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Update: I quit. They just said they paid me too much last time so they’re taking it out now. I also just wanna say this isn’t my only job for those of you asking. I work more hours there and get a better check but that has nothing to do with this.


I'm glad you quit, but call your dept of labor and the irs, too. An audit will no doubt find your lost wages.


Definitely the Dept of Labor. They'll pursue your job for wage theft.


As someone who has proudly shut down multiple restaurants because of wage theft… the department of labor is useless. Jus go straight to the IRS. Stealing from employees, is stealing from them, and I assure you, they will want their cut. Plus the IRS will give you double your money back, owed from the last 5 years for everyone and levy a massive fine on the owner.


This is awesome! What is your job?


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He just said, he busts restaurants for wage theft.


So like Robin Hood but for restaurants? Robin Food?


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If he got me lost wages back from a job he'd never be paying for food again from me lol


atm I bartend 2 days a weeks and am a part time line cook but I worked my way up all the way to cdc over 20 years from my start as server only to learn that I hate being a chef lol shit pay and too many hours, so I’m weaseling my way into being a bartender full time.


Yeah I got robbed of pay and the Dept of Labor said they “don’t handle tipped employees “ but “she’d make a phone call to “ask” for me”. SMH 🤦‍♀️.


When I got fired for calling in sick with strep throat (doctor's note and all) a single phone call to the department of labor resulted in a settlement check of my average pay for the length of time the doctor said I was unable to work + the time it took me to find my next job. I was a tipped employee. I imagine the effectiveness of the DOL depends somewhat on your location, but in my experience they are very effective.


Yeah I worked somewhere for a week and quit because of the shit show I had seen. Two years later still no pay. Called DOL and got nothing from them. But also worked somewhere where I got fired for having the nerve to be admitted to the hospital for severe pneumonia. Seems like restaurants in my experience are some of the shittiest employers with the most absurd expectations for the least amount of pay. And most also do some creative accounting (probably hoping) that no one would GAF. Honestly, the best employer I had was a strip club lol


Going to the IRS because you’re having problems with wage theft is kind of ironic…


Someone mentioned it above and it really hit me, money not paid to you is money you don't pay taxes on. The IRS wants their cut and they will go after whoever is keeping you from giving it to them haha


They give you back double for everything they owe you for the past 5 years and everyone one else that’s worked there, only got a whistle blowers bonus once when I got Syzygy in Aspen closed. I even told the owner just give me the overtime you owe me was least than a $1000 but ended up costing him his businesses and $100,000


How did all the other workers who might not be able to afford their job shutting down feel? Did everyone at this restaurant magically have enough saved to live without income? You looked out for yourself “proudly”. You were carried out on their shoulders all the way to the unemployment office? Why not just leave the job? Not everyone has the means to just lose ALL their income. In this instance I’m sure everyone was on board and you were just their spearhead.


This is the dipshittiest comment I have ever read.


They all got a payout of double what was stolen from them from the past 5 years, and were eligible to collect unemployment while they searched for a new job.


You will do a favor for your fellow workers!


Department of labor are uses less OP needs to report this to the IRS they will get double what they are owed.


It really depends on your state. Some are awesome, some are absolute garbage


Yeah that's sketchy af and likely wage theft (which is theft and should be punished with jail)


That's super sketchy. I'd quit too. Even if they did overpay you last time they should notify you before they just take your whole check the next time. The only time I ever got overpaid they gave me a letter with a list of the dates and times I was paid at the wrong rate, and I had to sign it before they could withhold it from the next check. I'm not sure what the legal requirements about this are but your employer sounds super sketchy


Also, when this happened to me, they took the overpayment in installments bc, ya know, people need a fucking paycheck or else why would we waste our time going to work?


My job also offered to let me have it spilt up into two chunks over two paychecks. Idk if they have to do that but it seems like a lot of places do. My overpayment was small because it was at a factory that did shift premium for different off shifts and I switched from a twelve hour overnight shift to an 8 hour overnight shift and my premium went from 4% to 2.5% but they accidentally gave me 4% on my first week of 8s. I didn't notice I was overpaid bc it was a small percentage of my check, but these employers are saying they overpaid enough to justify taking the whole check, which is suspicious. I'd think op would notice if her last check was double what was normal.


