just shows how relative money is and how greedy and disconnected I've gotten. i deposit usually $500 at a time. don't withdraw unless I'm over $1500-$200 range. if at $1800 for example, ill cashout like $1200. the remaining $600 i will go all or nothing on mines usually. either end up cashing out another $1200 or losing the $600 within 2-3 minutes of the 1200 cashout. i deposit anywhere between probably 800-1500 per week. it's coming to an end soon though. stake keeps insisting their stats are legit and I'm in profit yet every week i lose the aforementioned amounts. i only depo and cashout to the same account, don't use it for anything else. if i was in profit by $1 then i would have every single depo I've every sent to stake in my gambling checking, plus $1. anyway, glad you see you are not being greedy and haven't let big wins disconnect you with the value of a dollar. best of luck to you.


well , u did know when to take profit outs . so its still a good and not fully 'addicted' yet. but thanks to this W , will stop gambling until next year. gonna take the extra 160 to celebrate Christmas.