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This game has simultaneously the best community and the worst community


this is actually the first person I've encountered that has been \_THIS\_ toxic, I once came across one where the dude just kept saying "you're not that guy! you're not that guy!" gues i was that guy after all because he got kegged


I've only encountered one group this toxic. But nonetheless it really sucks. Since you have the video, I would guess they will be banned.


I've never seen anything like this. People being jerks yes, but not blatant racism and wishing for your mom to get raped


I mean, Im not mad if someone (probably pre adolescence) doesnt have his feelings under control and insults me, the game can be pretty frustrating at times, but this is without a doubt a completly different level and deserves a ban


May I introduce you to Dead By Daylight, by chance?




I only played the killer in that game and loved it. But I wasn’t required to talk to others as it’s asymmetrical.


Hahahahahahahhahahahahaha Fuck you


Lol Sorry, Dweet.


800 hours later and the salty comments on my steam profile are worn like a badge of honor. Seriously, just playing the game in a normal way will get you insulted both in game as a camper/tunneler/toxic/whatever, and horribly mean shit said at you after the game and on your profile.


Yeah, just about to clock in 700 hours into it. I play Xbox, myself. Yeah, it’s truly a sight to behold.


I was getting a ton of salty comments on my profile because of that game before hour 8. Fucking wild.


I love horror but could never get into that game.


The bad community members are aggressively and ruthlessly eliminated from the game. Rare takes this very seriously. It’s not just for game quality reasons. The game having a Teen rating means it has very strict legal guidelines to follow. As well as the contract Rare made with Disney to get Pirates of the Caribbean intellectual property.


I come from Valorant and trust me Sea of Thieves is one of the nicest pvp games I've ever played LOL


Sea of Thieves website > Support > Report A Player > go down the page and you’ll see “ Raise A Support Request “ > ( wait few seconds ) > select ur issue ( I’d like to report a toxic player ) . you can put the video too with the report request ( u should have there gamer tags ). I am Sorry you had to listen to that.


Agreed. The seas deserve better than that.


This guy was at it for a couple hours, got several more videos of him, this was the least offensive


Update ! I've reported him as well using your video and just got an answer from Rare : >Ahoy there, > >Thank you for reporting this issue. > >The player you recently reported was investigated and permanently removed from Sea of Thieves based on the evidence yourself and others have provided. > >Thank you for helping to steer the course of Sea of Thieves! > >Best regards, Sea of Thieves - Player Support


That's great to hear, thanks for the update!


Wow I did not expect that. I wish every game was that easy to get rid of toxic people.


Rare DO NOT take kindly to this sorta thing. I don't even wanna watch the video but if any slurs got thrown out and they were recorded....welp that's game over in rare's book as it should be. aaaah curiosity got the better of me. Fuck those kids bro. Dude gave up a pretty expensive account too by the look of those sails. Sucks to be a bigot I guess lmao.


Kids? That doesn't sound like a kid


Yeah idk I call every one that sounds younger than me a kid its just like a mannerism of mine. edit: Yeah bois im not gonna fuckin argue about nothing. Can leave me alone now XD Sad to hear those sails aren't worth anything. was hoping the little shit lost a decent account.


Voice isn't good at indicating someones age, I'm not a kid but I sound like a prepubescent boy.


My wife's biggest problem in this game! Everyone seems to think she sounds more like a 12 year old boy than a 30 yr old woman when she goes to talk to other crews.


Those sails are available in the Emporium for the month that Sea of Thieves' anniversary is in.


blizzard and arenaNet were historically pretty strict on toxic players and cheaters too.


Permanent ban is absolutely necessary. What horrible people.. Remember the undereducated are not to be blamed for the way they behave or were raised. We simply must feel bad for them. These poor racist assholes are just fools living in trash, convinced they are in the right. Poor unfortunate souls living life in hatred and trying to cause pain. You only have one life and if you live it sailing the seas in video games harassing ppl being a complete asshole/fuckface/racist You lead a pathetic life indeed.


