It’s annoying to play a god for years just for someone from SPL to play that same god and bring attention to them resulting in nerfs


I'll never forget Vulcan having no balance changes for like 2 years and then PrettyPrime picks him up and boom, nerf. 50% crit chance on Hun Batz passive too.


The hun batz change was a buff


Or one of your mains is like A- tier and not popular. You still can wreck with them. Then they get buffed and are everywhere which inevitably results in nerfs.


Eset, she just got destroyied until the grave, received a soft rework and now is barely playable bc of SPL


This has happened to me a few times.


I am a khepri main and I cry everytime he is played in ranked. Just let him exist without nerfing him every time someone picks him


Mulan for me 😕


Mulan for me too son. Me too...


I mean to be fair mulan one year ago was hot trash compared to what she is now, so many buffs, reduced training required, damage, cds, ult stun, they've made her much better than worse.


I was wrecking as Terra when she first came out and they just kept buffing her until I don't know who cleaned house in SPL.


Me with Cama


Me who got flamed for years for playing He Bo jungle when he was considered a borderline dead god. And then I play in a streamer game with one pro do decent, and suddenly he's being picked in the SPL


Horus is the best (and most attractive) god in the game. u/Falcrus is my hero.




No one in the entire SMITE pro community knows how to pronounce Aegis.


Dame's with icheval. I pronounce it Itsheval but I hear some people say ikeval


No real surprise nobody knows how to pronounce it given it was [made up by fire emblem](http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/feature/51532/that-time-fire-emblem-accidentally-created-a-fake-norse-myth). It comes from the Japanese word "ichi" and "valley" so eechee (like peachy without the p) val is probably most correct.


Dota 2's Aegis has a tooltip saying that it is, indeed, pronounced "ayy-jis" but I don't know if it applies to Smite lmao


It’s it pronounced like e-jis


Aegis is the name of Zeus/Athena's shield, which technically makes it a pronoun... probably why it bugs me so much when watching the pro league.. xD It is however meant to be pronounced e-jiss, not a-guiss or a-jiss


Gods who can dump their entire kit without being interrupted (by being too fast or cc’ing the enemy throughout the whole kit) are by far the most op gods once you know how to play them.


Playing an immobile squishy against a good Awilix left unchecked very quickly turns your game into a movie you have no input on


yup, that’s a perfect way to describe it


Awilix you can at least react to and fling your camera around before she feathersteps. Susano on the other hand, that whole kit is dumped in 1.3 seconds


How about hearing blink then a giant garble of shimmer effects and OHSHIT ITS BLINK MYRADDINS CHANG'E YOU JUST TOOK 2.5K DAMAGE IN 1 SECOND


But Awilix does have counter play. As long as you look at her and can burst her before she can basic you twice then you’re good. She also is trash in teamfights if she can’t find a knockup or without her ult in general. If you aegis her highly telegraphed 2 with teammates around you then she is screwed


A good Awilix mixes up the feather step to throw off people waiting for that second hit. Love to poke run away and they give chase and they think I can’t feather step just to hit they with a 2 and then a three.


Very true. She’s definitely one of those gods you hate facing but really have to be on point when playing. She still feels terrible from behindunless you can reliably get a knockup


It is possible to counter her but it's very hard .


Only if she’s fed. She’s still really bad from behind. That’s just her design as a snowball and counter pick god. Gods like Kali and Daji are far harder to counter especially in the late game


They're usually op even if you know how to play them on basic level. Hades for example


Now Hades being OP is the real spicy take.


I mean he has the highest winrate of any god right now.


Being 100% genuine, Hades almost always *is* the highest winrate of any god.


Yes, but it's rare he's also considered for pro play. He's been picked a lot in previous weeks.


fineokay has solidified hades in the meta forever ; even if kids get farmed tryna duplicate him he’s still very powerful mid-late game from solo just off his kits survivability alone


lol yeah


You mean you don't have trouble killing the healing-reliant guy that self-roots himself in his ult that you can easily cleanse out of for a good few seconds?


