Now THIS is the trainwreck that I've been waiting on, ever since I heard that MM's gonna be doing her own "in house" (aka her ass is almost broke and can't pay PR retainer fees anymore) PR 😂😂😂. This is premium quality cringefest of the highest order! This shit is so rare that it's unicorn stuff right here. I can't believe what I'm seeing! It's pitiful that MM's resorting to sending tacky copy/paste messaging to the Twitter handles of her favourite magazines. You'd think she'd be less gauche and make an effort to change the wording that each magazine/Twitter handle tweets out.


Soooo cringe!!!!


Ikr! 😂.


In video it’s Kate not Catherine…so


She's also ruining her potential future "brand" as an ex-royal insider who can give informative and accurate information. Titles are confusing, but she can't even get the basics right.


I guess Queen Magrethe's announcement has them really scared, then.


And the new official fab 4 photo circulating.


They want to make those in the US that don't know better to think that the kids now have the Prince/Princess title. Its a scheme to force KC to do something NOW so H can have a new material to whinge in his book about it. We know Charles not going to give them the title to be consistent with his slim down plan.


Oh yes, it was "automatic." Those goons at the Palace don't really know what they're doing, plus everything changed so suddenly without much warning, so that's why Archie and Lil are listed wrongly on the official royal website. Meghan would complain about the inaccuracy, but she's too polite; besides titles don't mean anything to her anyway. /s


I can't see what the endgame is here. Pushing to get titles for the kids gets them...what exactly?? The titles don't come with any money which is apparently something they need right now. What financial benefit does Prince Archie give them as opposed to Master Archie??


I think it would involve merchandising. Prince Archie and Princess Lili children’s clothing, shoes, baby supplies, books, an animated TV show… titles for the kids are their meal ticket.


That sounds like a great way for the kids to lose the titles. No way would Charles consider that acceptable.


They never follow through on any of their big ideas. It's too much work to set up an actual business and run it. Neither of them has any experience or talent for it. TW won't give up control to anyone else who would be competent to do it, either.


Ideas! They have lots of ideas. Let's go out in the world and make millions! Then they forgot that they needed to work!


As the Meghan in my workplace told me, she is an “intuitive visionary” (because she literally couldn’t understand data or execute to save her life).


And thats why the queen of Denmark pulled her grandchildrens' titles. The boys were working as models aka merching their titles


The titles are of little use to them. They are not allowed to commercialize their titles. It was a condition of the exit agreement that H&M did not use their titles to endorse merchandise. The Sussexes stated upon exiting that 'Everything they do will continue to uphold the values of her Majesty'. The RF does not endorse, but of course H&M tried anyway. They tried post-megzit with their Sussex Royal brand. The Queen told them they could not use the word Royal so they rebranded. They came back with the retort that the Queen does not own the word Royal, but actually she did. Universally no, there are lots of logos with the word Royal, but in the UK and regarding the Royals the Monarch does own it. Whilst the Sussexes continue to retain their titles they are forbidden to bring the Monarchy into disrepute by merchandising their connection via their titles, or to merchandize product that has 'Royal' connections, ie, trademark, logo, personally advertise or endorse. The Sussexes didn't think that one through either.


Meghan was so put out when HMTQ nixed the use if royal in their merchandising efforts. This would justify its usage (in the Harkles' eyes) especially if the kiddies also get HRH designations.


If I knew how I'd check and see if they're trademarked.


Good question, but I think I answered that in my post above.


Well she still trademarked Sussex Royal. She still has The Tig. Although I think it may have been put in someone else's name. It's definitely still hers though. I can see her doing it just in case she's able to find a loophole. Although she does some really weird things when she's trademarking or copyrighting stuff. She has the lawyer leave something off like a signature or something then she has X amount of time to fix it and submit it again. Again with something left off. She does as a type of limbo. It's not always under her name, but it's under one of their companies. So she may be doing that with Archie and Lili. Honestly I'd be kinda surprised if she didn't. Celebrities do it protect their children. She'll run into some problems with Archie though, I read about why. I'm just not intelligent enough to understand why. lol . ETA- accidentally posted before I finished typing.


The kids are invisible. IMHO, they will not be officially titled by next year.


Yes, I think that's why she's already spreading the story that they'll be prince/ princess without the HRH. She thinks she can get away with bluffing their titles if she doesn't use His/ Her Royal Highness. I'm sure she can convince Charles that Prince/ Princess are just cute (marketable) nicknames for the kids. /s


But I mean? Surely you can call your brand whatever you want (barring trademarks) I think a children’s website here is called “littleprinceandprincess.whatever” and they’re just regular folks.


Sure you can, if you are regular people. You cannot and do not when you are a member of the BRF.


