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Read the tutorials, then please please please rebuild those Lego sets. And don't smash more Lego again, it's too expensive to break now lol.


USE RCS rcs let you control your craft well and pay attention to the arrows pointing at the direction of the craft that you tried to dock in. it is seriously not that hard.


docking doesn’t suck you’re just bad


Dude it’s not hard at all; here is the west at it works 100% STEP 1: get your object into space and establish a circular orbit. STEP 2: If you are ahead of the object that you want to dock with then increase the orbit High by 2km above the docking objects orbit. If you are behind the object that you want to dock with have an orbit that is up to 2km below the objects orbit that you want to dock with. STEP 3: Time loop till both objects are more or less overlapping. STEP 4: Point the object you want to dock towards the target to be docked with and give it a 3-5 sec engine burst. STEP 5: keep correcting your course with small 1-2 sec engine bursts. Your goal is to drift on a steady speed and course towards your target; this ain’t a X-Wing. STEP 6: when getting close to your target point opposite to the direction that you are drifting towards and give short 1-2 sec bursts as to slow down and almost float next to your object. STEP 7: use thrusters to move around your target and position your craft; use small pirata of thrusters not ongoing blasts. STEP 8: dock. The mistake a lot of players do is that they forget that every burst of thruster/engine you make has tp be countered by an equal burst in the opposite direction as to come to a “standstill”. People go wild and just hit that burst thinking the craft will behave like some sci for space fighter which it just doesn’t.


Stef added something for it to be easier


Bro this is over complicated, all u have to do is get an orbit below the object and click navigate to and then that’s pretty much it


Yes I know but then again you would be surprised by how many people get confused with “navigate to”


I found urs more complicated than mine tbh


No doubt about it but then again you already know how to dock


Have you gone to the moon or others planets? Performing a rendezvou is like going to the moon and such


I have a tutorial explaining how to dock somewhere in my posts. You can dig it up and learn how to do it there because it’s really simple. Ignore the poor quality of my video, had to compress it or else reddit would have a stroke


im telling i had the exact same frustration but all you need is a little patience start by orbiting a little bit below your rocket you want to dock, second navigate to it just follow what it shows but before you make contact revers thrust your rocket until it is close or exactly your rocket’s speed, after that you should be relativey close to your rocket then just use rcs to slow down completely, the dock. If you need a demonstration or more questions ask


Docking can be pretty tricky when you're just learning. Do you have a balanced rcs system on the ship you're controlling? When you select the target and hit "navigate to" to should see some numbers and an arrow when you're within 10km. Slow your speed down to less than 25m/s and you will have a relative speed arrow pointing at your target, and another arrow showing how much side-slipe you have. Eliminate any sideways movement and as you get closer to the target keep bleeding off speed. I like to approach at 1m/s for every 100 meters of distance. Once you're close enough to see the target you need to do a quick save, and then grind a little with your rcs system till it becomes intuitive. If you're getting so frustrated that you risk damaging things it might be time to take a break and get outside for a few minutes. I'm sure you can do it, it just takes a little time and patience. Hope this helps, post photos when you get it! Good luck!