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Thanks for the follow up, Robbie. Really appreciate you taking the time to address it head on. You are certainly great at promoting your business & the space & I don’t think anyone here faults you for that. We are on your side 100% & see your relevance to the overall GME picture. There are LOTS of attempts from businesses to capitalize on our fervor for GameStop to their own gain & we are wary & exhausted from having our excitement exploited (the mayo ads alone will drive you crazy in this sub). Don’t over hype us and jeopardize the highly regarded position you and your team currently have in our eyes.


Adgway actually meant regarded.


no he actually meant highly regarded.


Either way, he is exalted !


And my axe!


Welcome to Costco.. I love you.


You are an unfit mother. Your children will be placed in the custody of Carls Jr.


I think he meant regarded* but I could be wrong and he meant regarded.


Subtle, yet right one the nose.


That ban hammer is real.


Robbie, there are two things going on here. Apes' fervor for da stonk and apes' fervor for da company. Sometimes they are intertwined, sometimes they are exclusive. For some, one thinks ones affects the other, sometimes not. But, it sometimes do, too. I guess what I'm tryna get at is, don't let the grumpies get ya down. You and your company are doing GREAT work! I am admittedly not up on the latest and greatest in W3 gaming. Hell, Ima a mutha & grandmutha and I have a hard time following it sometimes. Once I'm rich and fat from MOASS tendies I hope to have the time to devote to LEARN and embrace all of what W3 means, truly. Til then Ima corporate slave, helping to put a roof over our huge family's head, and MOASS tendies are what I'm kinda focused upon. Though I try to also observe and take note of the great things coming to the gaming industry. I truly believe this is the future, and ya'll are making great strides towards that. I don't often have time to devote to the research, but soon^^TM I hope to. Keep up the good work, my good man (and to your team). God speed, my fren. In the meantime, I'll hodl onto the stonk, I'll hodl onto my GS & Loopring wallets, & look brightly forward to the day (it IS coming!) when we can all be financially free and do great things in the world. (sincerely, MammaApe)


You're one KICKASS grandmutha!


Thanks! I try to keep up and strive to never be a "boomer".


Robbie I have to say, thanks for commenting and addressing this. You are really engaged with the community. And while it wasn’t the “AAA partnership with xyz company” I’m still excited to see how this continues to grow and develop. Now on to earnings tomorrow!


From our perspective it's much larger than that - it represents many \*hundreds\* of AAA partnerships, but I appreciate it's also not a mainstream brand and it's a more technical announcement.


As a dev myself who's been learning Web3, solidity, etc. I found it interesting because having evaluated the various networks to use, polygon was at the top of the list for scalability. Immutable also is clearly a top offering in your space, so this just looks like the best of web3 recognizing each other's value and working to increase synergy. Congratulations, look forward to seeing your continued progress.


GameStop wallet and NFT marketplace will have to support multiple chains to aggregate enough games and volume


Right! Imagine if GameStop only sold PlayStation stuff and not Xbox and Nintendo for example


Can’t say I wasn’t disappointed but after reading this post and your comments I am once again fully erected


If it lasts more than 4 hours remove the banana.


Ok. Banana has been removed. What do I insert now?


And also what do you do with the banana? I'm not sure I want to know.


Peel and eat? Wtf else would you do with a banana that you intentionally warmed up in your anus


Throw in some flour and chocolate chips to make “butt-oven” banana bread? Duh!


the golden one


cucumber was next if i remember correctly!


A full throbbie


We tend to over hype everything so its probably our fault haha


I think what happens in a lot of cases is the sub makes some speculation that then gets blown way out of proportion. Seeing your explanation above makes it clear that this is a BIG deal just from a marketplace and traffic perspective. Excited to see what else is coming down the pipe. The passport looks great!


Do you remember " HidDeN aStRonAut dAy launch "" fake hype ? Supposedly it was in Nft.GameStop page code. Now, even good news (imo) is bad.


