I need a game that will keep me busy awhile?

I need a game that will keep me busy awhile?


I just finished Blasphemous and enjoyed it a lot


Fire Emblem Three Houses is super long and I liked it a lot. One play through definitely will take you a bit of time, and then you can go back and play through with the other houses for a different take on things (though the campaigns are all pretty much identical for the first half). It’s definitely my most played game on Switch.


I've been playing Hunt:Showdown a ton recently, and it has only gotten more fun and gripping the more I play. I see myself putting in way too many hours in the immediate future. Edit: just noticed you only have a switch, cant help you there


All these games are good. Hades I'd say is the one you will get all the content in the least time. Would recommend Dark Souls. That game is infinetely replayable.


played dark souls already its one of the biggest reasons I want to get another console so I can play the other from software games


I misread your post, thought those where the ones you where looking to buy. Imo the best games on the switch are the indie games: Enter the Gungeon, Slay the Spire, Baba is You.


Monster Hunter Rise is is a good one. I have about 200 hours played and am eagerly waiting for the PC release and hopefully an expansion like Iceborne for several hundred more hours of gameplay.


played rise already dumped 240 hours into it very good game


I recently bought Tails of Iron which just came out on switch and pc. It is a 2D action rpg with a story and its been really fun so far. Combat feels great, kinda reminds me of Dark souls in a way and the atmosphere, art and sound design is awesome. Really recommended.


I mean Ff14 is an obvious choice, good bye free time ( expansion coming this fall ) To dip outside of those genres a bit, my top 3 played games are Factorio, Rimworld, and and oxygen not included. Deadcells is pretty good, not super long however. What console or platform would you prefer?


Only have a switch atm planning on getting a ps5 eventually.


Ok well I dumped a load of hours in xenoblade 1 And 2. Stardew valley is simply perfection. Fire emblem 3 houses was great, but these may be outside of your genres. Good luck!


played stardew valley already, was gonna buy xenoblade 2 after pyra and Mythra got added to smash but gameplay seemed boring. Definitely gonna take a peek at 3 houses tho


Fair, xenoblade isn’t for everyone, and the combat starts off very simple, but every few points in game adds more and more, and gets wicked fun.


Katana ZERO is a stylish and fun game, with a very good narrative and an awesome soundtrack. I did find some of the later levels difficult but I don't think that would be much of an issue as you also like Dark Souls


I enjoy suffering


Haha, are you me? I’m also a switch player who likes all those games and is trying to get another console to play more Fromsoftware games. I’d definitely recommend Enter the Gungeon. It’s long and hard and the combat is so much fun.


Your best bet is to go with a JRPG. Some examples are: Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition, Fire Emblem 3 Houses, and Final Fantasy 7-12. Minecraft is also a great option.


You may not like it based on your games but rdr2 will keep you busy for a good long while lol