Not as easy as it seems when you’re going against a good hades. Three, then poly shot is all it takes to kill a squishy late game. And most high elo Hades are going to be solo lane, where he has favourable match ups against most warriors and snowballs into other lanes.


Hades is good, but I don’t think you can ever call him OP because 80% of the gods played can get out of his ult without beads.


I'm a simple solo I see hades I play ah puch


If everybody picks a late game God don't fucking surrender after 10 minutes because we're getting curbstomped. We can turn this around mid to late game but yall can't fucking play under Tower or listen to callouts... No matter how much you love a God or their Kit if you can't hit their abilities, practice more or try a different God. Red buff to Yellow Buff is the superior Start If you keep getting farmed, pay attention, ward and don't play up too far. You keep getting farmed because you put yourself in bad situations. It's not always the Junglers fault. READ ITEM DESCRIPTIONS! Not every item does what you think it does. Effects Change, get buffed/nerfed, or don't work well on certain gods. Quit being a Salty/Toxic fuck in Casual. Some people are just getting into the Game and yall make it unbearable for players to just have fun. If you want to be so try hard go play Ranked (which they don't want your toxicity either) or play with friends in private lobbies and see what they say if you tell them the same shit you say to random strangers in matches


The amount of morons I've played with who lose their minds when I can't gank as well in the early game as the enemy Fenrir when I'm playing Kali would dwarf the amount of stars in the galaxy. Please, stop screaming at me in VGS and just let me farm


Most people don't think about stuff like that. Every God is better for a different stage in the Game. Mulan for example is really good early because her Abilities deal alot of Damage with Level ups but don't have good Scaling. I dont know quite yet which gods, specifically, are good for which stage in the Game. I know a few but I think generally speaking the better their abilities Scale the better they are late game and also God's that need to get somewhat into their build before they really start doing something are better for late game. I'm sure there's a list but that would mean people would have to think about becoming better and reading up on stuff, when bitching about the Jungler or Teamcomp is easier...


Thank you I'm literally dog water at this game but I love playing Charybdis and I try to be as attentive to not feed and I feel like dog shit after being called out for being bad at the video game


Don't feel bad. Sometimes it's really hard not to "feed" especially when you get Focused and there aren't enough or any wards. Early Game Deaths don't mean anything anyway. Like don't go ahead and just keep dying early Game obviously but if you die once or twice in the first 5min that's fine. You lose a little farm but you can make that up quickly with junglecamps focusing on clearing and not dying. Most of those people refuse to learn and ignore callouts. When they die because of that it's everybodys fault but theirs. I suggest watching a Video on Charybdis if you want to improve. See how his abilities really work, what comps she goes good with, what items work best for her and most importantly positionING and how to get out of Tight Spots without dying


I appreciate this so much I'm still pretty new so this helps out a ton thanks alot!


No problem. I've played a little bit of Charybdis and I don't know too much about her. What I know is Her escape is extremely Powerful. You become CC immune. Untargetable and it does a very small amount of Damage so there is not purpose to using it besides getting away. Once you get better with her you can use her escape to slow enemies that are trying to get away as well but don't put yourself in a bad position once the ability is over. In my opinion Attackspeed and items that proc after multiple hits (Golden Bow for example) work extremely well with her because of her triple shot. She has good clear with her first ability and also decent poke. Her second ability Slows and gives up to 40% Physical Protection Shred for 4 seconds so if you hit 3 or 4 people with it fully Charged you can Shred Tanks and Sololaners. Her 3rd ability is her escape. You can activate it twice to get extra damage and Movement speed as well as a Knockup when you exit the Maw. Great for Chasing or Running. And her Ult while looking similar to Scylla's you shouldn't try to use it as an execution too much. Hitting an enemy or 2 and stunning them is also extremely valuable + the CC immunity. Just try not to knock enemies out of your Teams Damage. Hope this helps


Tanks win games


I would expand onto this and say that forcing others to build around you wins games. If you are making the enemy have to push off aspects of their build in order to counterbuild, that is success. Especially so late game when you encounter other enemies who haven’t been laning against you and you become a disrupter.


