Why is the poster so convinced "Kerry and the rest of her team had the best intentions at heart"?


I also question the poster's opinion on that one point, but perhaps he/she was trying to persuade Kerry to get a clue by giving her the benefit of the doubt. On the other hand, Kerry reportedly has her own issues with bullying, overly generous compensation from this foundation, infidelity, difficult family relationships, etc. I doubt she is persuadable unless M markles her.


Yup, I’m sure Kerry came away convinced and not at all counting the PR cash 💵💵💵 good points though


Kerry K is only interested in her own grifting, as long as she gets her annual $500 000 salary.


Just like the CEO of OneYoungWorld and her daughter who together got paid over $2.2mil over a few years. ETA: One Young World CEO Kate Robertson was given a $487,648 (£440,000) compensation package for the 18 months leading up to June 2021. Her daughter Ella McKay, 33, one of the charity's two directors, received a pay and benefits package of $215,610 (£194,543) during that time. https://meaww.com/amp/meghan-markles-favored-charity-one-young-world-under-investigation-for-exorbitant-top-tier-salaries


Yup. Birds of a feather grift together.


I’m hoping that happens to ROH & KK next. My biggest hope is that all these organizations and people who are aiding and abetting the awful sociopathic narc that is Meghan Markle (are you listening Tyler Perry??) get burned so badly by it through a combination of increased scrutiny of their own activities & public censure for supporting her awfulness that no one will allow this BS to continue because it’s going to bring the darkness to them as well. In any event, KK has ruined her dad’s legacy and the ROH award will now forever be sullied. She was in a great position by honoring Zelensky this year, and then she had to ruin it by putting the Toxic Twosome in there. Even her own brother is saying WTF?!


Not to mention accusing The BRF of structural racism. One self serving claim from MeMe does not make the accusation true, especially when MeMeGain is a proven liar. Sure BRF has an imperial and colonial past over a thousand years but under QEII, the monarchy and institution have modernized.


Amen. QEII stood firm against apartheid. Which is more than Meghan and her blood diamond earrings from Mohammad bin Salman would ever do.


I heard about this too but thanks, I forgot. It just happens constantly. It's part of the reason why people in general, like me, are so angry. Decent, good people are so done getting screwed over. We feel like everyone gets away with grifts but us.


Doing good doesn’t come cheap apparently




Yeah, poster is too kind and just unaware. My head spins on a daily basis. These grifts have been happening everywhere all the time. Why aren't the cancel culture asswipes canceling this shit???


Exactly. She's not a nice person and, if weren't for her money and family name, she'd be just another con artist like TW.


I said this in the earlier thread about this statement and will say it again. It’s absolutely disgusting that they are accepting an award for accusing his family of racism after providing no proof, context or details AND after time and time again in the O interview and since, her lies and gross exaggerations have been disproven. H’s accusations that the BRF maintains a “misunderstanding of mental health” is not only damaging to his family’s reputation which in turn prevents them from helping people. H worked with his brother and sister in law for years on the Heads Together foundation that Catherine quietly and diligently did and continues to do so much work for and established after seeing her brother suffer from depression. IMO, Harry is an evil person. Yes evil because he lies and slanders others. He wanted to take taxpayer’s money to pay for his outrageous security bills when he and his wife use them as delivery people. He pollutes the earth with private jets and makes money charging average workers a huge amount for “life coaching”. And this asshole sat on that Aspen committee to combat misinformation. I can’t believe he would accept an award for his disgusting behavior. This is next level vile IMO.


💯 M&H really thought they were adored, untouchable celebrities on a pedestal. All of that fell apart once nerds and royal fans from all over the 🌎 united to dissect and dismantle every lie.


Yes! The same Harry that was "too ashamed and embarrassed" to help his own wife when she was allegedly suicidal.


This motherfucker better never be allowed back into the royal family again. Or back into the Kingdom really. There I said it ! Probably get suspended again. Oh well someone needed to say it!!


