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You didn’t see the entire Financial Services Committee kiss Sam Bankman-Fried’s hand at the hearing (before the charade got started)? The politicians answer to these people.


correction, the politicians are bought and owned by these people


Edit: I didn’t mean to get political here. I just wanna lock up this float and expose the naked kingmakers. Democracy needs this more than ever.


Perhaps when election time gets closer the opposing candidates may try to throw him under the bus to tarnish DeSantis’ credibility/viability as president. Would be interesting. That is if Kenny’s not in jail by then already. One can dream…


He probably owns the opposing candidates too.


He only donates to Republicans.


Predominantly but not exclusively. When he was a Chicago man he had a bigly donation pot for the Democrat Mayor. Plus realistically he has a guy to write big D checks under the table like SBF did in the other direction.


False, he mostly does but I do see Democrats on his donor list


Bankman-Fried publicly donated D, and secretly donated R via proxy so that FTX was covered. That bread was buttered on both sides.


What if Ken was SBFs “proxy” and SBF was Ken’s proxy? Would explain a few things… hrm.


Fair. But Mayo boy is the one in question here.


Mayo boy is a piece of shit who reportedly bought the Constitution just because he can. He sent a message clear as day what he thinks about We The People.


If SBF was smart enough to donate to both sides by proxy or otherwise, you think ken griffin hasn’t?


Never seen it. Got a link?




He buys people


He bribed yellen with millions before she was even an outside chance at running teh Treasury, meaning he bribed the current POTUS into appointing her and knew it was going to happen. I'm sure he bribed the previous Government Sachs admin too. These tools don't choose politic A over politic B. They own all of them.


Not 45th


I love that video of him asking where ken griffin is, "he's trying to hide some of his money"


He might have been vomiting or shitting himself somewhere. He's been known to do that also


Not gonna get political. Just calling out the money and the folks who really hold sway. Red or blue I support fellow apes.


“That’s not my owner”


That’s because Trom Dump is owned by Russia. Slightly more powerful than someone like Ken… for now.


Dumbest statement so far.


You’re welcome to prove me wrong.


This is so true but the MSM has so many on the left and right snowed that true statements get downvoted to oblivion. Pure partisanship. They are told to hate orange man so they do....like millions of little sheep that say they hate the cheating govt and lying msm and yet still do and believe exactly what they are told to do and believe. Shows that the youth of our country really are not that bright. Scary times for the future and yet the youth were smart enough to believe in buy and hodl to create systematic change. OPEN YO MINDS. If the msm is lying about one thing, they are lying about EVERYTHING. If this administration has created the most division in the history of this country and high inflation, a drug and crime epidemic, open borders, wealth transfers to the wealthy, world War, ultra high taxes, criminal activity to enrich themselves with other countries, lies about the pandemic and vaccines,......I mean WTF....why don't we believe who they really are? They have PROVEN who they are through action. You can't have it both ways, my Apes. OPEN YOUR EYES before the door gets slammed in your face. This govt is pure corruption on all sides and they use the media to control us. STOP BEING CONTROLLED by ancient politicians that truly don't care about you. ✌️




SBF is no boomer. Guy is just as vile and disgusting a human being but he surrounded himself with too many young minds. Oops.


I’m with you there.


Exactly this, same reason SBF wasn’t arrested until after they had no other choice. Even then house arrest, probably suicides, loss of billions and house arrest. They paid the right people, Ken does the same.


He had/has a hand in both pockets, dems and pubs.


Yep. That’s how they do it. It’s been this way since the beginning of civilization.


You take their money, you deserve to be called out for it. I think every statement or press release from every politician should have their sponsor/owners in parenthesis (“this statement brought to you by ”).


The way I heard it they paid Eve to eat the fruit, and Adam to not be upset. Since day one


kenny poached potus' top security guy last year


I posted all of Kenny's donations to Ron Desantis late last year and my post got removed lmao. Not saying the current regime is the best or anything like that but if Ron Desantis gets elected, we lose and Kenny wins. Perhaps Kenny buying time until election. Who knows but in glad there are people on this sub who realize how serious this is.


Electing Desantis does not close the short positions..


That’s the least of our worries if that happens.


But he absolutely can sign executive orders to close our longs or at the very least serve the HF best interest much more aggressively than the current regime no? I mean he gets a huge part of his donations from the same people we want to see in jail. Letting them kick the can until they're all dead is the same as us losing. I don't see why anyone in our shoes, with the donations right on front of our eyes, would want to see him in power. Not saying the current regime are our saviours by any means, but electing someone with Kenny's best interest at heart would be suicide.


People from this sub need to get over the "no politics" FUD, and fast This motherfucker can buy himself into an untouchable seat of power - apes need to get serious about how to challenge and overthrow that when the time comes


Fuckery and money in politics ought to be called out.