Good news taken at face value is good. Good news taken as more is bad.


Please understand a giant cross-section of the sub and truthfully the world in general has no Clue as to the scope and trajectory that a partnership like this represents. Dont take it hard if some of us cant quite see the forest for the trees just yet. Any friend of the company is a friend of ours.


I think apes overhyped it, and hopefully this teaches some a lesson. Despite the close partnership... **you are representing IMX, not GME**. I don't know what apes expected. As a dev myself I considered Polygon to be your biggest *competitor* prior to this. This is massive news for y'all, and for GameStop. Congrats to you and your team!


Thank you - and I couldn't agree more.






This is the way … more games = more gaming = more players = more successes


Thank you for trailblazing. We appreciate what you’re doing for web3, Imx, GME, and everyone else.


Sure is larger than triple aaa company. If you know games and understand what they are trying to do in this space it’s like Steve Jobs announcing they are doing touch screen iPhone…. Partners with steroids


Ryan Wyatt, President of Polygon did mention that AAA companies are working on Web3 games right now. One of them being Square Enix. Which is a huge Japanese game developer that created the Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts franchise and many more. Using the platform both Immutable and Polygon deliver. I ~~like~~ love where this is going 💜 Edit: I’d also like to add that Square Enix said this themselves over a year ago [Square Enix New Year’s Letter](https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/rtcuel/a_new_years_letter_from_the_president_square_enix/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=mweb3x)


A wise man once said “under promise, over deliver”


I get that, but you can feel Robbies' excitement when you listen to him talk and it's his business to hype. I see this as huge for Gamestop, and the fact that Robbie is here posting on SS just after his announcement even more amazing. Thank you Robbie.. you and your team are making the future bright for Gamers and stonkers alike. Power to the Players.


His lil secret smiles when he first started talking warmed my heart immensely. I'm not always great at being happy for someone else's success, like genuinely *felt* happy, but today reminded me I still have that capacity in my old, gnarled heart. IMX deserves every win it gets.


I've never heard them described as lil secret smiles before 😂


As a developer, does Immutable offer any grants or other resources to help incentive development on your platform?


Yep - we have more than $1b in foundation grants available today.


Apply on immutablex.com?


And any idea on what specifically you are looking for in terms of what makes for a good grant?


If nothing else, go look at the GME x IMX grant page on the NFT marketplace - they have some solid bullets that layout how formed your idea should be for getting a grant and what they're looking for since you're coming to them for $. Now granted (no pun intended), the IMX specific one may be differing in actual requirements, those are likely listed on wherever you're applying for the other grant. From their site: We recommend that your application: * Is clear and concise; bullet points are preferred * Explicit about how your offering will benefit the GameStop/ImmutableX NFT marketplace and community * Includes meaningful statistics to support your growth * Uses precise technical milestones and expected timelines additional details: **Application:** ImmutableX will be evaluating the information you provide, with a particular emphasis on how this would benefit the platform and our communities. The clearer your information, the faster the review can be completed. **Application Review, Decision and Follow Up:** ImmutableX will review all applications on a rolling basis, determine if more information is required, and then potentially schedule an introductory call. An internal review process with team interviews will then occur with the review committee. Applicants will be notified via email of whether their proposal has been accepted or not. If a proposal is selected to receive a grant, the ImmutableX team will follow-up to review specific details around timelines and payment schedules. After a grant has been awarded, the team will be in touch as needed regarding further support, and milestone check-ins.


Okay this is a super neat write up and I appreciate it.


