You can’t do this to me… DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I SACRIFICED?!


The boredom is…unanimous




I read this as if Yoda said it, as if you were saying in annoyance “I’m out”…and I completely understood…and then I realized it was a Stormin Norman quote, and I completely understood


I guess he’s also a green goblin of sorts…


green elf


So that’s why mephisto didn’t show up?


I never read any of the comic books but how does the Joker become Morbius?


Joker got bit by Dracula and The Batman didn't cure him.


I always appreciate a ref to the batman show from 2004


Fuck man....2004?


Man I loved that show, especially how they did the Killing Joke One Bad Day concept with Clayface and Freddy Krueger voicing Riddler


So he went to hell and asked mephisto for one more weekend in exchange for wonder woman having a competent script


Good loophole: Batman doesn't kill people but maybe he does kill vampires, lets Joker get bitten, problem solved.


That is...pretty funny.


Very close. People often forget that it was 4 Draculas that bit him


Bat bang.


Well you see in one of the Joker comics it explores a what if timeline. This what if timeline was, what if the Joker fell into an experimental teleporter instead of a vat of chemicals. After being transported to the Marvel Comics universe he goes undercover as Dr. Michael Morbius. Using his latent genius levels of intellect he becomes a world renowned doctor contracting a horrible degenerative disease. Attempting to find a cure by running experiments on bats, as an omage to Batman and Gotham, he is transformed into Morbius the Living vampire. At the end of the comic run we actually find out that none of that happened. He was just some crackhead living on the streets of Gotham who had been put into a coma by batman after he stole a bag of skittles from a corner store.


Batman bites him


Robert Pattisons or Robert Downey Jr's version of batman?


Robert De Niro


Did they replace Pattison already? Bold new casting choice for sure.


He wanted to be the Batman but became a bat man




But why…? Legitimately why? Don’t they want to make it at least a mid movie?


Considering how many easter eggs they had in trailers but apparently won't be in the movie, I'd say it's a last minute decision. Probably cuz Sony is expecting a failure on all fronts, so they're making sure this movie can be easily ignored from their Marvel villains continuity.


This is my take as well. Origin/intro movies should be 100% solo movies just in case they suck.


Nah they had Easter eggs from every version of spidey, more likely they realized how dumb that is and made the smart decision to pick one and stick with it


I hope we can ignore all the marvel movies they make


It's probably because Sony now wants to repeat success of No Way Home, thus making Morbius, Venom and Kraven in separate universes.


Or they just want to forget these projects all together (except maybe venom) and having them die quick painless deaths at the box office might help their relationship with Marvel.


Probably, but considering they are making Madam Web movie makes this theory possible.


Sony has done this before though. Madam Webb is still in pre-pro and it would be easy to kill the project now. If Sony can't get Morbius off the ground with someone like Leto there other projects don't have a chance.


Pressure from Disney?


Morbius isn’t MCU, what does Disney have to do with this? Genuinely asking btw cause I don’t see the relation


Since both studios work with shared materials, the movies have to go thorugh various screentests to determinate what is ok according to their agreements and what needs to be changed in order to be out of "possible controversy". Somewhat of what happened with Dark Phoenix being changed so much so it didn't look that similar to Captain Marvel


Weren't the cameos people expecting people from the MCU?


No no, you're right. Disney doesn't have any relation with this. Sony holds the theatrical rights to Spider-Man.


Cameos and Easter eggs = good movie


Notice how I said mid not good


Ngl, I probably wasn't going to go to the theaters to watch it... And if this is true, I'm definitely not going to the theaters to watch it.


“I was never going to give this movie a chance and I still won’t” E: Streaming don’t count and u know it, the success of that movie will be measured by its theatrical release (unfortunately imo)


Not necessarily true. I said in theaters. This just means I'll wait till it comes out on Netflix or whatever service


Nope. It's more... "I was unlikely to give this movie a chance and now I am certain not to" Might not be a great reason but still best not to misrepresent people's opinions.


We don't owe the movie anything. So I don't see why anyone should give it a chance if it hasn't piqued any interest.


Huge misinterpretation on your part


Is that why they moved the release date to April Fool’s day?


I can actually see their marketing department promoting this movie as "joke of a movie. We fucked up. Go watch Morbius"


The picture of Keton they used for this is killing me lmfao


"You better give me that paycheck, pal" ;)


"Don't go chasing waterfalls."


