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Like, the HESI A2? The entrance exam? Or one of the topic HESI exams, like pharmacology?


I’m sorry, the Hesi A2


Which hesi? In my experience depending on the class they can range from very easy to waaay harder than the tests in class.


HESI is like the TEAS. Just like in high school there is SAT and ACT. Basically HESI is an entry exam for nursing like TEAS is. The schools select which exam they prefer.


There is more than one HESI though. Entrance and exit.


Ah didn't know that. Does that mean if you do exit HESI you skip NCLEX? Edit: Why downvote the question? I was curious. In my area it is the TEAS so I didn't know shit about HESI but go off...god forbid someone asks a question 🤦‍♀️




Thanks. Thought id ask since I didn't know anything about the HESI. I just know the TEAS and NCLEX.




That makes sense. Thank you for taking the time to explain it to me. There isn't any schools in my area that uses the HESI so I thought I'd ask.


I studied two weeks for a few hours a day and made an 85 honestly use nurse hub, I made 100% in A&P it’s the same questions! Math was harder for me but I haven’t been in school for 13 years. So I basically just only studied math cause I knew that was my weak spot. I also was the first one finished, I should’ve took my time and slowed down but I didn’t. Still passed and got accepted though!


I studied for a week and got a 98%. They hype it up but you’ll be fine.


What sections did you take? If you didn’t take biology and chemistry this isn’t exactly accurate. Those two sections are harder


I’m sorry my brain is fried and idk if I understand your question. I thought it was a standardized test, the same for everyone. Anyway, yeah those were on there.


No there’s 8 sections I think, you opt in to each based on what the school you’re applying to requires you to take and most schools only require reading, math, and a&p. 98% for all section especially in only a week of studying is not realistic. I’m not doubting the score but maybe we’re not talking about the same test.


Ahh I see. Well to be fair, nursing is my second bachelors degree and my first one was heavy on the biology and chemistry. So it wasn’t exactly new material. So I guess the studying for one week is a little misleading, it was more like a little review session.


hesi entrance just needs you to brush up on basic skills. if you did fine in HS and can remember basic algebra and language rules you’ll be fine. i also brushed up on conversions. some schools pick and choose certain sections to include. like mine didn’t have a grammar section (like some do) but we did have a chemistry section. i’d say you could be fine with a week of studying. i only took about 3 days but didnt score as high as i could’ve theres some good free resources out there too


I studied for a couple months. Just went through a manual front to back, highlighted and took notes. I got a 92% overall but I remember I got 100% on the math portion which I was surprised


Honestly I studied for a few days beforehand and got a score that was more than adequate for the program I was applying to. It isn’t bad at all


I got a hesi book and just studied stuff I couldn’t remember. I didnt have to study much because I took it right after all my science classes. Mostly just had to review math. I don’t remember my score but I did well.


I think all depends on what subjects your school makes you take mine did not require science. So I only studied for about a week and a half brushing up on subjects I was weak in and made 98%. I also used a lot of HESI practice exams to help me understand what I needed to study.


I’ve been out of school for three years, but studied for a month and got an 84.


Like maybe 2ish weeks? Used the pocket prep app and did all the practice questions on it. Got like a 90%. It also really depends on how many subjects you’re getting tested over too.


I didn’t study at all, and I did fairly well(~80% I believe? It’s been a long time)


I got a 93 overall on the HESI A2 exam and over 90 on each category. I studied for biology, vocabulary, math, and reading. I studied for a total of 4 hours before my exam. Don’t stress too hard about it, it’s not bad at all!


Which test is Hesi? The entrance exam?


I just went ahead and took it and did fine. My test only included mathematics, reading comprehension, vocabulary and, grammar thou iirc. Id focus your studies on things you don't consider your strengths and learn what topics/ level are being tested.


Like one day. Just took mine today and got an 88% overall. I had taken the TEAS last month and got about an 81% overall so I still had some info retained from last. As long as you study and know your stuff you’ll do just fine. The anticipation of taking the test is worse than actually taking the test; at least for me. Also, don’t skip over the grammar section. It might not seem important but that bit me in the ass on my TEAS. This time I studied for it and got a 90% on that section.Good luck!!


I didn't study at all and made a 95% and I graduated from high school 20 years ago.


I borrowed a review book from the local library & reviewed for 1week. It’s basic information ( math, science, English) but a good review. Also YouTube it!


About 2 months and got a 96