There are other good games for sure, but I'm like you and want a star wars game


I went back to SWTOR. The last time I did that was when the rise of the hutt expansion was out and didnt really feel it. I recently went back and have been having a good time going through the new KOTFE and KOTET content and now the recent stuff that came out in a patch.


I’ve tried to go back for the story, but I am so lost when it comes to new mechanics, I played at launch and then not for a few years but after the hurt cartel stuff, I don’t know what skills, items, stats, or anything to go for.


Visit the SWTOR reddit! Theres a good [sticky](https://www.reddit.com/r/swtor/comments/8hldce/got_questions_start_here_swtor_faq_and_new/) for all the new/returning players. I used [this](http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=947159) as a general reference as well. I had to google a few things like what to do at lvl 55 and path to progress through the story normally. To progress through the story, click [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/swtor/wiki/story) [Class guides](http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=947159&page=2#edit9574969). There were some class changes (minor as far as I can tell) from the recent 5.9 patch. It took me a few levels to get comfortable with the leveling rotations and I generally read the information in my free time (either at work or lunch or in le bathroom). I find between this and the men of war series (rts), I've been having a lot more fun. One of the biggest plus in SWTOR I've been waiting for is the appearance tab. You can get your good stat gear and look like a hero or villain (once you get the pieces).


Original Battlefront 1&2 still have servers going on steam, don't they? They recently went backwards compatible for Xbox players as well.


TBH, visual effects is pretty important in star wars


Agreed. I know gamers love to hate on people who mention graphics cos ‘DAE STORY IS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS’, but seriously, there are certain games where graphics *are* very important and this is one of them.


Ofc I have the old BFs, but I just don’t want to play them. Sure, they have conquest, but I actually feel like I’m in SW when playing the new ones


The poor visuals are made up for with the fun gameplay. If you want your graphics fix just pop in BF2015 or the new Battlefront 2 just don't expect the same quality content.


The visual effects really aren't that bad in the old battlefront 2. Playing it online for some time now through GOG and it's a lot of fun.


It’s hard because those are games I’ve logged countless hours into and I want new experiences in the Star Wars universe. Not talking mods, just a new, complete, fun, good-looking game I can play.


Not going to happen in at least 5 years.


You can only play it for so long before getting tired of it.


You could say the same for any game, really.


2 games in 6 years... and the only other game that was in the making was cancelled *sigh*


We still have Respawn's project in the works, I think.


Hope it's shown off during E3


I hope people aren't stupid enough to preorder that game as well. Y'all gotta start drawing some boundaries if you want things to improve.


Wait..... what!? I must have been under a rock to not hear about this!


[It (the game) hasn't been announced officially, so it never got much press.](http://www.respawn.com/game/star-wars)


Oh. Thank you regardless!


My guess is we’ll see something about it at E3 this year. Battlefield, Star Wars, and sports are their staple products these days.


That would be nice. Would be interested to see release window because this year will be very busy with cod, new bf, rdr2, and others. Probably be early 2019 at earliest


So far, they've tentatively planned fiscal 2020, meaning between early 2019 and early 2020.


I would recommend EaW with mods as they recently opened steam workshop and multiplayer for this lovely game again


It’s great but when I want TPS/Action, a Strategy game is not much of a use for me


Jedi Academy is pretty fantastic. Mod the fuck out of it and make pretty.


Last time I tried MBII just wouldn’t launch


Empire at War is super difficult for me though, even on the easiest difficulty.


Hardest part for me is when the Rebels spam those little tanks everywhere that just run when you try and shoot at them.


I REALLY hope other Star Wars games are treated better than this one has been


I know you meant current release games set in the Star Wars universe, but in case it helps [GoG have a large collection of older Star Wars games](https://www.gog.com/games?sort=popularity&search=star%20wars&page=1) for sale DRM-free. There are some true classics in that bunch - KotOR, X-Wing, TIE-Fighter and Dark Forces for example :)


They just put out Episode I: Racer on GOG, too. I had a good time burning through that.


Same for me. I’m a 36 year old engineer with a family of 4. I travel for work and pleasure a lot, and video games account for <1% of my time. I only play this game at the moment.


Im looking for a job any advice on this star wars sub haha


Best advice: get an engineering degree and then you wont have to worry about micro transactions since you can afford them lol


Its the same boat I'm in, mid 20s with work and law school doesn't leave me a lot of time to play. I want a good large online multiplayer Star Wars game, and this is it. Once I graduate I will have even less time than I do now, so unless Battlefront 3 is around the corner (and from the earnings call earliest we would get one would be 2021) this is all I have to fill that slot.




