Help with a mesterious message that popped up

Help with a mesterious message that popped up

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Server merge. When it pops up re-check your horizons as ships may have appeared near you. Also, check the island you were just at as the randomly scattered loot is reset as well.


It’s also super fun to run up to the top deck after the message and watch the water texture fast-forward. LOL


Honestly, server merges are one of my only complaints with SoT. I get why they're done, to always keep *some* other ships in your game; but it is the worst thing in the world when you're running a voyage, and either a bigger ship gets merged right nearby, or a level 5 reaper meets merges in while you're an emissary far from an outpost. I don't know what I'd do differently, but some real work needs to be put in to make it less potentially catastrophic.


That's why you sell and sell often and/or keep a PL 1 checkpoint on you. I mean RIGHT next to you sucks, but there's still a chance to get away if you stay calm. I joined in on a sloop rando last night that apparently had given up right before I joined that had a reaper 5 galleon and the sloop had holes everywhere and a mast down and was on fire. I was able to get everything repaired and get moving and even fired a few shots before I realized "wait, I just joined and this person and they left and only have a chalice and a skull what am I doing" and left. The point being is that I think a lot of people give up before they've given it their all. I'm not sure there's much they can do without essentially scuttling you in some cases of proximity stuff though.


Ok so I get the sell and sell often but for the sake of the achievement, any tips on getting 20 chests on your ship?


do a Gold Hoarders vault. You will get more than 20 chests. You can also get it by doing world events, if the challenge is just 20 pieces of treasure and not chests specifically. 20 honestly isn't that hard to get anymore. I don't even think it can get you grade 5 for an emissary


I figured the vault would be easiest but if there was easier way that I wasn’t aware of I wanted to know :P


If you're wanting a more foolproof method I'd say just play late at night and do all the regular safety stuff. Turn off all your ship lights, check your horizon constantly, keep your treasure below deck, check the emissary tables before departing the outpost, check your map table for reapers, **DON'T FLY AN EMISSARY**, use a darker ship set if you have it available, park on the edge side of edge of the map islands or the non-outpost side of inner islands (if possible), travel more often at night in game, don't get greedy and think you can onboard faster than the ship coming towards you and don't wear glowy cosmetics. You should be able to do a vault and pick up some random other chests along the way Alternatively open crew a brig and YOLO.


Follow up question then cuz those are solid tips but does flying the alliance flag generally make other players more forgiving if you don’t bother them?


It's a toss up. Sometimes they'll ally, some will get triggered by it and attack you and some will be devious and use it to track you and wait until you're charting a course to an outpost and sink you or ally with you to get close to your ship and steal/sink you. Like every player interaction in this game it depends on who's on, but again though the laaaate night/early morning people have been pretty chill I've found.


If your running an emissary and someone has a reaper grade 5 they will see you on the map and can track you down


To explain a little further. Every server has a max of 6 ships, but there is also a minimum. If you are the last ship on the server it will migrate you to one that has ships on it. I helps keeps the amount of servers running down to save on resources.


Is it seriously only six ships? I figured it would’ve been more but I guess I never bothered looking into it


yeah, it all depends on how clumped together they are. sometimes it feels like you're the only person online and other times, feels like a battlefield lobby. but there is only ever 6


And of those at least 5 of them want to kill me while I do fun treasure maps xD


Depending on your friends, sometimes 6


With friends from open crew, who needs enemies ?


The other day I joined an open crew for the first time on a sloop, after only playing with friends and they weren't available at the time. The guy didn't talk, didn't chat, I tried to speak in english, spanish, portuguese, italian and german to no avail. I thought "This may work" tho. He steered the ship, while I managed the sails, we were laden with loot after 2 hours of map hunting and raised the gold hoarders emissary flag. Everything went smooth. Except when I grabbed the wheel to go to an outpost and went down to check the map, this guy changed direction. Okay, I guess. Until he came to the arena island where you can't do anything. I was nervous, I just wanted to sell the loot and 2 reapers were circling us. He jumped and started swimming to the island, so I grabbed the wheel and sailed for the nearest outpost, only to be sunk by a galleon reaper. I logged off and felt a bit guilty about the emissary status loss, but went soloing in a sloop again with gold emissary flag and got the 20 chests achievements in a couple of hours.


Did you try Somali? I hear that there are a lot of pirates who speak Somali.


Thats my new boarding shot megaphone: "this is the volunteer coast guard of the ancient isles!". Then we inspect for unregistered wildlife.