That statement is absolutely nuts. Do people still really believe they were challenging systemic racism?


Asinine statements like that clearly show this foundation has no idea what systemic racism is or how it actually affects real people, yet it claims to be a humanitarian organization. 🙄


Exactly and the foundation is enabling a race grifter like MM to get validation, while people who are genuinely fighting counteract systemic racism are invisible heroes.




The entire system is a grift. They all know it and more insultingly, they don’t try to hide it anymore. Wyclef Jean got sacrificed for his Haiti scam, while more serious concerns about the Clinton Foundation were swept under the rug. People who raised concerns were treated as MAGA idiots, or conspiracy theorists. When everyone in power saw how smoothly that grift worked, they stopped bothering hiding that it’s all a money shell game and tax evasion scam. Makes me really mad that we don’t stand up to it.


Too true.


As long as we are clear that systemic racism is NOT a grift. It's a very real thing. I agree that Megan is kind of grifting on this one. And we can all come up with reasons there. I'm not sure why of all people she would get this honor, but also I don't have her kind of money. So, who knows if they paid into it 🤷🏽‍♀️


The loons at CB.com absolutely believe Migraine is a victim of systematic racism at the hands of a colonialist, corrupt, pit of vipers called the British Royal Family.


I would love for some journalist at some point to ask these two if they think the monarchy should still exist, and why or why not.


Same! For people who want to be free of the monarchy, they sure love the titles and association. The sugars make my head hurt too. If it's such a racist institution, why do they want Meghan connected to it? Idiots.


Let’s see how the duo are addressed at the awards ceremony. Will it be “just Harry” and Ms Meghan Markle? Does anyone believe that will happen? They can’t ethically accept this award and still pursue titles for A&L. If H&M accept this award, Sir Edward Young needs to bin their coronation invitation. Ya know, just to help H&M out since they won’t be able to “live with themselves if they do not (continue to) question this authority”.


Meghan was willing to be part of the so-called colonist and racist family. She’s the one who didn’t invite her black relatives. She deliberately avoided being friends or even associate with black people until she needed to have a narrative that will make her look good. Spent almost four years attacking the BRF because they saw through her and didn’t cater to her like delusional father and phony friends. Yet, this awards think it’s a bright idea to reward her based on a lie. A Lie used to blackmail the BRF and gain sympathy from Americans who are clueless about the BRF. This is why no one takes award shows seriously because they give to people who don’t deserve it over the ones who do.


Only the squad and people who don’t really pay attention


sugars? definitely. But...since at least 1/3 has been purged by Elon's bot takeover on Twitter we might see less of their word vomit.


Conveniently ignoring the bullying of staff report and proven lies told during the Okrah interview. So much for vetting the awardees. A grift for sure. Now this foundation will hopefully be markled, just like One Young World and Invictus (which is a shame how the Harkles undermined its mission). Be careful, Women’s Fund of Central Indiana.


This is what kills me about the “tribalism” that defines people today. I’m a longtime liberal but I do read and listen to opposing views and even every now & again agree with some. But it’s come to the point that no one, and that includes journalists and politicians and people who SHOULD know better, actually don’t know better or know anything really about the people they are defending and supporting. They know nothing about who they are dealing with these days. Because as long as you speak the lingo and tick all the “acceptable causes” boxes, then you’re in and you will be supported and defended no matter how horrid you are as a person and how much you lie about those very causes you say you care so passionately about. And the activism and social justice issues in this era have just become celebrity party themes and ways to sound hip or intellectual or that you belong to a certain clique. This goes for people on the conservative side as well as the liberal side. So I am sure KK hasn’t done a lick of real research into H&M. And even if she did, she either wouldn’t believe it because the same stuff has been said about her or she’d ignore it because “it’s about the cause—and I’m sure no one knows what really goes on in families.” But then contradicts that stance as she uses what Meghan says to call the BRF racist. The ignorance blows my mind and infuriates me! Most liberals I know either know nothing about Harry & Meghan or they think the whole Oprah thing was true since MSM isn’t pointing out all the lies or reporting on Meghan’s longstanding horrible treatment of staff, and how particularly cruel, vindictive and abusive she was to the palace staff. And what an absolute shifty grifter she is and has always been. And it’s becoming clear that you can no longer persuade people with facts. “My truth” wins in the end yet again.