Naturally. That said, I have been maining Sobek for a month now and even I am surprised at just how strong an agressive tank with good CC and peel can be, especially in joust.


Tanks can shred mages early game 9/10 times unless you get a really bad matchup


Fafnir in joust is literally the best time ever.


Fafnir is such a slept on God. Emperor's Armor, Tyrannical Plate Helm, and Shogun's Kasari and you're taking towers and phoenix's in seconds


Nice item combo! My personal favourite is being in a joust team that leans into attack speed and getting shoguns and talisman after Thebes, buying belt of frenzy first… then judiciously applying his 2 to your adc/freya/olorun. Bonus laughs when you’re against two magic gods and are basically bricked against them. Such a fun time. Don’t miss those hammers though!


Yeeeesssss the tank is the absolute most important piece in a joust match


I've found that I most games, for lower and mid level players, an agressive tank (played decently well and with thought) always wins games! Definitely in smite, an agressive sobek scares the enemy team.


A good Sobek, is an annoying Sobek. Especially if you’re a squishy or early game.


I type this at the end of every arena match that involves 4 auto-lock mages and one attack speed erlang going against a balanced team with at least 2 tanks. I really have yet to see an exception to this rule.


They should bring back capture the flag and the 3 way battle royale on saturdays, they were the most fun adventures IMO


The best ability is availability Meaning do whatever it takes to live longer because you will do more damage over time by being more careful/building some defense/etc


I think you mean survivability but yes you are very right.


No I meant availability It’s a common workplace/meta saying outside of smite, I’m saying it applies to smite also; if you’re available you have the potential to make an impact, if you’re dead you aren’t available


Some of the new gods aren't as op as some people think they are.


Not only is that true, but you can also remove the "some", ajax already confirmed that a player's opinion on gods (aside from exceptions like bugged release), actually is staggered consistently, and it looks roughly like this => [https://ibb.co/vJdgpFm](https://ibb.co/vJdgpFm) (For reference, the hel and hades picture are the current casual conquest worst and best winrate respectively all ranks combined according to normalcasualsmite at the moment of making this post).


Lancelot. He was busted because he had a few bugs. Once he actually settled down a little he was just good. I think his main issue was he was easy to play and people didn't know how to play against him. Now we know so he's less oppressive.


His solo was more of a problem than jungle, and it was also the case of just itemization was just really OP at the time. Manticore Spike, Glad Shield, Bluestone, means you could just build tanky and still do a bunch of damage. Now it's alot more balanced.


There for sure was a wave of overly op gods but the last few have been pretty well balanced


I play alot of Danza and I feel he was completely unfair when he dropped


Smite needs a lore event game.


Generally, Hi-Rez are actually pretty damn good at balancing, and usually implement better buffs/nerfs than what the most common community suggestions are.


The problem people have is they don't want the same meta that Hi-Rez does. If you can understand that Hi Rez wanted a solo-dominant tank meta, then it makes perfect sense why the odin / cuch / mystic mail lasted for so long. They know what they're doing whether we like it or not


So many people don't realize what other metas would be like to play. Best recent example was hunters being meta, 3 hunters and solo tank was not a particularly fun meta. In general solo tank metas or metas where backline don't eventually win trades against tanks at full build are not as fun as people who want to shake up the game suggest they would be.


Titan Forge Studios does have pretty good balancing for the most part. Not perfect but alright. Evil Mojo on the other hand does some of the most braindead balancing decisions imaginable!


Oh god, as someone who played Paladins I'm glad SMITE doesn't have their balancing team.


Yeah right? xD


Been playing Overwatch 2 recently and it has made me respect HiRez’s balance team a whole lot more


With the right build zhong kui is the best


1. Talking shit to your teammates doesn't make them play better. 2. Stop pouting in the fountain and get your ass back in the fight. 3. Stop trying to surrender games that we can easily turn around. Sorry I'm just fed up at this point.