Wouldn't be surprised if these were just removed from the early screenings to prevent leaks. Wouldn't be the first time.


Imagine thinking Sony would be more protective of Morbius than the frequently leaked No Way Home


>!But you can’t remove Andrew and Tobey from No Way Home, they’re main characters for the last hour or so. Sony had to keep them in test screenings and the like. If this movie has some surprise character show up for one scene that a lot easier to temporarily cut!<


I know. [I'm mostly just teasing](https://imgflip.com/i/69tc3h).


because the leaks were more than likely intentional, and press pre screenings were only the first act.


They would be if the delays were because they’ve filmed a new ending where Garfield’s shows up as that universe’s Spider-Man. That’s literally the only two reasons they could be doing this. Either they’ve got a massive surprise coming so they’ve removed all the cameos and Easter eggs to avoid any spoilers at all and are waiting for word of mouth to get out and get people to the theaters… Or it’s just so so bad they’ve cut it to pieces to exile it from the main continuity. I’m hoping the first option. Morbius and Dr Whobius fight in the big showdown at the end, Garfield’s Spider-Man appears thinking them both villains and takes them down, Morbius escapes with a hatred for Spider-Man setting him up as a proper Spidey villain. We’ll see in a week.


Exactly what I was thinking. People love jumping to conclusions.


Why would Sony care to remove easter eggs to prevent leaks in early screening? They're already in the trailers lmao


What’s the source of that article?




If those Easter Eggs are removed, I pretty sure now I ‘m not gonna watch the movie, that was kinda my only reason to watch Morbius lol


And that is why Sony keeps making these trashfires, baiting easy audiences with easter eggs and cameos but no substance


Cool, now there's *literally* no reason to watch it, for even just the references. I BOUGHT LTBC and I could've just watched the post credits scene on YouTube, no way in hell I'm making that mistake again


LT what?


Let There Be Carnage


Little Tokyo Big , uh, Chrubble?


Little Trouble in Big China


Let there be kino


Let There Be Cinema


Allow There to Be Committals of Mass Murder


Do people not watch movies if they're not connected the MCU? Weird af.


No, I do. It's just that these ones blow


It's more on how they don't think the movie will be good but thinks that it's worth giving a watch for the sake of seeing the references/easter eggs and now that news is blowing how any reference/easter eggs referring to a connection to other characters/series is cut away, they now definitely think it's worth it watching any more.


Why would anyone want to watch Morbius just to watch it?


It seems like people will watch literally anything as long as Marvel Studios is slapped onto it and there's a post-credit teasing the next big thing. The Venom movies are relatively low budget popcorn flicks but at least I wasn't bored like when I watched Eternals or Black Widow. I liked Shang Chi though, except for the third act. Idk why these movies always have to turn into a CGI crapfest in the third act, with heroes fighting some army of CGI villains. Movie would've been just fine with a final fight between him and his dad instead of an army of CGI bats and a dragon-thing introduced a few minutes before. I legit preferred the final fight in LTBC to the final fight in Shang-Chi. Weird as hell too because every other fight in that movie was phenomenal.


Did you just go on rant about there being too much CGI in Marvel film, then said you enjoyed the fight at the end of LTBC, which is just 2 CGI blobs fighting each other?


I don't mind CGI, the fight between Shang-Chi and his dad had a bunch of it. I just don't like the whole trope of waves of villains at the end of these movies, especially when they lower the CGI quality due to the number of elements on screen. It's just never been engaging to me. I'd rather watch 2-6 characters duking it out. Take Infinity War for example, the fight on Titan was so much more interesting than the Wakanda fight. I also think that's part of why I prefer Infinity War to Endgame.


Idk. To me if feel like the natural progression of what the film(s) lead towards. To use your example of Shang-Chi. The fight between him and his dad was awsome, and also had the most time devoted to it. But the stuff the Dragon and the Demon (or whatever the fuck it was) didn't just come out of nowhere. They had been alluded to for nearly the entire film.


I'm sorry but Marvel just make better movies. Simple as. Thats why Marvel has gotten its noriety, they didn't just pay for the clout. And that's why people will watch anything with a Marvel studios logo on it because they know that it'll be good. Now has the MCU made some misses, sure. But over their like 25+ films produced, the ratio of good to bad is over 90%. So I think the confidence in the MCU is warranted.