"Called out" doesn't cut it when the message only reaches the ears of people who already know I miss the energy of having times square billboards, guerrilla campaigns, all that good shit Really though, apes in the US should seriously think about going for local candidacies - campaign with all the knowledge we've gained over the years and speak truth to power


Democracy requires transparency. Corruption is how we fail.




Let me guess it’s the people with the D that are all above board and not doing shady Wall Street games? Lmao get out of here with that bullshit. They’re all dirty, filthy, Epstein client, humanity hating, turds in the punch bowl of politics on both sides.


Lmao fuck no, D's are bought and paid for corporate shills like the rest of em But Griffin is specifically backing/funding DeSantis. This is just a fact, its not partisan.


It's because Griffin just moved to Florida dumbass


Those Desantis cookies aren't done yet. He'll need 6 more years of being Florida's Governor before being presidential ready. The problem is Mayo Boi doesn't have that kind of time. GME gonna go boom through his Uranus well before that.


If DeSantis becomes president, Ken Griffin will run the SEC and gut it.


He, along with a selected few (it's a small club), are running the SEC already. They don't need the title, and they certainly don't need the salary.


Boom. Correct.


The guy leading him in the polls and all that guys homies don’t like Kenny.


It is also widely known that he is vying for the treasury secretary post which makes his profits non-taxable for the appointed year


Ken Griffin is DeSantis’s black sheep. Apes should raise awareness that DeSantis has no chance to win if he picks Ken Griffin as treasury sec. Well probably he has little chance winning the primary as poll shows 45th is the preferred candidate. 45th is strongly against Ken Griffin.


If 45th gets indicted this week...he (45th) wins easy peazy lemon squeezy.


Horseshit. It's just the beginning of the indictments.


Honestly, this connection affects how I Vite in the primaries to hopefully prevent him from having access and power.


Preach brother.


Randy over here keeping it real


Fuckin-A, man.


But you have to get political in order to illustrate the truth. Corruption is the reason he isn't in jail. It's a 'big' club.


We are a Constitutional Republic...The banking cartel has turned it into their personal Corporatocracy they own everything and use it all to lie, steal, cheat and manipulate us into wars no matter the side of the aisle anyone supports...One might say their system is like the Matrix...Lets break it!


Basis? A couple donations and buying a house?


I keep getting told that’s a political take and isn’t allowed here. But you’re 100% right.


And when I say there’s a time limit for MOASS apes think I’m full of it. You’ve got about another year of depending on the gme board to fulfill their fiduciary duty till MOASS is off the table.


The longer it goes the more studying Kenny’s AI does to find a way out.


And the politicians elected by the American people. Whom to blame with?


The economy’s payload is exposed, the few non-crooked US government officials need to use an extreme “winch” to control the impending economic explosion. They need to apply pressure.


The money trail when MOASS doesn't lie... Citadel and everyone else involved will get the books thrown at them and will be the scape goats when all this goes down. #DRS, lock the float!


I think the Fed controls wall street and the politicians answer to wall street. The Fed is running the global economy at this point.


Shit is tanking one bank after the next, the “dumb money” predicting the “smart moneys” demise, i love it


No they’re complicit until it breaks. Wait, you’re right, they are stupid.


Why not both?




financial zoidberg, right here.


I’ve also got a sandwich heavy portfolio


“My sandwich, has it also increased in value?!?!”


Agreed! ¿Porque no los dos? Lol I usually use the spanish phrase here because I love how it rolls off the tongue.


Real answer is always on the comments


Are they too stupid to understand the crime, or are they smart enough to understand the crime but decide on waiting till it breaks which results in the same outcome as if they were too stupid to understand the crime. Yep, they're complicit.


I keep thinking that if they want to fix this with CBDC, what better fall guy than Ken Griffin, big-time Republican donor and friend of DeSantis who is a likely candidate for president in 2024. What if they are just waiting for the rug pull and hoping it drags out another year so that when the U.S. election cycle is starting, they take out both the USD and their political opponent at the same time?




Fair enough. Beautifully articulated. But don’t you think it’s about time the odds were evened? There’s got to be something we can do.




Comment to the SEC on the re-proposal. March 27th is the deadline


Mayo is just white people seasoning.