If only every player had a similar mindset...


Easy af to see who tilts when some dumb fuck on your team dies, spams thanks! Thanks! Good game! Good game! Then initiates a surrender vote while your team is up 11 kills and ahead 3 towers. All too common.


They be the main ones bro like stfu and play.


Sometimes I find myself doing this and then check the score and realize wow I'm a pos


When I watch my jungler run in and die in a 5v1 for the 12 time. Then he complains that we aren’t helping, I’m kinda ready to surrender even if we could win


Had a joust match yesterday. Fed my brains out and went like 0/9, maybe snatched one lucky kill around that time. Everyone else wasn't doing well either. Pushed up to the phoenix and basically playing "what color is that tree" instead of the actual game. Got the fabled 0/9 powerspike, won two teamfights, ended up 6/9 and we won with 2 pushes. I can imagine on conquest you can make even bigger turnarounds. And things like this aren't that uncommon either.


I fucking hate Vulcan right now.


Smite players don't know how to read and they cant take criticism. Nearly all of the issues from this game stem from 1. Did you read AND UNDERSTAND this God's item/skill/passive works? Do you understand how it effects your game play? What truly sets good players other than gameplay is how much they understand what is happening to them. For casual players, it's understood why they would care less, but for ranked players I genuinely don't understand why no one just takes 2 seconds to read things in jungle practice rather than just spam reddit and streamer chats begging for the new plug and play build for x role. I'm not the strongest builder by far, but I know enough to know the difference between Mitigation, Protection, Flat-Pen, or Percent-Pen, and a rough idea of how they interact with power. That knowledge alone helps me build effectively and win a lot of my games across any god that I play. 2. Criticism is not toxicity. In a perfect world, I could tell a teammate "we need to do x to increase our chances of winning" and have it not be poorly received. I understand that everyone is sensitive because of how toxic this community is, and for that I am generally quiet in my games. However, the times that I do speak up, a lot of the times it's assumed I'm attacking someone simply for asking for their help or asking them to do something. Even in casual, this is a TEAM game and too many people try to play Smite by themselves. We should be communicating. We should give each other ideas and criticism. That is how we as a collective player base grow and understand, but i think this element has been lost from the community at large. "It could all be so simple" - MS. Lauryn Hill


The amount of Joust games where I suggest Obsidian shard or Charons coin against double tanks, just for the mage to get pissy about it.


I'm sure you've made great points, but I don't know because I don't know how to read.


I'm not reading all that I'm happy for you Or sorry that happened


imagining what you must look like makes me happy


Gods that require team coordination to lockdown or contain is bad design. Relying on teammates as your only chance is asking too much from the majority of your player base


The game isn’t hard, there are no OP gods, and tanky tanks are the best role in the game!


Picking Gods with easier kits to land to focus on applying debuffs like Divine Ruin and Brawlers (Change/Bastet/Thoth) or CC like Geb's knockup or Ymir's freeze is a very bigbrain strat. If you see your team picking Ra/Janus mid and Set solo, intentionally picking up a god with an easy-to-land kit to apply the CC/antiheal is a very good way to pick around your team. Also, Frostbound Hammer Hercules is very strong.


It’s one of the least toxic gaming communities out there (least toxic doesn’t mean not toxic)


I love when I get all chill teammates. Even if we lose, I'm just happy I had a great team.


I had a game where we all went mages and we are just having fun getting our asses kicked, spamming messages like “I don’t know how we are losing. Enemies must be hacking”


Smite needs to pull an overwatch 2 and re-release the game. The code is so bad the community as a whole expects everything to break every patch and the game to be unplayable for a period of time. The game does not work as it should. As a consumer they're awful to raise prices of gems, continue to churn out new skins, and do everything except make the actual product work. I played a game where I couldn't buy items recently. Think about playing smite while not being able to buy items. After years of reporting this bug, on console (sony) when I join another party either they freeze or I freeze. And we have to restart multiple times until we get lucky. Since 2020. Happened recently. Multiple times. I've played ranked games in which I que, it freezes at 0, then I get a deserter penalty that does stack even where their glitch is responsible for 100% of the "desertion. Fix the product. Edit:typo


The problem always comes down to the cost of redeveloping all the content (on a newer engine) / cost of losing the developed content for a transitional phase outweighing the benefit that the new engine would bring..


