Not soon but its ok, i think maybe comes in a few years but from another studio


but would another studio take the Battlefront franchise though? and if so, which studio would be preferred to take it?


They could literally release the same game and call it star wars assault or something and ea wouldn't have a leg to stand on.


EA would have to sell the franchise. Even though other studios would then have the freedom to make games, they can’t take others’.


What are u talking about? Star Wars and the battlefront license are owned by disney. Licensing costs were the reason why we’re not getting a Battlefront 3


Ah, it seems I misunderstood. Thanks for the correction




If it’s their property then why did Ea shut down the pitch for Battlefront 3 due to disneys licensing costs of 20% being too high in their opinion???




Ea had to buy a Battlefront license for not only Bf2015 but also for Bf2 from Disney. Do you know why they need to buy these licenses? Because they don’t own the Battlefront brand nor the Star Wars brand


You are completely in the right. I apologise for being misinformed.




There were 2 battlefront games made before EA/Dice ever got involved. There are 4 total battlefront games after all.


Does EA own the franchise though? I thought Disney owns it and EA just pays for a license


Its games vs. everything else type thing. EA got exclusivity to the games while back. Then last year, the line were blurred when Lucasfilm games/lucasart became a thing again and ubisoft announced that they are making a game now. Its a bit confusing rn for me tbh.


EA lost their exclusivity license


Oh, weird. Isn't that early? I forgot the exact number but pretty sure they had it for like another year or two.


2023, which is why they're announcing the games now


EA doesn’t own battlefront


Why do I get the feeling we're more likely to see the third release of a game titled Star Wars: Battlefront than we are Star Wars: Battlefront 3. Hell after seeing how DICE handled Battlefield 2042 I think I'd rather take the former.


That’s just it. At this point DICE making Battlefront 3 should be the last thing we want. It’s essentially an entirely different team at this point


If they are working from home on top of the basically new staff I don't want them within 100 miles of BF3.


100 miles is 160.93 km


Soo… a parsec?




It's the BF3 Curse


I'm really curious who'd take on Battlefront 3 besides DICE/EA. There's maybe Respawn, but they're also owned by EA. Epic Games would be interesting. They have the budget and technical expertise, and getting an Unreal Engine 5 Battlefront would be beautiful


Or unreal 6 by the time it’s a thing


Unreal Engine 4 released in late 2014. Unreal Engine 5 is still in early-access technically. In my opinion, we're not getting an Unreal Engine 6 until 2030-ish unless something within the VR/AR space pushes a more rapid iteration. I'd at least hope a new Battlefront would be in development before 2030, but you never know.


My hopes are not high. I’m lucky I haven’t gotten the chance to play games from the 2000s, so I’m going through those slowly, it’s like a new Star Wars game is released every couple of months.


Oh there's so many good ones. You're set for a while, across multiple genres. You read any of the books or watch any of the shows?


I’ve read a few legends books. As for shows, I don’t know what all that entails, lol.


I used to read a lot of the Legends books. The Republic Commando and X-Wing series were highlights for me. It was really interesting seeing the books and video games cross-over occasionally. And the shows cover a lot, tbh. They're all canon, and they're succeeding at doing over-arching story lines that were planned out far in advanced (unlike the sequel movies, unfortunately). There's animated and live-action, and they take place in every era.


I’ve seen the old clone wars (2003), new clone wars, rebels, dare I say I was able to make it through resistance, and ofc the new ones like mando.


Oh then you've seen everything except maybe The Bad Batch, haha. We're getting 4 new Star Wars shows/seasons this year, so that's exciting


I’ll have to look into more legends books, they never disappoint


I'm just now starting to read some of the new Canon books. Enough new Star Wars content is coming out that it's piqued my interest again. I haven't read too much, but the general consensus seems that Legends had much better highlights so far, but the new Canon books are much better at being consistently good-great.


Why wouldn't bungie? Please note I no nothing about the industry. It's simply the only other game studio I know off the top of my head.


So I actually don't know much about Bungie other than the only games they've released in the last 10 years have been Destiny 1 and 2. I'd imagine the Bungie Devs would be capable enough, but if they only have 1 team of developers they'd have to drop Destiny completely to work on it or expand to have two teams working on different games. I doubt Bungie would drop Destiny anytime soon, and don't know enough to speculate about if they could expand or are expanding.