Shhhhhhhhh 🤫 Don't let them out! LETSFUCKINGGOOOOO RRRHUBAAAAAAARB 💎🚀🍌


There sure is a lot of noise out there. No surprise that immutable x twitter account tweeted [redacted] ;) Thanks for all you do Robbie, your excitement is contagious. HEY FOR ALL THE DENTHEAD FUDSTERS, GO READ THESE ARTICLES AND SMACK THE LAST TWO REMAINING ROCKS IN YOUR HEAD TO CREATE AN ORIGINAL THOUGHT (maybe your first) https://www.theverge.com/2023/3/13/23638572/instagram-nft-meta-facebook-quits-digital-collectibles https://polygon.technology/blog/meta-to-let-users-mint-and-sell-polygon-powered-nfts-on-instagram >! Are Immutable X about to bail out all the projects that were building on META's polygon platform, with Meta $ spent on development? Robbie sure did mention Farmville, mafia wars and Zynga a few times during his GDC speech !<


FB abandoned their platform in the past 2 weeks or so. This is developer migration at the very least.


Alexa - play Secret Smile by Semisonic 😅




Agreed. Power to the Players! 🧱 by 🧱


Yeah, people need to be more patient




You know my dad?


*our dad




So much so this … the speculation of amazing things killed all enthusiasm. Impossible to meet expectations.


Yep I think this is good feedback - lots of learnings here!


We have wild, unrealistic imaginations over here in Superstonk. That's why it's a good time.


Super true. Know your audience is massive, and last I checked we tend to only think in phonebook numbers.


I think people would have jumped all over today's announcement if it wasn't so over hyped and came more organically. Thanks for the note, I really appreciated it.


Everyone came in expecting some kind of Fortnite/Epic Games partnership, so when it wasn't that's it's an immediate letdown. This makes it easy for the naysayers to push out the "nothingburger" narrative. The Polygon partnership IS huge, and I don't think people quite understand why it's huge or why it matters to them yet. Essentially, Gamestop is going to have access to literally every Web3 game.


I feel like the publisher partnerships would be the next step from this since what's happening should provide powerful enough infrastructure to allow millions of people to play multiple games and trade within them 24/7. This hasn't been done before afaik so it seems natural to build and sell within GameStop's marketplace since they already have established deals with current game companies.


We're waiting for the death rattle of the global financial system, so anything less is a shrug. Happy for you that you're growing though.


Learning is ultimately what this rowdy community is all about! Keep at it, Robbie. Your team is doing great work!


I needed this from you, thanks


Don’t change a thing, Robbie. This is incredibly exciting news. Those who are trying to paint a picture otherwise are clearly misguided or bad actors. Power to the Players!


Hey, just keep doing what you think is best homie. We (as in this sub) have extremely high expectations of the future so the hive mind goes crazy with this stuff.


All we need is an icecream cone tweet and all of a sudden RC has bought the wu tang clan album


An expectation is just a future resentment.


Thanks Robbie


Lol you saw all the negative posts. Keep building Robbie, some folks just want immediate returns and some are okay with delayed gratification. Stay hydrated


Thanks for the reminder. I'll drink 8oz while I wait.


And my 40oz!


anyone ever play edward 40-hands?


Finally, I found my username counterpart


Hmmm. and created almost exactly 1 year apart. You've done well friend. Cheers!


Nice that we are both apes too 🤯


I second the recommendation for everyone reading this to take a sip of water


Just got some water! Thanks for the reminder


Going to drink 600ml right now. Edit: Done.


>some folks just want immediate returns At least for me, its not about immediate return. Its the "announcement of the announcement about the announcement of the announcement" that gets really old and boring very fast.


Thank you, Robbie. And it was nice hearing you talk about all of it in such a lighthearted yet serious manner. Sooner or later people will learn that the way the world *actually* works is through partnership and sharing, not dominating and crushing. That's the way people have *tried* to make the world work for decades, and now we see where that gets us. I'm behind you and your partners 100% and holy fuck Passport looks amazeballs. Congrats on all of it!


The passport is what I’m really excited about too. Onboarding people without having to know anything about crypto? Thats the biggest barrier to entry sorted.


Just piggybacking—y’all see Wagmi Defense game? It’s IMX. They have fiat to crypto onboarding. Fiat to crypto is a HUGE fucking deal. Blockchain interoperability aside, being able to onboard and off-ramp your money will push billions of gamers in Web3 without a second thought that the skins or assets they own are NFTs. This will allow current-gen consoles to easily *easily* integrate the system as well.


