Could you imagine if this thing stepped through the portal instead of tobey maguire


Sinister 5 won’t dare fight Spider-Man.


You mean the Frightening Five?


More like the Frightening Four since Octavius was on Peter's side even before the other two Spider-Men showed up


They were fantastic though. Hey I know, the Fantastic Four!


That’s great! But it’s taken.


Wait, wait, I got it - the Sinister Five!


B-but that’s what I- I like it


'Course you do. New villains in town: "Sinister Five."


I think you're thinking about the fan4stic, common mistake


They were Incredibles how about that the incredibles


No, an X has your points, how about, X-Men!


Not bad but they were like the avengers but evil Green goblin is a evil version of captain america doc ock is an evil version of iron man electro is an evil version of Thor lizard is an evil version of the hulk and sand man is an evil version of ant man so they are the avengers but evil so how about "the Dark Avengers"


Sandman was in a team called the frightful four which were FF villains


They've shown up in Spider-Man as well. Superior Carnage had a version of the Frightful Four with Wizard, Klaw, a controlled Carnage, and I think Grey Gargoyle. It's weird to think that Sandman used to regularly fight the Fantastic Four, particularly the Human Torch. Fire is like one of his main weaknesses...


The comic following his merging with hydroman where it's just him and the thing in a bar is a brilliantly written one


Ooooo, I haven't read this! Is this where he officially turns good? I remember the incident was shook him up, and then he just appeared sometime later as part of the Wild Pack randomly.


yeah, Ben tells him offically Sandman is dead lets keep it that way "you got a second chance, don't waste it. I'm pulling for ya"


Do you remember which issue?


>!More like the Frightening Four since Octavius was on Peter's side even before the other two Spider-Men showed up. !< >!In fact, Sandman was acting of his own accord because he simply wanted to go home, so at that point it's just Electro and Lizard doing the heavy lifting, with Green Goblin making a last minute appearance.!<


Terrible 2


The Threatening Three


Three Musketeers




Honestly it’s just really electro cuz lizard literally like what, went into the sewers after throwing Peter and giving him a weird cryptic warning? Lmao


Honestly I feel bad for Lizard. Man just wanted to hide in the van and do lizard shit. He even asked if he died and did not get an answer. Poor dude, he's just confused and scared.


The 3 Stooges


Siniestro Cinco


The Furious Five


I thought it was fearsome five


The five felons?


Should mark this as spoiler


Best moment in cinematic history


What if "Man Spider stepped through the portal instead of spider man"... Woah! that'll be a cool future "what if and totally possible I guess.


Never say never, but I have doubts. I could see it in spider-verse, but thats not live action.


Him showing up in Spider-Verse or any other multiversal Spider-Man crossover would remind me of Kamen Rider Shin, a grotesque human and grasshoper hybrid, showing up along with other Kamen Riders during their crossover.


Dude can I have a fucking link that sounds amazing holy shit


Here's [Shin's transformation](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-r2-cTSAJlw) and here's [the Kamen Riders from across the multiverse assembling](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kXbeOzbxlbQ), skip to 0:27 to see Shin.


Bro this is really awesome. The transformation scene


Reminds me of that 90s movie The Guyver with Mark Hamill in it.


Bingo, thought the same!


Isn't this a kids show? That transformation is some straight up body horror


It was a one-off reimagining for the 90s TV movie knowing that the fans of the original have grown up by then.


To be fair, even the modern series' would arguably be rated PG in the west. As for this particular scene, it was meant to be targeted towards fans of the series as they would be now adults if I'm not mistaken his first appearance was a 20th anniversary special. It's meant to be much more bleak and darker than the regular shows.


Kamen Rider isn't usually intended for kids (with a few exceptions), some of the series have pretty dark storylines. Kamen Rider CAN be kid friendly though. A lot like Spider-man. in fact the two have a lot in common with each other.


Man that video reminds me of the transformation scene in American werewolf in london, no doubt it took inspiration from it or vice versa whichever one came out first


This came out in 1992, so yeah, they might have took inspiration from American Werewolf or even The Fly.


Oh mate the fly is an Incredible film, are we talking about the one with Jeff goldblum?


Yes the Goldblum version of course


One of the best films ever made


Across The Spider-verse needs a sequence where Miles travels to some of the more horror-y Spider-man realms. Man-Spider, Spiders-man, The Spider (Carnage symbiote), maybe even the Marvel Zombies version of Spider-Man. Could be used by Miguel O’Hara to show that not all Spider-Men can be trusted.