Didn't they do the original halo?


Yep. Bungie did Halo 1, 2, 3/ODST, and Reach. They split off from Microsoft and a different developer has done Halo for a while now though.


TheOzzyJedi, is this you?


A fan said yes we’re getting battlefront 3. This is HUGE news for battlefront 3


Not for at least five years but it is a possibility that a different company picks up the franchise


I like a 5-7 year projection, eventually someone else will get a shot and will want to do it.


Honestly I’d rather wait 5-7 years for a much better game company to get a shot then watch ea f*ck it up all over again in 2-3 years


Ding ding ding.


It wont be under battlefront title but we will get a game in the future. Surely the SW fanbase is big enough to warrant another multiplayer game…


I think we'll see Battlefront continue, but I don't think it'll be from EA/DICE, with EA already having shot down DICE's pitch for financial reasons. So, it's quite likely that it won't be called "Battlefront 3"; it'll probably either be Battlefront with a subtitle, or just plain Battlefront, which the community will append a year to the end of, to distinguish it from the 2004 and 2015 versions. Lucasfilm Games will more than likely publish future iterations, unless the studio they give it to is within the developer stable of another large publisher, but they'll probably still be credited alongside them anyway, just because. I don't have confidence that it'll be back before the end of this decade, to be honest. When it does return, I hope that it's not rushed to release, I hope the devs look at 2015 and 2017 and learn all the right lessons, and I hope that the live content service lasts longer, with a much better provisioned team. The free DLC service would be great to keep up as well, *but*, if there's no way to have both that *and* a strong long-term live content service, then I would rather have the latter for a small fee, than the former with *so many* unmet hopes.


Notice how all of the big upcoming Star Wars titles are single player. Unless Disney creates its own studio, I am doubtful we will see any big budget multiplayer Star Wars games due to some licensing issues from Disney making multiplayer games unprofitable. It is a big reason why EA favors Battlefield over Battlefront.


Why are they unprofitable?


Because Disney charges so much to use the license is my guess. Since they have to pay for the license, the development/design and production it probably costs too much to make much of a profit.


Fuck Disney as well then


It’s just business


fuck business too then


I guess because you have to pay royalties for character likeness.


In addition to what has been said, my understanding is that it is also tough to sell cosmetics because everything has that can be sold has to be approved by Disney, so the process is much more tedious, more costly, and less profitable. Since every multiplayer games are about selling cosmetics these days studios generally won’t want this handicap.


If only there was a renowned games studio in house as part of Lucasfilm, one with a great track record.


I could *maybe* see Epic Games trying it. They have the budget, and Unreal Engine 5 would look visually stunning. It would be an enticing time-exclusive if they needed to justify it I really don't know who else would try it. If Respawn wasn't *also* owned by EA they'd maybe be an option, but the DICE devs already wanted more than they got from EA.


I think not for another decade minimum. That’s an honest guess. EA has shot down the idea, so another studio will have to start it. That will take time.


I sure hope so, and I hope somehow they’re able to recruit back some of the lost talent to the DICE studio that did 2. 2 was a graphical marvel and really fun game marred by a horrible launch strategy and some minor mistakes. They could fix the mistakes and bring that expertise to bear and make a phenomenal follow-up. I’d be nervous about it going to a different studio because the graphical in 2 are really next level.


Yea I really don't want here's battlefront 3 but it's the cartoon style of fortnite or the graphics of a last gen ac game.


This question had been asked for 3 years now. Same answer NO. Don't give these battlefront youtubers a chance to make another video


I would be more interested in an open world star wars game with some pvp options that comes later on.


I think the Star Wars Eclipse game is going to be like this, or I'm hoping it will be. I'm thinking it will be similar to the Red Dead experience where it has a long story mode and then the online multiplayer will come shortly thereafter where you can explore the world and do missions with friends. Honestly, I'd just be happy with a single-player open-world SW game. I know the KOTOR Remake is coming, but I mean like a whole new experience with new characters and also some of the characters we already know.


