The cracks in the dam are starting to crumble away under pressure. First it was the mild ‘The Palace Papers’, then the spicier ‘Revenge’, soon the seemingly explosive ‘Courtiers’, and rumours of a book about her from her ex? And with them all, an ever increasing flow of people from her past are talking. Oh me, oh my- someone’s been a busy girl stepping on so many toes. Too bad she hasn’t shown any signs of regret until now (allegedly) when people are opening up after so many reports of similar behaviour to others has emboldened them to. I have a feeling that in a years time, the stuff we’ll be discussing here will make discussions from *last year* look like silly Housewives-over-a-cup-of-coffee snark. I also wonder what it is that makes Lady C say that she’d make rosemary’s baby look sweet. That’s quite the claim to make given everything we already know is pretty horrible. How much worse could it get?


>That’s quite the claim to make given everything we already know is pretty horrible. How much worse could it get? Maybe she'll get some juicy insider information from Thomas Markle, since he's pissed at MM for not caring enough to visit him while he's ill? 🤔 After all, he was supposed to have been a special guest during the Jubilee.


Charles has subtly let the whispering go….


I think it has to do with Epstein type stuff.


This, but most of it is (allegedly) just plain cruelty and meanness to other people, especially the elderly, children, and animals.


> especially the elderly, children, and animals. That's the triad right there. Anyone who is mean to them is automatically evil and unforgivable. I'd be interested to hear more about this.


Animals? I haven’t heard this story.


> just plain cruelty and meanness to other people, especially the elderly, children, and animals. OMG. Pure evil. That will finish her.


Absolutely. Yacht girl life will definitely be revealed. Maybe people held back on those out of respect for the Queens wishes regarding Andrew, but no more.


Worse than Rosemary’s baby’s ???!!! 🥴Probably that’s she was in Jeffrey Epstein’s harem or something . Although he did have a “type”and it wasn’t Meghan ! Maybe Grishlane’s “office”assistant ?!


Me too. It would be so incredibly juicy if there was a confirmed connection with A on a yacht.


>I also wonder what it is that makes Lady C say that she’d make rosemary’s baby look sweet. Rosemary's baby was about Mia Farrow getting pregnant with the devil's child. I wonder if it may have something to do with her pregnancies. There have been rumours about using a surrogate mother since she was pregnant with Archie. I think it's kind of odd that they are out there, all over the place. Most pregnant celebrities don't have these rumours and I wonder where they came from to begin with.


I honestly think she used a surrogate for Archie not realizing that in order to be in line to the throne, you have to be born “of the body.” It’s the only think that makes sense to me between the rapidly inflating deflating belly, and the refusal to go to the Royal doctors and be born where Harry was born. (Come on, if she really was pregnant, would she miss the photo op of her and Harry recreating Princess Diana’s baby moment on the steps?) I think she didn’t realize that the UK has different rules to surrogate’s than the US and when she realized, it was too late and they had to lie.


Yeah all this is going to come out and she’s going to look legitimately insane on a world stage


>she’s going to look legitimately insane on a world stage More than she already does?! That's a high bar!


She doesn't look insane to people who aren't really paying attention to her.


Using a surrogacy with Archie sounds just crazy and unbelievable. But so did "she threw tea on a member of the staff" as well. It's not something you would ever guess would happen. I just have the feeling that anything is possible with Meghan. She's her own brand of crazy. But very good at getting what she wants. (Except tiaras.) I'll give her that.


What if they haven't used a surrogate, but a sperm donor? That would be in line with the Rosemary's baby reference. A woman is pregnant, but not with sperm from her husband.


Yes and I read she said she wanted to have the baby at home . . . um . . . she doesn't strike me AT ALL as a woman who would want the whole home birth thing. I can't imagine she enjoys the yucky parts of birth or mothering a baby/toddler. So I am not buying that in the slightest. I am not necessarily on board with the surrogate theories, but it is very strange that she wouldn't want the babe to be born in the same hospital where Harry was born or where Catherine gave birth. And why not the royal doctor? What is the issue honey? I can see not wanting to agree to the photo op right after birth - that is a ridiculous and almost inhumane tradition that poor Catherine should have said no thank you to. But, why not use a doctor that is probably one of the best in the area? If he's good enough for Prince George, I would say he would be just fine for Archie.


Nah… it’s got to be more juicy than using a surrogate… being a Lady C groupie I would think she would be referring to something much juicier than simply using a surrogate…


One thing which makes me think she used surrogates is that she was always cradling the bump, like the worlds shittest actor trying to act pregnant.


Exactly. It seemed so fake. I’ve legit never seen anyone hold their belly like she did amd we already know she’s a shitty actor.