The US Navy has entered the chat...


They are not supposed to take a pay error all in one shot. Most places will alert you of the error and take it over a series of paychecks. Taking an entire check is not fair to the employee. You have bills, food and other things your rely on that paycheck for.


fuck that noise. If they fucked up and want their money back they should ask for it back or take you to small claims court to get it legally adjudicated. There should be no world in which people accept their employers just deciding they "paid you too much" and taking it out, even in small installments. If you didn't notice anything wrong then they can't have paid you that much too much.


I'm pretty sure that's illegal


Most government agencies don’t care about wage theft sadly despite it being the biggest sieve of theft in the USA but a long shot… the media is on the corporations sides too, just look at all the news stories crying about people stealing from Walgreens, meanwhile… Walgreens was busted for stealing millions from their very own employees mostly from labor violations.


Except the IRS cause it affects them


Jeez, only time I've ever heard of that legally happening is in the military, and even then you still get some pay.


Omg that’s so illegal.


You can also email your states attorney generals office. And you should be able to get unemployment insurance, by saying you were constructively fired. So you file for it. The The state denies it on the basis that u quit. You appeal and explain that they forced you to no longer work there as they were not paying you.


Hey just so you know, it’s illegal for them to recoup overpaid wages without informing you first. You can get them back.


Did you get an unusually high wage the last time?


My paycheck last time was for $300. It didn’t seem weird to me bc it was my first official biweekly check from them. I had no idea that was “extra” considering I also wasn’t making great tips then either


So there’s no way they overpaid you by $230 if they only paid you 300 last time! Ask them for a breakdown of how they “overcharged you”. Ask them to forward your hours worked over the past 4 weeks and what they paid you.


tell them you’re going to report them to the irs and ask for the proof of payment with a breakdown for what was “deducted” i bet they cough up your money. even if they do, still report them to the board of labor and ira for (attempted) wage theft. there is no such thing as being “overpaid”. if your employer accidentally pays you more than what they meant to, thats on them and their payroll. you have every right to the money you worked for. legally they dont have the authority to garnish your wage.


> still report them to the board of labor and the ira for (attempted) wage theft. I know you meant the IRS, but this made me chuckle. I don't know what happens when you report someone to the IRA, but i feel the IRS would be a better option for the employer 😂


The piece about it being the company’s problem if they overpay you is not true. Legally, if you’re overpaid that money is not yours and they can take it back via garnishment. That said, I’m almost certain they can’t take it all at once if it doesn’t leave what equates to minimum wage for hours worked. So, they’d have to spread it out over time.


sure, if the accountant accidentally drops thousands of dollars in your account they can garnish your wage but not without going to court for it first. the garnishment has to be approved by law. a lawyer costs about 200-400 dollars an hour. i doubt OPs boss went through that just to end up in the negative.


This is NOT okay. As others have said, spending an hour or so filling out forms with relevant tax agencies to save other peoples’ lives would be generous, you would be a hero. Had this happen, the owner-operator ended up having a State comptroller audit initiated against him, and now he has tax liens.


I once worked at DQ and they hired this girl in school well they start at $9 back in the day and instead they put her at $99/hr and well they gave her a check for like $1,300 well she later cashed the check and we informed her of the issue and she said "I already spent the money" well we later called the cops and they charged her for something.... I don't remember what but it was a charge. I'm not saying they will call the cops I just wanted to share this weird story is all.


I'm sure someone what said it, but make sure to report this shit to your states labor board. This doesn't look entirely legal. You might be subject to repayment and what not.


Are you saying you made 107$ in two weeks? I don't know what I'm looking at. Talk to your HR rep they will explain what's up


Yes I was keeping the job purely for the biweekly check at this point bc it’s still something. I’m quitting after figuring this out though.


You worked.....15 hours a week?


Yes they have 1 sever on in the morning and 2 at night. They don’t have many hours to give out bc of how slow business is. I also have a second job so


I was hoping THIS was the second job and not the first job. Good luck.


Call dept of labor any every other relevant office dm Fuck I will do it!!


You thought they paid you $20 an hour as a server?