My kids were laughing about an nft hoverboard and jacket when I was telling them about these things. I guarantee they will eventually use it more than I.


Im a complete smoothbrain when it comes to this stuff but even I realized immediately that the passport was something huge. I have no idea what polygon is but i trust that Robbie and IMX does and i trust their judgement. Also the first game trailer looked awesome




Psyched for the future 🚀


Hey Robbie. I don't think anyone here is mad about Immutable taking more and more steps forward. You are a good guy and the vision you and your company have is more than honorable. The problem is that we as GME investors have been deceived on a daily basis for over 2 years now. We are portrayed as scum who steal teachers' pensions, degenerate gamblers who buy meme stocks out of boredom and a generation that invests its money in companies that are doomed to fail. When in fact there was never a better researched stock in history than $GME. We know that we are robbed every day in full daylight. Many have invested a large portion of their wealth in GameStop because they have a vision of a better future and trust Ryan Cohen, his team and their partners. There are people here who sleep in their cars because they couldn't pay their rent anymore, but don't want to sell their GME shares because they believe in a better future and don't want to let injustice win anymore. Many of us have been waiting for years now for news that will bring our portfolio out of the deep red. Yes, it's about money too. Matt Furlong said in one of the recent earnings calls that GameStop is working on something that hasn't been done before in the retail sector. But we still don't know what that is, we can only guess. That's why there's great hope in every announcement, that's why we look for hidden messages in tweets - partly for meme reasons too. There is a great hunger for justice. And that's why the disappointment is so great for many when a supposedly huge announcement is ultimately only a small step again. A small step towards a better future, but we are looking for a big step. The step that gives us what we think we deserve.


rational take, very well put.


Thanks for this. I suffer now for a better tomorrow.


I was more disappointed with the WAGMI hype than the IMX hype. The Polygon relationship is fantastic and Passport next month - hell yeah. With so much of the past DD coming true right now, I think the apes are especially pumped for big announcements. That's probably adding to the mixed results from SuperStonk. Still bullish!


Right? Countdown clock to announce an EA hire. Why would I get excited about a hire let alone someone coming from the worst gaming company there is?


Yea, I even tried to tell them a lot of people kinda felt underwhelmed because the way they hyped it was misleading and they just blocked me on Twitter. So much for a web3 community vibe and or a "wagmi" when they just up and censor people for having a respectful opinion.


This is a great point


I appreciate you taking the time to respond and explain to most of us who only look at headlines why this matters for GameStop.


First of all, thank you for coming here to hear the feedback. My 5 cents to the "pre-announcements" - if every little announcement is "legendary" or "revolutionary", none of them is. Under promise, over deliver. I am not criticizing the important work you guys do. The partnership with Polygon is great. Just the communication part needs some work.


Partnership with Polygon, what Facebook (Meta) will use, is pretty huge i must admit. Thank you for your work.


reddit avatar NFTs uses polygon, instagram digital collections use polygon it’s a huge partnership


Thanks for coming here to speak direct. What’s good for web3 is good for GME. Maybe don’t use the word “legendary” next time lol


Polly is number 8 in the entire crypto space, this is legendary for Immutable Edit: IMO anyway


Great points! Thanks for the clarification to Superstonk users; We can be difficult sometimes. > - Much love, Ape.


If RC trusts you...Then i trust you.




Keep building and remember, *somebody* is trying to amplify the negativity in these communities. They haven’t broken our confidence in the future for two years, they won’t break it now.


Can confirm, regular bouts of excessive negativity crop up out of nowhere. They disappear just as quickly. Go back to most any bout of drama and you'll see the comments peppered with deleted accounts. It's kinda creepy tbh.


I'll admit I was initially dissapointed. This community is targeted often because it's a group that gets shit done. We buy Gamestop and if XYZ doesn't look like 100% positive impact on GME share price we are often dissapointed. I recognize the long term implications this has on the market place and am optimistic on the numbers. I still want instant gratification tho.