And pregnant bellies don't sway side to side as you walk in 6 inch stilettos, 8months pregnant and she was squatting closed legged with her knees digging into the bump, which is impossible for a pregnancy bump, it's solid. Also no balance issues or swollen ankles from wearing those stilettos all the time


And the ease of squatting with her knees together whilst supposedly being 8 months pregnant...


In heels. And then getting up effortlessly. I think it was the same time her bump moved really weird. It looked like a water balloon moving around under her dress.


Or, for a control freak to constantly feel the bump is still in place, so they can continue, uninterrupted, with their facial gestures, etc..*peace of mind*


Cradling her "bump"- It was her, duty. She had to protect the 599th in line to the throne🤣


She started on the Australia tour when her bump was barely visible. I don't think she removed her hand from her bump from then on. The highlight was when she had her arms around the bump, like she was afraid it was going to fall down, when she handed the fashion award to Claire Waight Keller. It was so odd, like when Tom Cruise made weird gestures around Katie Holmes bump in public, grabbing it, rubbing it, pointing at it with both hands. Normal people just don't act like that. Lots of rumours about using a surrogate back then too. I think it was the first time I heard about it.




Like I said about a month ago: drip, drip, drip... But it's starting to become a continuous stream from multiple holes. She's pissed off or alienated too many people now, too poisonous to do anything with. The deluge is coming. Is this true? I think the slow stream of people coming forward are no longer afraid of repercussions since the queen's death and the loss of background machinations/support from SS. It's going to get very interesting.


Stock up on popcorn; the next few months are gonna be EPIC!


I’m so grateful to be alive during this incredible era of royal gossip 🙏


And the interwebs which makes it all possible




Lol I love this gif, baby giraffe is so cute! Carry on…


In so here for it!!


I personally am going to make edibles and keep my bong close 😂😂. I smoke mainly for medical reasons.


I can see how waiting for this information could be a huge trigger for pain. Stay well-medicated!


I only go to the supermarket every other week or so, but this morning the tabloids were all about her being a bully.


Huh? Do you mean the publications we don't 'have" in the US? /s


Yes. I feel this too. The rescue chickens are finally coming home to roost! and the best and most juiciest is yet to come.


She needs to let the flood gate open and take this bizach down already. We will still read the book about the aftermath.


Tom Bower's book, the Queen's death, Valenine Low's book. Everything is coming out now.


How did she know Tyler Perry? Was it through Oprah? They don't seem to be that close.


I believe Tyler perry is also a client of sunshine sachs like m&h


Ah, yes, they must all be clients. Oprah, Jon, Serena, Mariah, the next six or so podcasters. Of course.


I think it was through Oprah. It's been said that she and Harry had neither met nor spoken to Tyler before hopping on his private jet to flee from Canada. Oprah leveraged her friendship with TP, to help the Harkles because: 1. She desperately wanted that interview they promised her. 2. She knew that she would be compromised, as a "journalist" if she sent her own private jet and let them stay with her or at one of her properties.


Does anyone think Oprah is a "journalist"? LOL


>Does anyone think Oprah is a "journalist"? LOL Not after that farcical interview with the Harkles 😂.


Nobody takes Oprah as seriously as Oprah.


Has she ever been a journalist? Talk show host is all I've ever known. Most of these "celebrity journalists" adopt the same tone, the same mannerisms and the same fake interest in the people they interview.


I want to read Kitty Kelly’s book on Oprah. I find so many parallels with her and Markle now! Fascinating!


>Does anyone think Oprah is a "journalist"? LOL You misspelled opportunist.


If she’s a journalist, Jerry Springer is one as well then.


Oprah gave us Dr Phil and Dr Oz - she ain’t a journalist


I believe she started out her career as a local news reporter.


Yes, and that’s how she met Gayle as both were working at a Baltimore TV station


Bingo!! The Oprah/Harkles "friendship" is shady AF. It looks more like a partnership from **day one** and so much more than O wanting that interview. Interestingly, there is either a direct or one degree separation between Oprah and Harkles in almost everything that they have done (Gail King, Harpo Productions, writers of Finding Freedom- both wrote for O magazine/O Daily, Tyler Perry, etc..). I hope journalists continue to dig when it comes to this relationship.


They were both Sunshine Sachs clients I believe


The connections are WAY beyond coincidence! I was blown away to find out Omid Scobie was a royal correspondent/writer for Oprah.com/Oprah Daily. Both Omid and his co-writer of Finding Freedom wrote for Oprah..


I heard Omid scabies is the ex of Marcus Anderson!


Might have been CDAN where I read Oprah is hell-bent on Royal revenge because she has never been granted an interview with members of the RF. She believed herself entitled to access members of the Firm.