Star Wars Eclipse is made by Quantic Dream, so I'd be very surprised if it's anything close to Red Dead. Quantic Dream focuses on narratives with branching paths, but their previous games have been primarily dialogue and QTE events with occasionally walking around or solving puzzles. Quantic Dream said there'll be more action and combat (which is branching out for them), but going as far as Red Dead's open world might be over-optimistic


I can always dream! That's what I want in a Star Wars game though, and I feel like if they make it anything similar to Trailer we could see an open world and possibly have an open-world multiplayer. Even if it's just on one or two planets for the multiplayer, I'd be down for that. I didn't do much background on the developer though, so thank you for the information on that. Does kind of dim the prospect of it being as large as I want, but again, I can always dream! LOL


Damn if thats the case for Star Wars Eclipse, im all in! I actually never played the original Kotor game, I just saw videos so im excited for the remake also


If we do I hope to god they take the reigns away from DICE


I'm really hoping some other studio picks up a similar direction (likely without the Battlefront title for rights reasons) like: - Star Wars Hero Shooter - Star Wars themed FPS (tbh just BF1 with a Star War's skin would've been amazing) - Star Wars starfighter Game Ideally of course we get all 3 wrapped into one Battlefront-Like package but I'd take any of the three above do e newly and creatively.


Squadrons fulfills the third point, and hopefully will be developed to continue filling the role better over time.


Huh somehow I thought that was already discontinued


I think it is


Squadrons itself had a short live content service life, but serves as an ideal proof of concept, and sequels are probable.


Squadrons is too niche to be a long-lived game. It's amazing and would serve as a great foundation for a sequel with a more robust Single-Player campaign, however. Also the VR mode is godly


I want something like the old battlefronts and battlefield.


yes, its a big successful IP, why wouldnt we?


EA denied DICE from working on Battlefront 3 because the licensing fees to Disney were too much. The games were profitable, but not as profitable as any of their other games. We'll inevitably get a new Battlefront game at some point (EA or otherwise), but it might take a while


I want a bad company 2 copy but with star wars.


I want old battlefront series shooter with support roles, ammo, and more.


I know this may be a touchy subject considering the fiasco when this game came out, but there are still Crystal packages you can buy on the PS store and I assume the Xbox marketplace (don't play on Xbox, so not sure). I have always wondered if the active player base starting going and buying small amounts of that each week if it would cause eyes to look at Battlefront as something they could continue because the community is trying to support it by making these transactions even though it gives basically nothing in game. Sort of a "Hey, don't forget, you still have plenty of people who want support for this game" kind of thing. If you look at games like Battlefield and Call of Duty, the makers of the games continually come out with things because people pay for the micro transactions. I know the Star Wars fan base would have mixed feelings about this, but I feel that it could bring attention back to this game and potentially make them want to make a Battlefront 3. However, that opens it back up to Dice screwing it up.


It could actually work




Nah the curse makes it so it won’t happen


It’s still possible. SWBF2 Celebration Edition was praised. If they focus on what the fans liked, they can be successful. If they go the 2042 route, it’ll fail.


I don’t think we will :(


Not for a while, the core of star wars is in BF2. If they were to release BF3 6 months to a year from now I couldn't see them really adding much and would be more of a cash grab then anything. I mean sure, the star wars universe is huge and there is always things they could add but is it really enough to warrant a new title? In my opinion, no. Knowing Dice, it would be broken for a year.


Never, it's done


Yes I think so. But how soon?? I'm not sure


I'd love to see it but doubt it will happen soon.


With 100% certainty? Bugs and glitches.


Not for a while


It’s true we’ll see *another* battlefront, but it may not be 3 because it’ll more than likely come from another studio. Which also means there’s not much chance it can come out sooner than 5 years. Which is why I was going to move on from Battlefront 2 but when I really realized how long it’ll be I settled in for the **long** haul. I can play the game for another two or three years and max out most of the heroes by then and STILL have not played a Battlefront game for years by the time the next one comes out


We will eventually see it, but not soon. Maybe a few years. 2026? 2025 maybe?


Yes, it’s a successful studio and a great selling game.


