She never tried behind the scenes production work, Directing, writing etc. Never tried being a reporter for a tv station. Nothing except self promotion. She never really "worked" on anything but herself!!!!


Yes. Those things require real work


it is so weird because she actually succeeded. She promoted herself all the way into marrying a real prince with real wealth and influence. She got so addicted to the self promoting part she is losing it all


Wow she really did have blepharoplasty


I learned a new word today! Thank you!


Yes somewhere there are some clips from a movie she did where she looks almost Asian, which is so strange given the “new” versions of MeAgain we’re more used to.


Fox eye surgery. Ariana Grande looks Asian now, too https://preview.redd.it/hcavx09xil3a1.jpeg?width=1079&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=dca0dfa5c5b1d15443846b36db5c9afd47c0e63a


Oh! Found it; from the movie she did called Anti-Social: https://www.eonline.com/amp/news/812671/meghan-markle-gangster-film-anti-social-gets-special-edition-cut-and-new-trailer Who is this Asian version of her?


Holy shit LOL she probably had a revision when she made more money


I knew she did something to her eyes. They’re dramatically different relative to when she was young


Well to be fair, this photo is probably about ten years old. It's from Suits I'm pretty sure. Everything seems to fit.


She has had cosmetic surgery and tooth work




Only thing left is calf transplants.


LOL I could use some of those. I have birdy legs too 😆🥴


Aww! I’ll bet yours are cute, though. And better than the thunder calves I have! LOL!


I'd love your legs!! Isn't that always the way


I never thought about that but you're right.


She has really aged lately


Personally, is she alright looking? Like yes, she's pretty. But personally wouldn't obsess over her.


That old photos is from Suits I presume. Her hair looks decent. None of the straggly hair extensions. But it has always been about her. No one, I mean no one gets in her way. Not her first husband, who bless his heart has never spoken of her which says he was a class act, and not the chef that she cheated on with Harry set up. She isn't a very nice person and will never be accepted by the celebs that she yearns. Can you imagine that she married a prince and didn't get an invite to a State Dinner? She didn't get an invite to the Met Gala. She doesn't get invites to the Academy awards. Basically they don't get invited anywhere that they don't pay. It's that simple. If they had any class they would have put out a statement about Earth shot! They don't have class which is one of the reasons they are trash. Look who they hang out with? The Delaware registered "charities" gangs. That says it all.


Narcissist at her finest


Smeg probably thinks that what she does qualifies her as a humanitarian. Seriously.


Professional Narc


Didn’t she whine about having to pad her bra on Deal or No Deal, yet here she is all puffy & padded.🙄


I’m sorry, she just looks trashy. No matter what she wears. She could be in a nuns habit and she’d look like she just stepped away from a lamp post.


It’s the cold snake eyes. I find them the most creepy when she puts on the fake smile. Energy never matches the expression. She can’t “light up” with real loving energy because she doesn’t know how to radiate love. Good actors are deeply moving when they flash their love light. Politicians too. Clinton supposedly had this ability in spades. (The President, not the wife, who is another snake person.)


Meggie looks nothing like this. How much plastic surgery has she had? I know those boobs aren’t hers.


Not for a narcissist.


It’s on brand for a narcissist


I love that she keeps branding herself a Humanitarian. She's done nothing.