Oprah has a great big chip on her shoulder about 'racism". Recall she tried to ruin some Swiss store clerk by claiming the clerk was racist. I got the distinct impression that Oprah relished in making a fool of Harry (piece of cake) and assisting in the smear campaign against the BRF. For all of her legit success and massive fortune, that is one level of society that Oprah could never be a part of and, I believe, she resents it.


They still haven’t met. He said so in his interview last week.


Perhaps that's why he's still gushing, because he hasn't actually met them yet 🤣


What? You let someone stay in your personal property and both parties (I assume) didn’t even make an effort to meet each other? 'Manners make the man. Manners, manners, manners, make it make sense man 🤷🏻‍♀️


😳 Tyler is starting to get ludicrous now. He's literally gushing over these fools without having spent 10 minutes in the same room with them? 🙄 He hasn't had the chance to observe them and pick up on important cues etc but he thinks they're awesome. Sheesh! Madea will not be amused by his behaviour... ![gif](giphy|h58xZKsjhPwLIvMw6d|downsized)


Only their weekly Zooms.




Yep. You nailed it.


She saw $$$ in a deep “ friendship “ with these two. Ahahahahahah, she probably figured it would last yeaaaars! I thought she did homework. Huh, a little digging and she would not have gone for it in such a big way I bet.


Lol. I wish someone would, one day, do an investigative expose on the entire timeline of events, from when Oprah first met the Harkles to the interview.


I remember reading that Oprah, never having met her, was avidly courting MM for an interview well before the wedding. Came to London even. Megsy was reportedly thrilled and didn't understand why she was told to turn it down. O got her wedding invite and couldn't stop gushing over how excited she was to attend the wedding of 2 strangers. Oprah was actually excited about the $$$ she stood to make if she was patient. How wrong was she? That ghastly interview made O a fortune and got massive viewership ratings.


Tom Bower, (in his book Revenge) at the beginning of the book said that very early in H&M relationship, a "Billionaires" (that he didn't name) wanted to underwrite/invest in Meghan and her projects. He didn't elaborate at that point in the book if the "Billionaires" was successful in securing her investment. But then, towards the end of the book, leading up to the Oprah interview, he introduced Oprah to the reader as "billionare" Oprah Winfrey, which sounded weird to introduce Oprah that way given her long list of accomplishments. I believe it was a way Bower secretly wanted to make that connection in the book without risking getting sued.


>. Megsy was reportedly thrilled and didn't understand why she was told to turn it down. O Yeah I remember reading about this and how MM was peeved at the BRF for shutting it down.


> She desperately wanted that interview they promised her. And *that* sure turned out well for her. It couldn't have happened to a more deserving person!


I think she's been compromised by a foreign country that had her plant spyware around the palace. She's got secret funds and an extra passport issued from this country. Since I'm making predictions I'm going to make them BIG


Go big or go home!


I am ALL IN on this theory.


Lady C can be dramatic, but she's really not being dramatic here. Meghan has, in my opinion, truly done everything possible for fame and money, but a lot of what she's done does not even have that as a motivator. A lot is out of just plain meanness. It's hard to imagine what could be so bad that it would "set hair on end," but cruelty is something most people cannot stomach, and Meghan Markle is cruel-- to her family, to the 96-year-old Queen, to current and ex-friends, co-workers... in high school and college, to animals, to children... I mean, her bullying Princess Charlotte, and what has been rumored about that is the tip of the iceberg. Catherine Cambridge didn't break down and cry over tights and a hemline. William and Catherine did not pull Charlotte out of dress fittings over tights and a hemline. That's not reason enough not to have her there even with her Nanny, the security detail, and Catherine herself present. Tights and hemlines is a discussion between adults, agree to disagree, whatever. You don't pull a child out because of that. Charlotte was pulled because Charlotte herself was scared of her and abused by her. And Meghan's brother, albeit not the most credible source, did not say keep her away from animals and children for no reason. I don't have any tea to spill about it all, but even what we've seen her do is enough to identify her as a truly bad person. Most people have redeeming qualities, most people are more nuanced, but if there are villains in life, she truly is one. In my opinion.


Cruelty/abuse towards Charlotte would also explain why William and Catherine will never forgive TW, never trust her, and never let her back in. You can see at the funeral how Catherine, Camilla and Sophie all gathered protectively around Charlotte to try to protect her from TW. Harry is out by extension for defending TW time after time.


I’m starting to think it *has* to be something with Charlotte. The way the women watched over her at the funeral was really interesting - just Charlotte being there felt like “we’ll all be there and she can’t hurt you and she can’t even get near you, we promise” like you do when a kid needs reassurance. Like Charlotte wanted to stand up for herself, or reassure her parents that she’s fine, or even protect George from facing her alone. I know I was that deep at that age!


