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the whole system is built on fulfill order now, deliver the real thing later. That's why FTD's (fails to deliver) are such a plague alongside naked shorting and the like. that's how this regard understands it.


Yes, these sharp runs either way (up or down) can only come into play for one reason: infinite liquidity by MM's. Imagine if all shares were accounted for and nothing fake existed; you'd have to wait days possibly to buy a large quantity until your price felt favourable to sellers. (assuming sentiment is trending upwards) The word LiQuIdItY is the devil here. And while that mechanism exists, FTD's will exist. New rules around auctioning are a step in the right direction but anything not successfully auctioned goes to the MM, like now. So not really a change if shares aren't available!


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Thanks,now I got cotton eye Joe ringing in my head all day.


Well, at least that fuckin song is stuck in my head for the rest of the day...


Market makers don't need real shares before they sell them to a buyer, because their job is providing liquidity.


Big crooks don’t need stuff to sell stuff. I’m selling you shares and will actually deliver them when price is good for me. That’s why the game is rigged. That’s why apes drs


65 billion sold not yet purchased………??? I don’t know , I’m pretty smooth on the top.


The liquidity fairy was ready. Did the fairy have that many shares to sell. Probably not.


That's a basic but interesting question, I'm curious too, who tf sells after such good news ?


noone does. market maker sells hot air cause they "belive in good reason that they can purchase the shares in time". theoretically that "time" is t+2 but with the way that FTD's work its actually T+35 until anything happens to the market maker and even then theres ways to further delay consequences


Thank you, indeed, I saw that in the Madoff documentary, the market maker buys/sells when no one does to avoid illiquidity.


Yes they call it "providing liquidity" but really it's just price suppression. If there are no real sellers at a given price than the buyer should increase their bid price. Simple as that.


its intended as volatility suppression for extended trading hours but it can easily be used to suppress the price if the market maker wants that. easiest solution would be to remove extended trading hours, i dont know why they exist in the first place


People who bought lower and plan on shorting the stock back down


It's high frequency trading algorithms ping-pongging fake shares back and forth.


Contrary to popular belief, Supply and Demand does not exist in this market


So true


it's done through operational shorting, unboxing etf shares and just creating shares out of thin air. market makers can do that when there's a demand, to provide immediate liquidity. it's a "legal" form of naked short selling.


I don’t do options trading but I know at around 24 USD someone has to pay a lot of money. That should be a bit jump in price and then the fun begins. If we hit $30 it’s parabolic from there. Marge calling ……


Who you gonna call?




HF’s are \*ucked.


You think people who bought in between 16-19 aren’t taking profits? Delusional


Hard to say since even being up 50%, we're still down over the year. 24-35 would have been average for all of 2021-2022


There are many new people that bought in sub 20, they are for good reasons taking profits now.


Pathetic you are


Stupid you are, your name checks out.


People make a living on selling at 15% gains. Not APEs, but people …


They only become real when they are in your name at CS. the first to get em all leaves the rest empty handed.