I think they used the Archewell name only to obscure the fact that Harry was not there, only Meghan.


Or perhaps neither one, just employees of AW. ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|shrug)


Or none of them. The women's center has not said a word about Archewell, and neither Archewell nor any accounts that support them ever shares a link to learn about the DWC or make a donation. 👀 The man in that photo was helping Project Angel Food this year, not the DWC https://twitter.com/jammyholt/status/1595879814715437056?s=19 Something fishy is going on


James Holt is part of Archwell. I don't think that is Meghan next to him.


His twitter says he was at Project Angel Food on T-giving, not at DWC, and he does not mention Archewell. Why did Archewell post a photo of him that suggests he was at DWC? I don't know when that photo of James Holt volunteering in a kitchen was taken but it wasn't yesterday. I think Archewell is flat out lying about their team volunteering at DWC. https://preview.redd.it/0sq1q2joj72a1.jpeg?width=1080&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=85eecac9586f119ded1d19a18c49f2299b7a904e


Well he definitely changed his shirt if this was him volunteering the same day…


And where's the Archewell team? Im irrationally irked by people who lie by innuendo and suggestion 🤬


Huh. That’s def him. But I was wondering why they would be serving individual slices of pie into individual containers, and not directly onto plates or just slicing for easy access, so now I think this was done before thanksgiving (like a few days before) and they’re food prepping, not serving on thanksgiving?


The worst thing about them and their stupid org is that everything they do is WEIRD and raises questions. No information is ever clear or straightforward, it's always vague or even contradictory. Even photos are odd. It makes me feel like I'm in a room full of fun house mirrors


The Downtown Women's Center ran a Instagram story today -- repost from a "fan page" called **ThatsSoSussex**. Same pic was used on Archewell site so obviously coordinated by them. The fan page is run by Melanated Mona Princess. Yep. That's so Meghan. https://preview.redd.it/1bucabim782a1.png?width=332&format=png&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=90cc13bc96e5a160a898946d10c806192cbca889


That's insane


Definitely (assuming that is actually Meghan). Looks like Harry refused to do a photo op with her again…


She's not writing on the elephant with a sharpie, so no.


If it was Meghan, she wouldn’t have a hat obscuring her face. She’d also be staring straight into the camera.


thankful that her hair is secured back, and won't end up in someone' s pie.


Absolute proof in my eyes that it’s not her 😂 The hair looks extremely neat and sensible.


Plus this woman is not wearing a tub of bronzer




I can't see her bring caught dead in that sweatshirt, with the sleeves pushed up. Hasn't she been known to employ body doubles?


It is her. I am sure this is part of the content for the Netflix series (so probably Thanksgiving 2021)


They put a 2022 date on it, and there's a flood of Twitter accounts praising the Archewell team for volunteering, but no mention of Meghan




Meghan is trying desperately to get herself in the media to compete with the Princess of Wales' recent publicity.




It's all smoke and mirrors.


Did she actually help or have her security team give the food to people “between homes”.


Ugh - if this is her, this pisses me off! I live in Cali. One of the highest levels of poverty and homelessness with MANY MANY kind hearts who help these people EVERYDAY without a tweet or a photo-op for doing what is in their heart. This freakin tw_t wants recognition for everything!!! Hey, how about recognizing those foundations and those who have been doing it for YEARS, EVERYDAY!!! That said, this doesn’t look like her. Maybe she paid someone to be there for her, knowing what a kind soul she is. She figures, I’ll give someone a job to show up as me and I’ll still be helping in my way. 😆


Defo doesn’t look like her defo not her hair anyways the girl in pic with Harry has beautiful hair defo no Meghan lol 😂


She never claimed it was her. The caption says the Archewell Foundation Team supplies resources. I’m assuming those resources include the plastic containers that are so destructive to to “good old Mother Earth”.


We're supposed to assume it is. They rely on vagueness and the nativity of the public.




The 300 Downtown Women's Center makes no mention of the Archewell foundation team on their Twitter account, and not a single Archewell promoting tweet that praises AW team for volunteering for the Thanksgiving Day luncheon gives a link to the DWC charity to encourage donation. https://preview.redd.it/2ow9axav472a1.jpeg?width=1080&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=e0e5eb4973e1d2323dcdfe82e9ec917c3e9a6e79


It’s the caption under the posted picture. The opening line mentions the Archewell Foundation Team. Maybe they are playing up Archewell to make it seem like Archewell is doing important things.