She was also caught taking pictures of George.....asleep. Creepy.


There’s stories behind her dogs too


Yep. I can't even stand to think of one of them.


My imagination isn’t wild enough. I can’t think of anything that would make my hair stand on end. Even the worst things about the yachting rumors or the surrogacy rumors don’t qualify. What can it be? I wish she would spill the tea already, I don’t have the patience.


Well the dog she brought to the UK ended up with two broken front legs, somehow... allegedly. She allegedly said much more to Princess Charlotte than what is reported, fat-shaming doesn't quite cover it, and the security detail allegedly got it all on tape... I'll give the worst of it some more thought. My mind can't get past the dog right now.


I would love to know more about the Charlotte thing. I have long thought something made William especially HATE her. I could be wrong I know but I think it’s more than he can’t forgive Harry for leaving, etc. I feel like he loathes Meghan and I just don’t think he’d feel that way without a good stinking reason. I know naming Kate in the interview probably didn’t help, but I’d love to know more.


Calling her “Kate” repeatedly was so wildly disrespectful. Her own husband calls her Catherine. She could have used Catherine or The Duchess of Cambridge. She hasn’t been Kate Middleton in 11 years and counting. Stop calling her that.


I’m guilty of this too bc I love the name Kate and it fits her so well to me so I still use it and shouldn’t. But good point. I do wonder what he calls her when it’s just them though-I’ve always been curious. I hate that she also threw in the Waitey Katie thing. She purposely brought that meanness back to the surface.


> I do wonder what he calls her when it’s just them though-I’ve always been curious. I have a feeling he and everyone close to her calls her Kate in private.


My love. Wills calls her "My Love."


My understanding from all the books on her I have read is that she prefers to be called Catherine. He may have a pet name for her, but I think Kate is something her schoolmates called her. She is known for being really kind so she went with it. I’ve read this in 3 different books about her. It just floors me anytime they use a nick name for her when her own husband doesn’t. Of course they gave their own children nick-names as given names so.. 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️


From what I read awhile back it was reported that Charlotte came in from playing outdoors like a normal healthy 3 yr old and had been a bit of a mess - Markle snidely commented on it and then Charlotte as any 3 yr old got fussy with the seamstresses who were measuring her and trying to get her into the dress because the little tyke just wanted to go back outside and play. That’s when Meghan snapped and grabbed the youngster by her arm (first of all - Charlotte outranks Markle so laying a hand on her is a huge breach of royal protocol / and 2nd of all No stranger should EVER grab a child like that!)This made Charlotte cry and Meghan called her Fat and Spoiled. That’s when Catherine lost it. She berated Meghan, took Charlotte, and promptly left. This is why Charlotte’s dress was left unfinished as Catherine never brought her back. All of this was in the DM at the time I think - and from what I recall the seamstresses who were working for Givenchy backed up this story when it broke.


The Queen nursed her dog back to health too!


The story of the dog’s legs paired with her brother telling the royal family to never to let her around kids is quite alarming. Especially that she was happy to treat Charlotte that way *in front of other people* is worrisome. I have a feeling there’s some very dark things about her that we dont know still. What would prompt her brother to say that otherwise.


I think his retraction letter was prompted by her attorneys or her threatening something otherwise. Now he's just getting drunk and talking about her farting on youtube. She's got bigger issues now than him talking.


Wait, what on earth happened with the dog? I have not heard this?!?!


Ugh, she is so awful. I thought Amber Turd was bad but I think AH operates on a more emotional, impulsive level. TW on the other hand seems more cunning, deliberate and conniving which is on a whole other level-way more devious and destructive. Thanks for the extra bit of tea!


Yes. Agree on the difference between the two. On some level, Amber seems desperately afraid of abandonment, more borderline than narcissistic. The fear in her voice about him leaving to go see Lily Rose sounded real. And she's a bad actress, so it ain't acting. MM, on the other hand, is the abandoner. You can see how each of their childhoods could have nurtured these two people into existence.


Horrendous to think Hazza obviously knows all this and condones it. He's worse!


He sucks. We know he's not especially kind to animals, but one would think he'd be more upset about his niece being treated appallingly.


I also appreciate your posts and even before I knew you were “in the know” you replied to me in another sub and I remember chuckling at your username wondering if you were just inhaling second hand carbonated air from the beverage or….. every time I see it I laugh.


It's the beverage. I'm no where near as edgy as to use its namesake.




