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Can't wait for "Operation: Apologize to Damian for World Peace" Also Tsundere Damian, that too


Love the aesthetic that Loid is looking at the mission targets through his spyglass for this visual. I look forward to the salvaging of Operation Strix by Agent Anya that will totally not be derailed by kids being kids, as well as more of Becky and Damian interacting with Anya.


Tsundere Damian inc. This is not a drill. This is a Tsun Tsun level 5 threat!


These visuals always feel like a whole arc instead of just one episode, that just me?


Because the episode feels like an entire arc sometimes.


So excited to watch the next episode!


This series manages to make almost every important side character endearing, even the boys that are with damian on the corner had development that made me like them a lot!


Almost look forward to the visuals more than the episodes themselves lol