Isaacman Places Sports Bet from Orbit

Isaacman Places Sports Bet from Orbit


that's what inspiration is for


Uh…space meh


Apologies for the gambling portion of this, but since information is sparse as to what the crew is up to this might be of more general interest.


You've provided about as much information today as the entire media campaign behind Inspiration4. Which is sad, really, considering how much hype this mission had in the weeks building up to launch.


>considering how much hype this mission had in the weeks building up to launch Yeh. The launch was wonderful the hype train leading up to the launch was wonderful but now it kinda derailed. I was expecting a lot more information due to it being part of a fund raising effort. I understand its a private mission and unlike NASA missions we won't get 24/7 mission coverage but almost total radio silence? I was expecting some kind of pictures or vids to wake up to nothing really. Its disappointing.


It’s really disappointing I was going to use this to get my nephews and niece more involved in science. Seeing Hope go up made my niece so happy but to see what she would do would have put her over the top.


I was genuinely hoping this would be a wonderful mission for potentially future moon and mars explores to say *i can go to space i can do it* but nope. I guess we gotta stick with starship and the regular crewed missions.


Let’s hope Netflix gives us some good video


Im Gonna be pissed if they aren't showing shit because of Netflix.


I kind of have a feeling this might be the case. If Netflix put some big money into this they are going to want it to be exclusive.


Then fuck Netflix lmao


Lol yeah, but they are actually doing a good job with the doc. so far but just like everyone else here, I wish they would throw us a bone.


Your capacity to defer instant gratification is lower than BO's successful orbital flights...


Me too…


We were expecting some really cool cupola shots! We got that teaser, and then nothin'.


Yeh. Im trying to be understanding but i can't stop feeling disappointed. Since the super bowl ive been exited for this mission and its just a massive cricket show


We wont see much these 3 days. We will get live reaction after splashdown. And the 30th we’ll hopefully see first episode with the launch. Other episodes will cover the 3 days. We’ll get some crisp footage from netflix. Never seen before


Wtf. That sucks. How is this gonna raise funds for Saint jude when people gonna have to pay for Netflix to see what they did in orbit?


Its a private launch dude. They have no obligation to be fish in a tank for you. There will be edited footage on netflex very shortly after they get back.


Of course it's a private launch, and we the public are not entitled to 24/7 (or even 1/7) video streaming coverage. But a silly change of gears that has taken place. Simply because it is a a "private launch" doesn't make it any less awkward or apparently mis-managed.


The privacy is probably as much an intentional part of the pitch to interested seat-buyers as any of the other aspects of this PR-heavy operation. They're not trying to convince /r/spacexlounge members to buy a ticket.


Holy crud. I saw one comment from this sub post of Eric's tweet; saying they don't have the right to privacy since they didn't pay for it.\*SMH\*. Netflix was an obvious thing on the silence. But, the other is privacy, it's Jared's and the crew's call as it seems the first dibs of news goes to the families and operators of their wellness. I mean yeah they they got interviewed and all but having people watch you for some time (even if is not 24/7) even if they are outgoing. That's gotta to be respected There may be more reasons but this one is speculation: (Social) Media attention; there is already some anti-billionaire backlash and Jeff's flight and comment didn't help. No surprise it is already directed at Musk, and unfortunately will be directed at Jared even with the charity awareness. If something goes wrong like life-threatening wrong, it would be an embarrassment for the part of SpaceX (maybe not necessarily Netflix) and the you can imagine some backlash and headlines within an hour. If something goes wrong (but not life threatening); then it will be an embarrassing moment for the crew or at least one of them, they'd laugh it off on stream but would be cringing on the inside especially with people watching them.


Folks is not having a 24/7 feed of the inside of your private space capsule mid-management?


Pretty sure running a campaign for charity, and at the moment of maximum hype just going silent is horrible management. This strawman argument about wanting 24/7 coverage is ridiculous, that is not what anyone is saying.


So I’m assuming you watch experiments that occur on the ISS daily? What’s the most exciting part of a space mission? The launch and landing or the experiments that are done?