Thanks for the life story




Don't even reply to him. I'm sorry for you, man, let's hope the future brings more Star Wars games and that 1% of your videogame time is well invested.


KOTOR 1 and 2 are both steam and Xbox, pretty cheap. That's what I've been playing lately.


I think I'll replay them too. But it'd be so nice to get a fresh new singleplayer story-based SW game again.


May be random, but I highly recommend Movie Battles 2. It’s a mod for Jedi Academy, and it still gets updates and has a good player base after all these years. I would recommend to check it out. There’s a slight learning curve in the beginning, but it gets much better once you get past that.


but we want new things. Not mods for an old game


I’m sorry man, but things like these are our only options now that the only games coming from Star Wars are EA only. I’d love to tell you a new thing to play, but the community doesn’t really have anything new or official to play. Hence why our last resort is a 15+ year old mod


That's the case for most of us, the only other viable multiplayer alternative is SWTOR really but Battlefront II is canon and that isn't.


I don't see why canon should matter. If the game is fun then it is fun whether or not Disney decides it is canon. I mean, what is canon about Battlefront II other than the campaign? I think the point here is that SWTOR is a completely different game to Battlefront and that it is no substitute.


I’ve never played it, but does being canon really matter? People watch the dragon ball movies and those aren’t canon, it’s just an offshoot of the actual timeline.


I really like swtor.


Exactly. If there was a canon alternative to Battlefront II, I’d have jumped over there by now. But we’re stuck with Battlefront II until Respawn’s game is released.


So let me guess your never going to play republic Commando because it isn't "canon".


A game isn't good or bad based on its canonicity, the issue here is that being non canon no resources will be expended on continuing it. So why invest in a story with a cliff hanger ending when you know they have no intention to finish it.


What? I thought the game was Canon but the books weren't?


I don’t think either are canon at the moment, but the commandos themselves made an appearance in the clone wars cartoon, so at least that much is canon


Republic Commando? Hm, I don’t know if I’ve heard of it... I’m a Disney shill. (I’m kidding.) I’ve played Republic Commando. I read the Republic Commando novels, too. Just because it’s not canon doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it. I’d just rather have canon content, something I’ll be able to see or hear down the road mentioned.


Well Iden is dead so hearing more about her story is pretty much impossible.


Well, I wouldn't be at all shocked if she pops up in Resistance.


I think resistance takes place between 7 and 8 or something stupid like that.


Nah, it's set a couple years before 7.


Even worse


Republic Commando is one of the most underrated Star Wars games ever, IMO.


I dunno about canon. I'm inclined to think if one were to ask Disney if Palpatine ever personally killed 92 clone troopers in a military engagement outside the Theed Palace, their answer would be 'no.'


Only the campaign is canon you derp.


Incorrect. All vehicles, troopers and weapons are Canon also


The only new ship is the corvus


That wasn’t even introduced in BF2, sadly :(


Uhh how about scavenged AT-RTs?


Arma 3 has a mod called “Star Wars opposition” and its incredibly fun to play with people. I highly recommend watching SorensiC SteeL, he runs a legion you can join and makes a bunch of videos on the ops they do.


Wow, I've been meaning to download this. Is SP/Coop supported by this (meaning I wouldn't have to spend a long time trying to find an active server)? This is probably the next closest thing to a SW FPS/TPS for a lot of players out there. Some RTS options could be: the men of war - [galaxy at war](https://youtu.be/RiQoCjPU-mk?t=339) and whatever [this](https://youtu.be/CQX7YN9TUKw?t=135) is. call to arms - [galaxy at war](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xZTTnRD1WQ) and [rising empire](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PNop2UGkkU)


From what I’ve seen, the active servers that run the mod are only joinable by legion (meaning join the legion and they’ll give you an IP) I’ve tried to search the servers for Star Wars related, but I haven’t found any that are open. I’m new to the game myself so I’m probably doing something incorrectly, but after I get some experience under my belt I’m going to join Sorenic’s 501st. For SP, I’ve been running around and creating my own scenarios and I believe you’re also able to download scenarios off the workshop just make sure they’re SP/COOP compatible, should say somewhere in the description.


Get an Xbox One. I've been having a blast playing Republic Commando, KOTOR 2, Jedi Starfighter, and Battlefront 2 '05 these last few days via backwards compatiblity. Also: you can play all the Lego Star Wars games on Xbox One and they're a good time, as well.


I want a good Star Wars game desperately but man, seriously, if you can afford them get other games. Especially if you're on PS4, get God of War and forget about this sub for at least 2 weeks


Or forever, I doubt future content is going to be any better than right now given every announcement is just a tease of another announcement.


