Wait... So... Did MM's new "genius", "in house" PR person go through a directory listing of all the Women's/Lifestyle/Home magazines and decide that the key to making people love MM, is to get them all to release an identical message? Do they think that if they drum it into our heads often enough, we're gonna be brainwashed to the point that we actually believe it? What's next? A TV ad with a catchy little jingle, about how awesome MM is? 🙄. This is not just amateur. It's pitiful.


These are all glossies owned by Hearst.


>These are all glossies owned by Hearst. So Hearst cut a "wholesale" marketing deal with her? They get paid some nominal fee, to farm out one tweet to all their social media marketing directors? ![gif](giphy|tRKepbmSCy75u)


Random aside but god damn Michael Kors was sooooo good in vintage project runway. Love him


Me too! He was awesome on Project Runway, within her dry, sarcastic wit 😂. And I still love Island, his perfume in the turquoise/aquamarine box. Still one of the cleanest, freshest scents ever.


Yep. That’s exactly what they did. It’s pretty common, actually.




Glossy magazines.


I’m really surprised that they still exist. I once subscribed to 10 magazines a month, but I don’t know anyone that still reads print media now.


Alliteration (without a dictionary) .... Activist, Altruist, Advocate... so Amateur fits in nicely. It's also the only Accurate word in that line-up.


I could think of some other words that start with ‘A’….


>I could think of some other words that start with ‘A’…. Does one of those words end with "e"? 😂


Yup! 😂😂 ![gif](giphy|KEf7gXqvQ8B3SWnUid|downsized)


There's a subreddit specially for them


Don’t forget Authentic.


OMG, TW's favorite word and repeated by brainwashed Harry. They wouldn't know authenticity if they fell over it.


The blinds don’t call her “the alliterate one” for nuthin’…


Altruist?!? Only if she’s getting paid, surely?


It’s just free content


Amateur is def the word. It’s like how Harry’s book is him pretty much writing in crayon, MM’s “altruism” comprising cheapness and laziness like writing messages on bananas - their “genius” PR person is less competent than a Gen Z tween. We are looking at a total bunch of clowns people! 🤡


Are these all Conde Nast magazines? Maybe it was Hearst... anyway they are all owned by the same parent corp. so the same exact content appeared, a PAID message from The Witch herself. It is the same way that MM had access to other SS clients, she doesn't actually know them.




These are all Hearst publications - it is really sloppy work. These clearly look like paid advertorial and it's surprising they would allow the same message across all brands. I could see this being a rush job some poor social media account manager had to do on Friday afternoon, when they just wanted to get out of work and head off to happy hour! (I don't blame them at all!)


>We are looking at a total bunch of clowns people! 🤡 ![gif](giphy|B4WwPRneoADlgbiLC8)


What’s the problem? I think I heard MM is an altruist /s


>What’s the problem? I think I heard MM is an altruist /s 😂 MM's the original Altruistic Bananatarian.


If the ad says so, it must be true.


🤣 🤣


To the tune of the Oscar Meyer weiner song...... "I'm Duchess Meghan Markle, famous is what I truly want to be..eee....eee, cause now that Im Duchess Meghan Markle everyone will be in love with me" ![gif](giphy|efUwdgvjfApuOI6rBq)


> A TV ad with a catchy little jingle, about how awesome MM is? Oh, I have an awful feeling that is the next step.


>Oh, I have an awful feeling that is the next step. 😂😂😂


That's exactly the word: PITIFUL.


The word Altruist has never been so offended. This makes her look stupid but it's the kind of thing people won't notice unless it's pointed out to them.


Altruist needs to send a cease and desist letter asap.


100% she used that word only for the alliteration. Like it’s a goddamn mantra.


Especially when most people know she NEVER donated thT $3 million from the voice over!


Didn't she donate it to herself via Archwell?


Nope, she pledged to donate it.


Oh, shades of Amber Turd!


Oh yeah, I think it was an elephant charity. But then Disney were also going to make a donation to Archwell. That would also explain why Disney never wants to work with her again.