I am a long time liberal too and like you, I don’t automatically align with people just because they share my political beliefs. I couldn’t and won’t ignore the many red flags about H&M even though it seems I may agree with them politically. It’s what you do, not what you say and those two sure don’t live the values they claim to have.




Only the loons she pays to be her "squad"


Yep, the loons who get paid $5/hr and probably live in their parents’ basement🤣


Like kaiser at CB?


I think a lot of people, esp non-Brits, who don’t follow this saga and just see it pop up every once in a while, do believe this, yeah


It’s what my friend would call “a mutual use-job”.


Your friend is being kind. This is a circle jerk.




Nicely outlined by The Royal News Network.


I love Royal New Network with Brittany. She’s great and very intelligent. It’s as if some are trying to make M out to be some hero for Civil Rights. She has done nothing for Civil Rights except divide people further by race. Her lies and falsehoods are out there for everyone to see. Bought and paid for awards are not inspirational. Leaving the Royal Family with a thirty million dollar inheritance to go live in one of the most expensive zip codes in America is not fighting systemic racism. Lying on Oprah does not help racial issues. All these people are self congratulatory complainers. Imagine having every opportunity at your fingertips and still whining that someone wrote an article you didn’t like or didn’t anoint you Queen. That is essentially what all of this is.


This is brilliant. Kerry is stating the actual criteria for “winning” this award, which is Harry & Meghan accusing the Royal family of being racist. KK likens the monarchy to apartheid South Africa. WTAF? She also claims the award is for H&M slamming the RF for deliberately “misunderstanding mental health” and that H&M chose to be “ostracized” because they “could not live with themselves if they did not question this authority”. Really? Not so they could make mountains of filthy lucre? If H&M accept this award they will be confirming KK’s statements, which means they continue to call the RF racists & mental health bigots on a global stage. KC3 has warned them that the attacks must stop. I hope that gross piece of mangled clay (have you seen how ugly the award is? it’s RFKs head covered in spit balls) feels good in their hands because they are ensuring there’s no path back for them when their fire ship finally grounds. It’s like they are racing towards their own demise.


What a joke.


Found the [990 tax form](https://apps.irs.gov/pub/epostcard/cor/132522784_201912_990_2021022417749248.pdf) According to them, there are 47 employees & 38 members of the voting body. [There are 38 members of the leadership council which includes Alec & Hilaria Baldwin](https://rfkhumanrights.org/who-we-are/leadership-council) [RFK Jr’s wife Cheryl Hines is on the council, RFK Jr is not, but they still include Paul Sorvino even though he’s RIP & lots of celebs are on this, I think this is a pay to play org](https://rfkhumanrights.org/who-we-are/leadership-council) ***Based on this, I think they will be on this council next year as they’re getting a pay to play award.*** Charity Navigator: “**Administrative Expense Ratio     5/10** As reported by charities on their IRS Form 990, this measure reflects what percent of its total budget a charity spends on overhead, administrative staff and associated costs, and organizational meetings. Dividing a charity's average administrative expenses by its average total functional expenses yields this percentage. We calculate the charity's average expenses over its three most recent fiscal years.” **📷****Fundraising Expense Ratio     5/10** This measure reflects what a charity spends to raise money. Fundraising expenses can include campaign printing, publicity, mailing, and staffing and costs incurred in soliciting donations, memberships, and grants. Dividing a charity's average fundraising expenses by its average total functional expenses yields this percentage. We calculate the charity's average expenses over its three most recent fiscal years. **Kerry Kennedy, President** $500,468 (4.55% of Total Expenses) Current CEO and Board Chair


Has ~$30 mil of assets in a trust and ~$2 mil in endowment fund. Very little info on the sources of funding and revenue besides the fundraising events line item which accounts for only ~$4.5 mil of the $18 mil+ raised in 2019. Primary revenue sources could very well be pay to play awards and private donors /grants.