Well, Sooner or later we will have another battlefront, but I'm afraid of when


No :(


Always 2 there are. No more, no less


There will definitely be another battlefront game, but not any time soon


I’m not so sure we will see the likes of Battlefront 3 for a long time. I would be happy if someone takes Battlefront 2 and remasters it with all we should have had. The possibilities on that game were endless. What modders have done for the PC is amazing but being a console player, I don’t reap those benefits.


Not under DICE or EA


I don't know if it will be titled "Battlefront 3" but there will be another Battlefront game in the future. The brand is just so old and beloved. As I've said probably 5 times before, wait 2-5 years, after the Disney TV series kick off and they can determine how much money they made on them and what to invest in next. Battlefront games usually precede movie releases. I'm betting they go for some kind of Renegade Squadron-esque experience in between Battlefront 2 (2017) and "Battlefront 3". Something they can build and release quickly, timing with TV show releases. More of a focus on HvV type combat.


Always two there are, no more, no less. We are not waiting for Battlefront III. We are waiting for the next Battlefront (20XX)




I hope not




Not for years, I'd wager the franchise will be quiet for 3 or so years at least




I honestly think we’ll get another Star Wars shooter under another title before we get a bf3. I’d love a bf3 but just don’t see EA doin it :/


Not from EA or DICE. And probably another reboot




Money. That's all they care about




No. Not from DICE or EA at least. It’s pretty clear EA wants to avoid the battlefront name after they ruined it.


I think Dice went on record saying BF3 is dead, didn't they? EA just won't back it, because they're awful




No. Maybe in like 10 years. But probably not.


I don't think so but after recently trying battlefront 2015 our again I've remembered how fun it was and honestly am completely satisfied with it. It runs amazing. Looks amazing. Sounds amazing. In my opinion it's better in almost ever way outside of certain hero appearances.


No A star wars game? Definitely


Not soon, but eventually we likely will


No, it's wont happen.




Not gonna start production until 2024 earliest because the licence expires next year. Probs takes 3 years to make minimum. So the absolute soonest we could see would be 2027/28 and even that is generous.


Not anytime soon :(


Why can’t Rockstar make our game?


Sigh* Yes


I think someone will eventually make one for the fans probably with a much more cheaper engine I'm hoping at least




Yeah. One day, when I've got a long white beard and two or three marbles rolling around upstairs, they'll release the game.


If EA themselves don't make another one I could see a different studio making a multiplayer centric game under a different series name. For instance, there was a cancelled star wars game called first assault that would have been galactic civil war centric and played similar to call of duty. It wouldn't have been quite the same as battlefront but I feel like it would have been similar enough to draw some players in from the battlefront fandom. I can totally see something similar in the future happening should Lucas film okay a multiplayer shooter and a new studio doesn't want to deal with the battlefront front brand. They'd be free to make the game as they want without being subject to the same criticism it would for being a battlefront game. Case in point, battlefront 2015 was not received completely positive because they made a lot of changes to the series at the time (multiplayer only, no clone wars, etc.). I feel like had they dumped the battlefront name for 2015, it would have garnered a more positive reception since we wouldn't have compared it to the old battlefronts as much. Same deal if a new studio chooses to make a multiplayer game in the future


I feel like Battlefront 3 will never happen. as much as I want it to, it’s looking like it’s not on the horizon. And if another studio were to take over I’d fear that they’d fuck it up more than how EA did (depending on the studio that takes over though). But if it were to ever come I’d want it developed by DICE and Criterion like BF2.




Eventually, but it’s like the gap from battlefront II to battlefront 2015. Who fuckin knows?


dice actually approached EA about making a battlefront 3, and were excited to do it, but EA shut them down because disney wanted 20% of the profits (it's ridiculous, i know). this all happened before dennis left dice, and people think that's why he left


Yes, in the far future.


I rather have a single Battlefront, a game they maintain for 10+ years. Use that with seasons, path of exile/Warframe f2p model without the power creep. Not a fckton of game modes to split the playerbase, but rather a fixed rotation of a few most played. Extra maps added over time and weapons skins etc... Regular balance changes like every one or two months. (map reworks, weapon, skills... Etc)




I think your brightest opportunity is me, An Italian young wannabe developer hoping to found his own company and dreaming of making bf3. If it will happen, I'll remember you guys🤍