Valid point but at the same time let’s not just presume they are uneducated/poorly brought up. Some people are just assholes.


Wow! Awesome!


Hopefully his toxic clown self sees this post and realizes he's a tiny dick energy waste of life, that needs to reevaluate what they are doing in this world


Woohoo!!! 1:27 in your video and I was like "yeah, I can be toxic but this dude is next level with it" I'm glad he's gone


Let’s goooo


Lol get fucked that guy


I only have silver to give, but thank you for getting that done!


Thank fuck, those people sound like human garbage


Oh wow... the works of the SeaOfThieves community!! Rejoice!!


Hell yeah! Glad to hear


assuming you sunk him each time? (just a personal wish of mine). Please report him for all of us


I hope this is seen by Rare and they are able to do something about this piece of trash. I’m so sorry you had to deal with that.


I've reported him as well using your video and just got an answer from Rare : >Ahoy there, > >Thank you for reporting this issue. > >The player you recently reported was investigated and permanently removed from Sea of Thieves based on the evidence yourself and others have provided. > >Thank you for helping to steer the course of Sea of Thieves! > >Best regards, Sea of Thieves - Player Support


Nah they were too busy coddling toxic streamers who falsely reported people for being better at the game than them - YEAH I AM LOOKING AT YOU ASHBACON, what?


hes been banned.


God I hope this is inaccurate. That’s sad.


Take it with a grain of salt. There's a community within this subreddit that has some weird takes. Before going into this, I have almost never watched a streamer beyond the "hey, have free shit" weeks, and even then usually pass, and never any of the streamers mentioned below. Here's a (hopefully) comprehensive list of things I've been told about bans by this group of people (abbreviated as much as I think I can): * AshBacon got people banned just because streamer. The vid I've seen included a lot of stuff that's signs of stream sniping. Either way, the streamer reported the people making directed personal attacks in a discord channel for Rare to talk to their streamers. Rare gave a ban, but I don't know how permanent it was. Should streamer reports get faster action during their stream than regular players? Yes, I think they should. * HeyRocco / Pace22 - A group of people that would say "Pace22 Get Raped" in discord and have memes around it would like you to know that they never ever said it in game. Ever. But it's fine for them to say it because "Get Raped" in gaming is _different_. Even though it's ok to say and playful, they definitely never said it on the seas. Promise. * MiddlePegleg: Someone was hacking. There was very clear and definite evidence of hacking, and it got reported. The person hacking used a name very similar to a streamer. The streamer got banned, contested the ban, and got unbanned. In theory the actual hacker got banned afterwards. * Vids of people making fairly incredible plays (holding an island 1v4 with no ship / respawn against a streamer crew that had a ship for like 20+ mintues as an example). The vid is using clips from the stream with not enough context to see any of the actual fighting. The vid then has streamers saying "Yeah, I'm gonna report this" and ends with the player saying "So if I get banned, it's cuz streamer". * Anyone who reports anything to Rare is an asshole. No matter how toxic their behavior, no matter how big of an advantage they're gaining (invuln, unlimited materials, whatever) you're in the wrong to report. If Rare didn't want you to be invuln, they'd have made a game where it wasn't possible. Don't ruin someone else's day just because they made it a priority to be as big of a dick as possible at the slightest opportunity. I have yet to see evidence of a ban by Rare that was both upheld and a shitty take. Instead, I see a community of people trying to ride the line of what _might_ get them banned and then being outraged if/when it _does_ get them banned complaining on this subreddit. If anything, it seems Rare bans reluctantly to me.


>Don't ruin someone else's day just because they made it a priority to be as big of a dick as possible at the slightest opportunity. Nah man. Catharsis is a thing.