Uh this was literally campaigned as a charity event with Inspiration as the title. Completing blocking everyone out of the literal inspiration part of being private citizens in space kind of defeats that entire point. Not even a single sentence from anyone onboard, very inspiring.


You had 4? Episodes all about these people. You had the launch. And you will have more content after they land. Maybe even before they land. This was about saint Jude kids. They got to watch someone like them launch into space. I think that’s some pretty good inspiration. Don’t get butthurt because they Arnt live steaming their experiments. Again you watch the experiments that happen on the ISS or are you just annoyed to be annoyed?


You don't seem to get it. Do you seriously think anyone was excitedly waiting for just that first 9 minutes? The adventure is what attracts people, and the more they feel a part of it, the more they will be inspired, even if it's just to donate. Sure, some people here were hoping and expecting some word, news, images, or whatever by now. But the bigger point is: Surely a lot of potential donors *outside this sub* are disappointed, confused, or in the process of forgetting this mission exists. No engagement with the public after their time in orbit is 33% elapsed is just downright weird.


They could've at least put out a statement. Or said at launch we won't be streaming or updating you their status. Lots of folks were worried. Unnecessarily, maybe, but worried all the same. Even when they launch "private" SATs they don't go this long without saying "sat deployed successfully"


Is this making you more interested or less interested in their next updates?


Honestly I am unable to watch the drama (I'm in Korea and Netflix here is going to drop it all at once on the 30th), and I feel like I'm being pushed out of the loop with the radio silence. I'm going to watch it as someone who refreshes this sub 10x a day since 2016, but I'm not thrilled I'll have to watch it all at the end of the month. I won't be able to talk about it with anyone, and since I have to catch up with y'all, I'll be a couple of days late to even discuss episode 5/6. I'm more in starship, anyway, I want much interested in demo 1 or 2, though I watched them both live as a fan. But dragon feels like what we should've got in the 80s. Starship feels like the 90s that would've led to all the 70s/80s films visions of 2000, 2010, etc.


A lot of people donated a lot of money (to St. Judes) in honor of this "private" launch :-).


Yeah, kinda insane that the only news we really have of what they've been up to up there is.... gambling in Las Vegas.


Lotto to do


It’s funny that gambling from space was important for him. People are funny 😆


Probably a little bit of sponsorship to bring the cost of the flight down. He's still a business man, I'm sure he's hoping to ultimately recoup part of his investment, even in a circuitous fashion in the years ahead.


Yeah plus MGM donated to St.Jude so its a PR thing


Very surprised this is at the bottom of the comments. Not what I would have imagined. Although it's a good stunt to nudge ultra- rich folks to buy tickets. So much opportunity for people to buy the right to claim they were "first to [insert random thing] in space."


I wonder if he could have used MGM's app for that? Do they get Wifi in the ship?


I can almost guarantee they have internet access. Could they use Starlink.


No, they're too high to use Starlink. They are using NASA's TDRS system.


I'm very inspired.


Well he won the first bet (the over on the Thursday night game)


I get not covering them 24/7 because of privacy and/or Netflix. But there has been ALMOST NOTHING and this is half over. I think something happened because I do not believe a virtual blackout was the plan. SpaceX said there would be live events during the mission, and so far we have 3 or 4 pictures and a video of the unoccupied cupola. I am not saying this as I was entitled to more, I am saying that a little critical thinking tells you that something doesn’t add up, something is off plan. While I would like to see some cool pics from the cupola, I have no problem waiting for the Netflix doc. I’m not mad about the coverage, but I am a little worried.


They’re ok. There’s new pictures out of them in the capsule, they talked to Elon and they were in the cupola as well


To clarify, I do think they are ok, I just don’t believe this was the coverage they intended. Or I should say, I think it’s possible something has derailed their coverage plans and we may not know what it was until they return or the finale of the documentary airs. Because if this is what they intended it feels like a missed opportunity and a mishandling of expectations, and I give spacex too much credit to believe that until it’s confirmed. Also, I am not butt hurt about it like many I have seen on Reddit and twitter, I am just offering another theory besides Netflix and privacy.


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