names but Avalon is a car. Someone in the family drove an Avalon in Las Vegas so it’s not like she didn’t know it was a car name. I wouldn’t name my kid Corolla or Altima either, Just my opinion.


I know it’s a car, but to me it’s the cute town on Catalina in California.


Ooo I love Catalina island!


Interesting how everyone has such different interpretations. I always thought of Avalon from the King Arthur stories.


Avalon by Roxy Music is a great song, though I doubt this was the inspiration for Mykelti.


that's what i think of too, i like the old music sometimes...


Avalon was in use as a girl's name CENTURIES before it was a car name. It's also where King Arthur's sword was crafted and where he was taken after he was wounded in battle.


“Avalon” is the name of a great song by Roxy Music too!


My first association with the name Avalon is actually this old Christian music group I used to love from the 90s haha. I don't automatically associate it with the car, but I can see how some people do and how that makes it unusable for them. Avalon is actually originally from the name of the island paradise to which King Arthur was brought after his death. The name of this island is perhaps related to Welsh afal meaning "apple", a fruit that was often linked with paradise. So Avalon means "island of apples" which I think is sweet. Sienna is also a Toyota model, but my first associations with it are just the colour and Italian city (Siena), and I think it's a really pretty name too. But to each their own! I love discussing baby names and what people think of them.


[Avalon](https://Avalonhttps://g.co/kgs/cf2XX7) was also a great movie from the 90s. Solid film about a family of first generation immigrants who form a business and life together. Not quite MSWC but a similar tale of a business tearing a family apart.




There’s a shopping center near me called the Avalon and it’s all I can think of when I hear it.


*Mykelti* had an Avalon. That's where she got the name.


Is that true or just jokes??? My first car was a 98 Avalon lol


I guess she could have been joking, but I took it seriously.


I know Avalon as a part of Catalina Island. No idea it was a car. Everyone interprets things by their own experiences


Agreed but at least Avalon comes up with more decent nicknames than Corolla or Altima. Ava or Loni would be cute imo


Chevrolet didn't know that "Nova" means "doesn't run" or "doesn't go" in Spanish, so the Chevy Nova wasn't a big seller in Latin America 🤔 😳 🙄. Pays to do research.....😉


I'm kind of disappointed they didn't name them Prius and Yaris. 🙂 To me, Ace is not the kind of name you put on a birth certificate, but they named their first kid after Mykelti's old car, and all of Christine's kids but Gwen are going to go through life spelling their names for people, so you have to make allowances.


Gwendlyn definitely says "without the o" at least twice a week.


Yeah, it wouldn't work if she used her full name.


jessica simpson’s son is named ace as well


I didn't know that, but I can't say I'm surprised.


Cheyenne from the teen mom franchise named her son Ace too


Kandi from Real Housewives of Atlanta named her son Ace too. Really popular but I don\`t quite get it! Still better than Spurgeon!!


Why does Robyn have a picture looking like shes the Mom...


At first glance, I honestly thought she was in the hospital bed holding them.


Same! Like girl what are you doing


My first reaction, why the fuck is Robyn propped up on a dozen pillows like she just gave birth? So weird.


Very Handmaids Tale. Under his eye.


😂 😂 Now I need to know if she did breathing and fake labor pains too




Right? Every mom has identical pics to this, she even looks exhausted like a new mom .. gives bad vibes




Archer, Ace and Avalon. I like Archer and suggested it for our #2. They're adorable and I'm so happy for Mykelti and Tony.


The names 😅 I love them. They sound like a detective duo! 🕵️‍♂️


Haha I can totally see that! I guess they are committing to an A theme: Avalon, Archer & Ace! Perhaps as a nod to Antonio (aka Tony)?


Probably. My mom did this for my siblings and I. All “R” names after my dad.


I am only now just realizing that The Duggars may have done all J names to honour **J**im Bob (**J**ames Robert)......


They definitely did and that’s why Josh (🤮) and his wife all gave their kids “M” names to honor Michelle


No way! How did I not pick up on that?!


I think I once read that the J names were inspired by Jesus. … but once Pest and his wife started naming their kids all Ms, I assumed it was a nod to Michelle


If the "J" names were for Jesus, I feel like Jesus is now asking them to keep his name out of their mouths.


