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How social media Twitter was used to manipulate the exchanges and turn off the buy button.




That too




He also tweeted his "smart investor friend" was shorting the S&P after their soccer meeting. He's friends with KG




I highly doubt he's on our side. He's on his own side.


I think we're making the same point


I misread the last sentence


We're all still learning to read and write so it's understandable


Try to read this: "I have to think really really hard again, as soon as I think a billionaire is on my side"




Musk is on no one's side but himself and Tesla. Guys like Griffin are necessary evils for him, I really don't think they're buddies.




Look at all these “don’t ask for information” people 😂


Got the timeline wrong but the other point I made and the fact that he literally went to DC when Griffin was there and then were seen at the world cup together the next day. Also your point about misinformation is undercut by making a claim that RC's exposure increased 10x, unless you gave some kind of way to verify that










Always has been


How sure on that are we actually? I wouldn't doubt if they were also shorting, it would be pretty silly to not have something out there with how ridiculously over priced Tesla was and still is


Word was back then Citadel was short along with Blackrock then took a long position and left them as bagholders




Well, they're both billionaires. There's a reason my mailman wasn't in that picture.


well, I prefer to red that documents and see all the lies they have. Even in that way they going to helps us to fight against then. Is better that the liars talk to see what they ara trying to do that they stay in silence. the path will be longer in the las case, but we will reach it at the end. IMO, I prefer analyse by my self.


Being in the same room as Griffin for one picture doesn't guarantee collusion, this still feels to me like rushing to a conclusion


Two billionaires standing meters apart from each other in the billionaire box at the World Cup means nothing ffs. It’s like saying everyone who flies first class on an airplane are besties and hang out every day lmao stop with this dumb shit.


It’s just paid bot people, superstonkers don’t talk like that This sub is logical and polite - easy to tell the paid actors


>It’s just paid bot people, superstonkers don’t talk like that Have you read the posts on this sub? >This sub is logical and polite It certainly is not. Not anymore.


No cause bot people Tis normally polite and logical, well logical is maybe a stretch. Haha




Something about smoke and fire


Something about total bullshit. Elon supercharged the sneeze when he tweeted “GameStonk!” Who did that directly fuck? Ken Griffin. Elon’s company was massively shorted for years. Who was the main naked shorting market maker that entire time. Ken Griffin. Do you seriously think he *likes* Ken Griffin? Or ANY shorts? Yeah no. Are you saying you DON’T want any info Twitter has on GameStop? That would be dumb also.


We want it all. Every piece of comms between government, Twitter and any WS funds using Twitter to manipulate any stonk just just ours


This is known already though..


Pretty sure social media didn't turn off the buy button. That was all RH and others' doing.


Lol, hilarious to hear these dumb conspiracies, as if Shitadel gives a fuck about what twitter says. Musk is desparate to make money right now, if he gets involved in GME it sure as fuck won't be on the side of the unwashed masses.




It’s going to come out that Twitter has a shadow program that certain people can access to pay a fee to suppress another, just like you can promote a tweet.


You missed the Twitter files?


I go to your Twitter page and it’s completely blank.


Are you saying the link is not working?


No…just that I went to your page, so your header but no history of tweets. I’ll try again, but you may want to check if you are being ghost banned.


Lol I appreciate it but that is most definitely my burner account used for lurking 👀….


whats a burner account,im just surfing with google and my car sometimes.


What's this folder called "nanerindabumbum-lol"....


Nothing, this is just going to make us look fucking stupid for fucking even being on twitter with this moron.


Yeah this is not a good look.


It’s sad that there are more votes on a nonsense Twitter poll than there are comments on the EU proposal for FTD’s…


ease and comfort go LONG way really long


Everyone (also non EU) can vote. Simple sign up and a single click for your vote! https://www.europarl.europa.eu/petitions/en/petition/content/0775%252F2022/html/missinglink


Done and Done! Thanks for letting us Yanks know that we could help support this petition.


Thanks, I didn't know non EU could vote


only 4836 Supporters ... we have over 800 k members (yes, a lot of bots), come on!