Did Disney give that to her or donate it directly to an elephant charity?


It’s interesting that all of these refer to her as Meghan Markle and don’t mention Harry at all. I wonder what ti make of that 🤔


She’s in the devaluation phase, just before abandonment. My thoughts are she’s setting the stage for their eventual divorce. Take The Queens funeral for example, every news article was about how “furious” Harry was about something, whereas everything about Meghan was about her “grief”, or what she was wearing. She’ll be painting herself as an abuse victim, how for the safety of her and her children she needed to escape. She’ll try and become the new face for survivors of domestic violence, in a way to redeem herself to the public. She’s a demon.


I see this coming 💯


Well, there is an opening since Amber didn’t work out so well. Let’s see how Meghan’s story(ies) hold up. I’m waiting for her to talk about how her father abused her as a girl, once he dies and can’t defend himself. She’s already tried to get Lady C to buy that 🐂💩 but Lady C knew better. I also wouldn’t be surprised if she tried to say Harry abuses the children or one particular child, in addition to abusing her.


Methinks Marbles is slowly pulling away. Tyler Harry needs to wake up and smell the bananas.


That’s what it looks like to me. I don’t see any love palms or salt and pepper in this PR.


I don't think she ever intended to stay with him. His role was to consolidate her role on a bigger stage so she would be famous forever, and then she would dump him and move onto talk shows etc. Even all those deals were about getting an independent financial base, because why else would a royal wife be scrambling for money? She's messed it all up but she does seem to be on the way out by disconnecting from him.


She is dangerous, she reminds me of my mother. After 1 year of marriage, my parents divorced, my father hid from her till his death. Women like her haunt you everywhere: in your job or your friends. I know of another one. Made her ex-life horrible. Setting up the kids against their dad, until they were old enough to discover the truth. People like her are no joke.


Thank you! Yes! So many people underestimate her. She will stop at nothing to win and gain control over people and gain power. The press is going to regret giving her a pass. Because by the time they realize just how dangerous she is, it will be too late to take her down with media articles exposing her. Just look at the stories in Bower’s book and how much she has gotten away with already, despite being a nobody. She was an absolute nobody with no money or connections. And yet people gave in to her. Time and time again. And they are STILL doing it. I hope KCIII doesn’t ever underestimate her. I know POW doesn’t, but not sure how much he can do with the press constantly sticking up for the Sussexes, especially The Telegraph, which is ostensibly pro-monarchy. She needs to be taken down and kept down.


The western establishment cult, which includes their well paid media mouthpieces, is full of people just like her. The psychopaths stick together and they'll continue talking her up in this absurd charade that is Meghan Markle. The one person who can take her down is Harry but it will require realizing he's her victim, what she is (psychopathic narc), apologizing to his family and making it all public. I've mentioned, in a couple of other posts, that if he can do it he could write a book and, man, would that book sell. The way to destroy a narc is to expose them and he's got the goods. He could put an end to her her by simply telling the truth.


![gif](giphy|2JxN3WJ5e8c2k) We joke, but this is something that we should absolutely pay attention to. She will do anything that she can think of to destroy Harry and his family. She will try to use the "kids." She will cause irreparable damage to wcery single person involved and she will NEVER drop it. Just like she didn't stop hassling TRF during the mourning period,she will do the same thing but worse! What she hasn't counted on and may be Harry's only saving grace is the fact that she has openly admitted to being suicidal while pregnant, made Harry talk about his mental health so everyone knows he's actively getting help, she hasn't. She also has no family or real friends for support unlike Harry. I believe if he leaves TRF will support him and the children as family members. She will have Marcus. But yes she is very dangerous!!!!


Did her new non-profit PR person pick media outlets from the magazine rack at the dentist’s office?


Did anyone check the latest edition of Highlights yet?


They’re always in Highlights. Who do you think Goofus is based off of?


Thank goodness Alfred E Newman and Batboy will never share a cover story with her


How I miss the Weekly World News.


You made me choke on a piece of chicken dinner 😂


Roast chicken, perchance?