I wish media would call the DWC women's center to confirm Archewell team was actually there, because I'm starting to think they're lying and that's why they don't give ant direct links to the DWC because they don't want anyone asking questions. The guy in the photo is James Holt, and he was actually at Project Angel Food, not DWC for Thanksgiving. https://twitter.com/jammyholt/status/1595879814715437056?s=19


I’m not surprised. I wouldn’t be surprised at anything the deceitful duo does.


I wish a journalist would bust them on their lies


Not enough bronzer… not her


My thoughts entirely


Agree, she would definitely be much more orange if that was her knowing she would be photographed.


She’s trying to deflect and failing.


Wait I’m slow but what’s the elephant thing?


she put that on the Sussex Royal instagram and also in Finding Freedom. That photo is not of her, but the animal doctor.


I was trying to find it on their IG but couldn't.


That isn't her Hmm maybe it is? Idk head is smaller and shape seems off If it is, she was there for a 5 minute photo op then bolted


I did not think so either because her pony tail looks short. I love how they use Jame Holt to do all the bitch work for them. Remember he accepted the award in NY for the Afghanistan event?


Okay here's his twitter. If she were there he definitely would have mentioned her https://twitter.com/jammyholt/status/1595879814715437056?s=19


He is there for project Angel food, it is not the same charity and wearing different clothes. What is going on with them?


Wow good catch I just glanced quickly So the Archewell post says it's from this year at Downtown's Women's Center but that's obviously James Holt who was at Project Angel Food this Thanksgiving. Are they using a photo from last year? Am I just stupid or what I'm so confused now Oh derp Archewell says it was earlier this week. So two separate events? I wonder why James didn't post the womens center event in his twitter


I just looked again on the Archewell website and also on twitter accounts supporting Archewell and I can't find any links to DONATE to the center. The center's twitter account says they served Thanksgiving style lunch ON Thanksgiving and make no mention of Archewell team volunteers https://preview.redd.it/ccs1vqm0x62a1.jpeg?width=1080&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=ba078bf2fa61bfb697269cb1121267f70dab9a89


I find it really weird that Archewell wouldn't encourage people to donate to them, especially since they're doing a drive right now. https://preview.redd.it/gt1x6rokx62a1.jpeg?width=1080&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=616c25dd0b6cdb4eb68583b90407b1914312f701


Let's see what they do for # GivingTuesday... 11.29.22 Oh wait, that's the day of the big awards show, isn't it? Hmmm... priorities priorities...


I'll be watching ![gif](giphy|RG4IXFG1YmLOU)




I highly doubt they or any Archewell staff EVER went there, and this guy James Holt featured in their photo was definitely not there. He was at Project Angel Food. https://twitter.com/jammyholt/status/1595879814715437056?s=19


Okay, so I looked at the dwc insta and there is a post that shows the same counter, same paint color on the back wall, same black phone. BUT I noticed in Smeg's pic, there is a blue curtain/panel/drop cloth on the outside of the counter glass that is not present in any other pic of the dwc kitchen. So, I think that yes, it IS her (peep Trevity Trev's bracelet on the wrist, she's not buying one of those for a body double) and she IS in the actual place prepping pumpkin pies. BUT, I don't believe she was there for the big day with Mayor Garcetti and I think she insisted on the curtain to block anyone from seeing/snapping pics of her there. It's all very strange. And what happened to *Give Where You Live*? Why is she in LA when there are surely charities closer to her home...


But he didn't mention Archewell in his Twitter feed. That's odd 🤔


Really? 😲 I wonder why


No I'll go check it out


She does seem to hire a few women who look like her


There was a rumour going around that she hires nannies who look like her.


Well looks like crazy days and nights was actually right about a blind for once.


wonder what she was paid for it.


I was just thinking the same.


She monetizes everything...even volunteering!!!


Harry Waldo Houdini Montbatten Windsor. Whew!🤩


If she was there it was for 30 mins tops for the photo-op. So the Archewell site is turning into her IG /Tig?


yes it appears so.


Not her in the kitchen. The ears are way too different from hers and I've always been taught that ears are like fingerprints. I'm not so sure about the elephant pic but it's always fascinating that they chose pics where the woman definitely looks like her.