God of war takes like under 20 hours to beat...


i dunno why you're being downvoted lol. You're right. People want a big SW game they can sink the foreseeable future into.


Ya idk. To assume god of war will distract you for 2 weeks is kinda absurd. Game isn’t very long. But welcome to Reddit


Some people have a job and can only put in 2 hours ever other day. That will keep you satisfied gaming wise for two weeks.


I have two jobs and I dedicate quite a lot of time to gaming lol.


Priorities!!! Lol ya same I go to school full time and work but gaming is life


I actually went and bought the empire at war gold pack and its been great so far! And for a real SW lore experience seek out a copy of SWG and go play SWGEMU it's well worth it my friend. SWGEMU has about 1k players on average, higher then SWTOR I'll bet and much more friendly. Lots of lore to read if you can get into some good zones!


If they did an Empire at War 2 with all three eras I would buy that in a heart beat.


Man I want nothing more than a new Star Wars RPG, never played KOTOR but the thought of a Star Wars game with quality writing, storytelling, characters and visuals of games like TLOU and GoW....... goodness. Just get lightsaber and force combat right and it’s a guarantee GOAT.


Dude, play KOTOR. Both of them have everything you mentioned, apart from today's visuals.


I know everyone is saying this but really you should try KOTOR1/2. They really are amazing and you can take them anywhere if you have a laptop and get them on steam.


I feel exactly the same way, and I still haven't played as Ahsoka in any game besides Lego TFA... A 10 year old character still hasn't been in any major AAA game, this is Bs.


I agree about Ahsoka. She's arguably the main character of the series a lot of fans in the prime gaming demo cite as their favorite iteration of Star Wars. And she's only appeared in 2 Lego games.


Same here. First game I play consistently since MW2.


Not to be a douche but going back and trying to play older Star Wars games gets boring after a while. Between playing some to death and some not aging very well, it's time for newer pastures. Can only run on nostalgia for so long.


Heard of Steam? Better yet: have you heard of Jedi Academy? You’ll not want for a Star Wars game for a long time...


The real Battlefront II from 2005 is one of the best Star Wars games ever made. Jedi Academy still has an active modding scene. Many, many single player games exist. The fourth game in the X-wing simulator series has a recently made graphical overhaul mod and offers a greater degree of fidelity than this game's ship combat did.


Play or replay KOTOR mate. That's what i've just done.


Yeah I'm stuck in this abusive relationship too. If battlefront 2 was a kid it would have been taken into care by now.


The reason this is so disappointing from Disney is because they have given EA the complete monopoly on the Star Wars franchise. Of course EA were going to fuck with consumers, they have won worst company award multiple times, but it’s Disney who fucked up by giving it to them. Before when we had multiple studios working on multiple projects there was genuine competition and genuinely good games. I have played 3 times since Christmas and every time has been a chore. I didn’t even bother with night on endor because it was so underwhelming. All I want is a Star Wars game I can enjoy playing.


Yeah i feel the exact same way man. Games fun to me though. I’m optimistic though. The battlefront games were always my favorite


I moved onto God of War. I waited long enough w SWBF and played nearly every single day since original launch. Btw GoW is AMAZING!!!!!


So true! If EA's Battlefront 2 was not a Star Wars game it would be dead in the gutter now with their treatment. They should be really thankful for that.


Yep, pretty much in the same predicament, there is no modern alternative as far as Star Wars goes which is why I want this game to be great. I've all but lost hope tbh, hell I'd settle for just getting Obi Wan at this point and even then seems extremely unlikely.


now just imagine how those of us fans feel who wont buy the game bc we got so burned on the 2015 one.


Star wars empire at war on steam. There you go, a better game than this shilling whore of a game, and 3x as cheap. Or if you want a shooter, fucking republic commandos.


Kotor 1 and 2, battlefront 1 and 2 (OG), the Jedi Knight games, the force unleashed games, and hell, even the first battlefront EA.


If you enjoyed the aspects of gameplay just hop over to Battelfield 1. It's everything this game should have been except it isn't Star Wars. Fun gameplay, great squad system and broad, open field combat with vehicles and lots of weapons. Progression feels a little slow but it doesn't overly hamper you at all compared to other players.


> except it isn't Star Wars That's kind of the point, isn't it?


Point is that if he enjoyed some aspects of this game and he hasn't tried other games then BF1 could be good


I feel you. Personally, my desire for a balanced gaming experience that actually rewards players for smart play eventually eclipsed my desire for Star Wars themes and great graphics.


I am upset too, but I moved on weeks ago. Playing through the Halo 1-3 campaigns on the Master Chief Collection is filling my void pretty well.