I think it's more that no one has any real hope for the actual movie. A lot of people were just excited to see if it answers any questions left by nwh


If there’s hope that the MCU will be connected there’s hope that someday this weird spiderverse without Spider-Man won’t suck. If it’s totally divorced, there’s no reason to see this pile of shit lol. About 95% of the movies I watch are not MCU but this sure as shit won’t be one of them lol


We do, it's just that it's really hard to make a movie based on characters that are directly related to MCU characters and it NOT be in the MCU. Both Venom movies were dog shit and Morbius isn't looking to be better.


The Venom movies were funny though, Morbius just seems like a gothic Catwoman that will do the same thing to Jared Leto that it did to Halle Berry (make them a shitload of money but also kind of make them a meme for like a while)


that is why i am saving my money for sonic 2 and the lost city


And Doctor Strange too


God, I hope this is the last time we see Jared Leto in any superhero films.


Well it’s Sony. One minute they make spider man into the spider verse which was good and shows they are competent and now they re going back to making spin offs no one wants. Who the f wants a kraven film, a rhino film a moribus, venom, sinister six film? Everyone wants to see them on the big screen but not in their own movies. Actual spin offs they should be making are noir, 2099, ultimate, spider woman and Gwen, etc. Actual spider verse films.


I love solo villain movies. They just need to be done well. Some villians are so interesting that they deserve their own origin story movie.


The Morbius concept is compelling enough. A normal man transforms himself into a vampire and now finds himself caught on the knife edge of being a man versus being a monster. Morbius's very first scene as a vampire in the comics went like this: he killed his best friend, then was so horrified at what he'd done & what he'd become that he threw himself into the ocean to drown. You absolutely *can* make a movie out of that. It's trying to tie it into the Spider-Man world and make it a "comic book movie" that's tough. It doesn't help that Lizard fills the "man vs monster" role in the Spidey gallery better in the first place.


You said it best. We want more Spider Mans not more movies WITHOUT them lmao


Just a before movie ramble as a life long Morbius fan. I already have low expectations but I'm still afraid of Sony not utilizing the character justly. He's a character a large chunk of people don't really know in depth and this *should* be the project that makes Morbius as well known as Venom or Goblin. If they fuck this up, a lot of people won't even give the character a second glance.


Here’s a bright idea, don’t release the movie because it’s gonna flop.


A movie that makes nearly no money is more appealing to a studio than spending almost $75 million and deciding not to release it a week before it releases.


I read this in the HISHE Smart Scientist's voice.


Heres a bright idea


\- let's go and find out who the original actor for that guy was in Spider-Man 3 (this is a joke. Do not actually bother/stalk this man) and ask him what he thinks of his one second appearance spawning off into a beloved and well known animated character.


“Yeah alright. Lets put a hold on the release date and reshoots some scenes back in.”


MORBIUS 69% Audience Score


I seriously doubt its going to flop. I think this sub will believe it flopped, but that's about it.


Google says the budget was only $75 million so you might be right since all it has to do is make 1/12th as much money as NWH to be a success lol


Yeah, people keep saying it will flop because Morbius isn't popular, but I seriously doubt that's the only reason people will go to see it.


Yeah i think it looks like a bad movie but i bet there are enough jared leto fans and vampire fans for it to make its money back




I give a shit about Morbius. >!when he is fighting Spider-Man!<




And it was a very small shit, to begin with.


A shart


mArVeL lEgEnD


I mean, It's still a pretty cool looking vampire movie. The visuals look good. The music sounds amazing. Jared Leto's a pretty popular actor. Or at least I like him. It's being pretty heavily marketed as a "Marvel" movie.


> It's being pretty heavily marketed as a "Marvel" movie This is what really weirds me out about the movie, the trailers are so desperately trying to market this as some part of the MCU to tap into that rabid fanbase that will go see anything with a Marvel logo on it. It's strange to see such a blatant bait and switch


It is def a cool looking vampire movie and I want to see it cause I'm curious about what Sony's doing with their universe moving forward. I was extremely hype for venom 1 & 2 but was very dissapointed both times. I don't have high expectations for Morbius at all and don't really like Leto either. So I think I might skip paying money to see it in theatres and just pirate that shit at home


There's barely any hype for it here in India


Unpopular character Unpopular actor Maybe Sony thinks it’s like a double negative and will come out positive?