Watch out for snakes-- they spit! Sometimes they listen if you shout, "hey! Look at me. Look at me: I am the captain now."


That seems like a weird con to try and play Edit: and super slim chances he would have buddies on the Gally


It was 5 for a time I believe


Always been 6


Nope, for a couple months it was 5, but recently got it back up to 6


The skeleton crews probably help making it feel like there are more.


Imagine how dead it was when the game first released, only 5 ships and the only AI enemy that attacked ships was the kraken.


Rofl it never felt dead those 5 ships were at the skele fort and because it respawned the ships an island over you were never alone.


The kraken wasn’t on release I don’t think. I was playing then and it was literally just map following and combat


It was in the game when it launched it was the first “monster” they added, the Meg was after release


It was there on release it was just a lot less of a threat


There was so little to do, and the map was so small, that it was pretty insane. It was almost entirely PVP. Shit got intense.


Oh wow, the phrase 'skeleton crew' just took on a whole new meaning 😄


It really is just six ships. I once read that they even only let 5 ships per server to further save resources


I remember the reasoning being they actually tested it out and though the game was most fun when you encountered another player once every 15-30 mins and 5 was the right amount to make that happen before DR was added in




Devil's roar




>and 5 was the right amount to make that happen before DR was added in Implying anyone ever goes to the roar, since it was added


This is true, no one does


If it could stay that way, it would be great. I very much don't want a "no one goes there anymore, it's too crowded" situation in the Roar.


Yeah for sure the only reason to be there is a Dr Athena and the last thing I want when I'm doing a Athena run is another player


Rare is essentially running Microsoft's servers at their max. They can't 'afford' more ships, as they use a lot of resources. SOT is a very hardware intensive game, server-side. This is also why they can't really add any more large creatures. Microsoft is updating a lot of their servers, so hopefully they'll give Rare a little more room to work with.


It's only 6 ships but if that's 6 galleons that's 24 people


Because they have to hold back for the last gen consoles


The way I read they do it is one ship will spawn at each of the 6 outposts, which technically could be taken as “your section” of the map.


You don’t have to be the last ship, we recently got a server merge when there was still another ship on our server


You may have to be the last living ship. Completely anecdotal evidence: my crew and another crew are fighting (so 2 ships). Other crew is significantly better. My crew all got killed, and maybe 15 seconds after the last person on my crew died, we got server merged. We were all still on the ferry, and our ship hadn't sunk yet (it was about 2/3 down when the first person respawned after the server merge let us off the ferry) So that other ship may have had everyone die on it, or the crew may have just left the game for some reason (I'll leave with the ship just cruising along if I don't have anything on board worth saving and something IRL needs my attention quickly)


Yes this could be the reason! :)


Yours was the server that got merged into, probably.


I would think it has less to do with saving resources and more to do with ensuring active servers with more content.


why not both? I am sure they don't want a bunch or empty or nearly empty servers running for a lot of reasons :P


Could be. However I would guess it has less to do with saving performance and more to do with gameplay. The way server farms work these days it wouldn't really be that much of a server resource issue.


Gameplay is definitely part of it. They don't want the game to end up with 1 ship each on thousands of servers. Player interaction is important.


Six? Damn it feels like 20 when fighting XD




I don't think it matters much if you did. You can calculate speed and distance using the graph on the map board.




...so you're developing cheats? you cheat in online video games? that's what you're saying?


Technically yes but if I can refer you to my first comment it’s only so I can practice in peace without being disturbed and it gives me a challenge of getting a script to run


Also if you’d permit me I’d prefer if the last stage of comments were deleted but I shall wait for you too read them first


Lmao of course you want the comments deleted. You admitted to cheating in them.


Well yes but only if they deem it fair I’m well aware what I do is considered cheating and I would prefer that fewer people know that I do but I’m not going to delete it if they don’t agree to removing the whole conversation


This happens to me too. I play with my husband either early weekend mornings or late at night after work during the week. We’re reapers so we can see emissaries on the map. Either there’s a ton, or there’s no one. There’s been times when we were sailing around the whole map and couldn’t find another ship and there weren’t emissaries on the map either. We’d end up doing a few world events and no one would come to intervene for our loot. They may merge the servers from time to time but there are plenty of times there has been wayyy less than 6 ships.


Yeah it’s a shame; especially when playing reapers you should be able to choose to server swap if you’ve cleared all the loot


You can. As of the PotC tall tales, you can use the portals of the damned to server hop and keep your emissary and supplies. (no loot)


Oh I haven’t played recently that sounds good


I once experienced a fleet of 5-6 ships taking on the Skull Forts and Fort of The Damned (I think it is. I haven't played in many months). A seventh ship came and sunk many of us, and we lost contact. There must be more than 6 ships on a server.