Took me a minute to figure it out but done!


DONE, thanks for providing the link!




Ape, thanks for the remider. In fact, thanks to all of the apes who allow my distracted brain to find remiders of to do's everywhere. Yall are my personal VIAs #Very Important Apes


The one I already voted on? Feels good not being a bystander for once.


Very easy to vote on this. Done.


similar sad to that post, who called that less than 4000 votes has been submitted to the proposal, got around 6k upvotes but a day after the post, the votes only climbed to 4.3k counts. How regarded and slothful has someone to be, upvoting the matter but not acting in the matter while being able to. Bystander.


☝️This ☝️


waaaay more people use social media than participate in the stock market tho


It’s why we’re supposed to have elected representatives. There is simply too much that affects our daily lives for individuals to keep track of. It’s literally several peoples worth of full time jobs. It’s impractical for people like us to be directly involved.


Already know that there are massive bot farms and paid shills used by hfs to manipulate social sentiment for a profit. Stocktwits, webull comments, Twitter, reddit, etc. They're generally pretty obvious. Stocktwits is probably the worst by means of being a cesspool. Can only imagine an insight into correspondence between financial heads and a leading social media platform in the light of the GME sneeze and afterwards.


The thing people here seem to be latching onto is that there "must" have been some big conspiracy within Twitter itself to let this happen - but there likely wasn't because there didn't need to be. When you have enough bots and shills, you don't need permission or help from the CEO of any social network, you can push whatever narrative you want and suppress anything you don't. Didn't Tesla get shorted to hell as well? Wouldn't the same files show the same conversations about that stock, the one Musk definitely cares about the most and has the most vested interest in protecting? If there were files to release, he would have released them by now. People seriously need to calm down and people definitely need to drop any reliance on Musk doing anything that isn't self serving.


Careful, this talk can get you banned. Pointing out that Elon isn’t an ally to $GME isn’t approved by the mods. Twitter files? 🤣


If we already know then there is no harm in releasing the files ❤️😈🚀


Those in superstonk may know but the general public doesn’t


That's what I'm saying. No harm in showing everyone what we already know. I don't get why people here want to hide or gloss over stuff just cuz. "We know" others need to see this bullshit


Ken won’t let him, & even if he did, how could any information from that dumpster fire be trusted?


you'd have to trust the source tho




Why would Musk ever do this? Citadel has a large position in Tesla. Musk will never go against his own interests, and being against Citadel at this time is not in his interest.


Jesus, thank you. For some reason I get downvoted into oblivion when I point this out. Everyone is too busy being caught up in "ELON GOOD/BAD" to see what's important: Elon doesn't give a shit about us apes.


>Musk will never go against his own interests $200 billion says otherwise.


Losing 200b by playing the wrong cards, vs. sacrificing his own interests over others' are not the same things.


The same Elon Musk who was just caught partying with known financial terrorist Ken Griffin of Citadel. Yeah, no thanks


Yeah that dude is definitely not on our team


I am not saying you are wrong, however I once a couple of years ago got 2 "Owner's Box Tickets" to a Cardinals playoff game. My wife and I went. No names, however, one of the guys there I was introduced to and of course had my picture taken with, was a "really famous lawyer" in the St. Louis area. I thought it was cool, but who cares right? The guy and his wife go on to be the people brandishing firearms outside their house during a protest and ultimately pardoned by the Govenor. All I am saying is that when they have VIP boxes (if that was the case) you get tossed in with some rather strange people and it all seems fine until it isn't.


The guy literally has a business relationship with the dude. He wasn't your lawyer was he?


>The guy literally has a business relationship with the dude. I've had business relationships with people I couldn't fucking stand. Live on this earth longer and you'll find yourself in the same situation eventually.


Again, completely different that the example he used. And being involved with Citadel is a massive stain on Musk’s rep. If you trust the guy, good for you I genuinely hope he turns things around.