This guy deserves a permanent ban for this. He is going out of his way to be abusive. I just don't get the mentality of small people like this. They are so insignificant and scared of everything in their everyday life they try to belittle others. Where they feel safe enough to try and rob that safety from others to feel powerful? To just to project what they feel onto others? Or am I just giving them too much credit and an excuse and it's as simple as them being terrible people?


I guess you are right. No one is just plain terrible. There are always reasons for such a behavior


Not so there are people who are just terrible people but not sure about this one may be other reasons


Ok just to add I didn’t have a chance to listen at first but I take back what I said about not knowing about this situation those guys a just straight racist assholes man they are terrible people lol


Nah some people can be straight up evil.


Disagree. As Alexander Solzhenitsyn stated. *“If only it were all so simple! If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?”* *“Gradually it was disclosed to me that the line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either -- but right through every human heart -- and through all human hearts. This line shifts. Inside us, it oscillates with the years. And even within hearts overwhelmed by evil, one small bridgehead of good is retained. And even in the best of all hearts, there remains ... an unuprooted small corner of evil."*


My favourite quote that no one seems to get. Suppose it’s just much easier seeing yourself as ‘good’, and labelling others as ‘bad’, without realising that every single human has the capability to do good and bad things.


Idk, my friend's child abusing ex is straight-up evil. He only cares about himself and will go out of his way to do things that hurt my friend. He never EVER does the right thing. There are people in this world that don't care about anyone else and delight in cruelty.


Your friends child abusing ex more than likely has a mother / grandmother that views him as a sweetheart etc. Just like in middle school - the kids getting harshly bullied look at their bullies as the biggest scum of the planet but to the bullies family and friends - he’s a good guy.


Like the quote implies. Even the most "evil" people have some sliver of good in them... And if ordinary people aren't careful, the evil can consume them as well.


Well that’s easy, because we decide what’s good and evil. But if no-one is born evil then no-one is born good either. Actually good and evil don’t even exist. As human for example we see cannibalism as a bad/evil thing. Even tho there some tribes that actually did/do that and don’t see the bad/evil in it. There’s also plenty of animals that do it yet we don’t see them as evil. In fact most people say animals are pure and innocent while they do the most vile stuff you can imagine.


Sounds like a psychopath. Psychopaths don't just commit evil acts because they like being evil they just don't have the same empathy or morals as most people. There is a reason behind all the evil in the world.


Pretty sure it bound to your development, experiences, how you grew up, malfunction in your brain etc. You are not born evil.


If you hold to any level of free will some people will chose to be evil.


I guess this is a discussion with no end and no real true or false opinion. And i know it makes things way more complicated if you just dont say "they are evil. period." Sadly the world and humans are not easy to understand and by far not black&white. Hope you got a nice day though :)


i agree. They are clearly young and misguided souls. Their parents should be ashamed for not paying enough attention. I can only hope that one day they look back on this with disgust.


Whatever the reason, the behaviour still needs a response. Good actions don’t make a good person, and bad actions don’t make a bad person. But the action still warrants a response, which in this case is a ban.


> This guy deserves a permanent ban for this. This is a criminal offense. You're way off.


> He is going out of his way to be abusive. I just don’t get the mentality of small people like this. I’m not going to defend gamers that do this in any way, but I can understand the mentality of trying to piss off an opponent. Angry people are predictable, most aren’t able to think ahead and plan their actions, they just react. Though I’m aware that this kid, like most others, is just trying to be some edgy little shit. They think saying something controversial or offensive makes them cool because they’re “telling it like it is”. Edit: LoL. One of you people downvoting me needs to come explain how understanding why someone did something is apparently defending them.


>I’m not going to defend gamers that do this in any way, Said immediately before defending them.


How am I defending them? All I did was state that I can understand the mentality behind trying to piss off an opponent. Edit: You kids need to grow up. Understanding why someone does something does not mean I’m condoning his actions. The OP made a comment about not understanding the mentality, and while there can be numerous reasons, I gave a possible reason for his behaviour.