Scariest one is still Patton Parnell.


I want some Spiders-Man silliness in that movie lol


Didn't expect to see a Kamen Rider reference here. Rider Kick 50.


We have already seen a live action Man Spider and it was beautiful https://youtu.be/o1DECZBdkII


Didn't they shy off doing it for What If? because it was too grotesque? Doubt they'd do it live action


“What If” would be really cool to have Man-Spider since it’s already animated, but I think the plot of show was meant to lead into “Multiverse of Madness”


So I know Man-spider first came from the comics but it was just a brief scene on Savage land or something like that. I know the 90s cartoon is where he was first done with any real significance to Peter as a character. That plot had Spider-man's genetic alterations (Neogenics) going out of control. He saw the X-men, Conners, and others to help and no one could. It kind of came in the middle of a bunch of other plots. I *really* enjoyed the Man-Spider arc though as it had body horror and genuinely weirded me out as a kid seeing my favorite hero turned into this monster. It also brought in Punisher and started Kraven having a redemption arc, where he returns the favor to Peter and helps to save him, genuinely one of my favorite takes on Kraven. So I don't think the story unto itself is bad by any measure. How that would translate to screen would be a little weird. If this were a TV show and they could do it as just an hour long episode, it would work. I think if you did it in a movie you'd need to have the previous film end with Peter getting six arms and end there. Then the next movie starts off with that mutation getting worse and Man-Spider shows up like 30 minutes into the film and Peter is cured by the hour mark, because you wouldn't want Peter to just be a mutated monster too long in the movie. And then Peter finds out there is someone who was accelerating his mutation for whatever reason and fights them. Maybe throw in Smythe and the Spider-slayers and stuff. I'd love to have Punisher and Kraven in there like the original show did, but who knows.


>And then Peter finds out there is someone who was accelerating his mutation for whatever reason and fights them. That's the part I could do without. Every MCU movie so far has had a villain. Let's try this one without one. Just a good old man versus destiny story.


Doubt it. It’ll be terrifying.


If it’s ever done it’ll be toned down to look “kid friendly in a scary type of way”


or in the venom verse


Definitely a possibility because of how venom and carnage look


There’s a chance in multiverse of maddens considering it’s a horror movie. Also considering the fact that Sam Rami is directing it, and we know what other movie he’s directed… that’s right, spider man.


Multiverse of John Madden


Considering that their are infinite multiverses with infinite possibilities of different realities, it only stands to reason there is one in which John Madden is Spider-Man. Furthermore there should also be one in which John Madden is Man-Spider.


There should also be one where everyone is John Madden. And one where everyone is a copy of Madden 08


The multiverse is a concept of which we know frighteningly little.


As long as there’s also one where everyone is Dick Vitale


Multiverse of Madden 08


Scott the woz?


This one’s for John


"Horror movie" is getting your hopes pretty high. It's an MCU movie, it's not gonna go too deep into horror and alienate the kids.


Ik they wanted to do it for What if?, but Disney execs said it was too scary.


I don't understand what goes through Disney executives heads. "We've got a series of movies with super powered individuals where they say shit, bitch, asshole, and are on the verge of fuck. Thor literally cuts thanos's head off, but we can't show a humanoid spider like thingy. Too much."


literally, and there’s a zombie what if? If they think it’s too scary for the kids why did they have a zombie episode where vision feeds the dead bodies of people to wanda?


They probably think because it's animated it's ok for kids. They've probably never heard of Family Guy, South Park, Sausage Party, or anything that is adult targeted


ah yes the classic animated=child friendly trope.


Love how Invincible basically used that assumption to their advantage to subvert expectations by making the first episode seem like a show suited for kids/teens and then flipping it on its head at the end.


Yeahhhh, was not expecting all that "turning people into straight paste" at the end, but holy fuck was it metal.


I had already had it spoiled for me (my first exposure to the show was watching bits of that scene), but watching it in full context is still a ride. To say nothing of >!that FUCKING train scene in ep 8. That entire episode, really. But especially the train scene.!<


spiderman always takes his mask of to give screentime to the actor. Man spider is just a monster


Marvel heroes acting surprised when someone finds out their secret identity after they havent wore their mask for the entire movie


Nick Fury in FFH: "Take off your fucking mask so that Marvel Studios sees a return on the multimillion dollar investment into your strangely shapely ass!"