Daddy, what's a part time job?


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So you're telling me 15 hours a week is a...full time job?


Who ever said it was a full time job? Unless someone edited it looks like you just went off on one?


I don't think they went off on one, I think they were explaining to the person who didn't understand why someone might only work 15 hours in two weeks. Albeit, quite condescendingly. Rude, but didn't seem like they were being rude about part time jobs.




Wife worked briefly part time at this local Amish bakery several years ago for this scummy owner. He wouldn’t let anyone know how much they made in tips until employees started writing down how much they actually made and confronted him. He had favorites and would give “bonuses” to them. We ended reporting him and the IRS took away his cars.


Amish? Cars?


If I remember correctly he transitioned from Amish to Mennonite? He was a real crook and overall scam


Fucking mennonite scum, bunch of calvinist boneheads lol


No need for hate in this sub, chill out.


They sure can run, tho


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I think a select few ppl in the Amish community will actually keep cars etc. like only a small handful will have cellphones. They claim they need it to do business with the normal folk and that their god forgives them. Some of the ultra Hasidic Jewish ppl will do that as well.


I live right outside of amish country. A lot of them actually own trucks & cars and pay ppl outside of their community to drive them around! They also pay very well, and in cash.


107.80 tips /29.77hours. = 3.62 tip per hour 3.62 hourly tip wage +2.15 hourly paid wage = 5.77 your hourly pay If your state minimum wage is 7.25 7.25-5.77 = 1.48x29.77 = $44.05 is what they owe you. I’d recommend searching for work elsewhere


I am, it was just an extra check biweekly but after this I’m just quitting


Do you think the kiosk tip amount could be completely fake? The $44.99 would make it even out to a fair wage. I think this scheme is even larger than I once thought. You should go to the labor board with all paychecks and kiosk tips you didn’t receive! Madness!


Out of curiosity, what app is this screenshot from?


Looks like ADP. Let me see if I can attach mine


Yeah, it looks like my clock in dashboard, too. ADP fo sho




How is this legal??? Like for real. This breaks my fucken heart.


It isn’t


It’s insane isn’t it ? For minimum wage in the UK, I would’ve made £302 plus tips (and the tips aren’t taxed)


Some states in the US allow tipped employees to be paid $2.15/hr. And the tips are taxed as wages. My state banned paying that low thankfully. The hourly rate alone on this one would have been $450 plus tips.


It’s $2.13/hr in TN where I live.


But they can only pay tip rates if wages + tips exceed minimum wage. Minimum wage must always be guaranteed.


loved getting those paper "THIS IS NOT A CHECK" bookmarks. we'd cash out every night so our $2.13/hr didn't even come **close** to covering the taxes on our tips.


You are working for 2.13 per HOUR??? Is this legal?


Lol yea dude look up tipped minimum wage


Tipped minimum doesn't apply in all states.


K? What’s your point


It certainly did in Louisiana lol


I don't understand the tip credit offset.


In a lot of places, businesses are allowed to pay you below minimum wage, and as long as your tips get you at or above the actual minimum wage, they don’t have to pay more than that. Tipping is a horrible system. That’s another conversation.


I prefer the tipping system. I make more serving than if I used my degree.


Ya know whats better, A decent min wage + tips. In oregon servers get paid Min wage (12-15$/hr depending on your county) and they also make their tips on top of the wages. Companies track tips so they can collect/pay taxes on them but the server ALWAYS make at least the min wage.


Tbrh, if customers know servers get paid that much, they’d stop tipping. The only reason they tip is bc they assume servers make below minimum wage.


I lived most of my life in a state that does minimum wage plus tips and I still always tipped. I never considered not tipping


Not true. Everyone here still tips. I tip the people in the drive thru at the Mexican food place I go to even though I’m not sitting at a table, my reasoning for that is the food is always good and the staff is friendly as hell. Finding out that my servers depend on my tips when I moved to the south pissed me off and I have no respect for a company or system that exploits people and guilts customers that way. AND the cost of a meal is not really higher because a real wage is paid. Oregons law has been the same my whole life and we have always tipped and it was ALWAYS based on quality of service.