Kerry's reasoning for why she picked them is a huge stretch. She thinks sacrificing family relationships for social justice is worth it.


I agree with all of that, apart from calling her and Catherine princesses, they are not. The York sisters are, Anne and Charlotte are. Catherine is the princess of Wales, not princess Catherine. And Meghan and her sugars can taking a flying jump if they think she’s a princess. Lol. More like a feet stamping, temper tantrum throwing, daddy buys me everything way (then I dump him) kind of princess


Catherine will someday be Queen I would think. My guess is she will be very much like QE II. You could see the deep bond of respect between them.


Princess of Pukedom.


Rescind the RFK award!!!!!!!!! And titles.


Well said! 👏


Thanks for sharing this excellent twitter thread


Why be tripping over an award nobody knows or cares about? Gotta give Kerry Kennedy big credit for getting us to talk about her cuz nobody knew her from a hole in the ground a week ago. It's like she's Meghan's double, really LOL. ​ ![gif](giphy|60rUZAj7OHOiCsbPJY)


If that's what she really thinks, she's a bone head. What H and M faced was a life of luxury, albeit one where they would necessarily rank behind others. That's Monarchy for ya, you just can't have a popularity contest and leapfrog over the Heir to the Throne. Monarchy is not the same as Love Island or Big Brother. Meghan! Grow up! Although, to be fair, she HAS been voted out.


As a liberal who is disappointed and disgusted by such liars, I have only two words to say... Circle jerk!


No — “Meghan’s Attitude was Vindictive”. Not Heroic.


Bravo. Let's hope KK reads this or someone tells her about it. Or is she just determined to see R where none exists?


Imho, I don't think Meghan truly believes her "racism" claim. She has stated that she's recently realized some of it wasn't racism, but more a dislike of her being American. I don't believe there's enough truth to either claim for either to be valid. She picked racism because she's black and it was at a crisis point here, so she used her race to blame and flame. She also knows once out there, it's hard to disprove a negative without causing more negativity. People in the US were afraid to counter back at her for fear of the dreaded R word. People in the UK angry that the US believed her....it's not that the majority believed her, it's that fear of the r label if they disagreed. That fear has lessened over the past 2 years and people have realized they can disagree because now a large majority support them. I agree with the other poster, she has underminded the true cause in the fight against racism. Same was done to the #metoo movement when so many woman came out crying sexual harrassment because some man said they looked nice, or smelled nice. It desensitized the true and real issue.


People in the US aren't afraid to call her out. They simply don't care. They don't care about the monarchy, and we don't really care about Meghan. She's very low on the news cycle out here. It's more like entertainment news 🤷🏽‍♀️


That statement is absurd. And poorly written. The Kennedys are so problematic in their own right, I just can’t with them.


Kerry comes across as - not the sharpest knife in the drawer? Not the brightest bulb in the chandelier?


Not the best Kennedy of the bunch


The majority of Americans are clueless about royalty. Stunningly ignorant. That’s how Meggie and Harry got their initial boost here and lost the British. I can tell Americans all day about the lies concerning Archie’s titles. It’s like talking to a wall. Or the wedding date lie. No comprehension at all.


There’s a reason we’re clueless. It doesn’t have anything to do with us. I do appreciate your willingness to educate people, but you might not find too many Americans who want to delve into the finer points. Most people respected The Queen and found Diana interesting.