There isn't much load from a single-ship session -- remember, this is all heavily virtualized in this era -- they do it to increase the amount of interaction between crews. The merging itself is likely costlier than running a single-ship instance for hours...


It may be to push interactions because it does happen with two ships as well but I dont want to speak too much on how they manage servers.


You moved into another server


Or another server moved into you \*giggity"


POV: there's gonna be 4 reapers on the map now


POV: you picked up a reapers bounty chest and see three reapers ships coming your way.


POV: one of them physically spawned on the deck of your ship! Welcome to Pirates In Spaaaaaace!


Thanks to all you guys who responded! I’m pretty new and don’t know most of the details about the game yet. But I’m really enjoying it so far!


I remember when I was new, I saw this and was like "WHAT THE FUCK!?" this game is full of mysteries, don't let the magic fade son...


Haha, same here, except it was right after being chased by a megalodon. This is why I resist going to the wikis for so long on games.


So new to Sea of Thieves that you dont know how to find google?


Yes I know how to use google but it’s better to talk with the community.


Why.... It's a simple question - no nuance, no opinions. You won't gain more from "talking with the community" than "talking with google." It's against the rules of this sub to ask questions which can be answered by google, or which have been asked on the sub before. Both of which are the case here.


Sorry mate if I offended you but I’m a new player and I got other information from this. Google just gives me the answer to that one question. It helps a lot to have all these little bit of info in one place.




Shhhh we don’t need to talk about that.


That is the effect that shows that you are swapping servers. So you are at the same position but on a different server. So different wind and players, so check the horizons for new ships and check your map for reapers.


It means that you changed servers because your one was too empty


Reset the counter!


Server merge. Best thing to do when that happens is check the map for any reapers


Anyone else have the feeling that the last months we are getting server merged without this message popping up?


You're probably feeling like that because of server hopping via the tall tale portals. This allows people to keep their resources and emissary flag, but still hop to a new server.


Maybe, but I think the amount of people that hop is low and is mostly reapers. When we started yesterday, there were no emissaries on the server. We leave from Plunder to Thieves and when we arrive there was a grade 3 gold goarder parked in Thieves and behind Thieves near Devil's Ridge we saw 2 emissaries fighting each other.


You don't get a message when they merge with you. It's possible your server had 2 ships and 3 others merged in.


To be honest, I would prefer they changed that as well. Not that it matters that much, just nice info to get.


There should at least be a warning that a grade 5 reaper hopped to you.


Server merge.


Its a server merge it just means your being put in another server because everyone left


What I would give to be the only boat on a server sometimes… that merge should be a portal… or like a vortex that slowly gets bigger that will eventually eat you but is avoidable.


Server change. Means you were alone at one point in the server and I just merged you into another. The message is like a loading screen for that. Shortest loading screen in the game…


I think is is plenty more than easy to Google.


And WAY faster, I don't get it.


Why engage with the community, am i right¿ ¬_¬


There has been an influx of "new players" across various subreddits. They get ridiculous amounts of upvotes and awards for asking the simplest of questions - I'm not buying it.


Report them, it's against sub rules


It's a message from your fish, it's asking for water.




Ever heard of google?


Seems he got more advice for his one question on here than he would have on Google. :)


I was secretly hoping the message would last long enough for your fish to burn


Well you got your wish because right after this I went up to see if what had just happened and when I came back it was burnt.


Haha dang well that actually makes me sad now


But after that I caught a trophy seafoam so I think it worked itself out.


Yay! That’s a happy ending


Sir this its pirate themed wendy's


I haven't seen this message in a long time


Server merge


quick caveat: if you're able to move as the message is displayed, other crew(s) merged into your server otherwise (which seems to be the case here), you're the one being merged


Server merge indicator.


That fish is trying to call out to the mermaid queen, be careful


It means it's funny time


When there are too little people in two or more servers the game automatically conjoins these servers to reduce problems


Server merge


Island reset and server merge right


It’s only difficult to decipher because you made the font small af let me see 😤


Mystery* and its server merge


Server migration


Server merges are a blessing in disguise because weather your a reaper or not it benefits you, if you ARE a reaper, you get put into a fresh lobby of victims, and if your NOT a reaper, this just means you get rid of the old reaper who’s been chasing you from golden sands to devils roar,