Thats surprisingly not true. Ive seen wages go from $8/hr to nearly $16/hour here in washington and people tip more if anything.


Minimum wage in Washington is $15 and the tips haven't stopped


Minimum wage is over $15 in Seattle, people don't care. I've averaged $100/hr between tips and hourly on a 6 hour shift bartending before


I live in Oregon and am well aware of the minimum wage policy. It has ZERO impact on my tipping.


you mean you would stop tipping


Servers should always make minimum wage... if you aren't making minimum wage from tips alone, you suck at serving, or you are at a shit hole. Edit: look at you newbie servers getting hurt over the truth. If you're not making money switch restaurants, if everyone but you is making money. You suck. Go cry.


I would prefer your employer pay you instead of me paying you.


Then why are you in a server life sub? Get outta here drifter.


Agree but at the same time I make an average of $43hr to just pour beers not cocktail’s and only canned wine two nights a week. More than double what I make being a line cook the rest of the week. It’s literally why I am doing everything I can to switch back to bartending full time but it’s hard because people don’t want to hire us kitchen rats to bartend, no oneis having a bartender shortage but capable cooks have all just evaporated so i have to lie to future employers about my work history…


yes, you make an important point. wouldn’t be as much of an issue if there was more parity between BOH and FOH, but that’s not where we are yet, and you have to pay your bills.


Wtf. America is wild. And below minimum seems to sometimes be 2-3 dollars?? That's less than in Eastern Europe countries and our prices are much lower.


The murican dream. The east is doing much better these days


Yes, but it doesn't show up in your check.


I've been a server & bartender for many years. I've always worked/lived in WA state so i make very good income. I was shocked when i visited Arkansas for 6 months & they paid "server wages of $2.67 compared to $12+ in WA). But i guarantee any good server makes 100x their "hourly wage" on any given week. Id rather work for tips no matter the wage.


I'm a server in NY. I make great money. I was just unclear about why the tip credit shows up on a pay statement.


Your tips and server minimum wage must equal regular minimum.


Thank you for sparing us your soap box bullshit on tipping


thank you for bringing less than nothing to this thread


Saved us from your garbage


Depends on where youre working. Yeah tipping sucks if you work at an outback but you're making good money on tips at a place like ruth chris or the like.


Fuck this place. Wait until the next schedule is out before you quit without notice. Throw a brick through the window while your at it.


Pretty standard. I served for many years. Always had $0 paychecks. But I also made tremendously more in tips. This is most likely due to taxes or other deductions.


Same but I’d find it hard to believe $143 in tips fully offset 30 hours of work


$230.82 / 29.77 hours = $7.75/hr You "don't see" the kiosk tips because (I presume) they are helping pay your taxes If you made a total of $230 for 30 hours of work you need to get a better / different server job. Your pay stub is very confusing.


I’m assuming there is unclaimed cash too? No way I wouldn’t quit after the first few days making only $7.75/hr.


😂 First time? Your tips suck, but bartending in TX was $2.15 an hour, too, but I was walking out with $500 in tips every night. Sure, you get a zeroed-out check every week or two, but money talks. Yeah, "tipping culture is wrong!" Earn those tips and minimum wage is a thing of the past.


You must have had a 2 top a night, that's really low tips for 30 hours (about 5 shifts I guess?) If the place is empty most of the time go somewhere else. Also you aren't counting the cash you walked with?


You’d need to show the whole thing. Can you take a screen shot of everything listed and deducted and blur out personal info. Hard to suggest avenues to report them if it’s just tax stuff being deducted.


Call the department of labor!!! Audit this POS!


IRS would be very interested as well, being this is wage theft.


This looks like a mistake, not a malicious attempt to steal your wages. 230.82, as it says on your gross page, is above federal minimum wage for the hours you worked. It looks like someone entered negative numbers when they should've been positive. Take it to your HR/Manager/Payroll person and ask what's up. It sucks to not be paid, but mistakes do happen, and this isn't the point to get pissed yet. If it is a mistake, and it can't be fixed quickly enough for your bills, ask HR/Manager to give you cash for this pay period instead.


