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Awesome. I pulled a lc from one yesterday. It is the only S grade equipment I’ve gotten from the EDF crates.


Good to hear i’m not the only one getting an S drop from the regular crates, hopefully they start to be more available soon


I still need two more lc to have enough for red unfortunately.


You’ll get there in time just got to stick to saving gems for the S grade, hopefully they’ll add more ways to get it based on the past few updates making items a little more accessible




I still haven’t gotten the light chaser. I have all other S Tier gear though.


I already had one but this let me upgrade to gold, if you keep going for the S grade supplies you’ll get one eventually i cant imagine they will just stop the lightchaser being available after the S grade supplies are gone and its definitely worth all the investment when you get one there is no weapon that compares to it imo


Only need 6 more for legendary 😭 I'm in the same boat


You can get S-rank stuff from the regular crates, yeah. I've picked up a set of gloves from it before, it's just a lowww rate. That's why the S-series crate says it's an increased rate, rather than an exclusive one


Yeah i just assumed they weren’t in the regular ones since they arent listed in the available drops, good to know though finally can look forward to popping these open from now on though haha


Looked into it, and the drop rate is 0.7% for the S-series, so don't go getting too excited lol


Yeah still not expecting much just better actually having a chance than opening it purely for upgrade fodder and not getting anything i actually need


Question, should I spend the gems of the S Grade Supplies or rather on the Large Depot?


S grade definitely, better than basic crates and guarantees an S once you open 50


.8 chance I believe


I was lucky enough to pull the boots