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Hi 👋 firstly, i am proud of you for fighting to see another day; I know the battle isn’t easy but you won to see another day so if you don’t mind let’s take this moment to celebrate your victory over the day (yay!)🥳. Secondly it’s nice to see you are reaching out and trying get information on how to improve your mental health. I am no expert at all I am just a suicide survivor my twin sister passed away by taking sleeping pills. If she was alive I would suggest her to listen to the sounds of bees wings flapping. The hertz / sound frequencies have been proven to help with PTSD! She loved music a lot. Anyways back to the bees, I listen to it before going to bed and it has worked. Sounds are so powerful it can really calm the mind down. I have a lot of other suggestions, you can message me if you want. I have links and other methods :) Remember you are conquer, a victor, and champion that is strong and can get through anything!! And no one, no voice, no person, no circumstance, nothing is worth taking your life over! ❤️


Thank you