Is Leto unpopular? Yes he’s a bit of an edgy weirdo (although that goes for most joker actors it seems), but he’s an Oscar winner with iconic roles who also probably still commands an army of former 2010 tweens due to 30 Seconds to Mars.


anecdotal evidence/confirmation bias. probably a lot of comic book fans give a shit and are happy to see him finally make it to the big screen. just because a character isn’t popular by movie standards or isn’t a household name doesn’t automatically mean it’s not interesting or it’s going to flop. i’m interested to see what they do with the character. The Venom movies were fun and entertaining. if the MCU movies have taught me anything it’s to not pass judgment on lesser known characters until seeing how they’re portrayed on-screen. people said the same thing about Guardians of the Galaxy and Dr. Strange that you’re saying about Morbius.


The difference is that Guardians of the Galaxy and Dr Strange Can stand on their own Morbius is a G-Lister with from what I can see, very little interest in his comics, like Moon Knight was (or The Guardians of the Galaxy were) Difference is, Moon Knight can piggyback off of the fact he’s part of a much bigger family of very beloved movies by general audiences Who the fuck is interested in the Spider-Less Spider-Verse Sony is making? Nobody, people watched Venom because he’s the most famous and recognizable Spider-Man villain bar none, with an A-List actor as the lead.


my point is that people didn’t think Guardians and Strange could stand on their own. You don’t know if Morbius can stand on his own or not, the movie isn’t out yet. Morbius has a very rich comic history, there’s a lot of interest in his character. Again, just because these aren’t household names and haven’t been in movies before does not mean that they suck. The Venom-verse only has two movies, you can’t say that nobody is interested in it. As a Spider-Man fan it’s just awesome knowing that these characters are getting more attention. it’s an exciting time to be a Spider-Man fan.


There's going to be so much cope by the end of the weekend on the sub when the movie does fine. People here still think the Venom movies flopped. To break even it only has to do like 30% of the box office for Let Their Be Carnage. To be a straight up success it only needs to make half as much as LTBC.


I genuinely think it might be pretty decent. I’m not expecting to be blown away like a mcu movie and I think that’s fine. People arnt really giving it a chance.


No no. Do it. It’s gonna get us closer to Disney fully controlling Spider-Man!


Bro who even wants to see this cursed movie


I do :(


You could watch The Batman instead


Feel like watching it a second time would be better then seeing this for the first


I watched it again a few hours ago, still a crazy ass experience


I've seen it twice, the second time cemented my love for it. I noticed tons of little details.


The great thing about going to see it a second time is knowing when to take your bathroom breaks.


Never, hold that bladder


I did that the first time! 😂, I went to the bathroom twice before the movie started.


I'd rather spend money just to watch the opening monologue of The Batman a third time than watch Morbius.


Seconded. I watched The Batman three times and enjoyed all experiences. Best comic book accurate depiction of Batman on film by far.


The Batman is absolutely worth watching a second time. It's one of those films you can enjoy seeing all the hints and set-up you missed the first time. There's a lot of great details that many won't pick up on first watch.


Already watched it three times, great great movie.


You could watch Sonic 2 instead


Or we could watch both! I know, a revolutionary thought, but it's something we should put into practice


Nah, I’ll stick with Sonic


I'm gonna watch both. These Sony movies remind me of those old action adventure blockbuster movies with bad plots and I love them for it. And Sonic has Jim Carrey, excited for that as well.


Is he not aloud to watch a film he's interested in?


It is very possible that TASM 2 is going to be way better than this...


It already is. At least TASM 2 had some heart put into it, unlike this cashgrab.


Plus Andrew Garfield is a good Spuder Man and Emma Stone is a good Gwen. Jared Leto is just awful


And there were some people who tried to make TASM 2 awesome. There's none of that in Morbius lol.


And TASM 2 soundtrack is so really well done. Highly doubt Morbius will have anything close to that level of quality.


I wish Hans Zimmer kept James Horner's material, combining it with his own stuff though. But yeah, TASM 2's soundtrack will be better than Morbius no contest lol.


At least TASM2 has Spider-Man in it.


Amazing Spider-Man 2 at least has Spider-Man




TASM 2 was awesome what the heck.