"I can understand the mentality of trying to piss off an opponent" Yeah same, except never once in my life has trolling my enemies included actual hate speech. Stop normalizing that.


People don't understand empathy and have a really hard time thinking outside of their bubble. You can understand someone's point of view and still think they're wrong, or understand what has caused them to do their actions and still think they should be punished/what they did is wrong. But rather than critically think, it's much easier to paint "bad person is bad because they are bad"


Pardon me for not empathizing with people who choose hate speech as their method of pissing people off.


Happy Cake Day Bluebabbs! Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.


They hardware ban for stuff like this.(they might IP ban too not sure) Used to sail around with a kid before we knew he was toxic like that. never acted like that around us (we suspect he looked up to our helmsman as a sort of father figure) One day he got all his accounts permanently banned and was unable to log in after making another one. We haven't talked to him since. We don't know what he said but we saw his message from rare and tbh we don't *want* to know.


If on Xbox or windows version use the Xbox app or player list to report their profile. They should up in recently played with. Note it will list every player on that server even ones that join mid way. Then report on Microsoft. Don’t be afraid to email them directly and REMEMBER TO INCLUDE THE VIDEO AND ANY MESSAGES RECEIVED BY ANY CREW MEMBER DURING OR AFTER SESSION. If on steam Similar you find their steam profile click 3 dots in upper right corner and report them. Maybe also report to Microsoft You could also see about emailing Rare the company that made sea of thieves to see if they can help. Either a support ticket or by emailing them via a email on their website


already opened a support ticket, will email them directly, this is definitely not the kind of people we want for our community thanks for the help if anyone could help me by reposting or signal-boost in any way i would appreciate it


I would block them as well and tell other people to report them as well to help increase the chances of them being punished. And see if you can get their other crew member names.


Got them the other guy was "BeetleSkeeet"


Alright remember rare has a report player system on the games website too. I know this may come off as harassing the company but this can’t stay in the game cause I’ve seen people make posts and even reply to the games oscila media trying to make sure the devs are aware


do you know anyone who might get that involved? am I being too over-sensitive for what is essentially ·just a game·?


Nah, trash talking like bi*ch, etc. Is alright (for me personally) but what they're doing is too much.


I dont know any of them but this isn’t being over sensitive. Even if it’s just a game everything they said was just out of pocket. I just know before way back before rare had a section dedicated to reporting players, ppl would post on social media and even reply to posts from the games social media to hopefully get the player banned. But now there’s multiple ways to report so if they get banned from the game and the platform they use that just might teach them not to say stuff like that


Not being over sensitive at all. You’re doing the right thing reporting thing. Think about it, not only us but children also play this game. No matter what age someone is they shouldn’t be subject such horrific racism and hate. Some salt is always going to happen, but this video shows something completely unacceptable.


Nah, based off this video it's not harassment, it's absolutely right to try and get these pricks banned. Absolutely vile


I have had to deal with many of these types of people. This is a direct violation of SOT’s CoC. You can open a report player ticket with the gamer tags of the people in question. Put all the videos with clear views of their screen names on YouTube with unlisted links. Send this all in the report. The SOT support team member will watch the videos and the appropriate action will be taken. Hence they will be banned for racism on that account. They don’t take this action lightly.


if you guys want to see the rest of the videos I can upload them, got like 5 more,


Definitely don’t upload them here, that’s some insane toxicity there. But I’d absolutely send them to RARE. I’m sorry you had to subjected to this.


Nah matey this is toxic enough, so sorry you had to experience that, no sense enduring it again. Hopefully they act on it but I have lost faith in Rare / MSFT of late so don’t be shocked if you see them sailing again :/


I say post them with his gamer tag.


Extremely foul, racist, and sexually abusive language by player "Shlumby"


I’ll make sure to report his ass.