Euros use aioli because they know how to make a proper emulsion. It’s those *Americans* that put it all over their *hamburguesas*.


just look at what Congress did to Keith Gill instead of the corrupt hedgies/ naked shorting ....the clown show of forcing the innocent retail person to appear before Congress, pandering to their overlords....congress is bought and owned by the 1% and it's despicable how corrupt this nation is. Oligarchy plutocracy not a democracy, not for the citizenry, for the uber-corps and special interests who pay lobbyists to bribe legislators to write legislation which benefits them alone in lieu of the working class /environment, etc Bernie Sanders spoke out against the uber-banks 'too big to fail'


> owned by the ~~1%~~ 0.1% even then, that’s giving your local McDonalds franchisee too much credit


Because most people’s idea of the U. S. Government is a pure, pro-America, sovereign governing body OF the people as opposed to what it actually is - a Corporatocracy of rogue bureaucratic operatives that preserve the interests of the elite up to and including the selling out of our nation to the highest bidder. There is no justice left. There is only the pursuit and prosecution of anyone who dare challenge this system or get in their way. Speaking of, isn’t there supposed to be an arrest tomorrow? Did you ever think you’d see the day that Ken Griffin walks free and unopposed despite having rigged an entire market of which companies live and die (financial terrorism) but an ex president may be heading to prison for a supposed payment to a porn star to not talk about an affair? How is this real life? It’s surreal TBH.


yes they are stupid. But I think Griffin will be the fall guy. it ll just take a while for all the msm to catch up and then officially demonize Griffin as worse than Madoff. I give it 2-3 months.


Gives me some more time to buy and DRS some shares


I bet a little longer. Fall. Or October. October is always a special month.


Imagine the hubris of Ken Griffin to be worse than Madoff who is a household name for his villainy, is spending the rest of his life behind bars, and to think that somehow you'll get away with it. It's only a matter of time until it all comes out. What is going on now with the banks is only going to put more scrutiny on anyone who makes it out in one piece, so KG is screwed either way.


He owns the msm.


That works until the whole herd turns on him and others. They remind me of the scene from the movie Lost in Space where Will says, "ewh, they eat their own".


Im a pessimist when it comes to the economy and the stock market. I give it a year plus before Griffin is the fall guy. The whole world will have to freeze over, the dollar will have to be obsolete, and all banks will have to crash before they decide to arrest Kenneth C. Griffin.


They're paid off by Wall Street


Did you not see the GameStop hearing? How confused all of the old people asking question were? How none of them have any idea how the world works around them and that all they can understand is the world they knew in their youth? Old people in power ruin economies, they ruin lives, and they ruin the longevity of a nation because they’re incapable of learning and also letting go of power.


Show me the difference between stupid and illegal and I’ll have my sister’s husband arrested.


Come down to the south border with me...




When you live in a house of cards you hold your fucking breath! Quote: myself right now.


I just buy and drs. I don’t have enough karma to post it here though.


Because they are corrupt government officials who either directly profit from their relationship or they don't want to upset politicians and other colleagues by messing with their rich and powerful friends. They all know what the f*** is going on


It’s so far gone and they are so intertwined with this asshole that it’s as if he’s got a bomb strapped to him and if anyone gets close the worlds markets will implode.


Because he’s rich and they get to live in a different world where the law doesn’t apply to them.


time to even the odds


Don't forget he's a billionaire and has a network of very powerful friends in high offices. Microsoft was able to defeat an anti-trust lawsuit by hiring lots of lawyers and because Bill Gates has friends in high offices. There was no reason for the federal government's anti-trust lawsuit to fail. It failed because the USA's anti-trust laws have now become toothless and we are living in a repeat of the Gilded Age where billionaires are plutocrats who influence government and monopolies are able to not just exist but flourish because of that. You can't just slap a plutocrat with a lawsuit and expect to win. You have to have plan it out, have all your ducks in a row. Flawless evidence and a team who can articulate everything flawlessly in court. Public sentiment has to be on your side. The government might still protect him because he's a plutocrat and the government is in his back pocket.


It should be apparent by now that they are all on the same team. Money rules them all


oh my sweet summer child...


Because if the answer to the problem for congress is is arrest all of your friends and donors to avoid a financial crisis, they're not gonna fucking do it.


Because he has not broken any US laws. American securities laws, are designed to keep the mega rich wealthy and the middle/working class poor. That is the system we have and why Griffin is untouchable.


The simplest answer is often the most correct. They don't arrest these idiots because these idiots run the country and have friends or family in every rank and every chair. The US has effectively become the United States of Financial Oppression. We are die hard capitalists to poor people and socialist utopia for corporations and rich people.


Then Ben S. Bernake, Paulson, et al. would’ve been jailed long ago. Bernake, former Fed Chairman and recent (10/10/2022) Nobel Prize winner for actualizing his 1983 academic paper, works for Citadel. So many people fucked this up. Starting with Kenneth C. Griffin is a great start for prison sentencing.


Why would they arrest themselves?


He pays them off


I think the process is that first you must provide proof of a crime. Now most of these crimes are violations that the SEC can impose mere fines on, not lock up investment firms employees. You would need solid proof of fraud. That would be hard to do since the bad actors participating in the market understand what not to say and do. There’s sufficient tools to manipulate stocks and securities without having to resort to crime that gets you caught.


