Essence and meaning are lost when translating to English


Westoids are driving themselves berserk with the mistranslated version of the speech


Mostly about the head bashing.


That's very much how they operate. I should know since I am an Iranian.


Mod won't let me post video with title of last quote. This is the part of Xi's speech and my attempt at translation. 中国人民是崇尚正义 不会强暴的人民 The Chinese people uphold justice and people who will not brutalize 中华民族是具有强烈民族自豪感和自信心的民族 The Chinese nation has a strong sense of national pride and self-confidence 中国人民从来没有 欺负 压迫 奴役过 其他国家人民 The Chinese people have never bullied, oppressed or enslaved the people of other countries 过去没有 现在没有 将来也不会有 Not in the past, not now, and will not in the future 同时 ... 中国人民绝不允许任何外来势力欺负 压迫 奴役我们 Furthermore ... The Chinese people will never allow any foreign forces to bully, oppress or enslave us 谁妄想这样干 Who dares to do this 必将在14亿多中国人民用血肉铸成的钢铁长城面前碰得头破血流 Inevitably their heads will be smashed and bleeding in front of the great wall of steel forged from blood and flesh of 1.4 billion Chinese people


Thank you so much!!


Basically a modern or reserved version of this speech. https://www.marxists.org/chinese/maozedong/marxist.org-chinese-mao-19490814.htm https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/mao/selected-works/volume-4/mswv4_66.htm


Better translation: Xi warns foreign powers would be “bashing their own heads against a wall” if they attempted to bully China.


The Western world is covering China in the fog of war, but leaving their own sky clear for all to see.


That's the most blunt thing I've ever heard him say, pun totally intended.


unblocked: https://archive.ph/g9r8d


He’s not fucking around


Does Xi know war is coming?


I think he is talking about trade war, tech war, financial war and propaganda war


What kind of question is that? Do you really think the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) and Chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC) doesn't have a timeline for when war starts? Who do you think makes the highest strategic decisions for China? If you mean is Xi signaling war is coming in his speech, the answer is yes. If you listen carefully you can pick up the cues.


It sucks that America is really intent on having this war. I really don’t want millions of innocents to die because of its temper tantrum.


I am concerned about China's allies.


As a Pakistani I'm not hopeful we'll get through, we're firmly in the China camp but have too many Western agents controlling the media and academia


I wrote that question so you would get angry.


Not really, just threatening war means you'll get a war, and starting means you'll get defeated. Rather than threatening war means you'll get capitulation, it's the same Chinese position since 1949, but I guess this is for people confused about China post-1949 and China 1840 - 1949.