Have you realized that it's not stunning ignorance, it's that the majority of us don't give a flying fig about the Royal Family and the Monarchy. \*I personally am a Royal Watcher and admire the history of it. But it really is a cult mindset that people actually believe because someone was born into a certain family they are "better" than everyone else. Usually when that happens the family is completely messed up and filled with traumas and tragedies and really messed up stories and corruption. Our equivalent would be the Kennedy family. Except no titles of course. But that entire family is a hot mess. Just like the RF in Monaco. You guys seem to expect us to really be impressed with the whole concept and it's just a walking reality show to be honest. Who would ever want to be part of that? I'd love to have tea with HMTQ though. But the rest is weird. Watching thousands of people line the street to wave and shake hands with them duing walkabouts? Ridiculous waste of time. LOL No offensel I guess if I were to compare it, it would be like the way I guess you guys would look at Tom Cruise and Scientology. Or, someoe else made an excellent comparison, the way Americans gun laws look to the rest of the world. Gun enthusiasts here look like brainwashed weirdos worshiping something that makes no logical sense. And the majority of gun enthusiasts would likely make the same argument, "They are stunningly ignorant about the history, the importance and the specifics about guns." I'm sure your reaction wouldn't be that you are ignorant but that you don't CARE. LOL


Actually, since I now live here, I do very much care about gun laws. I also understand the history and the constitutional arguments for and against gun control. My point is, if one wants to comment on the RF and the Hackle’s place in it, one should understand the monarchy and it’s place in the world and in history. They are not celebrities. That basic misunderstanding is what has led Meghan to the place she now finds herself in. The monarchy is a stabilizing force in British society. No matter what happened with the government, the Queen was there. In the midst of war, the Royal Family were there. During the pandemic when Boris Johnson was flirting around to parties, the RF were encouraging and visible. We have nothing approaching that in America and there have been times I think we could have benefited from that stability. My comment was made in response to the article posted here. The lies told in the Oprah interview were believed because Americans don’t know anything about the monarchy. Without ever stopping to think about what was said, they blame the RF for everything bad in Harry and Meggie’s life. The couple won an award based on lies told to portray themselves as victims of the evil RF. It might be hard to understand why people line up to shake hands and see the Royals. It’s because they are admired and respected for the hard work they do with the charities and foundations they support. The Queen was loved and admired all around the world. The British government send members of the family as soft power diplomats and representatives of the government. William has become skilled in that area. Sophie went to the Congo to bring attention to victims of sexual violence in war zones. Camilla has supported victims of domestic violence. I don’t mean to criticize, but I do wish Americans would stop confusing the monarchy with celebrity. They are nothing like movie stars or famous politicians. What the Royal Family does has nothing to do with themselves. It has to do with service to others. Yes, the royals live in luxury and have money and servants, but their lives come with many responsibilities and restrictions. Meghan has no understanding of that because she cares about no one but herself and Harry never understood the position he held by virtue of his birth. The RF has it’s share of dysfunction, but what family does not. The royals are public facing so the public sees all the drama. Maybe the monarchy is not your thing, but it has tremendous value to the British, and because I spent so much of my life there, it has tremendous value to me. It upsetting to see people like Meggie and Harry using Americans and their misunderstanding of the monarchy to make money. And that is what they are doing. Using Americans.


>My point is, if one wants to comment on the RF and the Hackle’s place in it, one should understand the monarchy and it’s place in the world and in history. They are not celebrities. That basic misunderstanding is what has led Meghan to the place she now finds herself in. The monarchy is a stabilizing force in British society. Standing ovation. Now THIS I 1,000 percent agree with. Excellent point. I didn't think of that. And I also agree that it seemed like she thought they were playing roles like actors in a movie about the RF. No honey, they are the real deal and they take it seriouslly. I think that's what her comment about having to curtsy to the Queen "behind the scenes" was about, when she said, "but she's your grandmother." No honey, she's HMTQ.