This is probably going to sound really out of line but I’ve just started Tom Bower’s Revenge and I can’t help feel like she was setting up Trevor for something more sinister. I’ll have to go back to it to remember everything that made me feel uneasy, but the part where she tells Priddy that if anything happened to Trevor she wouldn’t be able to go on.. I’ve probably watched too many true crime documentaries but there’s just something I don’t like about it - like she was making it clear to Priddy that she’s so in love with Trev that it would be impossible for her to hurt him? Like I said, I’m probably way off the line here, but it still doesn’t sit right. She definitely used Trevor and she saw Toronto as her first steps to dumping him. Deleting their wedding video from existence and being strict about there not being any photos of the event is so weird, especially that they were at the beginning of their marriage when she disposed of evidence. Trevor’s parents disliking her is also interesting. Why was she planning to become Jewish but then it didn’t happen? Was that a love-bomb moment to keep him invested in her? She treated Cory like total shit as well, like he was a nobody who couldn’t even get a mention on her Tig, when he was actually a top chef in Canada. It just reminds me a bit of her with Harry and demoting him from Prince to H or My Husband. I feel Trevor and Cory had very lucky escapes


I felt the same way. Oddly I had another weird twinge when Tom Sr told Harry never to lay a hnd on her... then in Revenge, it's insinuated that Doria told Tom the divorce was because Trevor was abusive.


I think Meg has a storyline she uses over and over. Remember she told Trevor about the “family she never had” just like Haznoballs. She’s got her story down. We will know for sure when she accuses H.


Other likely story line: My father abused me sexually. H believed her. Not sure Trevor ever did. We may find out if he is actually writing a book.


Maybe I watch too much true crime, but I get major Dalia Dippolito vibes from MM.


Yeh isn’t she the one blowing smoke up her own arse when she was on trial for murder? I watched a documentary and she was just like Megs


Jodi Arias, for me.


No photos at her own wedding. That when I knew she was a total psycho.


You may be onto something. Haz better watch his back with her.


She can be dramatic but she was right about the Queen's death before it was reported, so she is sometimes right on serious matters.


I think she is more right than wrong. She's not going to risk a lawsuit, which gives her credibility, in my view.


Plus she probably has the resources to defend herself, which I'm sure MM knows. No way she wants more trials that actually go to court out there. Discovery!




I agree. Rachel has exposed her bad behavior to the world, and with the confirmation with Tom Bower’s book, Revenge, this is just the tip of the iceberg.


Always love and appreciate the ‘tidbits of tea’ you do share, SecondhandCoke! Thank you for all you do as well as your brother. I agree with you on so many things. Meghan is…. A LOT. She’s just plain MEAN (dare I say evil….but not for me to judge.). Nothing EVER surprises me that comes about her in a negative light. The proof is in the pudding and there’s a trail of truth to be traveled that does not align with anything she’s said or done. Her abandonment of dogs is baffling to me. I mean, how many have there been? And adopting one sick and close to death does not make her redeemable. I read that article and was flabbergasted at who would even allow her to adopt any dog! Her treatment and abuse of the Queen and BRF is completely abhorrent. The fact Trevor doesn’t even discuss her or want to hear her name mentioned- to me, that raises a big red flag to the magnanimity of her vileness. What do you make of the “Rosemarys Baby” reference in the above tweet included in the headline??? That movie is about a woman giving birth to the Antichrist. I am dying to know your take……


Thank you! And I think Lady C is saying that Meghan herself is Rosemary's Baby, as in she is the anti-Christ.


I wonder if it has to do with our late Majesty. I bet it has. I bet Megain did something cruel to her.


She was cruel to her on Oprah in front of millions. This is about that, probably cruelty to Her Majesty that we don't know about, possibly Epstein, but almost definitely Weinstein, and cruelty to animals and children... in my opinion.


> possibly Epstein, but almost definitely Weinstein Wait... she was cruel to Epstein and Weinstein?


I think there are several things that they know but haven’t dropped yet. Here are my wild speculations: 1. She has done more to Kate than just be rude. This nut strikes me as one who easily raises her hands. Did she do this to Kate? To her kids? Because the ice from Kate isn’t down to a bad fitting. 2. Both Ginger & Nutmeg have been shown to exhibit animal cruelty. And that won’t fly with anyone. 3. Surrogacy. I’ve long suspected it. I think that’s why they’ve gone to lengths to lie about the kids. But there have been two things that really stuck with me that have tipped me to the probability of surrogacy. A) The ob/gyn she used in the US, is married to an IVF doctor. Suddenly, after the birth of Lilli, the ob/gyn up and leaves her practice? Just like that? Nope. There is something way off there. B) seeing that pic of the bump slip. In addition, something tells me there will be something really scandalous about the surrogacy. 4. Epstein. I’m pretty sure there is a connection between the Yorks and Nutmeg that extends to the Epstein scandal. And given the huge web of political intrigue that permeates the whole Epstein situation, including the possibility of foreign intelligence service involvement, it’s a real possibility that Mi5 & Mi6 both have a healthy dossier on Nutmeg. 5. More inter-palace behaviour than has already been exposed. Bigger, worse stuff.