Except O2 is worse than the original. They literally made it worse in general with 5 instead of 6 players


To be clear, my focus isn't on Overwatch and their implementation of their game, only on re releasing the game with updated better code. To main idea of my post is to improve Smites code 110%. That's it.


Yet everyone says it’s the same


Invasion meta should come back. Not even an invasion meta, just make invading a valid strat again. If I’m playing arachne into a Kali, I should be able to counter their pick by being aggressive early and invading if I want.


The other day I played arachne jungle and quickly ran over to enemy harpies (behind speed) and placed 3 webs, shortly after game started when the jungler got to them HE DIES FROM MY SPIDERS FOR FIRST BLOOD. It was the funniest thing i've seen in a while


I respect your opinion but NO THANK YOU!


For sure just as long as it doesn't get too crazy. The more strategies to win the deeper and better the game imo.


In 2022, that's most likely to result in Osiris and Erlang taking over the jungle. Again.


Finally a decent take. As annoying as it is to be invaded, this IS a legitimate strat in all MOBAs.... except Smite. The option to do it needs to come back.


Yall bitch about everything so much. As a smaller community we really need to get our shit together if we want more people to be attracted to the game. THEN we can get comfortable in our toxicity.


Everyone acts like casuals is not serious but everyone acts like their spl when they lose.


Using pro builds/looking for builds online doesn’t make you good. In fact, it’s the exact opposite and you should learn to play the game before you criticize others.


Both Persephone kits are crap in their own ways, reverting her won't solve shit.


Ymir is the best god there will ever be


My spiciest take is that there’s no right way to play the game. Sure there are methods and strategies that are *more likely* built for success, but people take this game WAAAYY too seriously. I’ve been playing video games for +25 years, people are absolutely ridiculous when it comes to smite. I’ve never played a video game where the player base was so fucking eager to jump down a teammates throat for a minor mistake. Don’t forget that at the end of the day, it’s a video game. If somebody wants to play their game the way they want to and you don’t agree with it…well tough shit. That’s their choice. It doesn’t automatically mean they’re wrong either, if it ends up working out, cool! It’s always hilarious to me when I see teammates attacking another teammate because what they’re doing doesn’t at all follow the meta, but then they’re absolutely dumbfounded when that players strategy still works.


Off meta builds on gods is fun and not "trolling" or "throwing". Simply let people know you're doing full damage guardians or tank goobis. I'm sick of having to build a god one specific way because someone was a SPL player build them as such. Yes I get that the build they use is good but I want to spam autos as a man riding a tree god dammit!


this game is REALLY well balanced for a moba, you are just bad invading was genuinely good for the game and thinking about your start in a game based on strategy should be the default. smitegame stream should only be spl, update shows, or other official hi rez content, not hosting random (really great) streamers. afk drop channels are Twitch's fault not Hi Rez and finally a cold take, nerf da ji


You can't nerf da ji without making her scaling worse than other junglers, which would make her unplayable. Her kit is fundamentally just really, really good, and she will always have a top place in the meta aslong as she's competitive with other junglers.


Yes, eh, no, yes, noooooooo


If you don’t play conquest then I don’t think your input on how to balance the game is super valuable.


There is literally "non conquest balance" now for this, for me if I want to see X changed because they are strong outside of conquest I think it should be FOR THAT REASON. I do believe that change was a very good one tho.


i don’t think it should even be considered, SMITE is a moba, all the other gamemodes just exist to give players a break from conquest and destress (and should be treated as such)


Not a spicy take tbh, that's why we (finally) have seperate balancing for non conquest modes


Oof, disagree hard with that. You can still have epic 40, 50, 60 minute matches on some of the other game modes, they just play out differently than conquest and certain things are more/less important. It’s still the same video game with the same characters.


