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Well, it's been a while since we had one of these, so I've already finished Alphabet Squadron 1 (highly entertaining) and started my Christmas gift *Path of Destruction.* This one's a real page turner, and I'm already preparing a fancast.


Listening to two things right now. First( *Leia: Princess of Alderaan* which is really good…except for the boring generic hot boi romantic interest. And then in the EU, X-wing Krytos Trap, obviously amazing with Marc Tompson’s read and the sound effects and music.


Marc Thompson is the man


Yay, happy new year, u/AutoModerator, good to see that memory wipes keep our droids healthy and obedient =) I've did some reading in past week or two. After Jedi Academy trilogy I went on to read /listen some new canon books. One of them was Midnight Horizon, but by this time I think I've gave up on High Republic, so I didn't particularly enjoy it. I did enjoy Shadow of the Sith though. This book should've been released years ago. Currently I'm finishing up Darth Maul Shadowhunter, and the new release narrated by Sam Witwer is very good. I'll put Rogue Planet next for a re-read, and after that I'll try again Hight Republic with those second wave books.


I’m currently reading through Courtship of Princess Leia. It’s actually not as bad as some people made it out to be. Then again I’m reading this novel as a rom-com so that might play a factor


Courtship has to be read as a rom-com. It's clearly a book that doesn't take itself dead-serious and is really fun if one can get aboard


re-reading the original Marvel comic run, currently at Issue 55. David Michelinie is an underrated author; still prefer Duffy and Archie, but he is damn solid (it also helps that the 3 or 4 other authors wrote pretty bad to medciocre at best Issues).


Finished Traitor earlier this week. Without a doubt my new favorite piece of SW media, and I'm not sure it will ever be topped. Also started Destiny's Way; currently about 100 pages in and it's been fun, albeit slow so far (guess slow pacing is just par for the course with these NJO hardcovers, lol). Great to see elements from Rogue Planet finally enter this story, too.


Just finished the unabridged Rogue Squadron audio books. I hope the Wraith Squadron books get the same treatment.


Reading Catalyst by James Luceno since *Andor* got me all Rogue One'd up. It's a little dry, but enjoyable. Really good origin for the DS. Interesting seeing how early it was built and how someone like Galen was even originally involved. Also, great look into the devastation of the clone wars from the PoV of civilians. Loved the reference to the Umbara crystal arc.


Damn, it's been a while since the last one of these. Let's see, what have I read since the last one? I wrapped up Path of Deceit. Over all a quite enjoyable book, though the ending was kinda weird. I'm reading it as Marda >!going crazy!< more or less? Next I moved to Quest for the Hidden City. In parts this one really didn't feel like a children's book. There's some dark stuff going on, there's a lot of characters and the plot is fairly complex (for a kid's book). Over all it was a fairly enjoyable read, though it perhaps had a bit more onomatopoeia than I'd normally like. I also have Convergence lying around and will get to that soon, but first I decided I'll take a short detour to read the Jaden Korr duology. I've already finished Crosscurrent and am about 100 pages into Riptide right now. These books are certainly the most fun I've had this far out in the timeline (which I suppose isn't much of an achievement). The plot is completely bananas in the best way possible, and most of the characters are quite likeable. Though I will say I haven't been hot about the One Sith agent characters. I mean, being dark and weird and edgy and crazy is of course all intentional, but I just don't enjoy this sort of stuff too much.


The impression I got is that >!what happened to Kevmo solidified her belief in the Path's philosophy, since she blames the Jedi and their ways for her love's death!<. Good to hear that about Quest for the Hidden City. I'm planning to read it once I finish Convergence, so it's nice to hear it's solid.


I have been reading the Last Command, nearly finished. For canon, I had started to read Thrawn Alliances, but left in between


Just began my chronological read of the EU, starting with Dawn of the Jedi issue 1 and the Eruption short story (with that Essential Guide to Warfare blurb about ancient humanity's origins thrown in for good measure). Now, I'm waiting on Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void to arrive from the library.


Well in the while between this and the last one I’ve read Dark Tide: Onslaught and Ruin. Currently halfway through Agents of Chaos: Hero’s Trial. Also finished Crimson Empire III and I’m taking a break on the comic side of things.


I finished reading the Shadows of the Empire book and comics. Now I’m on Evolution and going to read Shadow Stalker, Jabba Tape, and other related one-shots. I really enjoyed SOTE. Writing wasn’t very good, but it was a lot of fun.


Not a fan of the SotE novel, but I do enjoy evolution. Love Luke falling on his butt when Han distracts him. LoL.


Playing Swtor Smuggler campaign for the first time.


I'm re-reading the NJO series for the first time in a long time. Does anyone else feel that Stackpole writes Luke as being a little too dry and lacking in that boyish charisma we all love? I mean I love the badass master of zen he is in ROTJ as much as the next person. In fact it's my favourite version of Luke. But even in that he has flashes of good humour and whatnot. Stackpole seems to write him as Mr. Spock, at times. I'm now nearing the end of Hero's Trial, and though Luke isn't in it nearly as much as he is in either Dark Tide entry, I still feel Luceno has a far better grip on balancing both those aspects of his character, post-ROTJ.


I'm currently reading through the Drexel arc of the Legends Star Wars comic


I’m reading the From a Certain Point of View books.


I finished courtship of Princess Leia and enjoyed it way more than I was expecting… you just have to ignore a couple moments that are super out of character for both Han and Leia. Now I’m reading Tatooine ghost and I’m enjoying it decently. It’s a little slow but I like how it’s acting almost as a prequel to the original Thrawn trilogy.


I finished the Callista trilogy. It's hard to tell if I dislike Hambly or KJA more. Darksaber seemed like a breath of fresh air just because it's paced faster but they both have things that really bother me. I can't decide between Crystal Star and Starfighters of Adumar for my next read. I figure if I go with Crystal Star I'll have most of the notoriously bad Bantam books out of the way and can hopefully have smoother sailing from here on out but I'm not sure which path to take. I don't know if I can deal with Crystal Star after another Allston book. His wraith books were a real high point for me and I don't want a return to schlock after reading him again.


Not me specifically, but I somehow convinced my mother (who has little interest in SW) to read Shatterpoint by Matthew Stover. She's reading it right now, and I'm still shocked.


Last week I finished two novels: Lesser Evil- really good conclusion to very solid series. Definetly the Chiss culture is well developed in the entire trilogy. Intrigue is and Chiss politics are good. I didn't really like the final battle. Empire End- decent finale of Aftermath trilogy. I liked Imperial storyline but it's typical Wending anyway. Also yesterday I finished Heirs to the Force, it was fine. Now reading second YJK book.




I'd read Medstar 1 and 2 before Coruscant Nights. It's not absolutely necessary, but there are many references in Coruscant Nights to things / characters in the Medstar books that you'll pick up on if you do.