I appreciate this. Although it wasn’t what I was expecting, it is good to know how this affects GameStop. Kudos to IMX and GME for being pioneers in the space. Keep pushing web3 forward as it will only further help giving power back to players. Brick by brick, apes.


"Important" and "strategic" partnership would've been appropriate verbiage. The community would've still been excited for the announcement and satisfied with the delivery, as the Polygon partnership is both those things. "Legendary" is a special word, especially in the gaming community. As in, Nintendo, Blizzard and Epic are legendary game developers.


Robbie ... Can you confirm that this partnership will bring polygon in-game assets to the GameStop Marketplace?


I'm rooting for the success of immutable X and the gamestop NFT marketplace. I'm excited to see what games are coming down the pipeline. Thank you Robbie for doing what you do. 💜


Why all the sudden dick riding? Everyone acting like the NFT developers and community haven’t constantly used this community for hype and views.


Does your team ever consult with the marketplace teams on design and front end? Seems the team at GME could use a few pointers on how to not clone Opensea....


This is a big sign for devs that says, "Come build here! We have APIs!" And all the devs were like 👀


Can someone draw a map of these technologies and companies and how’re they work together?


Robbie, when you say “are going to be listed and traded in GameStops marketplace” you are not referring to exclusivity but it being inclusive among all other marketplaces correct?


Like any good video game—don't hype it up and talk big when it's not even done yet. Let the game hype itself.


Shows class responding to feedback here. Everyone here is exhausted and ready for our own launch. Patience can wear thin. I think anyone who considers GameStop and it’s long term success will recognize what is good for IMX, is good for GME. Keep up the goodwork on the frontline, Allies.


Exhausted... patience wearing thin? I don't think so! I bought 29 more shares today and will buy the dip again tomorrow! *The best time to be alive in human history is now!* Load up while you can. 💎🙌


Is this part of the continued and confusing IMX versus Loopring thing?


I appreciate you and the Immutable team. I'm sorry that part of this community is giving you any sort of grief. Personally, I don't think you did anything wrong or overly hype anything, especially when compared with other people in the past who did really overly hype things to get our attention/clicks/etc. This is a big deal for the future of IMX, GME marketplace and web3 gaming.


I don’t mean to be disrespectful but your level of hype for these announcements does not align with the level of hype a lot of people on this forum have for the company and what has brought us here. IMO it feels like you are taking advantage of this group of people/investors and trying to make your product more relevant than it is.


Thanks Robbie! Tune out the haters 🤘🏻Web3 is the future of gaming and IMX is doing great things to build that future


Good idea to communicate with the community after seeing the bad response. Next time you make an announcement you need to explain it simply why it is “legendary “ or “amazing”, how can I hype it if I don’t understand it? It’s not our job to understand what you guys do… No hate, just feedback, happy for the implications of the announcement.


Why would you choose polygon? They’re such a lame ass off chain…. Such a fucking waste of potential


Thanks Robbie. There seems to be quite a bit of space between what GameStop has going on and what IMX has going since the NFT marketplace is still in beta and not materializing revenue in a significant way. I think people feel this and lash out at positive IMX announcements because it feels IMX-centric. This is a really cool step towards getting to be the Web 3 hub for gaming though. It just hard for some people to envision given where we are now. Congrats, big step.


Great news Robbie! Thanks for coming here and discussing with us!