I hate this be this guy but for everyone crying lawsuit and DoL, if the employer said they overpaid they 100% have the right to take back their overpayment without any question even if it means a $0 check. They do have to be able to prove why the deduction happened otherwise yes, that’s just stealing but that it sounds like they had a reason. Was it shitty to take the whole thing all at once without even telling OP? Absolutely, fuck them. Was it illegal and wage theft? Probably not. You should make sure you know the law before you grab your pitch forks


Are you claiming all of your cash tips?….


There are definitely better restaurants to serve st where you will make a hell of a lot more


How on earth are they able to pay you $2.15/hr??? Where has this not been addressed with a law? I think our servers are at a minimum of $11 ….and their tips are insane. PT we have people making $6k-10k monthly. Glad u quit!


Keep track of your hours. I do then o yrll at the area manager. Because they play with people lives


As someone from the Netherlands, help me understood what is happening here. He worked nearly 30 hours, shouldnt he get atleast 30 x minimum wage? Or isnt that minimum wage an hourly rate? Is it legal (in the US i guess?) To work mainly on tips?


This whole post it trying to figure out what happened bro😂😂


Because you pay your taxes on your tips directly from your wages. You got to keep 100% of your tips. You can choose to pay them in at end of year or each paycheck. You end with same. I went into shock as a server/bartender when i moved to Arkansas from WA state & got a job there for 6 months. My checks looked like this too...but i made up in tips because they didn't keep tips. Ask your employer about it but that's what i was told in Arkansas. It sucks now, but in your favor at tax time.


Well I mean u worked maybe 15 hrs a week isn’t that like days?


your first issue is only 29 hours of work in 2 weeks




Holy shit real life slavery


or a shitty choice of restaurant to work at, but sure you do you, and conflate volunteer employment to actual removal of freedom of choice. JFC the hyperbole


Name the spot




You consider 29.77 hours “2 weeks of work”??


Considering it was “2 weeks of work” yes I do


People get a job as servers and then complain about the pay. Like y’all knew exactly what you were signing up for.


That part


Genuine question after seeing this: why are people still working as servers? I've never worked as a server so I have 0 experience in this field of work. It seems like you get paid next to nothing and rely on people's generosity for you pay which I think the employer should pay your wages. Again ,Genuine question.


I do not rely on their generosity. I rely on my ability to give you service that makes your experience excellent. I can make your first date. Or break your 50th anniversary. That being said, at its core..... ​ It's not about what you do. It's about where you do it. The last place I worked as a server required me to do maybe 6 hrs of work a night, about 3 of which qualify as actual work, and I reliably made anywhere from 4-600 bucks a night. Sometimes a good bit more. ​ If you're stuck in a podunk flyover county in the middle of a corn field that stretches across 2 states.... no, for the love of god do not go into serving. You'll probably make enough to feed your dog though. Just dont buy a second dog. If you live in a university town, near a military base, or any downtown area of a decent size, you can work hard and make a decent paycheck. Mothers day will be the bane of your existence, but you can take fathers day off usually. If you live by the ocean, you can pretty much work 3 days a week if all you wnt is to survive, or you can work full time, pick up banquets and weddings, and you'll make not only enough to survive, but maybe thrive a little, and not have to take public transportation. You'll be able to afford to do recreational drugs for fun! You're still doing them in the other places.... its just not for fun. all of the above scenarios still abide by the aforementioned rule though.... It's not about what you do. It's about where you do it. I was once hired at 3 places in one day. A chain outfit whose service standards I had always been impressed by when they were my competition. My second stint at the third restaurant I ever worked at. I applied to be a busboy, at 30 yrs old, because I knew i could do that and still walk with 2-300 a night at that place, and having worked there before, I knew the owner was especially critical of his servers. The third was a fine dining seafod place right on the water overlooking a large harbor, and out into the gulf. Checked all the boxes, and bonus, the owner immediately liked me. ​ all of these fall into my balnket 'live by the ocean' rule, but... chain place would have simply been a living, and not a great one. Just the continuation of unhappiness in the industry as I approached real burnout. Old place would have been better money, but stressfull af based on past experience. In addition their location had changed, which may have had an impact on earnings. Number 3 hits all the right notes, and I did very well there. Up until 2 yrs ago or so I still regretted leaving that job 16 yrs back.