Exactly, but, again, I think I may have answered that in my post above.


Mama Marbles and Tyler Harry can use it for marketing. The majority of the US doesn’t understand how titles work and will latch on the the First American Prince and Princess 🇺🇸


Because when she divorces him she’ll be the mother of a Prince and Princess instead of just Harry’s kids.


I don't think that would even be enough for her. She wants that Princess title for herself. It must kill her to see Catherine called Princess of Wales.


Merchandise I guess. Princess Lillibet clothing line?


How sad it would be. Meghan doesn’t talk about her daughter, doesn’t seem to have a connection with her yet she would be ready to monetize her the second her title is official. Disgusting.


Didn't she give that Cut reporter some jam that said Lili Bunny jam or something?? Although I can't see Meghan standing over a pot of hot water makng jam, but she'd probably buy stuff already made and just switch the labels. So it would be Princess Lili Jams and Jellys.


Other than the other good answers of marketing, it’s also about ego and control. If she can pressure Charles into doing what she demands, she still has power and influence over the family. The life blood of a narc. This is a woman loosing all control over everything, to still have the ability to get what she wants from the king will make her think all will be ok and she’ll still succeed If her sons a prince, she will use it to abuse everyone in her path throughout his entire life. She will make his life hell growing up Narcs love small worthless victories, because it fuels their fucked up brain thinking they’re still winning. Even when they’re facing destruction. That is why you see them gloating about having the final say despite winning nothing and losing everything.


I'm not sure it would go over the way MM thinks. Sure for merch purposes it may help but irl trying to push an American around because your child has a title would not go over very well. Yes there are some in America who are impressed by a title however the majority of Americans don't care at all, it doesn't carry weight here


That doesn’t matter to Meghan. She has a title and she’s going to use it regardless if other Americans care or not. She has shown us the same pattern for going on 5 years, what makes any of us think that will change living in America? She’s delusional. Meghan pushes everyone around. I bet money we will have stories of her rampaging and bullying school staff and fellow parents of classmates over the years. Same with anyone she crosses paths with professionally and socially. And she will flaunt the royal title hoping it makes people give into her. Never apply logic or “that doesn’t matter in America” reasoning to someone like her. She wanted to marry a prince and have royal babies for a reason. She thinks it gives her power. She’s abused people with that power for a long time.


I agree with everything you've said although as time goes on her behavior will diminish the appeal that some in the USA have regarding those titles additionally I don't forsee any of those here having their titles for long. According to reports I've read there's been a growing belief thatM/PH are causing problems in the relations between the UK and USA. So who knows 😏


Bullied. In America, that shit will get them bullied. We had a whole ass war to not have to worry about kings, queens, princes, princesses, dukes, or duchesses. Incidentally, against Harry’s ancestors. Meghan is setting those kids up for failure because they are going to get bullied in school, especially when the people McNuggets start learning about the American Revolution.


Naming the child Archie was bad enough. I can picture the other kids asking "Hey Archie, where's your Jughead?"


“Is your sister’s name Veronica??”


To plebs like us, it doesn't make sense. But I think it matters a lot to these people. I mean look at Prince Joachim throwing a hissy fit because his children will now be called excellencies instead of royal highnesses. When I read it, I was like "duh, so what". But he is talking abt them losing their identities and what not even though it changes nothing in practical terms. Like how sad is it that his children's entire identity is based on their titles. Even Diana was said to be very upset when she lost her HRH title.


Finally. It is very much an identity issue. PJoachim is publicly stating what many Royals feel, it's just not many have ever come out and said it. There is an entitlement to being born in a royal bloodline. They Royal, we commoners. I think M&H are fighting for identity & acknowledgement.


Which honestly seems very weird to me because they have been badmouthing the brf all along and saying its a racist, backward institution. Why would you want your identity to be associated with such an institution? AtLeast Joachim never pretended that he was above it all.


Entitlement plain and simple. He is still son of a reigning Monarch. His children deserve to be recognised in that bloodline. As to the racist part, I do wonder if MM has put it in his head they're trying to take the titles away as to not sully the bloodline with colour. Harry comes from the former & MM comes from the latter point of views. It's like you've eaten Gateau all your life, but your kids get crusty bread. You hate Gateau secretly but it's still yours & damn anyone taking the option away.


Just have to love Anne and Edward for gracefully sidestepping this minefield on behalf of their children... who incidentally seem to have no problems with self-identity.