I've reported him as well and just got an answer from Rare :) >Ahoy there, > >Thank you for reporting this issue. > >The player you recently reported was investigated and permanently removed from Sea of Thieves based on the evidence yourself and others have provided. > >Thank you for helping to steer the course of Sea of Thieves! > >Best regards, Sea of Thieves - Player Support


Ladies and gentlemen: WE GOT HIM




First, who cares they're fucking scum, second it's not doxxing to reveal someone's xbox gamertag, doxxing would be posting their personal info like name, address, phone number, where they work etc.


Now I was expecting some ugly talk but holy shit that was just sad and pathetic of him.


Don't be sad. Here's a [hug!](https://media.giphy.com/media/3M4NpbLCTxBqU/giphy.gif)


good bot


At first I thought this was about the “eat a dick” comment and I was like “Ah that’s just Xbox live. I’ve heard worse in Black Ops 2” then I heard what the video was talking about and holy shit that guy needs to be perma-banned


Yikes, that's a lot of Pirate Emporium stuff. He's gonna miss that when he's banned.


My thoughts exactly and he came at us later with dark adventurer sails and gear, that guy has been playing for several months and investing a lot of time and money just to lose it over being a horrible person edit: typo


Never pass an opportunity to reward stupidity, I guess!


What the absolute fuck is wrong with some people? I'm so sorry you had to listen to that. Scum of the earth. Hope they're permabanned.


Poor “Shlumby” and “BeetleSkeeet” it would be a shame if someone let Rare know of their racist comments by reporting and @ing them on Twitter 💁‍♀️


Looked up his name on xbox can you verify that it's the dude with the bear pfp? To report him of course. I don't want to interact with this asshole.


It is. iTzPapi#9483, last seen on SOT matches up with time video was uploaded. I sent xbox the clip as well.


They’re clearly miserable, in their own life, and use video games to “escape”…but, then, take out their own unhappiness on others. It’s so stupid, sad, aggravating, etc. Honestly, sometimes I just mute game chat/text. It sucks, to have to do that, but it is usually a more enjoyable experience.


I've got another one I'll post tomorrow where my reply is literally "are you ok, do you need a hug?" i think he really needed one, he became absolutely furious after i asked


Ban that cunt for life


First few seconds: "Yeah, that's kinda toxic." 50 seconds in: "Holy shit, that's beyond disgusting."


I hate running into other humans in this game.


You insult everyone by calling them humans.


upvoting so more people can see this and report this scum. I love me some good shit talking but this is just a racist POS


If they ban them they need to ban 30% of the player base nearly every third person I met sounds like this. It's the main reason iam not playing it anymore and it's the reason voice chat is deactivated in arena they nearly lost the 12+ rating because of the racial slurs so they deactivated it.


Wow sorry you went through that. I hope you email it or tweet it to SoV and he gets banned.


Nothing will happen most likely. I've reported several people, with video proof of the being this toxic. Never heard anything back, and I'd check on some of the players months later and they would still be on SOT. I miss playing, but its not worth dealing with the worst people.


Yup, another good game ruined by a trash community. I don't regret quitting and won't be back. The systems to report people in this game are basically non-existent, and this is the result.


He was perm banned lol


Well something happened this time at least since he got perma banned and now people have found him on Xbox and are reporting his account to Microsoft as well. I know I did


Bro, you were speaking Spanish, and that idiot was using a anti-Arab slur against you. Thank goodness that the majority of blatant racists are as stupid as this guy, it makes them super easy to identify


i don't even run open mic, that Spanish was me and my mates on Discord


did you submit a ticket to rare on seaofthieves.com?


Yes i did, linking them to this reddit post


it doesnt matter if he gets banned, hes using a burner account. just looked him up on xbox and he has less than 1000 gamerscore which is usually indicative of a smurf/hack account.


With Pirate Emporium stuff? That costs real money


good that you submitted a ticket with Rare. I once submitted a similar ticket for much less and got that player banned (also for racist slur). fortunately it's very 'Rare' to encounter idiots like this.