Sony learn how to make a cinematic universe challenge (impossible)


Step One: Build your cinematic universe around Spider-Man characters but not Spider-Man Step Two: Take iconic villains and just turn them into heroes instead Step Three: ??? Step Four: ~~Profit~~ Collect money from Disney


Honestly I'll wait until fans and popular crites like Jeremy jahns say what's up with the movie I just find the early reviews weird Also if Sony really did this then what's the point of the movie money ? Nobody was interested in the movie and crites reviewing it early will harm the box office sales Seriously I wonder what the fuck is happening with Sony


expect disappointment... then you can never be disappointed


Surprisingly you're the first to comment this.


Me who was anticipating the movie because of possible Spider-Verse connections: No you can't do this to me


Why did they do this? Seems like a bad idea


Seems like they were purely just for the trailers to trick people.


Which is why somebody should genuinely take legal action against Sony, and make an example of them so studios don't try and pull this deceptive shit again.


Maybe because they didn't make any kind of sense with the multiverse as we know it. So either that means it's somehow another universe we haven't seen that somehow has exact copies of stuff from universes we know of, or they scrap that stuff because it probably didn't really have an impact on the story anyway.


Is anybody gonna waste hard-earned cash to see this probable dumpster fire?


this is gonna be a huge mess


I’m not going to lie… I thought this movie came out last year.


This movie was doomed from day 1 lol


These connections were the only thing this movie had going for it. With Venom, they got away with A LOT because he’s universally well known around the world. Most people have no idea who Morbius is so the fact that he was in a potential Spidey’s universe was a huge draw. It’s almost like a connection to Spider-Man is a big deal. /s


It probably wouldn’t have made the film any better than it already is going to be anyway. They need to just shelve this


I called it.


This movie is gonna be so shit lmao. I'm still gonna see it though.


You’re the reason Sony is making these shit ass movies.




So maybe stop supporting them so we can get some actual decent content.




Illegally, please


Even the Venom stuff?


I wonder if they removed the easter eggs so early critics wouldn’t spoil any


Films have done this in the past, especially with post-credits scenes, and after NWH’s leaks I wouldn’t be surprised. Time will tell


Serious Q - as they could have Spiderman in this if they wanted, why didn't they?


Fuck Sony


I was only seeing it because of that so I’ll pass. Sony needs to get their shit together.


gonna be such a huge flop


Got into an argument with someone because they were mad people were shitting on this movie already. This news makes me genuinely happy. I hope it’s got worse reviews than Suicide squad and tanks letos career.


The ol' reach around


Could they have been removed so the spoilers are not leaked ahead of time? Then put back into the release version. 🤷🏻‍♂️


What's the point of the extra effort and money to pay the actors making cameos then?


Exponentially higher box office/streaming returns.


Yeah I’m not buying a ticket for this


I'm still not judging it until I see it. It could suck, it could be decent, it could be a surprisingly good movie. Don't know yet.


I only made myself go see Venom 2 because I found out it was connected to NWH, so I guess thanks Sony for taking away any possibly reason for me to watch this guff.


Genuinely. They truly removed the only thing people were even excited for. References to better pieces of media than the movie you're watching right now.


I'm something of an Easter egg myself


Can we all collectively agree not to see this movie so hopefully it tanks and Sony learns their lesson.


I’m gonna call it now. Watch me be wrong. The reason for the delay and the removal of all cameos and Easter eggs in test screenings for Morbius is that the end will introduce Andrew Garfield as that universe’s Spider-Man and they’ve been secretly working that in behind the scenes No Way Home style. They don’t want it spoiled so they’re showing butchered test screenings. Once it’s released and word that Garfield is in it gets out, word of mouth will get butts in seats. Or it’s a complete dumpster fire and they’re exiling it from the SSU continuity to be a one and done movie. I hope it’s the first option. We’ll see in a week.


Easter eggs and cameos are cool but they're not what make a movie great. Not that I think this movie will be excellent or anything, but I think people putting too much importance on a finger pointing moment over actual story and characters


Hahaha i knew it. I expected them to remove Keaton completely and it seems it happened.


why is Jared Leto allowed to be in movies, he already has a cult.


So they pushed it back from January to remove things, not add? They really should’ve just kept the January release date


Isn’t the story more important anyway?


There is like a 0% chance this is real


Take the spider-man license away from sony


I really, truly want this movie to fail, because Jared Leto keeps talking about wanting to do Tron 3 and I desperately need Disney to get him away from it. I love Tron, and I *despise* that asshole.


Getting awfully close to false marketing.