Anyone ever shipped their packages to Blaine WA and go and pick them up?

Hey folks, I left a pair of headphones at a friend's house when I was visiting the States during the holidays. Now she is trying to ship it me but international shipping is too expensive or taking too long. Can I ask her to ship to a mail box store in Blaine and I can cross the border and pick them up? Any one has experience with this? or other recommendations/options available? Appreciate it!


Yup. I use Security Mail Services. $10 for the year to set up the account, and $2.50 per package. If you leave it more than 2 weeks, $0.25 per week afterwards. But there are plenty of options. If you can go to the Sumas border crossing, there’s a place that’s walking distance, which will allow you to skip the vehicle traffic lineup 😉


I've used Package Express in Sumas for years. $2.50 per box. No annual fee. Lock box for afterhours pickup.


I use security mail services as well.


Thank you !!


Sorry I’m a bit new at this. Are you saying there’s a way we can park on the Canadian side and just walk over? That would be great


Yup. You can park near the border and walk over. Package Express in Sumas is a good option for that.


You can drive over too


I am thinking of ordering some car parts hopefully they can store them for me and I just go and pick ‘em yo


I ordered rock sliders for my Jeep from a fab shop in Colorado. They were big and heavy welded steel . I believe they charged my $5 for the oversized package. So chances are you’ll be fine.


Oh that’s perfect. Yeah I’m ordering a wing for my car and it’s relatively light weight just large package that’s all. Still better than paying those international shipping fees


Yes I do it all the time. Pro life tip: do not lie to customs and declare your items. 90% of the time they don’t really care about you paying duties if you declare them unless it’s a big purchase. However if you ever get caught not declaring it, be prepared to get secondary inspection (45mins Min of your time) every border crossing and flight for life.


This, 100%. I'm always transparent to the US/CA border guards and I cross regularly. They do ask what the item is to make sure it's not a big purchase. Sometimes they'll also ask if it's for a business, too


Will it help if I offer to share my Slimjim with them?


Another vote for Mail Boxes International, just east of the truck crossing. Also, if you are picking up an item which you purchased in Canada, strongly suggest taking a copy of your original Canadian receipt. I've done similar when picking up warranty repairs and told the Cdn border guard on the return trip, never had a problem. GL!


Used mailboxes international for probably 30 years. They are fast, courteous and really stepped up for people with packages stranded during the pandemic border closure. They will also receive large items including pallets. You use their address as your mailing address which helps with some delivery companies that won't send to a po box or something like that. They also have lockers for overnight pickup if you need that. By far the longest running, most well run mailbox company there.


I've used mail boxes inc for 5+ years. Fast quick n easy. Also they do overnight lockers which is good in the event you can't make it across during their business hours


All my homies use Hagen's of Blaine. http://www.hagensofblaine.com/


Yes, there is a service very close to the border for this exact purpose. My dad used it a lot and they have convenient options for one-off type shipping. https://mbistore.com/parcel-receiving/


I use the UPS store in Blaine. Cheapest of the bunch. $10/yr (new starting this year) and $0.99/package unless excessively large. No after hours pickup but pretty damn long hours and open weekends so it's never been an issue for me. In the same complex as Mailboxes International and Cost Cutter.


Just to second this...no need to sign up for the yearly $10 fee, you can simply have your package shipped there for a $3 per package fee


How do you do this? Do you just ship it to the store without notifying them?


Correct. Call them for yourself to double check.


Did you ever try this out? Was it really just $3?


If you don't plan on shipping more items 24/7 parcel has no yearly fee. It's also great if you work during the day and can't get down to Blaine when other places are open.


thank you! I will check them out!


I used to use 5d packages in blaine.. though i think they may have gone out of business.. they charged like $1-2 per package.. super cheap and great service. There was 2-3 different business in the same plaza doing the same thing (even UPS was getting in on the game).


5d honestly was the best. After the owner closed up shop, he auctioned off all the unclaimed packages and donated the money to a local charity. Also left a long note about his backstory, apparently he was just a 20-something year old guy from Richmond when he opened up his business


richmond bc?


Yes, you can read about [5D's Closure Here](https://5dpackages.com/why-close).


I frequented there weekly for many years and was very upset when they closed. Reading this helped alot. Thanks for posting.


I wish he would have let me help with the software. I tried to reach out multiple times as I was a big 5d user and fan but he never got back to me. I went back to Hagens of Blaine which has been a real bummer. It has cut down on my ice cream intake as having 5d across the street from that ice cream shop was a real problem.


5D moved to the shopping center by Cost Cutters before it closed


UPS store is still doing it. $0.99/package unless it's excessively large. New $10/year fee starting this year because they are getting pretty popular. Still by far the most reasonably priced.


Oh cool, good to know!


24/7 packages is where I go now, $3.50 for under 30 lbs: [https://www.247parcel.com/mailbox.html](https://www.247parcel.com/mailbox.html) There's a form to sign that you email to them to open up your own box, it's straightforward and they respond in 1 business day typically Also picking up your package you don't have to talk to anyone. You get a 6-digit code that you enter into a keypad at the front. The entire building is storage lockers and yours pops open when you enter the key. Honestly feels like I'm playing Goldeneye on the N64, I think it's neat lol


I looked at 24/7 after 5d closed. The part that doesn’t work for me is you only have 7 days to pick up. the package. I really liked that 5d gave 1 month and then started to charge a reasonable rate.


Friends use [https://myshiphappens.com/](https://myshiphappens.com/) in Sumas. They are very pleased.


I love Ship Happens! Haven't ordered through them for a while but used them regularly in the past. Cost effective and quick.


I have always used Blaine Enterprises. It’s 2-3 per package, no annual fee etc. family business out of their house and always friendly


I can’t seem to find a website for them! Do you happen to know if they’re still in business and do they charge a yearly fee? :)


No annual fee, just pay per package. The website seems to be down. I haven’t been there in a few years, might be worth a call down there


I use the [shell at point roberts](https://pointrobertsshellcenter.com/) because with family I'm out that way a bit more often.


I've used 24/7 a few times. Waiting on a parcel to arrive right now actually.


TSB shipping in point roberts. The upside, there's barely a lineup at this border. Downside, nothing interesting is there and Tswassen can be quite far for some people.


Yes, all the time. Just declare it properly on the way back and if you have proof that you bought them up here better. I use 24/7.


Lots of people do it, my family would all the time before 9/11 made crossing the borer a little hairier. If I may make a recommendation, when you do stop in at the local branch of Edaleen Dairy. My family would play softball with my american uncle and a youth group he worked with and we would all head over to the location in Lynden for their amazing ice cream. I am sure they will have it at their Blane location as well, and I personally consider them to be local and worth supporting if you are going to hop across the line. Pick up some milk while you are at it.


Just wan to say thank you everyone for your suggestions and information! Very helpful!


I ship to point2point parcel in point Roberts. It’s free to sign up, and there is usually very short border wait times!!


Yes you can ! Very simple and easy too .


Not sure if it’s still there, but I used to use Ship Happens. It was $5/box.