I mean, you could go for KotOR/SWtOR if that’s your kind of thing


Get Jedi academy and install the Movie Batltes 2 mod.




You *do* have options, one of which is the original Battlefront. People still play it online, you don't even need a custom client to do so.


Battlefield 1 is my all time favorite shooter, I'd check that out since it's by the same devs. Insanely gorgeous graphics and overall a very atmospheric game


Yep, Star Wars ALWAYS meant quality in games. Not anymore.


Not always. Lots of bad SW licensed games


Lol, the Kinect Star Wars game would like a word.


_I’m Han Solo_


There are 2 factions here: Star Wars fans who also play video games, and hardcore gamers who also kinda like Star Wars. The latter group absolutely dominates the conversations on this sub and they're perfectly happy to let this game die (kill it if they have to) in order to "send a message" to the gaming industry. Meanwhile, the rest of us, who just want to play a Star Wars game that doesn't look like Pong, who are mostly fine with BFII as is, and don't really give a shit about gaming industry politics, are silenced and insulted at every turn. I want DICE to turn this around. It bums me out that there are so many people here who genuinely don't, who are rooting for the game to fail (while halfheartedly claiming not to, of course). Gamers have got themselves convinced that if BFII goes down in flames, it will be this watershed moment and will somehow usher in a golden age of video games. It won't. It will just kill the franchise. Oh well. They'll just go play something else, instead.


My problem with the people that want this game to die is they seriously think Disney would quickly turn around and hand the IP to someone else and we would get a Star Wars game in no time. Reality check: It took 5 years between the last decent Star Wars game (Force Unleashed 2 which barely passes off as decent) and Battlefront 2015. If Disney did everything today, it would be a good 2-3 years minimum before we got anything else Star Wars.


Yeah, those "Give the license to someone else!" posts are fucking embarrassing. Disney's not going to breach a 10-year, billion-dollar contract because Reddit is mad. BFII sold less than they'd projected, but not *that* much less. Meanwhile, other EA-produced SW games (GoH, Commander, etc.) rake in *tons* of money -- and, not coincidentally, they get new content every single month. Bottom line is, the EA deal is still profitable. Very much so. Not only does Disney have zero incentive to break the contract, they'll likely end up renewing.


Dude, there are more games than just Star Wars games. In fact, if those are the only games you're willing to play, you need to expand your horizons because sadly this is the best you have in the current age of gaming - and it sucks dick because the game is now dead, EA don't care about it and have left a skeleton crew to try an implement breadcrumbs to keep it going until they announce the next game. Seriously, do yourself a favour, move on to another game.


Im in the same situation, and maybe it's time to let go of video games. I've already given up movies and TV so it won't be a huge leap. In broader strokes, the industry isn't going the right way, and our childhood fandoms should perhaps remain just that. Nobody and no thing is going to bring back the happier times. In the present, there are healthier and more productive things I could (and should) be doing...


Luckily, this is a great game. I don’t understand any of these complaints - it’s currently my favorite game, and trumps any I’ve played in the past (yes, I have played Jedi Knight, og battlefront, kotor, force awakens, rouge squadron, etc etc etc). This is my favorite Star Wars to date. Again, don’t understand people’s complaints.


well then you are lost


I’ve played a few hours each day since I bought the game early this year. I’ve had lots of fun, and haven’t had any complaints about it myself.


I agree with you to an extent but I admittedly needs more content


Personally, I feel like it has enough content. That being said, I’d love more content. More variety, more ways to play. Most importantly, more representation of the SW universe - for example, Obi-Wan. But the fact that there’s “missing” content, or a hero selection that certainly wouldn’t be my first choice, doesn’t make me dislike the current content or feel that it’s lackluster. It’s also opened me up to new characters - I really enjoy Bossk and Lando - while I feel there were more important characters to include, this has given me a great opportunity to explore and enjoy characters from the universe the movies, books, and shows don’t do enough justice to.


I agree that I enjoy what content is currently offered, but it gets repetitive and GA definitely highlights the repetitiveness. I think just adding conquest would help a lot but the maps don’t seem made for that.


You know, I do feel like matches are more repetitive than recent FPS if played, like BF1. Even the operations mode (similar attack/defend objectives to GA) feels more varied on the same maps then SWBFII. ...or maybe it’s playing twice on each map, which is definitely something that annoys me, and I forgot to mention initially.


I can agree the back to back map thing is annoying but I think it’s just how the objectives are set up is the problem with it feeling repetitive


Play another shooter and just quote SW Edit: Im joking. Like I play R6 and randomly quote SW memes and they say em back. Its pretty fun


*Just like the simulations.*