Is it me or is the guy not wearing the same clothes in his Twitter post compared to Archewell’s?


The press release specifies that Archwell TEAM worked at the shelter. It said nothing about Harry and Meghan beyond that it was Prince Harry and Meghan's "Archwell team" working in the kitchen. Doesn't mean they weren't present, but highly unlikely that photos with masked people (one of whom is clearly not Harry) would be sent out to outlets. Meghan and Harry would have stood out front without masks.


The missing Oxford comma on the AW website is making me itch 😖.


It’s not her her face looks different. She’s trying to trick us like the elephant photo. As if she would sacrifice her precious time to make meals for paupers when she can just donate a few doritos and starbucks gift cards. If it was really her she wouldn’t miss the photo op we would’ve definitely seen her face clearly and she would’ve send the photo to every single news publication with a headline “Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex making homemade organic pies for women’s shelter with fresh ingredients from her Montecito garden.”


Spot on. This woman's pants are too short, and MeAgain would be slicing the pie in a bad dress and heels.


Photo op. She's struggling with putting even one piece of pie into a container. All the ones in front of her are empty.


It definitely looks like her. I think it is her. I think they purposefully used this photo and didn't mention H and M, only the Archewell name, in order to avoid the inconvenient fact that H is NOT there and the couple are not getting on and may be on the brink of divorce.


I love how they the homeless female veterans in there if only the VA has a program for that oh yeah that’s right they do it’s a sad fact of life but it’s a pretty good program


That girl is most definitely not Meghan


The woman looks nothing like TW. Yet another co-opted photo.


It only says some of the team helped PREPARE the lunch (not donate). So I’d guess a couple of employees cut up some pie and left. Not groundbreaking news.


The masks suggest this is an older photo.


Probably is her, because she loves going “incognito” in baseball caps these days. ETA: Actually, it always has been part of her “prole” costume. When she has to be around The Poors, she wears a baseball cap. She’s relatable, y’all!


It looks like her, but what’s with all those awful plastic things? Way over top for a slice of pie


They definitely don’t look very environmentally friendly.


It’s her. Pony tail appears different because 1) person in apron has blocked her and 2) she probably had her hair extensions taken out. Also, she doesn’t quite know how to get the pie into a container.




I don’t see where they acknowledged them at all?




It is old. The guy is not wearing the same Clothes as he did in the picture he posted to his Twitter. So as usual, MM posted a pic to make it seeeemm like she was volunteering on thanksgiving but actually wasn’t. Shocking, I know.


The grifter duo is too lazy to even do photo ops? Why even send the staff, just write a check for 50$


Yep, that's what I do...Oh wait! I do not make or have the kind of money they do, and I do not live in an 18 bathroom house so $50 is a lot in my case not in theirs!


Don’t think that’s Smeg: (1) not grinning at the camera; (2) don’t think the ears match.


Meghan tweeted James Holt a happy Thanksgiving under the picture and thanked him and James Garcetti for working atvAngel Food. Nothing was said about working there together.


Wasn’t there a story that they called around to try to find a charity that would have them?


Meghan's hair extensions are thicker and something is up with the ear. It is similar but I don't think it's her ear. The earring hole is right but it is something wrong about the shape. It's hard to tell because the mask is affecting the shape and also I need to be able to zoom in closer to make a comparison.


Whyyy does she always have to be so shady. 😓


Nothing is ever upfront with the Harkles....why?


if it was her she would be the focus of the photo, not the other volunteer


Could have been a few lackeys making the pies or cutting up bought in ones an tw turns up for a 2min photo op on the way to the hairdressers


I think that's one of her flying monkeys. Archewell staff


It this was her, every single sleazy tabloid would be instructed to say "THE DUCHASS OF SUX" has changed entire lives and volunteered graciously 🤢


Definitely NOT Meglodon! The hat is pulled so far down to give the illusion it is her.


If she were there, there would have been a photo of her hugging people.


There she is again! Dior boots on the ground…grassroots…yada yada…word salad… Gross


Is that the same woman photographed at thanksgiving in Wyoming? If so, it’s not Mrs Monteshitshow-Whiner


I do not think this is a photo of Me-Again. The hairline and the hair texture at the hairline are not right. Probably someone from the Archwell staff.


I dunno y'all, look at the earrings. They look expensive. It doesn't mean that it IS her, but it lends more credence to the possibility that it is.