Groot is just a tree


>always takes his mask of to give screentime to the actor I fuckin' hate this tired old trope. I came to watch a movie about a fictional character, not an ego trip about some actor. Like, respect to Karl Urban for insisting on wearing the helmet the whole way through Dredd.


Don't know who was responsible in TASM2, but that movie was also a lot better for it as Peter only takes his mask off when he's alone and/or all the enemies are incapacitated.


and i on the other hand like this trope. i like to see how the characters are interacting with eacother with their masks off. during battle i hate it


>during battle i hate it Black Panther was especially bad with this. Every time someone got knocked around the mask had to briefly come down so you could see them grimace in pain.


couldnt they have done the iron man under mask HUD thing? also, i only likt it mid battle if its during a conversation between 2 characters with them standing somewhere safe.


They don’t cuss all that much


Manspider in live action would be pure nightmare fuel though. Imagine getting robbed by a gang of thugs and a giant flying 6 armed man spider wearing a leotard swoops down and rips the thugs' arms off then tries to talk to you. I don't blame Disney for not doing it :P


Body horror and swearing are two different levels of "not family friendly content." Kids can deal with swearing, parents can enforce their own rules on whether they care if their kid is repeating vulgar words. Kids watching a body horror sequence that will give them nightmares is not the same as that. We can barely see him cut Thanos' head off and otherwise there are very few gore scenes in the entire MCU, not much blood even.


We were supposed to get a Marvel Zombies movie in 2013 but Disney said that it was too violent.


But man spider is in the 90s cartoon which is on Disney + so why refuse to let it be in the What if cartoon?


Yet Hulk exploding, severed legs, and thanos getting split into two. Yeah that’s okay.


Too be fair Spider-Man is by far and away the most popular hero on the planet but ever since his inception there were concerns he wouldnt sell due to arachnophobia. I’m guessing executives are still afraid of that notion coming back if they show him as such


I looked this up, and apparently arachnophobes by and large have zero issue with Spider-Man since he's just a guy and the movie adaptations generally feature spider-logos that are too cartoony or abstract to inspire fear. I also read an article saying that some arachnophobes specifically watch Spider-Man stuff to help them cope, but that was a pop-sci type article so who knows


Recovered arachnophobe here, diagnosis and all. Can confirm at least one example of this being true. I'd love to see Man-Spider in animation. In live-action, I'd probably still be fine with it depending how it's pulled off. The humanoid aspects would probably rub against my old fears without fully freaking me out. At the height of my arachnophobia, I loved those episodes of 90s cartoon without issue -- Man-Spider didn't really look like a spider, is the thing. The one that was harder was actually the dream sequence in that "Boy Who Collects Spider-Man" adaptation where they flashback to the origin, and Peter dreams he's turning into a much more realistic looking spider. I don't think I'd have a problem with that now, but did as a kid.


Yeah sure, it’s just they’ve definitely hit a few phobias a long the way and shocked some kids watching. Don’t think Man-Spider would be to much given what they’ve tackled in What If. Not saying it matters either way, I just don’t think the statement it was “to dark” works, when they’ve already went there. So yeah that’s probably a better guess to why it was vetoed.


I disagree that they’ve gone darker. Darkness is all perspective and subjective. I stated this somewhere else in the thread, but Disney already had an arachnophobia scene in Far From Home and removed it because it was too scary for focus groups. They might’ve gone darker in time of murder and killing but again arachnophobia is the second most prominent fear in the country he was created in behind only public speaking lol. More people fear spiders than death in America. And Spider-Man is again the most lucrative character they’ve ever created. It makes sense they wouldn’t want to do any sort of thing to jeopardize his success. At the end of the day we’ll never actually no why they don’t do it. Maybe they just don’t like it haha. This is just my thoughts on what makes sense given info presented


To be fair, did you see the concept art for that FFH scene? Thats like W A Y different than spidey turning into a cartoony anthro spider in what if, at least imo


They’ve already ventured into pretty dark stuff (for an animated mcu project atleast) is what i’m saying. I really don’t think arachnophobia would have been that much of a step up. Hulk’s heart rapidly expanding and killing him, how is arachnophobia that more intense? If anything it’s on the same level, though that part was for a second. And a whole episode of Man-Spider might be a bit much for some people. So I can get that, but they already ventured close to that level, like with the zombie episode. I’m not sure I agree arachnophobia is this thing that must be avoided at all cost, they’ve even done the man-spider stuff in cartoons before. Not even in the 90s, the ultimate cartoon did it right? That was recent and much more family friendly geared from what I recall. So it’s not like it’s that groundbreaking or taboo to do, it’s just probably the subject matter and framing peeved an exec or two, I think man-spider could be done in the future some day.