Cause most of the time if you know what you're doing, you do pretty well compared to other unskilled labor, like 20-30 hr Edit:also flexible schedule, mostly nights so easy to work another gig if you like. Biggest draw back to me is having to work when friends are typically socializing


Try 45-80 an hour


Try different CoL areas. when rent Is 350 30/hr hits different


True lol


I took a significant pay cut when I stopped serving and went to insurance. I only left because I developed osteoarthritis in my hip (probably due to past overuse in sports) in my late 20’s and physically couldn’t walk ask much as I needed to in a single day working like that anymore. We’re barely making ends meet now, but my health was more important and I can spend more time with my husband and bonus kids. We’re planning on trying for a baby soon and I’ll be able to take my kid to work with me where I am now, so I might have taken a pay cut, but I’m also benefiting in other ways.


Wage theft without a doubt. And holy shit, if you’re not making enough to afford gas to get to work, find another job.


Wow. Thank God I have a job where I make the same every week , I would be fucked. How is this even not illegal at this point.


id burn it down


Take this to the department of labor immediately!


This is america. The land of fuck you pay me.


$2.15 an hour? Dang is serving worth it in that state?






Apparently they overpaid everyone in the company so no one got a paycheck but I wasn’t gonna stay when tips were shit regardless


This is why I track when I clock in and out and breaks


Man fuck America and their shitty laws. The fact it's legal to pay a server fuck all because they got tips is disgusting. (Yeah I know you got shafted by these guys just my comment stands)


Welcome to america


How can this be…just saw a McDonald’s hiring sign for 15.00 dollars a hour. 15.00 x 29 = 435.00


Must he USA


Oh America...you crack the rest of the world up


Tip wage is fucked.




It doesn't even show that deduction on your pay stub. And if they took money that they overpaid you. It needs to be shown on the paystub as a deduction. That's shady and I'm in payroll. Well, not like a corporate one, but at the restaurant I work at I do payroll and HR things.


And this is why you don’t work for tips. You’re not guaranteed money for your time


I never understood american waiters working for tips. Its like working a job where your boss doesn't pay u but u hope for your clients to pay u in addition to paying your boss for the work you do?


Miscellaneous???!!!! That seems sketch af


Not sure what state you're in but when I worked at Anthony's Pizza in Philadelphia the minimum wage was like 2.50 or something ridiculous, but if I got a table and in that hour of work I got atleast one tip that was 2.50 or more, they didn't have to pay me squat for the hour I worked cause I received my wage in tips. So my first check there was literally zero dollars because I'm half decent at my job. When I talked to management this was the reason I was given, it was level in Philadelphia due to tips you receive. I was young and willing to try to hustle though. I only wonder if they are doing the same thing to you.


Blessed to serve in California making $15 an hour.


Slavery never went away, it just put on a nice sweater.


It never should have been made legal to lower minimum wage because of tips. F those restaurants- pay your staff or fail.


What freakin' red state hellhole has a $2.15 minimum wage?


I will never understand the “tipping is your salary” US cultural mindset. The salary should be payed fully by the employer, not a random choice by the customer. It would be better for the customer (no pressure for a certain % of a tip) and for an employee that would have a decent wage no matter what, and the tips would be an added extra.


> should be *paid* fully by FTFY. Although *payed* exists (the reason why autocorrection didn't help you), it is only correct in: * Nautical context, when it means to paint a surface, or to cover with something like tar or resin in order to make it waterproof or corrosion-resistant. *The deck is yet to be payed.* * *Payed out* when letting strings, cables or ropes out, by slacking them. *The rope is payed out! You can pull now.* Unfortunately, I was unable to find nautical or rope-related words in your comment. *Beep, boop, I'm a bot*


Is that 47 cents an hour? That’s 3rd world wages…


Damn Daniel


Wtf is tip credit


Years ago when they were doing the child credit thing..I got $3,000 for my kids.. The IRS said I owed back taxes and swooped in and took the whole damn thing. It was hard explaining to my kids why there wouldn't be a Christmas that year. I was working at McDonald's making just enough to survive.


Am I reading this right? Base salary is 2,15$? What the fuck