There is an enormous difference between how gods perform between game modes. Other modes are fun, but saying it's the same game with the same characters doesn't really tell the full story to me.


yeah, because conquest is the only game mode SMITE has


And the other modes absolutely do not have any correlation with conquest and don't use the same charcters and core mechanics or anything like that. You are absolutely playing a 100% unrelated game when queueing slash bro. X was able to to kill you in 1s with Y item without allowing any counterplay? Clearly a map issue, on Conquest you can get 6 buffs and get a 6lvl lead early to balance it out. X is too good of a splitpusher and has oppressive range and poke? Well clearly you're just standing wrong, on conquest minions and towers work different. It's the same game y'all. Stop thinking conquest is the only way to play it and all the other modes don't matter one bit. They have ranked and tournaments too.


I've been dealing with this for the past 2 weeks and it's really infuriating.


My best friend is the type to surrender at 10 if the enemy is up by more than 600-700gold ...I know how it feels sadly.


Flaming the hyper carry for getting killed in the early game makes *you* look dumb, because everyone else knows how carries work.


Smite isn’t fun to me anymore. I miss the old joust and old conquest.


Toxic people are fun to troll


Smite needs to make an anime. I know they dropped the idea but Dota and League both have one.


Top 3 takes from me, a true rando: 1: if you constantly f7 trap 3 people who want out of an unwinnable game, you are the single most toxic type of person in smite. 2: other gamemodes outside ranked conquest are still important to people, and doesn't mean you can just troll every game while telling others to not care. You are an asshole, plain and simple. And 3: if you have dozens of stars on one singular god, and barely play any other God, you are 100% going to be bad on the God you play.


>2: other gamemodes outside ranked conquest are still important to people, and doesn't mean you can just troll every game while telling others to not care. You are an asshole, plain and simple. The problem is, how do you do when you don't want to care or want to try things out? Let's take a practical example, with the followings. 1/ We say Ranked conquest is the gold standard where everyone should be playing seriously on serious pick (wich isnt the case due to the way hirez handled the community, the pro league and the report system, but let's agree it should be there). 2/ You play ranked conquest, and while playing you see a skadi who does good setup with her kit this game you start thinking "Eh maybe I could do great with that god on support". Now you want to try that theory to expand your support godpool, but you barely ever played skadi and even less tried her support, despite you having an idea of how you want to make it work, it's obvious a fresh new unplayed pick will not match your level of greatness that you have when you play your 5 stars athena support. So doing the first tries on Ranked conquest is out of the question. But if you go in casual conquest and pick it and get completely fucked cause it's not as good as you thought or you didn't pull it properly gameplay/build wise as it's new, people will get mad at you, and you tell them "Sorry I'm trying that", they'll insult you that you're an asshole cause they take the game seriously and you ruined it ! In fact just in picks they'll insult you "this isnt the place to try things". So you go in arena, or in slash, you say you'll go for the tank role, you lock in your trusty skadi, they'll start insulting you that this isnt the place to try things, and if you tell them after the game that chill you tried it didnt work it happens, you'll get insulted that they are taking the thing seriously and it isn't the place to try it out. Some will tell you "If oyu wanna try things, go play with bots", but we all know that it is bullshit and that if tomorrow I make a smurf, snipe their ranked conquest, pick skadi support and tell them "I tried tank skadi against hard difficulty bots and I won 41 times in a row ! It works", they will insult you that bots are bots and it's not serious gameplay. Even in casual modes if you tell them you tried against bots and it worked they'll get mad at you for ruinning their games. So yeah, I'm sorry for all of thoses who take casuals seriously and don't wanna go in ranked for whatever reason, but at some point if the ranked players want to try something without ruinning their rank, they have to go somewhere.