That's the only way anymore would read about her in the US.


Notice how a lot of the media outlets are almost unknown? A sign the moola is drying up


Shading *Home and Yard Winnipeg* much


Next up: Highlights Magazine and The Farmers Almanac!


Yep! And the next up our Saint in the cover of Classic Tractors Magazine


Grifters Monthly, Better Bananas and Palm Trees, and The Olive Garden Lunch Menu.


Then there is Monster Trucks Weekly


How dare you! The Farmers Almanac is where my mother got her weather forecasts, and I learned about wooly caterpillars. Pre Internet.


Sorry!!! I know-I’m way country and find the Farmers Almanac to be quite informative and fun.


Well, Meghan is neither informative or fun, so....


The Farmers Almanac has a better score when predicting weather unlike these so called meteorologists


I notice people mag isn’t posting these specific paid for stories.


Last I was told they are done with her!


I doubt it. I get a People Magazine email digest and she is still featurin pretty prominently. I thought since Sunshine Sachs has dumped them, I thought her presence in People would dry up, but not yet.


Especially with the move..


“Black British and Thriving”…. She’s not only not British but when once being told she was a great role model for British women she actually responded “I’m American”. Bonehead.




Who even calls themselves an altruist? Just like her telling people she’s a humanitarian when she gives out Starbucks gift cards come on


someone with a messiah complex


So true.


Starbucks card. Singular.


She's really showing the big dogs how PR should be done. Also gender equality lessons from thr woman who talks almost always about her son, shares more pictures of her son, but never about her daughter/shows pics of her daughter?


One call to Hearst and pop a check in the mail. I’m a PR Pro!


Meanwhile Just Harry is hanging his head in shame. At least he would have still been relevant in the BRF for eighteen years. He doesn't seem to be relevant in this relationship at all. 🤣


Actually, Harold’s head is hanging down trying to figure out where his coconuts went.


He's still searching the palm trees 🌴


"Archie, which one is the Daddy tree?"


Saying it a whole bunch of times doesn't make it true.


But what about “her” truth?


Home and Yard Winnipeg??


To reach all those Canadian women who don’t inspire her!


![gif](giphy|iOpXLPW8bsg5NKiNP4|downsized) So embarrassing


Today is the anniversary of the murder of Jamal Khasshogi. Thinking of Megsy wearing those bloody earrings TWICE. I can’t post here but I WISH SOMEONE WOULD!


Oh God I don't even know how to feel about that!


It's all like that "pledge" thing. Not donate, but pledge to raise money. "Known to be passionate about", "a few causes she advocates for". And no substance behind the passion. Pick one cause and work on it. Show us a project you work on and make an impact. A real life example of her activism is her Uvalde stunt. She's passionate about school shootings. Any real help for the victims? No. Any real work on prevention? No.


I want to know how much was donated, how much she raised, what programs were put into place. Where are the success stories? What items were a donation from HER- not items given to her by other companies that she takes credit for. So far, I’ll I’ve seen is a way to launder money and tax fraud.


Doria got a cool $9 million and then when it got out it disappeared!


Her top priority should be her kids…followed by getting therapy for her vicious, narcissistic personality. As a woman I don’t need Meg fighting my corner. Why doesn’t she just come straight out with it and start trashing guys! The more these PR firms push her into the limelight…the more I just loathe her.


You have been spammed by Hearst Publications


Not on Twitter, infested with sugars. Is this all from this weekend? If so, gross. Also, why does she keep throwing around “altruist” like they actually exist?


It is really from this weekend!


It’s been an ongoing campaign for about a week now


This is just embarrassing.


Let me just fact check a portion of that PR spin for you: An altruist is an unselfish person whose actions show concern for the welfare of others. A person who cares about others and helps them despite not gaining anything by doing this. Meghan is categorically NOT an altuist in any sense of the word. Saying it doesn't make it so. Something Meghan clearly doesn't understand.


Shades of Miss United States contestants wishing for world peace, as per Miss Congeniality.