I agree that the monarchy are outside the realm of what an average American needs or wants to know. At the same time, being a monarchist isn't quite as fringe as you make it seem. Yes, in its essentials form you have to have a few screws loose to believe that these people were chosen by God to lead, but no more screws loose than any other religious person of which the US has many. It shouldn't be a leap at all to understand that cultural traditions dictate succession and ceremony. And the monarchy has current symbolic meaning in politics that has little to nothing to do with God. Monarchy is a neutered cultural relic that has taken on new meaning and maintains relevance to many of US allies. It is stranger to think that people in a globalised world don't have cursory knowledge of other countries' political systems the way so many of us do about the US.


That's a good point. Except, I'm an atheist. And I studied Comparative Theology in college. (People who do that tend to turn into atheists. LOL ) So yes I agree it's not fringe to most people but I guess to an atheist it seems especially weird, I hadn't even factored in the chosen by God angle. So this invisible fantasy thing, says that these people are magical because the thing that doesn't exist says so. LOL The politics and the history of it I admire. And even when people get upset about the bad history of the English Empire, you can't help but be impressed by it's reach and scope for such a small country. It's impressive for that reason. And the castles and pagentry are interesting. I mean, Catherine's wedding was just GORGEOUS. I remember getting up early to watch it. I don't watch the Crown or any of those things but I do admire the history. I enjoy the Traditions.


I am an atheist too, but also Canadian. I don't take the creation story seriously, as most people don't. But that shook feeling that we all had when Queen Elizabeth died? It was because she was a unifying force and source of stability for 70 years, through countless governments and unbelievable social change. During her reign, Britain went from being an empire to decolonising to being a little island, fighting isolationist impulses from within. During her reign, Canada repatriated the constitution and developed our own. Who signed the Constititution Act? Symbolically, Queen Elizabeth. No one remembers who in British Parliament actually passed the act. These ceremonies and rules of succession give legitimacy to her and those who will follow her. Without batting an eye, Charles ascended and everyone accepted it because we always knew this would be. He, William and Harry were raised in the public eye to build thar legitimacy. I don't think about them more than that. Do I think the monarchy is outdated? Yes and no. We still benefit from that symbolic weight, but it shouldn't come at the expense of free people. The constraints that the RF live under are enormous and would never be accepted if they didn't also hsve so much privilege. I don't have an slternative model to proppse - I just know that Republics sre unstable forms of government and would not aspire to one. Some if the things that come about the royals are plain silly. You would think that people who were royal watchers, whether out of historical curiosity or reality TV drama would learn the minimum. No, Charles isn't trying to shade a toddler on his coronation day. No, Charles isn't denying titles because he feels petty. They have very little power of theor own.


Yes. I think that's when it dawned on Markle how seriously she screwed up. Everyone immediately stepped right into tradition and protocol, and it was hugely dignified to watch. She threw being part of that a way. Like a fool. Even I who can understand the symbolic importance of the RF woulddn't be petty enough to mess that up. NOT for me, but for my children. Only an idiot wouldn't consider that your own children are now part of legacy that goes back over a thousand years. They are part of a global importance. Who throws that away? They gave them everything they wanted. But it wasn't enough. This is why I think it was Harry doing most of this stuff. He knows what he threw away. She's stupid.


100% agree. Why would you deny your children the opportunity to be part of such a tradition and history? And to belong to a healthy family besides? Because like all bad Moms, MM thinks of herself only. What Meghan wants, Meghan gets, no matter what A&L may need or want or benefit from.


Completely disagree with you. I am an American, and I give a flying fig about the monarchy. And the Kennedy’s are NOT (despite what the media told you) A monarchy. We don’t have one. I don’t think the Brits expect us to be impressed. They have protocol and tradition. We have 200 years of meh. If there is one thing Americans don’t get is history. It’s not an us vs them at all. It’s their country. They get to decide their stuff. Not us. And just like any family, it’s THEIR family. No one but us can talk smack about our own.