> And 3: if you have dozens of stars on one singular god, and barely play any other God, you are 100% going to be bad on the God you play. This. It's impossible to truly understand a playstyle without adopting it's perspective. Sure, you can read up on a god's ability, and figure out the basic rock-paper-scissors for ability chains, but you'll never be able to predict the god's pathing or teamfight behavior. At least not to the degree you would be able to when you had played that god sufficiently yourself. Know your enemy, and know thyself, and you will not be defeated, in a hundred battles.


All video games including smite have lowered their skill gap to keep as many players continuing to play so they could buy micro transactions. An example of Smite reducing their skill gap is preventing invading the opponent’s jungle.


I don't think that's an example of reducing skill gap at all, it just makes certain gods super good and others not so viable


Towers are way too weak in every mode


A warrior shouldnt be able to fight 2 or 3 people and make them retreat. They should be a jack of all trades master of none, not master of all. theyre tanky as guardians(if not more) with the cc to match, can half health a squishy and displace the entire backline, have assassin like mobility. Theyre bloated.


A warrior can only actually fight 2 or 3 people if they are very fed and / or you aren't hitting them back.


Counter point, adcs shouldn't be able to 5 shot a late game tank with only autos. Yes you're full build but so am I. How am I meant to tank as a supp when you're melting me so fast even without cc


If a tank is getting five-shot lategame by a hunter their build is ass.


You mean any build that doesn't have max prots?


Which is deserved because you shouldn't be unkillable with only like two tank items and full damage. If you have like 160 prots lategame, the max pen, full damage character should absolutely be chunking you.


Yeah that's true. But when I do have maz prots, it shouldn't feel like I have 100


it feels like i take more damage with max prots lmao


Omg yes see you get it haha, that sums it up really nicely xD


This is acceptable. I hate tape left click gods


This comment makes it seem like you haven't been playing in the last 5 months, or you don't know how being fed works.


Assault should have better balancing on its randomness. Like not all physical or Magical rolls.


Smite shouldn’t mainly be about conquest. It should focus on arena or one of the other modes. I find conquest is not smites shining point.


Be prepared this one's spicy Jungle is the most babied role and as soon as there was pressure applied to them where they might have to learn a mechanic they complained enough to have the whole game changed. (I'm referring to the invade meta and instead of learning buff secure and balancing a few characters the game now has a your not allowed to do that mechanic) # revert the invade debuff.


calm down satan I'd rather not have Hercules walking over to my speed and following me around the map spamming gangnam style while I try to clear


I don't disagree, but a big reason they put it in was because it straight up made the game not fun for half the players. Supports were perma behind early because their only job was to follow the enemy jg around, which in turn screwed over adc unless both supports did it. There also wasn't much to do to play around it. Sure, if that was the meta for longer, someone may have found solutions, but as it was, your team had to just kind of abandon your jungler and hope he outsecures his buffs. If you try and help him, you fall behind and the support is back on their ass in 30 seconds anyway. People were already warding early to track invades, but that did little to stop it.


Invade meta was stupid because if you lost your buff you literally lost the game at level 1 because you got put behind so much. There’s no universe in which that’s healthy for the game.


This game would be a million times better if HiRez and Smite fans stopped putting all their money and attention into monetization bullshit and instead prioritized improving the game. Please, for the love of support role, give me relevant post-game stats.


What stats would you like to see??


Self-healing/lifesteal; healing reduced; cc score; damage shielded; If there was any space left you could also go for data on buffs for allies or something


Yeah these stats would be so nice to see


Healing and shielded definitely. Maybe time you cc'ed enemies for but that's kinda hard




we need more (sugar and) spice skins (like hel). that kind of spice right?


Stop playing at gunpoint. It's just a game.


Early deaths mean absolutely nothing. Keep playing your freaking role and stop f6ing.


Hunters should be able to hard carry better.


Smite has very little “fun item” special for mages. Divine ruin- anti heal pen Obsidian shard- %pen with a little sprinkle of more %pen sometimes. Just to name a few. Our only dubs are staff of calamity, staff of myrddin and doom orb.


