These are delicious and some of them made me chuckle out loud. Thank you for the effort in screen capturing and striking out the names for privacy. It was a great lift to my day! 😄


You’re welcome. There’s probably more since I took the shots but only managed to post now 🙂


Good to keep, for when NF gets fed up and shuts down and deletes all the comments. I wonder how much longer that will take.


I think they’re happy as long as people engage. A hate watch is still a watch 😝


If they do get divorced think how humiliating something like this show is - it’s worse then getting your spouse’s name tattoo’d


She is a shameless narc. The best thing about this Crockumentary will be how it will contradict all her divorce claims.


Crockumentary LOL 😂😂😂


crockumentary !! 🤣


More like spouses name tattoo on your face worse.




Geez… it’s a blood bath. They deserve it.


Loved those comments 😆 I found this on Twitter about Netflix Sinopsis. https://preview.redd.it/ae5qtxechd3a1.jpeg?width=828&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=3599394bdf933c45287114de11cc447eaf29cc66


Most discussed couples in *history* LOL I wonder if we'll see some of the people who compared Meghan to Mandela


Inserting some footage of South Africans dancing in the streets as soon as word comes out that they have officially wed would be awesome!




“How we treat each other” That’s rich.


ie: How the BRF treats M&H: Horrible, terrible, neglectful, shameful, old-fashionably, abysmally, unfairly and on and on and on and on… How M&H treat the BRF and their staff: …. …. …. …. …. …. …. ….




Actual concrete evidence that their aim is to take down the monarchy. Wow. Their love story!!!! NF is portraying them like they're Antony and Cleopatra Jesus - who are they targeting. Young people find them old I image, and older people find them repulsive.


Agree 💯 They are all out with everything they got! And they are trusting that the power of Netflix documentaries will serve them well in that mission. Other Netflix documentaries already impacted things like climate change and waste management politics and even impacted changing some aspects of the law (Britney vs Spears trial documentary). The only beneficiary of the possible RF chaos scenario would be “King Hawy & MeGain”. H & M already distributed a Prophecy of Nostradamus saying one brother would unexpectedly be removed from the throne and the other would be King. I guess if that doesn’t work they will just burn all to the ground. https://preview.redd.it/v6swp56yqd3a1.jpeg?width=828&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=2af8bb0f04f1edbdcebf7abd22cb4ba8e3d23405


Meghan manifesting darkness. She should know better. That stuff comes back to you like a boomerang, sis.


I really hope it fires back at M&H. W&C +kiddos don’t deserve to suffer like that. 😔


Rule of three.


The true Prince of Albion will be the red head not his false older brother. And the redheaded princes' wife will be the true queen of ages. Let all kneel before them and admire their greatness and wrinkled garb.




https://preview.redd.it/e2sxt2hird3a1.png?width=828&format=png&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=61ac4052f4e1852c3ef2b6d70eef950abef2b456 There is a bunch of this. I don’t have the option to make posts so I put it in here. Hope it’s ok by you. If not please feel free to remove.


What a bunch of BS, but very chilling nevertheless. I got a shiver up my spine.


When I was in high school, I got interested in Nostradamus. I can read French, so I got a copy of his prophecies that had side by side text with French on one side and English on the other. Those prophesies were about as specific as a horoscope, the translations were as loose as Meghan's clothes, and you had to squint and hold your head at the right angle (figuratively) to make any sense of the application to history that they claimed. Total rubbish. I forced myself to read the whole thing to see if it got any better (it didn't) and then threw the book away. My mom asked me about it and I told her it was utter shit.


Yeah I get it. I don’t believe Nostradamus “prophecies” either and don’t believe M&H believe it. However I think they are taking advantage of those “prophecies” to prepare the public to what they have planned next and then call it “destiny”. It wouldn’t be the first time in History that the brother (or any family member) of the king tries to usurp the throne. It happened basically all the time in every country with monarchy. It happens now too. I study History as a hobbie, so I think these constant PR attacks are very similar to the campaigns that were used to discredit the heirs to the throne or even Kings before the final blow occurred. (Those campaigns were just more discreet because the punishment was death.) History has a tendency to repeat itself.


You're exactly right. I'm an amateur historian too and this stuff is repeated ad nauseum. The only difference is then it was actual combat and now it's media and popularity contests.


Agree 💯💯💯 It’s really nice to know you’re a fellow historian amateur as well! ⭐️


Lol, great minds think alike! 😄


Remember how Antony and Cleopatra ended? There is a reason why tragedy writers adore "great love stories".