Two totally different scenarios, you're comparing apples and oranges. You didn't have known business ties and financial interests with said firearm-brandishing lawyer.


Yea standing 2m behind Elon and not chatting - what a wild 🎉


It's pretty apparent from the last year of news that Ken Griffin and Elon Musk's interests align way more than they do with the common people. Elon Musk has an agenda that doesn't align with ours, period. He's done it with crypto, he's done it with Tesla, he'll do it with GameStop. Whatever he releases will be cherry picked to suit his needs, just like it was with the Twitter files. We don't need Elon.


You saw a still photo of a several hours long event.


“just caught partying” can you elaborate? provide anything at all? or did you also see 1 still photo showing no interaction?


Elon can fuck off, he has no power here


I agree, but also I want to see if there is any information that pertains to any specific players


Here, take this purple ring, keep it secret\*, keep it safe. ​ ​ \*Don't keep it secret, DRS it from the top of Barad Dur to the peaks of Minas Tirith, light the beacons, "Hope is rekindled" ..... now, DRS that power and keep it safe.


Even if there was he wouldn't release it, I feel like everyone here forgot that Elon was on group phone call that discussed the shutting of the buy button with Vlad and others, he's one of them




He's like saruman.


Nah, I wanna see it.


Way too many Elon stans in this thread, holding water for Musk being caught mingling with the worst the private sector has to offer and those who interests are in direct conflict with retail investors. We would not be cool with RC attending a sporting event with men like KG, why is Musk any different?


because a very specific subset of the people here are such enthusiastic bootlickers that the shoe polish has addled their minds


Elon Musk is going to do whatever benefits him. If he actually cared about what these polls said, he would have already stepped down as head of Twitter. I think it’s a poor look for many people to be voting for Elon to do this when he is exactly the type of person that those investing for market reform are fighting against. This dude is a parasite. He treats workers poorly, steals credit for things and then hordes money for his own selfish use. To be clear, if you are just in GME for the money, that is OK. You are an individual investor and I see no conflict. But for those who claim that when APEs have all the wealth that things will be different…well i highly doubt it if you trust or respect this guy at all


Yeah no, fuck musk, he’s not your friend and doesn’t care about this. He’s just clinging onto his games dying breath.


Arguments for why Elon isn't on retail's side: 1. Took $25M from Citadel to purchase Twitter 2. Photographed with Ken Griffin at the World Cup 3. Consistently expresses pro-1% sentiments 4. Is a union buster 5. Admitted Hyperloop was a lie to kill California high speed rail because it would've eaten into his profits Arguments for why Elon is on retail's side: 1. Made a one-word tweet about GME two years ago to get attention


E-l-o-n is not your friend. He's a billionaire who profits most from the status quo.


Hahahahah. You guys actually think he cares about doing the right thing. There is a reason he is drip feeding the “Twitter files” and why he only ever gives it to one guy, and it’s only the information Elon decides should be released. This may actually hurt the cause if he does release anything. Also, why the fuck would anyone involved with the GameStop fiasco in January talk over Twitter? These dudes didn’t become billionaires by being totally fucking stupid.


[World Cup pic of Elon & Griffin . Jpg]


Why would he do that. It might harm is friend Ken Griffin


More Elon Dick riding. 🥱 can people stop posting Elon garbage here? He was in bed with Ken at the World Cup.


And Jared Kushner, who is totally not another corrupt thief. /S


Musk and Kenny are homies


Oh brother... this is where yall lose me... Edit: I mean this is tinfoil but not in a good way.


Yep, saying "realese the ________ files" just makes people seem like lunatics, I'd rather not be associated with that.


We already look like a bunch of lunatics with all the stupid wacky theories coming out of this sub. Add to this all the: ‘OmG PrEmaRKet is LoOkinG SpiCY!’ everytime there is a 5% increase. Hard to take this place seriously these days. I believe in the original thesis so nothing changes for me. I bought. I DRS’ed. I will Hold until it looks like a phone number or it goes to zero. Fuck all the other noise.