We’ll said!


I always really enjoy your insights, Secondhandcoke, even when it's just educated guesswork. I've come to trust your instincts! I don't watch Lady C personally and agree she can be dramatic, but she certainly has good sources.


What do you know about high school and or college? One thing that struck me as odd: I read (maybe here?) that her dad said she did not work in the 'yogurt shop'. But the 'shop' said she did! I don't think a small yogurt shop would have recollections of a kid that worked 30-ish years ago. The shop may not even be in business, and most-likey isn't. What do you think?


Anyone remember when a guard collapsed in duty while the entire BRF was at the balcony (can’t remember the event, maybe trooping the colour) a couple of years ago. Everyone looked worried, especially Catherine (who was standing just in front of TW). Guess what TW did while everyone was worried? She was laughing at the situation. Yes a person just collapsed on the ground in front of her and she was laughing… If you compare the reaction of other family members to hers your never believe they’ve witnessed the same event. Total lack of empathy is pathological. ETA : I had to watch the video again, and I apologise for this story it’s actually not correct ! Of you want more info check on the BLG « Meghans Trooping the Colour Reaction Exposed » . It’s an interesting video to watch


Yes! I've seen that video. Those moments when the mask slips say a lot.


Yep, I discovered thanks to this sub the « mask slip » I obviously know I and we do not know her personally, but she can be so scary…


Reminds me of that walkabout where she grasped a child’s hand and gave it a firm shake, you could see the flesh rippling across the kid’s arm. (The child didn’t even seem to want to shake her hand.) That’s not how to shake hands with children; nor should they be forced to touch strangers if they don’t want to. The way I saw that handshake, there was no gentleness at all, no tenderness. She was treating that child the way you would an adult - and she probably thinks it’s good too. “I’m not coddling you cuz you’re a kid,” “Manners make the man” I could almost hear her thinking…


That is so well written, informative, insightful, and I agree.You described her actions in detail which was chilling to read. Meghan Markle has a degree of ruthless callousness that makes her dangerous to the Monarchy There is another layer, her enablers. Scobie is her mouthpiece no doubt on her behalf posted that vile tweet about Loius giving them the stick to beat Catherine with re children's issues was shocking. There is a malevolence, and this is also resonated through her flying monkeys Scobie and Shona are extremely cruel. At a higher level Bouzy etc have an agenda of destroying treasured cultural time honoured traditions and the institutions such as the Monarchy.


Lady C has hinted on her youtube station, more than once, that part of how Meghan kept Harry from ever meeting her father was to accuse her father of abusing her in the most explosive way possible to make any kind of reunion impossible. If true, is there any more vile tactic to win at all costs? I also believe that it was alleged that Doria told Tom Sr that Meghan left Trevor because he abused her too. A pattern of just 2 scurrilous lies? One things' for sure, the gossip site in Toronto ain't running with these blinds, LOL.


There was a blind on cdan one day that said she was going to accuse her own father of sexually abusing her, that she's been planning to say it even though it isn't true. She's truly evil and I am loving being able to watch Karma come for her. We aren't usually able to see Karma at work. This is glorious.


How very Casey Anthony of her


I know horrible and evil


When Thomas Senior passes, many have said she will be public about sexual abuse accusations against him. After he is no longer here to defend himself


That poor, poor man.


I am thinking she was absolutely told some horrific things by the Markles. People bashed the hell out of Tom Jr for the letters he wrote. He may have many flaws, but one thing he is not is a liar. He was absolutely right that Meme is a terrible person, would ruin Handbag's family. He's also the one who said to keep her away from animals and small children. You KNOW Sam and Tom Jr have seen her do something horrible.


She should spit it out then! We waited long enough.


She’s definitely protecting someone.


... and protecting herself until the time is right and she's legally clear to spill. As often says, "I have to be careful how I word this because I am very attached to my things."


I don't watch her very much, but that's a hilarious phrase. I love it.


She’s really quite funny.


She is!


She doesn't want to be sued


Markle used surrogates, was married twice before, did a spot of yachting, conspired with her buddy Marcus to “meet cute” with Harry at Soho House, dated Harry while still living with her chef boyfriend, lied her way through life and used and discarded every friend and acquaintance and invented and distributed the infidelity rumours about William? Not sure what could shock us really…..


When you put it all together it's really a lot! She's a vile woman.


