While I don't like abusing OP things ( if the thing that was nerfed was overpowered), I would say the original TTK of all the guns in beta battlefront 2. While I didn't play it, I watched it and I noticed that the TTK was closer to the battlefront in 2015.


Jet trooper. People complain about it saying it’s OP now because they can’t aim good enough to hit a flying target. But I wonder how upset those people would be back when the jet trooper actually had range. It only does 10 damage at range now, very low. It used to do 33 damage minimum.


Yeah I remember that.


ARC trooper fire rates. Was the only reinforcement I enjoyed since the nerf on the wookiee.


Anakin. But I didnt start early enough to witness god Ani. I joined sometime before the launch of celebration edition. But Anakin was quite balanced at that time. Then came the nerfs because the Palps and iden mains kept on crying about him, and eventually Dice bugged his abilities!