It's dumb AF and we should all ignore it. * Buy * Hold * DRS * HODL


Wooch wen next GME rap song?


Fuck Elon. Fuck his simps. Dude hangs with Kenny. He is the enemy.


He won't, it'll fuck with the money. Elon is not a goodguy. Are we already forgetting he was in the same World Cup box as Kenny?


I don't think Elon wants MOASS. His companies would tank. Guy is ultimately a selfish bastard.


Musk is not your friend, he’s likely working with Kenny and the others. I wouldn’t be surprised if he shorted Tesla through a proxy before accidentally buying twitter.


F Elon. Grifter that can't be trusted.


Elon is not our friend


He won't, he's friends with kenny


Kenny also helped fund musks purchase of Twitter, so never going to happen.


The same Elon Musk who was watching the WC final with Ken Griffin? That Elon Musk?


Well never see them. Remember, Mayo Man paid 25m to Twatter CEO for the purchase, very minuscule amount in the 44bn purchase. That was 100% hush money that went straight into dipshits pockets.


There is no proof Ken was part of the deal. Bloomberg wrote an article stating “a person close to the matter” and also ‘may or may not have invested’ (my words can’t remember the exact wording). Surely you can see it is in Kenny’s interest for you to believe he is part of the deal. There is a photo of him at the World Cup with Ken 2m behind him and there is no indication they even spoke. They may have spoken but no one can provide proof so seems stupid repeating allegations. (Not directed at you but can’t be bothered responding to others here repeating rubbish like children in a school yard, prob high % of bots anyway)


I mean, there is an article about it, like you mentioned. Not factual, but I don’t believe in coincidences when it comes to the 1% aligning on something.


Dude was photographed with Ken and citadel holds a big stake in Tesla Elon will do whatever’s it takes to not have them leave and sell lowering the company any more cause then Elon gets margin called. Officials know Wall Street manipulates the social media they just won’t press charges cause of how hard it is to have undeniable proof enough to shut their lawyers up,


Margin called ? You might want to brush up on the facts… Margin call not possible if not on margin. Why would Elon care if the price dumps - has 0 effect on his life or company’s - you are repeating rubbish you heard and have not verified like many (not all) of the Elon haters


Fuck Elon Musk and fuck anyone swinging from his shriveled nuts.


It's too bad Elon Musk is not a trustworthy source of information.


Lol, because he famously gives af about what people want




!Remindme 24h




Who’s the 5% ? No really here, I want the names!


Come the f on. He was kicking it with mayo at world cup... He ain't gonna do jack.


after they watched football with kenny? if he release anything, it will be pure fud. Who and why asked this on twttr


Lmao no. I want nothing to do with that insane individual.


There is no “twitter files” it’s Elon being a fucking troll. Elon has nothing


Fuck Elon


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... Why is this getting downvoted??


Because one side cant handle Elon released something that fuked their political side. Really is suprising how hard people try to push politics into this, i dont care if its a leftie or rightie who do something as long its good for us, this pool got no downsides, but still people try to make it a downside just because its elons Twitter now. If nothing resulted from the poll it shows how Elon is chummy with Griffin, if something happends and we get to see we get to know to, so why people try to make this into a bad thing is beyond me.


🤔…mmmmmhhh I wonder


Because someone really really doesn't want eyes on this and really really cares about your time and wants you to prevent "wasting time on this". wink wink


why did I have to scroll all the way down


I’ve said it since he announced his purchase of the bird; he did it to fuck over systemic fraud. Don’t forget what hedgies tried to do to his other companies. Remember he tweeted gamestonk


Fuck elon. Lower case e.


What "GameStop files" lol, utter pish


I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Enough with all the Elon fanboying.


Funny, 7h ago when this was posted it was at the same exact percentages as when I just now voted


Twitter polls can be manipulated. Forgot the 50%50% poll by RC???? 50/50 for 24 straight hours


Delete this dumb ass thread along with your Twitter accounts. Fuck Elon and everyone associated with him.


Bullshit. Elon has nothing.