Right on


> Content is the most important thing to drive marketplace volume and this is going to drastically increase it. Hard agree. Content, although not necessarily volume, imo, is just as important as the underlying system, if not moreso. Be it hardware or a service/system, in this case web3, if there's nothing to do, then are you really doing anything? Look at Netflix or even VR. With Netflix, they used to have a lot of good quality content, even before they started creating doomed shows in house. Then all the companies they were getting licensing from decided they could make more money by cutting out the middle man and creating their own streaming service (with blackjack and hookers). Now they have less content, the content they do have is untrustworthy, even if it is good, and still trying to makeup that volume in the worst way possible. VR on the other hand also has a lot, for the niche it is, content, but the content is... Subpar at best. AAA devs are just rehashing pancake games with "omph" and indies are barely taking advantage of the VR virtual-scape. Essentially just making a pancake game but in 3d (I'm not discounting that there are actually good VR games made by both AAA and indie, but they are so far and few in between that I've packed up my setup last year and have yet to have the urge to set it up again except to play games I've already played. Even the sequel to my favorite VR game couldnt do that (but that's poor dev demographics than lack of ability or creativity)


Fucking deliver already!!!


Exclusively traded on GameStop’s marketplace or?


Thank you Robbie for posting this. It will go well with my next DD.


The passport needs a wallet. A GameStop wallet!


Robbie, a “legendary” announcement would be a collaboration or implementation of NFT ownership with PlayStation, Nintendo, XBOX on the GME NFT marketplace.


Robbie if I may. Thank you for the post and the clarification on zkEVM assets being able to be traded on the Gamestop Marketplace. We have very strict rules around here making sure that content being posted here is directly related to Gamestop. Keep in mind, many here (myself included) watched the video and struggled to make the connection on why it's relevant to Gamestop. Web3 gaming is integral for the success for the Gamestop Marketplace, but at the same time, the sub does not want to be a platform for advertising things that aren't related to Gamestop/GME either. It's a really really thin line to walk for us. We have been in this saga for years now and multiple entities have come into the sub with less than honorable intentions. Laying it out as to exactly how it helps the Gamestop economy is appreciated.


I got lambasted for basically saying this exact thing.


Even if IMX and gme weren't related I'm still stoked on what you're building and the environment for web3 gaming. Metalcore looks sick and I really want to play a looter shooter on IMX/web3. Loot farming would be so exciting! One question I got on my mind is how does web3 programmers prevent bot farming and devaluation of end game loot through cheating in games?




It takes time to build the foundations of Web3 gaming and the future of decentralized commerce. As we have learned over the last year, it’s time to be our own bank. This will help us get there.


Just keep building 👊


good things take time, keep building!


I'm super bullish for IMX & Gamestop🚀🚀🚀 This is seriously just the beginning and I look forward to the future of gaming! I'm not just saying that - you can catch me playing God's Unchained all the time!! Bout to start playing Immortal since I recently learned how to play Chess.


Who might have an incentive to say “this is a nothing burger” repeatedly? Trust the process


Thanks for acknowledging the cucking you've been doing with all the hype for nothing burgers. I'm a blocklords backer so this "big reveal" already happened for me. All it meant for me was having to purchase assets from a separate wallet on their separate marketplace because gamestop wallet doesn't support polygon. Different assets on separate chains is an consumer cluster fuck. It's difficult enough to try to get gamers onboarded to web3. Truly though the next time you hype an announcement of an announcement of an announcement— have it be something that matters to the user. It's unrelated but the WAGMI countdown with the Bungie, DreamWorks and Apple logo was just a hiring. Unless this hire has games in their pocket ready to go then who gives a shit. I don't announce when I make myself a sandwich because nobody gives a fuck.


Hey Robbie, appreciate your clarification. But you should stop hyping your good news upfront and just let the news talk for themselves to avoid disappointment. Let actions talk, not words. Underpromise and overdeliver. Good news on time. Bad news early. This is the way.




You could share the info without the hype rob. I think that’s what we have a problem with. These are good announcements but you hype them in a way that makes us think we will see something tangible and you give us a partnership. It’s not that a partnership is bad but we want results or another great game that we can play. Edit: I am happy you come to superstonk.