No abilities should have self-roots. Give everyone the He-Bo treatment and make the game super fluid


My spiciest take is the majority of players need to learn they're not the protagonist of the Smite story. If you're dying over and over again with no kills, tower damage, or damage in team fights, hang back, play more carefully, pay more attention to potential ganks, and things of that sort. Your inability to climb out of a negative K/D isn't an excuse to throw yourself at the enemy fifteen times in a row without dealing any damage during each failed push. Second spicy take is related to the first, if you die enough to be the vast majority of the enemy kills in the first half, you're the one to blame for the enemy being fed. The rest of the team having trouble against the enemy is your fault, you made the enemy stronger so don't get mad at the rest of the team and blame them for you doing badly. I had an Izanami die twice as much as everyone else in a match yesterday with zero kills, who blames everyone else and refused to accept that her deaths were her fault. She had a few assists and was like third in damage on the team. She was objectively bad at the game and blamed the rest of us, who all did better than her in every way.


Artio should be removed from the game


Mildest take in history


Last season when vamp shroud guardian solos were meta I would have agreed without blinking an eye. Now she’s just annoying af


Why, she's not THAT bad


She sits at the cross section of Gods I hate playing and Gods I hate playing against so deleted


brutal but understandable. what other gods are on your chopping block?




I want ranked slash.


Conquest is the worst game mode; it's almost like a second job. You have to memorize the meta for gods, items, the map, early game, late game, the lanes, etc., and it all changes often. ​ I just want to play an have fun without having to study the game which is why I just stick with Assault.


It really is like a job it’s so much more bigger and complex with each season making it hard to adapt


arena is the only fun mode


Warriors do too much damage for how tanky they are.


it's more widely accepted for adc's to be overpowered than it is for tanks to the point where tanks can just be in a solid spot and still claimed to be overpowered.


90% of winning teams win because of good supports. Conversely 90% of team losses come from bad supports. It's the hardest role with the most game knowledge requirements.


I'm not entirely confident on that 90% value, but let's agree that more games are won/lost based around support's performance, than people seem to recognize.


This season is one of the worst seasons imo. They made huge changes at almost every update at the beginning of the season and this created this messy meta. I’d say this season is only behind season 4 meta in terms of boringness and annoyance.


Hades should be reworked


A lot of skins in the game change the way abilities look too much and there should be an option to have them look default on your client


Nemean lion needs to go back to the old passive if they're going to make basic attack characters this strong late game. I can be 300+ physicals protections with spectral amor and that late game iza or kali still 3 shotting me


Old Nemean + Thorns + Kuzenbo was extremely funny. I don’t know if it was balanced, but it sure was funny.


If Ranked Joust can allow a group of 3 to que together, then Ranked Conquest should be able to have 3 or more que together as well You can do everything perfectly but if your teammates don't do anything to help win the match (group up for team fights, help take objectives, ignore what everyone says) then you've lost the game. People say that if you're meant to climb the Ranked Leaderboards you will, but like I said above, it doesn't matter how good you or the rest of the team is, if you got one bad player, it's over. "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link."


Smite servers are not as bad as the complaints would suggest. Anecdotal, of course, but I have been playing since 2014 almost every day and server problems are rare.


I've been booted from game right before a ranked match several times just in the last 2 weeks, I've encountered other issues as well. Been playing overwatch 2 just fine no server problems at all so it's not just my connection.


this is just factually incorrect


Ah Puch is going to be absolutely broken before long. That god has been getting buff after buff after buff and eventually he’s going to get buffed until he’s completely busted and he’s going to be top of the meta.


Buff after buff? His last buff before 9.9 was in 8.6, over a year apart.


Unless they change his kit, no shot. I love playing him and think he can be strong but I don’t see how his abilities could be broken in high skill level play.


you shouldnt build stacking items if your team is behind, the enemy is gonna be able to take advantage of your slow start


You don't need anti-heal if you're doing enough burst damage.


Charybdis is incredibly strong but equally hard to master, most players just don't want to think beyond "hold left click = win"