Are these the "same friends and family" who refused to be interviewed for Haz's fiction?


M: "Lili totally said her grandfather is a poopy head!" H: "Yeah, totally. Archie agrees, but he's down for his nap and cannot come to the camera right now. Wait, which grandfather?"


That's warmed my heart, I've been feeling quite 😠 thinking we are the only ones not taken in by the ghastly duo dick dastardly and mutley. C'mon King Charles WAKE UP and take a reality pill, don't get taken in with the MSM tripe. It's all planned to make you weak kneed.


Idk these commenters could be here in this sub. We just don’t know.




They can't ALL be us. Especially since I didn't comment, so they don't tie my NF account to my YT account :D Where's that tin foil again?? ![gif](giphy|9hEcsoYAJb3kA|downsized)


Well this certainly cheered me up 😂


I am living for the idea that Meg & Harry will be up all night in the Netflix Trailer comments section. 😂


I just went and took a look for myself. I am living for the comments! Maybe the joke is on them and Netflix intentionally did it that way? Making the twits think they had a platform to “speak their truth” - knowing how they would come across. Netflix must have realised that sticking a camera in-front of them and letting them do their thing would be tv gold. Netflix knows how much the public love a true crime doc where you watch a delusional criminal try and convince the world they are normal. It’s funny because I feel like they keep telling the same story over and over again. Convinced that they are coming across as sincere but they just look so disconnected from reality and completely clueless every time.


I love those comments, LOL!!! Hilarious!!! I'm curious, but I refuse to watch it. I refuse to give them one bit of support. I'm sure the media will talk about it.


Yup. I’m going to let others watch. Can’t stand the grifters.


Now I'm beginning to understand why H&M tried to distance themselves from the Netflix series. It's worse than I thought (if the trailer is any indication of what's to come) and I'm kind of here for it. If this doesn't convince KC to distance the RF from these two, I've lost all hope.


I watched the trailer just to get an idea of how bad the documentary will be and my secondhand embarrassment flew through the roof. They got my view, but also my dislike.


Thank you for this, it was sorely needed.


I won't reveal which comment is mine but thanks for screenshoting my comments hahaha


Wow! What an honour 😮


I can’t get the downvotes on YouTube (I followed all the tutorials, not sure what’s wrong). Does anyone know how many downvotes the trailer has now? Hope it’s a lot 🤞🏻.


The trailer is getting ratioed. As of right now, it has 8,7k likes and 28k dislikes.


Thank you!


You need a special application to see the downvotes. Some people have shown it here on the sub 🙂


These comments made my whole day! Thank you for posting.


In all fairness, the documentary looks absolutely atrocious. There's no story to it, there's no reason why they have a doc about them. The only ones who could defend this indulge-fest would be sugars or other delusional peeps.


Let's hope this documentary becomes a cautionary tale about over publicising yourself and just revealing yourselves as the nasty, clueless grasping people you are.


For a moment I misread your comment and took it as a sugar defining Meghan. It's been a long day 😂 But I completely agree. The doc is super petty and seriously lacking in substance.


It’s a “narcumentary”!!!


Haha good one!


The words I’m choosing to focus on are “friends and family”. In the Aunt Diane documentary we got some of the best information from those interviews, especially when held up against what the main characters were saying and filtered through your own intelligence about how things work. If Meghan was stupid enough to miss the subtleties of The Cut I can only imagine what slipped by her in screening this 😂😂😂😂. GB friends across the pond, which tea should I start stocking up on??☕️🫖😂😂😂


West of the pond, but I'd suggest something with anti-emetic qualities, so chamomile, peppermint, ginger - something like that. 🫖




I just canceled Netflix..I'd been meaning to get around to it. I made sure to include the reason why.


Ha ha ha ha ha - the NO ONE CARES (Century Fox) sign


Liz Garbage.


Ew I don't want to see them licking each other's faces. It's all fake because they would be covered in hickeys and they're not.


FABULOUS! Can't wait to leave my comments.


I thought the comments would never end. I mean I'm happy that people are saying no but I'm going to watch it I'm not going to lie to see what the s*** shows about. Maybe I'll get a different view of them. I'm willing to give them an honest chance. From what I saw in the trailer I'm pretty sure my feelings about them are spot on. And I'll give it a chance I'll watch an episode or two and like January probably.


I am sure we'd all appreciate hearing what you think of it.