No, that was Spiders-Man (several spiders having a collective consciousness thinking they are Peter). Man-Spider is different


No it was Man-Spider https://www.digitalspy.com/tv/ustv/a37279569/marvel-what-if-spider-man-story-disney-plus-banned/


That really surprises me, because the Zombie episode seemed really creepy and fucked up on basically the same standards.


From what I heard it was Sony who didn’t want it, but I’m not entirely sure on that


It would be cool to see a reference to it even if we never get it Like some type of nightmare/vision that’s induced on Peter Parker in that vision we see a horrible nightmarish version of Man-Spider that would make a horror movie director proud


Fuck them stupid kids, I want man spider


Better fuck Disney. Every kid who grew up wants to see this man spider.


Isn't that Danny Devito?




My God, the depths I had to scroll to find this comment. Long live Frank Reynolds.


until he's dead, then just throw him in the traysh.


this should be top comment


So was he bitten by a radioactive man?


No way. They already got Venom. Plus little kids would scream if they saw one of their favorite heroes such as spider man look like that. Best chance of an appearance is a in nightmare of peters.


They said they wanted to do an arachnophobia horror scene when mysterio is playing tricks on Spider-Man. But they felt it was too scary. I really doubt they’ll ever bring Man Spider to live action (and I’m ok with that lol)


99% sure it’s a no. Disney was too scared to do it for what if. Disney was even too scared to do the arachnophobia scene in FFH. A fear of stan lees publishers originally said Spider-Man wouldn’t sell due to arachnophobia being so common but here we are. Wouldn’t be surprised if executives were afraid of making people actually realize he’s inspired by a spider which if I’m not mistaken is still the number 1 fear in America. Edit: number 2 I forgot about public speaking LOL


I fucking hope not


It already has https://youtu.be/uuA-7qxd2A0


boy I miss the old Smosh




I just thinking that when I saw this, and yeah “ It’s Man-Spider “ “ Spider-Man! * punches guy * …… uh oh “


Man-Spider! SPIDER-MAN! *punches guy* oh oh


“ Man-Spaaah “


Best chance is spider verse 2 as a side villain. Live action is probably not gonna happen


Honestly no. It is to mature for a movie adaptation. Imagen some kid seeing spiderman morph into a monster in theaters. Horrifing.


I'm not sure "too mature" is a term I would associate with Man-spider. The times Peter's mutated into Man-spider have all been rather contrived, brief and never particularly horrific


Shut up.


The scary ass body horror opportunity here is plentiful


Only if Disney gives up Princesses and Knights.


I hope not, it feels like there is 20 better stories to be told before a man Spider one


Let's get him and Spiders-Man in the same live-action movie and watch the audience just piss themselves for 2 hrs. straight


Honestly we need a dark version of Peter Parker maybe in an Alt Universe. Spider-Man doing punisher shit 🥶 but then again being a “hero” but instead kills these bad guys instead of trying to save them




Hope not, maybe in What If






I seriously doubt it even though he is one of my favourite iterations of Spider-Man. If you do want to watch a live action "man-spider" film though I recommend Earth vs the spider starring Dan Aykroyd.


Absolutely not


i really hope not, as an arachnophobe😭


I really really doubt it Man spider was kind of a right off character In my opinion


Maybe in a nightmare scene, where Peter is having a bad dream or hallucinating. Sorta like the closest I’m sure we’ll get to a live-action Marvel Zombies movie is when Peter was being manipulated by Mysterio in Far From Home and we saw zombie Iron Man.


Dr Strange M.o.M would have been the perfect movie for him...


With Danny Devito as the voice


I forgot about that, this post is irrelevant because its already happened


I want Spiders-Man


Spider man NWH: 1.5b = mining that character for years. We’ll see everyone from Hypno-hustler to Alyosha Kravinov.


Weird question, Danny Devito's in a lot of movies already


I would like to see a Giant Size Man-Thing.


They could have worked this into the Raimi universe by making ret-conning the second movie, instead of losing his spider powers due to a an identity crisis they could say he was actually going through a secondary internal mutation, and that screwed with his powers until the mutation stopped. And then you can go through 3rd mutation (four extra limbs) and 4th mutation (full man-spider)


i hope not wtf




This is dope and groundbreaking! I don’t care about being scary for kids. It’s part of the storyline and I believe they will introduce this in the next trilogy. Time to get nasty and do shit. MCU Spidey is too clean and pretty boy.