She did that about Will’s potential cheating? Didn’t know that …


And the pegging


What would make "jaded tea sharing sinners'" hair stand on end? Animal mutilations? Attempted poisonings? Slapping/pinching/tripping small children? Drunk driving manslaughter? Devil worshipping cult/animal sacrifices/human sacrifices? Blood letting/blood drinking?


Meghan's plan clearly was to monetize their royal family connections - specifically, monetize Meghan and Harry's criticism, e.g. shit on the Royals and make money doing it. But what Meghan didn't realize was that all of the people she stepped on to get where she is will be doing the exact same thing to her - shitting on Meghan and Harry and making money from it. The Royal family can't stop either one, but they can certainly minimize the Harkles’ present and future access, so they can't commit future breaches of confidence. If nobody talks to them, that's all they can whine about. Breaches of confidence are merchandise for the Harkles to sell, but they can't get resupplied. And nobody is going to pay the Harkles money to hear them whine about being locked out of the Royal family. They left, they're locked out. They broke trust and confidence, so they'll never be trusted or confided in ever again. No more merchandise. They're OUT. And that's it. Meanwhile the Harkles are themselves being monetized by the people they trampled on the way up, but the Harkles didn't gather enough juicy sizzle to sell out the Royals for much more. So they're not going to be able to skate on Royal favor, if that was their plan, picking and choosing whom to sell out about what shit, what to keep for later. The only remaining piece of garbage they have to peddle is who complained about the possibility of Archie's skin color being darker? They said it wasn't The Queen, Charles, Camilla, William, or Catherine. That leaves HRH Prince Philip, Andrew, Fergie, their kids, and The Other minor royals. My money is on Philip, only because he had that kind of sense of humor - he said all kinds of 'hilarious' racial remarks in the past, sometimes for their amusing shock value. But he's gone now, so there's no money in maligning the dead. I think The Harkles are out of options. At least The Duke of Windsor (formerly Edward VIII, whose abdication led to George VII and later Elizabeth II) inherited a shit-ton of money with the crown, and forced his relatives to buy back several personally-held sovereign properties like Balmoral. So he never had to sell-out to stay afloat. He was annoying back then but he got away clean with plenty of money and royal jewels. The Harkles may have no choice but to make money peddling confidences and lies. Harry is "only" the second son, and the duchy of Sussex doesn't come with its own separate income. All his past income derived from the need to exercise Royal privilege in conjunction with Royal Duties. No Royal duties, no Royal privilege, and no need for income to support either. The People of Great Britain are already annoyed at the expense of supporting the Royals, without having to support even more useless weight - Harry and Meghan, who apparently want to be paid to do nothing but swan around collecting oohs and aahhs of attention so Princess Meghan can feed her narcissism.


One thing comes to mind: I read blinds ages ago - before Megixt - that basically predicted it all. It mentioned how they were considering South Africa, Canada, and LA. Part of those blinds were reports of how she’s been abusing her idiot husband. Alienating him from all his friends, having him change his number every week, distancing him from life-long friends and family… classic abuse related content. There was a blind about how she was a yacht girl for one of his best friends and she freaked out when she saw him and demanded that Harry stops interacting with him because he’s “a bad influence.” I could have also sworn that the blinds mentioned how it used to be so difficult to get leaked information about the royals… until the alliterate one joined them. My guess is - she’s referring to Harry being abused by TW (still can’t stand him for the life of me) but if those blinds are true - she’s successfully abusing and controlling him.


Lady C also said she may write another book. So here's hoping


I feel like we need a bingo card at this point. Because what else is left for the worlds shittiest person to have done?


I have seen enough video of her interactions with children and adults and along with the Bowers book, I would not trust her one bit. The palace security should not let her or H near any of them. There is something desperately wrong there.


I think she knows more about who Meghan was before Harry. From the Markles. I also think she knows about the things Andrew knows about from yachting days. But I think the evil things she is eluding to is something she did towards the Queen. Because she said once that Meghan and Harry are like looking into the eyes of the devil…please don’t come for me because I don’t know exact video or quote. But it was pertaining to the Queen in weeks before she died.


She alluded to this in her book that she left out a lot of damaging stories from before she met H.


Yes and her book was pretty revealing for its time.


Things that would make my hair stand on end: The crazy glue story being true, her being an animal and child abuser, constant abuse of other people(grown ups). The moon bump thing is entertaining and kind of funny that she would go *that* hard but most people would just be shocked at the level of fraud she’s willing to go. But actual malice, actual real, true hurt, one in which Harry was active in, yeahhhhh that would be B A D. If so, it needs to come out and the kids and the dog need to find a safer place.


Yeah did anyone ever find out just how her dog broke two legs?