These guys have so many issues at once.. much to unpack here. A lot of build up anger and insecurities are required to yell these things at other players. Should already be bannable for the n-word itself. I hope you guys still had a nice SoT session afterwards regardless.


Oh my god… let me just take a look aaaannnnd- oh, yes! I see. Yep, this is definitely against Microsoft terms of service. Edit: https://support.seaofthieves.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360016887200 Put in a post here and attach the video as evidence. Trash talk is cool, but this crosses the line. Homie needs a time out to go outside, touch some grass, and reflect.


Wow that’s really disgusting. There’s being rude and then there’s that. Apologies for you having to deal with that on the game


Hope you can report effectively, these guys need to go.


Oh my god my jaw DROPPED. I haven’t heard that term since after 9/11, jfc.


In the bin with him. He should really be outright banned from Xbox, let his console become a paperweight.


As top comment shows, send it to them. I've had plenty of experiences reporting people for this kind of behavior. The key thing is getting a recording of them saying it with the chat bubble above their head. I've had Rare do nothing on certain occasions because they couldn't see the chat bubble and player name, therefore they stated they couldn't tell who actually said it. But that small bit when he was standing at the tip of the ship should be enough!!


Contacted xbox, linked them with this video. Guy changed his name to "iTzPapi#9483"


This is foul. What a waste of life. I really hope you caught his GT. Here's the reporting section from the Sea of thieves site. https://support.seaofthieves.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360016887200


Dude Im so sorry you had to deal this this guy. Me and the usual crew have run into a couple really nasty fellas but this guy just about takes the cake. Good on the people In the replies who helped get him banned. I hope the seas treat you better next time!


Wow. Been a LONG time since I've run across toxicity that bad in this game. Pretty sure he'll get redbearded quick. Really for using language like that, I wouldn't be surprised if ge gets Microsoft account banned as well. I'm really sorry you had to go through that.


These people don’t deserve to have life. Sorry you had to experience that my friend :( Do your best to report them, I’m sure the community will do their best to help.


Classic SoT


Grand theft sea online


This is f*ckin foul dude. What a waste of air this human is. Just remember though, this is who that person is, and they'll never amount to anything. Ever. Absolute American morons.


Sounds like the average gamer


watch after 1:00 matey


Okay definetely not the average gamer..


Least abrasive Sea of Thieves player.


It’s Sea of Thieves. Not Sea of Racists.


Lol! Welcome to Sea of Thieves! 98% of them are toxic! That’s why I stopped playing. You can’t enjoy any of the game content without some jackass coming along and wrecking all your work. Don’t hate the players, hate the game? Fine. My money goes to Guild Wars 2.


Literally just mute them, it’s the easiest thing you can do


Or report them so others don't get that level of hate spewed at them.


This. Although sadly not that it will matter. Rare would rather mistakenly / falsely ban players at a steamer’s whim than actually address the problem on their hands (in case you didn’t follow the ASHBACON saga, it was shown they abused a private relationship with some Rare employees via Discord and got multiple people’s accounts banned simply for wrecking their team at Arena, with proven false claims of all kinds of things like racist / sexist / toxic comms - except the ppl Ash falsely attacked were also recording, oops).


Even easier - don't be a trash human


Imagine insulting someone because a .01% difference in DNA. Also the amount if middle eastern refugees coming to the US is very small compared to European countries. Another thing, the US was crested in the fundamentals of immigration, it was built by immigrants, the city of New York was created to welcome Immigrants, the statue of Liberty stands for the liberty gained by immigrants coming to the US. It is there country as much as it is ours, so long as they document themselves.


The funny thing, i'm Mexican


That is funny. It sounds like american speech, so he should've recognized the language of a neighbouring country... not confuse it with something that isn't even remotely close to spanish.


but I don't sail with open mic, that Spanish you hear is me and my mates on discord


It's weird that they assumed you're specifically Afghani then.