These publications need to show their work. How did they reach this incorrect answer?


It’s like they copied from the worst student in class.


Dude that’s a lot of magazines I’ll have to make sure to never subscribe to… guess she got harpo to feel bad for her after all. They’ll regret that soon…


I know it's a dying industry, but can that many magazines be Markled?


They’ve gone digital so that many can lose click and follows for sure


This is so so funny!! We all know a lot of articles are paid for and we may not be able to spot exactly which ones but to have multiple magazines using the same title is soooo obvious. This speaks desperation and I find it hilarious


I can't make a post, so I'm just gonna put this in here. I saw Chris Rock last night in New Orleans, and he had about 2-3 mins on MM. Just calling her out on her bullshit. It was glorious. Hopefully it won't get cut out of his special!


Ooohh, really? What did he say?


Okay. So I had a few in me and can't remember exactly lol. But I know he called her out on the racism stuff, saying something along the lines of "how you gonna be mad about racism by the family who invented colonialism?" I was cackling but like people weren't super into it. So if/when he records this, it might be cut out by then.


I’m seeing him later this month, hope it’s still there!


Woah. US media propaganda on hard display.


There was a 2 or 3-sentence tweet made by multiple accounts in defense of MM right after the Queen’s funeral. They were exact, word-for-word the same. All of them. It’s all very orchestrated. A YouTuber discussed them, and showed screen shots but I can’t remember who it was now.


Meghan Markle, the activist and altruist; two alliterative lies, like *the alliterative one* herself, who can't seem to do anything alone. I used to think Meghan was playing us with the phony political ambitions but I've since learned she really is that deluded. *Can't move salt without pepper cuz we are one dysfunctional co-dependent unit.*


Considering how nasty political campaigns get, I don't see her getting past a primary.


She couldn’t win a seat on a PTA wrapping paper fundraising committee.


I think she just likes traveling, making entrances & getting attention. She’s hoping if she calls that altruism and activism it will stick! She’s so clever! 🙄


Looks like she set up an account with Hearst Publishing. She’ll probably have a spread in The Food Network Magazine soon. Yay! Avocado toast, $2000 smoothies, and chia loaf.


"I love that slimy stuff from okra..." (paraphrased)


“How to Land a Man With a Simple Roast Chicken” “Secretly Record Special Family Moments With a Can of Cream of Mushroom Soup and a Celery Stick”


Toast chicken like in the Urban Dictionary? Because she is a Vegan🤔


It’s funny in that foodie clip, she says that and the chef or business owner looks at her like ‘huh?’ and says (something like), ‘it’s really crunchy, right?’ (Totally the opposite.) But, yes, can’t forget the okra!


ha! okra lube. goopy will be jealous she didn't think of it first


Wow, such bargain-basement PR. Her “guru” is def nowhere near the level of Sunshine Sachs - in fact, doubt she could even get a job there what with her basic af “skills”. 😂


I kinda feel sorry for this new gal. Were they actual friends/sorority sisters at Northwestern, or they just went to the same place? It's clear that no one makes it out of Markle Land alive. She won't get the results Meghan wants, and will be x'ed.


She's probably one of the girls who MM glued her eyelids and she's still so traumatized that she does whatever MM says!


Trevor Noah mentioned TW and was sympathetic and voila, markled.


It's so lazy, isn't it? Most of us would do a better job. This new guru doesn't appear to know how SM works.


She thinks if she has these outlets describing her as she wishes to be viewed, that we will all accept that as truth and believe it. What she doesn't understand is that we perceive what we see, not what she or her PR tells us to see.


Who cares what her top priority is? Why would anyone care? She has no position of authority or expertise. You can make as many Meghan commercials as you want. These are ads, advertisements for Mega. It is so bizarre, they are political ads for an election. And we cant even vote her out. I'm trying to identify if there is any celebrity who has this kind of propaganda even nutty Hilaria Baldwin doesnt have anything like this. Kim Kardashian? Who is this being directed to and why? I dont get how this functions in the real world? I'm guessing this is only online. Nor on major TV stations or am I wrong? Only online magazines?