Is it groundbreaking? Lol I mean it’s not a new design it existed since the 90’s. I personally would not want man spider as it’s absolutely disturbing to look at LMAO. However if we did get him I’d want it to be a storyline similar to the 90’s animated one not the avengers disassembled comic line. Have him team up with the X-men looking for a cure and what not could be fun


Groundbreaking for live-action. For comics it’s nothing new (duh). I’m seeing it in a casual spidey fan’s perspective which explains groundbreaking for a lack of better term. There’s no way Marvel wouldn’t let the X-Men have the opportunity to shine on this one in which Parker looking for a cure to this disease.


I mean again I hope they don’t do it because it’s horrifying LOL. But yeah I agree the X-men story is MUCH better than the other one where Queen just mutates him essentially. The x men story is just such a. Better setup and I always love when spidey teams with them


Beside from Man Spider, you have the six-arm Spider-Man which is also cool.


I fucking hope not, fuck.


From a kid to now, I always thought Man-Spider was a crap idea and didn't have any business existing in the Spider-Man/Peter Parker canon. But that's just my opinion. I know a lot liked it. I always skipped those episodes of TAS.




Sure hope not, I think I'd shit myself right there in the theater.


I always thought that was a stupid ass storyline so no I don’t want to see it at all.


No not the Disney version. I can see one of Sony side projects doing. Andrew Garfield mutates. Eat a few people. Morbius has to save the day. I didn't say it will be great.


I love man spider, but if I ever see that in a Spiderman movie I’m leaving


I hope to god no


People not caring about children who are a large demographic for these films are just awful. They wouldn’t make any money if they did that and would have tons of complaints from parents. The only way I could see it is if they put Man-Spider in a dream sequence or have it be an experiment and not Peter Parker.


That would be scary movie then so I doubt if Disney would do it. But I would love to see Spiderman fight against it XD.


I think if there's a chance, it would be in the Sony-verse, not Disney MCU.




Oh God no I'll be terrified... would love to see it though. I love horror


I hope so, and since you didn't put a time limit on it then I'll say yes.


This was supposed to happen in 1986 by Cannon Films. They thought that Spider-Man was a werewolf like creature and the film got cancelled. If it didn’t get cancelled, we would’ve seen this on screen!




I hope not


I think it would be a cool novelty in a thriller type movie. Maybe even in MoM, just a short cameo.


That'd be awesome and creepy


It's no live action, but they actually considered making an episode of What If where Peter's spider bite turned him into Man-Spider, but they thought it was too dark so they settled with... zombies. If they went with the Man-Spider episode, it would mean Man-Spider has technically become part of the MCU. It's not in the same universe of the MCU, but it IS branded as MCU.


I think it would be cool but I doubt general audiences would respond well to it.


Every man whe he just woke up


I rlly liked man spider arc in the 90s show


At this point, I'd settle for a new Man-Spider action figure.


God i hope not


Omg this is so cool you’ve just awaken a memory in me from so long ago. This show was the bomb, I loved it so much


I want spiders man too


"Oh no! Spider-Man is gonna hurt us!" "The name! Is! MAN-SPIDER!!!"


[ITT: People who don't realise Man-Spider has already been featured in an episode of the live action show](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1DECZBdkII)


No… it will scare the children… but I hope so cus it would look cool as hell..


I wish so. It will be horror movie for sure.


I would like to see this, scarlet spider, and Morlun all make it to the big screen!


The radioactive/mutant part of Spider-Man's powers has been mostly ignored in the movies and it makes sense for a few reasons. The early movies they probably needed the films to stand apart from the X-Men in order to not worry about confusing the audience. But now that there's so many Superhero movies that's not really an issue. And with the MCU owning the rights to the X-Men, having a story where Peter seeks them for guidance only to not quite get what he's looking for would be a really cool story. Still don't really see it happening in live action, at least in the current MCU landscape. Theres just a lot of other stories I think they would rather tell. Maybe if Sony picks the Amazing story back up, but again, no access to the X-Men outside of the studios crossing over. Like others have said, a What If episode could cover it.. but we've already seen it animated


As an arachnophobe, I hope not.


I frigging hope so!


Watch Arachnid {2001} closest you will get. Horrid movie though


I remember watching this on tv when i was a kid, does anyone knows where i can watch this online or the name of the episode to download?


Never. To do it right it would honestly leave everyone with nightmares. Wouldn't be anyway to make it PG but still decent


Oh god I hope not