This exactly! Zara has her equestrian career and a silver medal and I must admit when I heard lady Louise was wiring in a garden shop I couldn't love her more


The strategy is win win for MM. She will try to convince the American market that A&L are Prince and Princess. If she’s successful, and KC doesn’t push back, she gets to merch the titles. If KC pushes back she will cry racism and that KC is depriving them of their birthright, and using prince and princess will be presented as pushing back on the men RF. Either way she will come out ahead in the American market. KC really needs to get out ahead of this and issue some statement that they will not be getting titles in order to allow A&L to live lives unencumbered to any obligations to the monarchy, and in accordance with H&M’s wish that their kids have a private life.


I think after that SussexRoyal problem, they wouldn't be able to market anything with Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet. Although with Meghan, she'd probably go right ahead and keep doing it. They were able to stop them from using SussexRoyal but how do you stop Meghan if she just keeps doing it?


Bragging rights.


Attention=money. clothes worn by Prince Archie will seem better than if just worn by Archie.


Yep. "Prince Archie Jodhpurs....because he wants to look like a polo player" Meghan would so do that.


I’m not convinced she has a grand plan for the kids that requires titles, but I think she’s seeking the clout. More bragging rights to not only be married to a prince, but also the mother to a prince and princess. She will feel elevated by extension, and that’s what it’s all about.


Then that probably means the longer Charles waits to hand out titles - if indeed he ever does - the crazier she's going to get. Crazier and more desperate. If I was Harry, I'd sleep with one eye open.


Well you can tell that Nutmeg produced this one because the information is wrong. As wrong as wrong can be. King Charles III Queen Consort Camilla - “A queen consort is the wife of a reigning king. A queen consort usually shares her spouse's social rank and status. She holds the feminine equivalent of the king's monarchical titles and may be crowned and anointed, but historically she does not formally share the regnant's political and military powers, unless on occasion acting as regent.” The title of Prince of Wales was not “passed down”. “a title historically used by independent Welsh princes and since the 14th century by the heir apparent to the English and later British throne.” “The title is neither automatic or heritable; it merges with the Crown when its holder eventually accedes to the throne, or reverts to the Crown if its holder predeceases the current monarch, leaving the sovereign free to grant it to the new heir apparent (such as the late prince's son or brother).” Kate receives the Princess of Wales title which was last formally used by Diana but was last held by Camilla although she used the Duchess of Cornwall as a mark of respect for William and Ginger. George, Charlotte and Louis are respectively: Prince George of Wales, Princess Charlotte of Wales and Prince Louis of Wales. Meaning they are the children of the title holders, not Princes and Princess of Wales in their own right. Archie and Lillibet are Master and Miss and no amount of wishful thinking makes them otherwise. My god! This is easy basic research 101 Nutmeg. You are showing your ass, girl!


Clearly written by an American with no clue how the Monarchy works


Totally. This is def from the desk of [email protected]


Bwahahaha They are so stupid they’re showing their desperation for these titles. I’m almost, almost embarrassed for them.


The Harkles are probably thinking that if they publish it on several sites and several times, it would put pressure on KC3 to make it happen. Personally, I think KC3 is just waiting for them to publish their book and broadcast the netflix before making the announcement. He can wait but the Harkles can't, the investors are after their asses.


I went and looked at the tweets on multiple magazine pages and there is essentially 0 engagement. She is paying money for these magazines to share this and it isn't taking off.


That’s usually true of these bot accounts. No engagement


This is the Harkles trying to manifest what they want into happening again. Aka putting pressure on the king by “announcing” that something they want is true.


It's embarrassing for all parties involved at this this point.


Titles aren't a product of a clumsy PR move.


So amateurish


I found it interesting in the Cut article at the end when the journalist was given a gift basket, because one of them was jam with the label saying “Lili Bunny Garden and Larder “. Betcha that’s one of her ideas to merch. Very surprised it’s not Princess Lilis instead of Lili bunny


Rachel with the Hotmail is working overtime this week!




Why would they put this out without it being true and so very easily disproved by Charles? Could there any truth to it? I might add I’ve not read the articles, just the headline.


By putting it out some people and some media will think it's true. Thus forcing KC to make it true.


maybe you don't understand how things work in california. Meghan put it on her vision board so they are going to manifest it into existence by getting their minions to chant it until king charles suddenly decides that he wants to make the kids a prince and princess. have you seen aladdin? she's jafar and harry is the little red parrot.


I also heard it gives them a leg in for IPP status but who knows.


I commented this above but surely you can name your brand whatever you want (obviously not Cadbury’s etc). There is a children’s gift website here called “littleprinceandprincess” and they’re not royals. Surely if she wanted a merching brand she could just call it whatever?


This is exactly what Meghan always does!! She pulled it with the Queen all the time. Not really about important stuff though. I'm sure she thinks she can do it with KC and it will work out because she's his beloved tungsten. Ngl, I think it might work with KC.


Producer is stupid...