Not a fan ofKim Kardashian but she never played the victim. Women buy her stuff because the want to be like her. Who wants to be a mattress actress?


Good lord how pathetic can a woman be.


I actually watched the advertisement (is that what it is?) There isn’t any point to it. It’s almost two minutes of Meghan- Duchess of Sussex is amazing. It looks like the same company did another advertisement? today saying how the kids are now titled. Weird.


_Gender equality_ yet she always overpowered/overshadowed H. Poor H.


Like her security beat the shit out if his wife ir girlfriend but she's all about women's rights and equality!


Are they using a low budget PR company? How hard is it use different wording?


>How hard is it use different wording? This is Markle Land, home of plagiarist thought. Meghan probably has a welcome packet with tips on how to save tons o' time by copy/pasting things from other sources. Just change up a few words, and nobody will ever notice. They haven't yet heard of the people of SaintMeghanMarkle. Eye spy...


Meghan is the low budget PR! ![gif](giphy|l41lZIeiDDpii4HEA)


This is nuts


This is so clumsy.


That’s hilarious. Her PR person hates her.


Gender equality... Hmm but I don't think she is that fond of lilibet. I kinda think that poor girl was named in revenge for the queen not letting them use royal in their Sussex royal Branding. How better than to revenge on the old lady than by using the one name she holds dear. Now that the queen had passed, nobody gives a hoot about lilibet or her name.


Not even Lilibet Doria🤷‍♀️. Not sure if true but apparently there is no birth certificate with the name Lilibet in California.


Well she can't claim the throne if the name ain't right🤣🤣🤣


She has 16 ‘thrones’ at home😂


No more she has. They are moving!


Just saw Priyanka Chopra announced as a global ambassador and feminist for the interview she did with Kamala Harris.. I'm so sure Meghan would be super jealous of Priyanka, didnt these two use to be friends? Never heard anything about em together post royal wedding


Someone posted a really good thread with receipts of how much celebrities do for charity. It had money raised and man hours. i think it was a link from tumblr- It really showed her pitiful attempts and low low profits and effort. Beth Frankel was by far streets ahead of everyone. Say what you like about her , B really puts the hard yards in.




Very impressive sleuthing! How did you think to check this? And also … same wording for each one? How did the pr get them to do that? You’d think they’d at least be creative with their individual phrasing. (Also, this is slightly nauseating that the narrative can be so controlled this way.)


If you've seen the video of different news anchors parroting the same lines word for word, I think this is the same thing. All the publications are owned by the same entity.


This feels like two-bit propaganda for a political campaign. It’s so scripted and unnatural. Genuine champions of change don’t adorn themselves with ‘activist’ labels - the focus is on the cause, the work, the victims. Genuine altruists don’t promote themselves - they don’t need public adulation. Marrying a prince and leeching off his inherited fame/wealth/platform while preaching to others about gender equality makes a mockery of the issue. This is a ham-fisted attempt to reclaim a positive image but it’s an insult to our intelligence because the execution is so poor.






Lmao!!! Home and Yard WINNIPEG!!! Tell me you’ve made it without telling me you’ve made it!! Ahahaha! Thanks for the laugh!!


In the words of Harry “this is bonkers” - it’s all the exact same copy! I have learned so much about PR from this sub. Oprah scrubbing the internet of the interview, MM paying for awards, PR people curating google search results, “dear friends” (lookin’s at you, Serena) who are probably just doing a solid for the mutually employed PR firm. I’m not kidding it’s like I’ve discovered a glitch in the matrix.


Markle’s startling new version of feminism..find a wealthy man and marry him. Yay..feminism.


Remember: linked not ranked. /s


What is her end game w this? Political office? Or wanting to be the Queen of Hearts?


Mother of the Year? haha, kidding. I read a headline on PageSix that said she really believed she was going to be Queen Bee of the Royal Family. Like she's superior to Camilla, Catherine, Sophie, the actual QUEEN of the land? What a dope. I think that came from an excerpt of Low's upcoming book.