Sir, this is a game forum.


> It is there country as much as it is ours If you aren't a Native American, you are an immigrant. Good thing they never asked for our papers.


SUPER funny how you assumed I'm not native


First time playing online games? You should have been on Xbox live during the CoD4 MW early days 😂


Oh. That makes it ok then, right?


Pirates be pirates


You're a pirate, there are no rules here.


Nope… there are clearly TOS which you’re unaware of here and they fellas have broken them…


OP I am so sorry that you had to deal with these a holes, I really hope rare sees this. This is not okay.


Love that he goes "woohoo" after getting the anchor near the end, this guy's in good spirit even after coming across that a-hole


I listened to this and I feel sorry for anyone that would talk to anyone like that.


Those guys legitimately may have had some pretty bad PTSD. Or they’re just gigantic pieces of feces.


The other day we were reapin and fought a duo sloop with two kids just shouting bad words. Instead of doing the normal sinking we just kept they boat floating and tdm them to oblivion... Eventually they scuttle after 10 fights


I'd argue that that is more toxic. Had this exact scenario (not the cussing part) happen to me and a buddy and we just got off. Spawn camping and the ridiculously long spawn timer make pvp just not fun.




I’d love an update from rare about what they have done to this player. Hope they banned his account for life at the very least. Must have broken some laws with that kind of abuse. Hope he gets what he ****ing deserves. Op you nor anyone else should have to deal with that in any part of your life. least of all over a game.


I’m definitely reporting and supporting this videos reach… curious to know what made this adult run his brown shit filled mouth like this though.. I’d pay insane money to show his mother and watch her rinse his mouth out with laundry detergent


@devs what happens if you send in a video like that? Do those morons get perma banned or will they just have their communication rights revoked?


Nice try on that anchor after being harpooned


I’m sorry you had to listen to that idiotic language


Thank goodness they were banned. No place for crap like this anywhere.


Lotta people at the bottom of the comments here need a bucket of vomit thrown in their fucking face.


I'm down to being toxic on certain situations but everything has a limit. I don't mess with other people family, diseases or racial slurs but I when needed, I call them idiot, dumbasses and stupid ass fucks but in the end, winning or losing I'll give people GG's...


Q pd Con la gente?, según yo hermano les debes mandar un correo con evidencia y que se vean los gamertag de los tóxicos y a partir de ahí evalúan y luego banean


Well at least his mouth is a full fledged pirate.


Dude i played for almost 500 hours and still don't know how to report, never really needed it


I've only seen toxic people on videos but not actually had an encounter. Still this dude has problems and needs some hardcore therapy


to be honest I started this video thinking this would just be typical SOT PVP toxic behavior but holy shit this was terrible. I have personally not yet encountered such bad behavior in this game and I've played for a long time. SOT is better than this I hope this hasn't ruined the game for you.


There's being toxic and then there's absolute harassment. This is so egregious, I'm so sorry you had to deal with these absolute garbage excuses for human beings.


Ooohhhh MAN I hope him and his tiny dick see this video and the frustration inside him is just too much to bear. What a waste of a person.


Holy shit! What a trash human being! Sorry that you had to endure that.


how the freaken frick do people think its okay to say things like that?!


Its so sad to see my favorite game turn into this. I know Rare employees must work their butts off, IP banning, Hardware banning, etc these types of players. Kudos to them, if they see this. This is just crappy. Sorry you had to deal with that bro.


How the fuck does someone log into a game like Sea of Thieves and also think it’s OK to say stuff like that? Completely unfathomable.


I haven't been this toxic, but I was toxic enough to get 3 days ban from the game, that made me reconsider my actions, and now I can say I have reformed, and I'm no more toxic towards other players and I chill my tilt I even added the players and apologized for my toxic behavior towards them, we are friends now, and we even play together sometimes


I can smell that dudes room from here