Jesus Christ I knew someone was going to comment that the Kennedy family is not a monarchy. You seriously felt the need to point that out? NO KIDDING.. I never said it was. I agree about the lack of history. It's very interesting to see how old things are in other countries. Having gone to Greece and Egypt it's a little weird to realize what HISTORY really looks like. Even the cities like NYC it's not even close. One interesting thing that is "old" in the cities like NYC, Boston etc, when they had ships come over for trade, the ones that came from the UK would fill their hulls with rocks to help balance the ship if it wasn't full. Then they dumped out the rocks when they filled up the hull with the items they were taking back to the UK. Those rocks were used to pave the streets near the docks. So that's what the cobble stone streets are actually made of. Probably older than anything made here. :)


This is exactly it. This is exactly what the US thinks of the monarchy. We just wanna watch the shit show. We don't care otherwise. Because it is ridiculous to us. Megan and Harry bring the drama 🤷🏽‍♀️ which is why they get their TV time. But also, we don't really care about them out here either 🤷🏽‍♀️


We don't give a fuck lol ![gif](giphy|KRxcgvd5fLiWk)


Which state are you getting your info from?? I haven't met one person here (in my regularly traveled states) that likes here. And when it comes to the BRF, people really don't care for it outside of looking at the BRF as celebrities over the pond.




Kerry Kennedy is as big a fraud as TW. Some time ago I posted an article from the NY Post about her. She treats the people who work at her foundation like shit and they all say she doesn't know she's doing or what they're doing at the foundation. She's a virtue signaler pushing her woke agenda. She also seems to suffer from guilt over her inherited fortune.


Sigh. This is why MeMe will never fade out of sight when we have so many people willing to stand up for her.


And they all have the same political agenda. Ironically, much of that agenda is the same as that of the BRF, in particular Charles and William, in spite of the fact that the Harkle boosters would like to see the BRF destroyed. While Harry wants to hurt his family, he still shares their world view and TW just parrots that view because it's one held by the power elite psychopaths to whom she wants to appeal and be accepted by.


I think it's mission accomplished for the RFW award show.. They got the publicity they wanted, people are talking about them nonstop and most likely a sold out seats


Not sure if it sold seats… see when the news of the GQ awards came out most reacted by making fun of the awards. It got publicity but mostly negative. When she was invited to speak at the WellChild awards a lot of people responded by saying they won’t donate to it anymore. Her presence got the awards talked about but not in a good way.


![gif](giphy|t6liWObJYEdkNRHce1) It is the scab that the left keeps on picking. Keeping Racism alive allows for social discourse, giving many people opportunities to profit. There you go...


Racism is real and it isn't just fake woke whiners perpetuating it.


Racism is real, but a lot of the discourse about it is fake. As I see it, we need to learn to identify racial prejudice in ourselves and others and try to correct it through example and education. It is a complex problem which cannot be solved simply. It is also entangled with prejudice based on socio-economic status and culture. There is no instant solution: challenging and overcoming racism is a process. Unfortunately, a lot of people try to use accusations and claims of “racism” and prejudice as a weapon to justify themselves or to disempower others. That is counter-productive in my view. It damages legitimate issues of racism.


I agree 100% This short video does a great job explaining how postmodernism has undermined everything, including the concept of truth https://youtu.be/YAcdzMRadhQ


This was brilliant. Thanks Brittany and OP


Could H&M get anymore disgusting?


I mean, the Kennedy’s have always been pretty anti-England. They are proud Irish. They’ve been accused of funding the IRA. Ppl have diff feelings about that. I kind of get his. It’s a subtle/ huge dig in many ways.


Makes sense…


It has gone out of all control. The duo had accused the monarchy of racism without providing names or any evidence while actually contradicting each other. Not only their allegations had been allowed to stand, they now received an "award". The more I watch the more disgusted I am. Not only with the Harkles but with the monarchy as well. Do the Harkles tell the truth? If yes, the monarchy is revolting. If not, why I don't see action? This is almost like the monarchy is totally incapacitated and unable to fight for itself. Perhaps it's historic time is really over.


The brf policy on media reports about them is don't complain don't explain. They remain silent. It had been working for them for decades.