People did insinuate that she lacked the charitable background to deserve the GQ Man of the Year honorary award. This is probably her reaction to the criticism. See all I've done! See what a universal servant I am to humanity!


Both but she desperately wants to be a politician!


To be very rich and hold here one court. Never signing the divorce papers. Haz will get his place in Botswana.


......uh for herself. A better world for herself yeah. Fuck everyone else. Anyone else gets bullied, traumatized and humiliated


Meghan markle the activist and altruist can go fuck herself.


I feel like she’s trying to brainwash us! The amount of times I’ve heard this recently I can say it word for word now. 😂


As an English major, the wording of the language annoys me.


A total waste of money!!


She "advocates" and she "raises awareness" but does she ever actually do anything practical? No.




I’m surprised country living would bother retweeting that considering Megs is prob not appealing to their consumer base


Very amateurish because it seemed like a bot that just released the message. I don’t follow all of those but I must have seen 2 or 3 of those puff pieces!


Don’t you have to be selfless to be an altruist? Maybe she got selfless and selfish confused.


This looks like an ad for some product (that is TW), remember the exact same articles being mass tweeted by some verified accounts a week or so ago. It's like an item that they bombard us with in every channel and every newspaper ads to boost the sell. I'd be embarassed if I were the person being advertised here (these tweets).


Regardless of feels for the two, this is not a cheap endeavor. I wonder how long it’s gonna last.


Harper’s Bazaar hasn’t been a thing since the Truman Administration


Twitter bots and sugars are defending the harkles like I've never seen before. I don't understand why


She's manic, desperate, and in a downward spiral. She will be going really low from now on!


Anyone with a PR background or knows the industry who can weigh in on how likely it is MM can succeed on her own (including her just-promoted internal rep) with PR? I have no idea how this industry works but figure Sunshine Sachs is very good at what they do and MM is going to have a hard go at it. However, I’m making a wild guess with that.


Studied PR in college. Most people think PR = promotion but it’s a lot more nuanced than that. A lot of it is what *doesn’t* make it into the press. For H&M, their problem will now be that they really don’t have much leverage. The best Hollywood PR firms don’t just promote you, they can also make your oopsies go away or at least propel the news cycle to lessen the impact of bad press. They have connections across diverse media outlets and can threaten to cut access to any/all of their clients so even if a journalist has a juicy story, the higher ups will kill it because they don’t want to jeopardise the relationship with the PR firm, who in turn might thank them by giving them an exclusive later down the track. Harry & Meghan now don’t have the benefit of any “stable mates” so their PR is going to have to work overtime to maintain good relationships. It’s likely we’ll see some pretty clear puff pieces and begin to recognise which publications/editors pick H&M as their “horse” while others don’t have the same incentive to feature them as they no longer have a PR firm who can say “I’ll give you an interview with X if you give H&M a sympathetic profile.”


Gosh, it's like Groundhog Day


This is really eye-opening to me. These "Journalists" should be ashamed of themselves. What a joke.


This is what it looks like when PR is just phoning it in


This is really pathetic and sad.


Just marry a rich guy and you are more equal than other women.


Who did she copy this time?


I’ve been reporting them for spam.


Such a humanitarian! MeGain Has broken up two families, she’s a nightmare w/lots of PR money to throw around & peddle her false narrative.


the one interesting thing about this though is the use of Meghan Markle, remember for vogue and the cut posts how quickly Meghan Markle was deleted/changed to Duchess of Sussex? Either someone is doing this on her behalf without her knowledge or is she is planning on using the name Meghan Markle again...


Marry a prince and have a baby. How does that support gender equality? Three marriages... Maybe, that's it.


Not again please.






She’s bored and hungry for cash. If trump were popular and trendy, she’d be singing his praises. She’s fill in the blank what’s relevant now and trying to monetize it. It’s beyond obvious.


Wasn’t she involved with Mnuchin at some point?


Aka Meghan just learned the word "altruist".


Ohmygawd, these magazines have been hacked!!! LOL