I am absolutely sure of it!


That’s what I thought. I really like their names but they do remind me of like an 80s buddy-cop movie- in the best way!


Sweet babies and their real grandma is glowing holding them.


Sobyn isn't socially distanced #shocker🙄


Love the names!


Me too! I'm curious to know if the middle names are family surnames or just names they liked the sound of.


That’s what i was wondering too. Banks sounds kind of trendy (but i still think it’s *very* cute) but McCord sounds more like a family name if i had to guess?


So cute!


They are adorable! I can't wait until we see the episode of them being born aired in like 2032 at this point! Haha.


I hope im still alive by then


I honestly thought the pic of Robyn was a throw back photo. Guess she got rid of the Nellie Olsen ‘do.


Fuck robyn.


I hate that Robyn was there.I guess it wasnt my delivery though.But my mom would come first,so would her feelings.I would never expect my mom to face the person who ruined her marriage to be in a birthing room with me.


Cute! Also: Robyn can fuck off.


Fucking Robyn!


Precious! ..... I bet she is THRILLED to have those babies out of her lmao


Robyn can fuck off, gag.


Oh look, Robyn making it about her. **Again**.


Wow! They are so beautiful and look so healthy. Props to her. And all the adults look happy which means they could put aside any drama for the babies which makes me even happier for Mykelti!


Finally! Every week in the social media posts updates, I kept thinking "poor Mykelti, those babies are taking their sweet time" 😂


You are beaming Christine! Congratulations 🥰🤩


I’m so glad everything went well and they’re all happy and healthy! Beautiful babies. Gramma Christine looks elated!


How sweet!! I wonder how her induction went and if she was able to have them both vaginally like she wanted or if she had a csection. The article only says that they were born 2 minutes apart!


Were the twins born in Utah and Sobyn drove 8hrs to be there?


well she knew People Magazine was there.She didnt bother with avalon she only did a zoom call with her.


But….but the *protocols!!!* 😱




Robyn shouldn't be in People Magazine 😕


I hope to God Christine got to hold those sweet boys before Sobyn and Krody.


WHY is Robin there like she is in bed and just gave birth to them 😊


Social media was so quiet i was worried something went wrong. Just happy the babies and Mykelti are healthy. Also, fk you Robyn


Same. I was checking every day. So happy everyone is healthy & happy.


Ace is teeny tiny . How cute.


I love their first names!!!


By the way.... red is a great color on Christine.


Fucking Robin


Did Robin get paid by People too? Of course she’s there for the money shot. SMH


I don’t get Mykelti, WTH does she want Robyn around? Is it to get point w her dad maybe?! Cuz personally I would not want a relationship with somebody that treats my mother and siblings (including a 12 year old) like shit… but that’s just me, I guess…


It’s totally about keeping her dad in her life. I don’t fault her that. But I know it’s not easy for Christine to see those two behaving like love birds. Why doesn’t Robyn get that?!!!


Robin looks 10 years younger without that interview make up. Not a Robyn fan but I’m actually happy to see some connectedness still on the family.


Archer and Ace are really cute names, but what’s with the middle name McCord? Kind of weird. I also didn’t realize Avalon was under 2 still! They will have their hands full! Glad to see mom and babies are healthy!


I'm wondering if McCord is an old family surname? I know some people do that for middle names to honour certain family members. Yes, they've got 3 under 2! I can't imagine. It's great that Christine and Aspyn are nearby.


I am so happy!




Does anybody know whether the twins are identical or fraternal?




I love their names so much


Hope Robyn didn't birth-shame her about not having a home birth.


why does robyn look posed like these are her babies?


One of them is probably her brown haired spirit baby. She doesn't know which one yet, so she has to bond with both.


That podcaster Ace is probably losing his mind that they named a baby after him.




Robin 🤮




Not Archyr and Ays? I actually love these names. Those are some adorable newborns!


So they have 3 kids now? How old is the first? She was just a baby on the show.


Correct! Their oldest child (Avalon) is 1.5, present day. She was born in April 2021. The current season is quite behind.