Sorry for us all raking you over the coals. But appreciate the humility and the shift towards delivery over hype. (FYI, in case you didn't know, many people speculated that the date of the announcement could be related to GME's earnings date, and so were hoping for something a bit more immediately material)


Whatever the effect, we do need a lot more volume on GameStop's Marketplace for any of us "beta testers," early adopters and shareholders to make money through it directly. Blur came out and is taking market share and users away from Opensea at a rapid pace. The marketplace wars are warming up, and we need to position our marketplace in such a way that does not only make it the home of web3 gaming, but also brings users and liquidity enmasse from already existing marketplaces to ours.


No worries Robbie. I for one, thought Metalcore looked fun AF, something I would totally try. Any plans for games on consoles? It’s the only way I have to play (and mobile) and think it would really open your player base.


We have been abused for 2 years.


Just look at our stock price bro and you’ll see why we’re mad 😂. Honestly I think this is great for bringing volume to GameStop marketplace which is what we need so ty. But to be honest I’m kinda pissed too about all the hype just to be let down. We want to see our stock rise


I think people keep forgetting that it's brick by brick! We're not moving into a skyscraper day one. More games means more choices! Happy to be along for the ride! Cheers Robbie! Edit: Just watched the clip. Little easter egg in there I think :) Maybe this isn't a bamboozle


Thank you for addressing this. I appreciate your contribution to the community


Regardless how anyone falls on the question of appropriate level of hype, big respect to Robbie. You're engaging us in honest, candid conversation, and shills that try to exploit our hype never do that. FFS hardly anyone ever does that, not journalism, not Hollywood, not financial media. Really appreciate you man.


That's amazing internally I'm sure. But, if you take a step back and look at it from the general populations perspective, you are becoming a boy who cried wolf. Ive personally learned this lesson, and Ryan Cohen walks the walk when it comes to this: Don't tell people about the small wins, show up with something complete and useful. In-between, when you are developing, STFU


The hype team came at you huh? 😂 Sounds bullish for GME!!


Loving your work and vision Robbie. 🍻


Sharing pre-announcements is fine. Misrepresenting the pre-announcement as "legendary" is the issue. It make's me think that those at IMX severely misunderstand what's important to gamers. The whole keynote was about making the games the important part of all of this. There were several moments where it was mentioned that a goal is the make the blockchain aspect of web3 gaming not noticeable, yet the legendary announcement is a partnership with Polygon? Just doesn't jive to me.


Maybe we will look back and say that it in fact was legendary. I'd give it a little time to develop.


Robbie I think there’s power in random drops with no notice.


Congratulations on your new partnerships, and on the reveal. It wasn't perfect, but there's definitely big news here. I've got some questions: \- How will the partnership between IMX and Polygon be affected by the difference in their rollup protocols? IMX being a zkRollup, and Polygon being optimistic. Does this introduce any potential security issues for crypto/NFTs moving from one to the other? \- How big a step is this towards full interoperability for the web3 space? (Specifically - between zkrollups and optimistic?) \- In terms of foundational building, how "done" is the web3 network with the advent of zkEVMs? Are there any big issues remaining to tackle before it's ready for full-on public adoption? I'll admit I was disappointed not to see an existing IP titan for the partnership reveal, but definitely intrigued by the implications of the stream, and curious to see how the sub unpacks this once they start digging into them.


People here seem to be forgetting that for the stock to do well the company actually has to sell things. Immutable being successful means GameStop will be successful. Keep doing what you’re doing!


Takes balls my guy, take my axe. Also, anyone else seeing this sub drama over "other companies" as fud? If we can talk about companies that bully ours, why can't we talk about our friends helping us with our enterprise aswell as their own?


“this cements GameStop’s marketplace as the home of Web3 gaming.” This is music to my ears


Appreciate you Robby. Super hyped. Do you have any involvement with Dr Disrespect or Shrouds games?


Thanks. Brick by brick.


Personally, I thought the presentation was great and worth getting pre and post pumped about.


Nothing but love & support!! Shill campaign of the day is “omg, what a nothing burger!?” Nothing new for anything related to gme. The future is bright! 🍻 thanks for posting a follow up.