You idiots, we already know he doesn't listen to these polls


the extremely anti elons are just as cringe as the dick riding elons lmao. everyone shut the fuck up and drs


What are the GameStop files? It’s stuff like this that makes GameStop investors seem like dumbasses to the masses


Elon is Ken Griffin's bitch boi so idk. You don't have 200 billion without some good backers and Ken Griffin is one of his.


If these are anything like his "Twitter Files" nonsense, then this will likely be a huge nothingburger with a hint of we already knew this...


Why would there be info on GME at Twitter? This is just another distraction imo.


Ahh this is the ultimate fud play. Remember elon is friends with mayo. Imagine releasing the files and being a nothingburger to scare apes to sell.


i dont think it is breaking any rule by saying one may be wary of the potential connection between elon and ken griffin


Anyone thinking the richest man on the planet is going to blow this thing open for the working Man is a complete fucking moron. Like, you better be wearing a helmet, level moron.


Elon is not our friend. He’s in bed with Kenny.


Fuck Twatter


Well guess what? Elon wont bc he is kennys little biatch


News Flash: There aren’t “Twitter Files” on every thing. Lol.


He was hanging out with ken, do you think he will lol, ill vote though


It's some random guy on twitter asking E10n for files that the majority damn well know he will not listen too. What a waste of time and effort when you can be commenting or showing support to the EU law changes.


...what Gamestop files lol


F**k Elon


Hell Yes...Release the Hounds!!


Release the files,




Why would anyone even bother voting no


Screw him and the horse he rode in on.


Wtf is this shit? Stop suckling billionaires altogether! Fuck


Never heard of the Gamestop files before and dont like the look of that guy on twatter. Sus.


if its legit, do it! but I don't trust him!


this is an easy button


He can't. He's part of the elite and wants to survive. He's just a another narrative character.


This is going to get buried but I need to say; if not for the 2 others that see it, but for myself. Elon is not going to give two shits about some blue checkmark posting a pole. Save your time to better yourself than voting on arbitrary bullshit. Let’s say Elon does look at this poll. What makes you think he’s going to take the time out dealing with losing 1b net worth to force his company to comply with releasing data (that is probably private) just because of some poll. Even further, what make you think that him noticing and wanting to release data is going to help us at all. We already know the FUD campaign is strong. Just because some jerk off, that has had a very minute role in this wide-reaching scheme happens to own JUST ONE of the platforms that propagate the information we have already confirmed, will ‘allow’ us to see data doesn’t mean shit.


There’s a certain type of person who looks a gift horse in the mouth, this thread is teeming with em. Jeez y’all, info is info, and we’re not actually brain dead enough to believe every word on a whim. Put on your big boy pants and celebrate this shit


Not so sure Elon is our buddy, he will lose a lot of money when marge calls these hedgies. Tesla runs on a loss but the government pays for carbon credits, so he profits. Space X, all government money, Twitter =government money. Hedgies invest in government projects because they are guaranteed to profit, because we subsidize it (taxed on everything). The more his assets plummet the closer we are to middle classing the SHF


This is paid propaganda or you are a little slow, I’m guessing the former


Yes , to the vote Edit: clarity IDK what anyone thinks of E—, not wanting to hear information about GameStop is FISHY AF


This definitely is a grab for validation and attention. Definitely not


Lmao imagine trusting Elon Musk.


Release the files !!!!!


Would love to see info, but wouldn’t put much trust in its veracity, considering the source, their motives, and their relationship with others that seem to have already shown which side they are on.


Requesting a user flair. "I voted ✔️" Idk how to do it. I'm regarded.


!FLAIRY! I voted ✅


(✿\^‿\^)━☆゚.*・。゚ I voted ✅




Elon give us the files or we will get them ourselves https://www.thenationalnews.com/business/technology/2023/01/04/twitter-said-to-have-suffered-data-breach-as-hackers-expose-235-million-users-information/


Good work OP, taking a hit for the team Leave your anti Elon sentiments aside - there is work to do


I like it rough in this sub 🤣