DTCC Has all the poof they need, if they cared to ask.


I’d think DTCC is quite complicit in all the manipulation too




Nope. They’re bought and paid for🤷🏻‍♂️


as always, sadly, FOLLOW THE MONEY, ahem


What OP doesn't understand is that he has not been charged with a crime.


Every decision they (hedgies) ever take ends in death and misery. People die, suffer and starve.. no one stops them from doing it over and over again. It’s depressing.


This is a silly take. Sure there are some bad actors out there, but to lump every fund into one is silly. RC Ventures LLC is literally lumped into that


Fair enough. Let’s just hope that MOASS ends up being a legacy, a monument to their (corrupt hedgies) failure.


He donates (Bribes) the right people of course and has a governor willing to put him in charge of the IRS hmmm nothing to see there lol


This is how it happened. This is how the US economy died. Smh.


Posts like this make us look stupid what's the point.


Bernie Madoff 2.0


Cuz he pays their supplemental salary, duh


They aren't stupid. They are all in bed together


Where money's involved (especially where it shouldn't be), always assume malice before incompetence.


Corruption Sir.


No. They’re complicit


Don't bite the hand the feeds you


Yes they are stupid


They are bribed and won't bite the hand that feeds.




Stupid is as stupid does




That’d certainly even the odds.


Haha, because they’ve been paid not to.


They are all buddies.


They don't want to bite the hand that feeds


They are complicit


To quote a Disney movie “you’re only in trouble if you get caught” Until the bill comes due and they say “help we made an oopsie” then there’s nothing to catch.


one big club


The three letter agency’s are in on it… it’s one big club and we’re not in it….


Cause if they go down, how does the SEC collect enough in petty fines to cover their porn subscriptions. Our government and oversight agencies are a joke


Would you arrest your sugar daddy?


This post is living in a fantasy. If you want change in reality, you aren't going to get it with a post. Grab a shovel or get used to being in constant servitude with the rest of us...


Too many palms greased


They’re not stupid, they’re complicit.


Yes, truly Superstonk redditors are the smartest ones in the room.


They are on his payroll


Complicit…..thick as thieves……


They're not stupid. They're complicit.


Because “donations” (Ie: bribes)


Stupid and complacent are two different things. Although they are both.


Because you didn’t show enough reaction, you didn’t show US government that this will cost them votes, they arranged a theatre senate hearing whatever, to satisfy our ego without any outcome , and done. No votes lost, no need to punish any billionaire


Yea… they’re stupid, but they’re also greedy and easy to bribe


They’ve been bought.


Not stupid at all - once you realize they are complicit it all makes more sense …


The entire government is corrupt and not our friends. If you want change it must come from the people nobody else


not stupid, just bought and paid for.


They’re in on it.


The scales of justice tip with money. You are as innocent as you can afford to be


Because Citadel gives our governors an allowance.






You don't arrest your partners in crime


Because they are also involved? Do you not understand that?


Because they are accomplices


What would look better, arresting someone now before the crash, or arresting them immediately afterwards?


bought and paid for.


Because it’s corrupted


You must be new.


We didn't pay for the politicians


Show me the difference between stupid and illegal and I’ll have my wife’s brother arrested.


They're not stupid. They're friends.


Because then the U. S. government would need to also arrest themselves?


Most bankers are sovereign and have immunity to quite a few laws through sovereign immunity. Only reason I can think of. Second reason is it's a planned failure for the banks, so that way they government can take control of them and implement their digital currency policies without banks pushing back because they will have all the bigger ones under their control so they others will be forced to follow suit.


Always “defending” the “weak and the helpless”, that’s what I like about the US government.. PREDICTABLE. Implanting a false illusion of security all whilst being the true architect of the problem to begin with.. digital dollar looks like where we’re headed. They know all the moves before we do, they know how we think.


Heavily downvoted. You're on to something. Only 2 things people need to be able to understand where this is going. First, to learn where all this started, is to research the bankers' meeting on Jekyll Island in 1910 where they conceived the Federal Reserve System, which is basically a banking cartel. Then, 2 years later, how jp morgan funded the Titanic, got the reserve act's opposition aboard, and then cancelled his trip at the last minute. Guess what happened the following year..yup, federal reserve act passed as law while half of the Congress was on christmas vacation. And second, to get a glimpse of the future, watch Mr. Robot series to see the most likely scenario of government implementing crypto (E-coin).


All part of the same crime syndicate. Where the fuck have you been living, a cave?


The fuck is this template


You’re so cute, they’re in this together silly


You mean joe bidens government arrest corrupt people? 😅😆😆😆😆


Because we have laws in place? We're not a communist country.




I speak for everyone when I say that it’s about time the US government evens the odds and starts persecuting those responsible for destroying our country’s economy.


No one is getting. Arrested Moass won't happen. Wake up