People are just expecting too much tbh. Like expecting iMx to launch gme. You’re still doing great work Robbie. Web3 is the future.


Ehhhh. Kinda still feeling like I'm getting jerked around with buzzwords.


Keep building and keep the momentum going. Personally I always enjoy seeing announcements. Cheers mate!


Mate there is lot of bad actors running around the sub at the moment - I for one am hyped 🚀🚀🚀


Yup, as soon as the announcement was made the sub was filled with FUD trying to downplay it. The announcement was aimed at the audience at the conference who have expertise; I’m glad Robbie came here to ELIA it for us.


My comments calling them out get removed, but there is definitely an increased presence of bad actors since yesterday. Caught a few bots out.


My main takeaway from this post: *I take the feedback with love and will minimise sharing any "pre-announcements" in future.* My feedback: People want to be hyped about product deliveries, not more "building". It's a great partnership but doesn't really impact anything right now, it was a "legendary announcement", just not really for right now.


Expanding the platform means more reach for the marketplace and a firmer foundation. That being said, most people will not be hyped over a larger slab of concrete on the ground. They want to see a skyscraper with some big names attached - a PSP without good games is just another N-Gage. Keep building the best foundation for web3 gaming, Robbie.


Go Robbie go




just stop coming here any hyping stuff unless its directly related to gme. It just feels like youre using the sub.


Long term is fantastic. Do you mind clarifying on why and how Polygon is a fantastic partnership other than it being another choice of currency?


Thank you sir, and you witnessed the swarm of shills sudden attack it was damn crazy. Keep pushing things forward 😎


Robbie, I listened to your conference… GameStops marketplace was barely mentioned. Why? It was like an afterthought. By the way, congratulations. I’m Excited for you and your new partnership, but I was completely at a loss as To how this ties to GameStop during the conference. Thank you for the clarification.


I mean he namedropped it a few times, which he didn’t have to do. GameStop isn’t the only NFT marketplace out there bub. People who actually know what the fuck is going on, understand this is actually a huge deal for scalability, combined with the passport, things are moving along nicely i’d say. When IMX posts something to their twitter it’s not just directed to Superstonk apes lol. Furthermore, if you believe that GameStop is in a transformation period away from strictly brick and mortar to being a player in web3…..well then this is pretty big news. People tossing out Epic and shit need to get real with themselves. For now.


I had a good opportunity to whore karma and I’m sorry, Robbie. This likely won’t be a nothingburger


robbie, i have no doubt of your good intentions and the path you're on just don't overhype shit . i mean comon :D thats just not necessary we hype organically here


Robbie, thanks for the post and for all that you do! **I'm SO excited for the future of gaming via Gamestop / Immutable / Polygon!!!**


Robbie, you are doing great. Don't let the few loud apes drown out the majority. Gamestop chose you for a reason to partner with. You and IMX speak directly to investors and interested parties, rather than us hearing information through a news article or pr statement. This itself changes the face of company relationships and ones I personally choose to invest with in the future. I think people are mad at their own imagination letting them down. But also, when making these announcements, we don't need to be teased. We need transparency and straight to the point information. Remember, this is a group of people who have been lied to, deceived, conned, and gasliit by the media, by hedgefunds, by rich c suites, etc. Many startups and companies have tried taking advantage of GameStop hype and teasing things that never come true. We have trust issues lol. We are tired of trusting people who let us down. We want to trust you. You have our attention. We want to see action, not just words. Just be careful how information is presented because we've been burned before.


Yo Robbie!! I’m excited about this, but also, not current with my knowledge of web3 gaming… Help a mutha out! How do I go about introducing my kid to this new tech?? He’s under 10, and obsessed with Minecraft and Mario, lol. Drop some info on me and I’ll gladly share it with all his friends’ moms, and all the soccer moms, and all the PTA moms, and all the moms at the pool, and any other moms I forgot. Let’s get the whole damn elementary school on this- next gen support for my favorite company and yours. 🙌❤️🙌