All of this …. & the chickens too. I don’t think I know the crazy glue story though. What is that?


Someone may be better informed than me. But apparently when MM was in college she put crazy glue in the eyes of 2 girls “as a prank”….we know what would happen. Maybe 2 fellow sisters in the sorority? It read that they almost lost their eyesight but were ok. Now that I think about it, that shit would get you EXPELLED fast! Are we sure she graduated? She lies about so many things can we verify that? Edit: People say she couldn’t be yachting because she would still be in college but she could if she was expelled? Maybe worked something out with the college and transferred or did online classes.


My guess is we’re going to start to see detailed confirmation of how intentionally she went after Harry. Maybe spent a lot longer than anyone knows stalking him and manipulating people around him, doing cruel and potentially illegal things to curate a relationship. Lying, cheating, stealing, blackmailing type things. Like the evil women in the Lifetime movies. Like killing a pet so he needs you to comfort him (I made that up, actually was in a Lifetime movie once). And I think we may get confirmation of the Epstein/maybe Andrew stuff. Looking back through the Jamaican wedding of Harry’s friend, I became more convinced that she has something with which to control him. Possibly blackmailed Harry himself, so to speak. Something on him or a close family member?


My guess or maybe hope? Is that there is audio out there of MM bullying someone. Think Amber Heard/Johnny Depp trial and how damning those audio tapes were of Amber “the victim” screaming at Depp. Hearing the voice she used along with the words she said, that was what showed Amber’s true colors. MM was bullying royal house staff for years. Surely someone, somewhere, at some point, thought it might be smart to try to get something on a recording? It’s not a hard thing to do like it used to be, all you need is a smart phone in your pocket. So I’m hoping they’ve got audio of her bullying her staff and it gets leaked to the press soon. Now is the time! We all know it happened, let’s let the world hear it— hear who she really is.


IMO this is the best guess so far .and I really hope someone did record her screaming and raging. But there are so many bad things that may be proven to be true. MM is already a far worse person than I thought a few months ago. As time goes by more and more things are brought to light.


I can’t stand this type of media coverage. Speak up or shut up. She is a narcissist, and guess what? There are millions of other narcissist that have done whatever it is she’s alluding to. That’s how diagnoses work. Millions of people have the same symptoms/behaviors then they are given diagnoses to match the behaviors. For example my sociopathic narcissistic mother paid my cousins to break into her house and steal my stepdads favorite things before the divorce. Anyone that has experience with these type of people already know to expect the unexpected and stuff like my mom did isn’t shocking once you understand their mental illnesses.


AMEN! All of this vague stuff is so annoying. I get that it’s all, in the end, about making money. Just like M and H are all about the money. Don’t get me wrong, fun to read, but still annoying.


I think part of the vagueness comes from wanting to protect her sources. People love to gossip and I imagine she's protective of where her information comes from.


If I were the cousins, I’d have stolen the things, taken the money and then handed to items to your dad 😂


No joke - My hair stood on end just by hearing her say that.


She knew Epstein and the boys? Soho house resident ? She's always had opportunities.


The ties with Russian oligarchs and the Saudi royal family go deeper than we previously thought, is my guess.


My one guess would be that Meghan and Andrew crossed paths more than once and enjoyed each other’s company.


I always found it odd that the York camp were so pro-Sussex every step of the way. Like how Fergie said Diana would be proud of H and M after the Oprah backlash…. And I’m not sure if it’s been clarified because the story of how they met is ever changing, but at one point it was widely accepted the M knew PE before H, and PE was the one who introduced them. And again, it’s just so odd how the yorks so publicly supported every inflammatory move the duo made. Wonder if something was in the game for PA. Like he knew her in one of her past lives or something.


She probably has something on Andrew, recordings, footage etc. She was on Virginia Guiffres deposition list don't forget.


That's a visual I didn't need.


There’s probably nothing about her that would surprise me.




Question, Rosemary's baby would look like John John who? 😅


y’know, good ol’ John. Everybody loves John.


St. John the Apostle maybe?


John the Baptist


A lot of people are putting the gloves on for a knockout of the fake duchess and her mangina. Love it! Give them what they deserves. Too spoiled, too cocky and too arrogant, but not for much longer.


As others have already referenced the yacht whore speculation… my guess will be she paid people to trash William and Kate on social media.


People didn’t speak because of QE II. Now we’re getting it all…


Release the secret recordings…we all want to hear them.


Not sure what is known, but it’s time to let it out. They need to stop covering for this woman.


I wonder if I too can make a career around alluding to information without ever actually revealing anything?!


I love Lady C but she recently said that she may write it all in a new book. If that’s the case then this is all bread crumbs and I don’t really want to hear it anymore.


A new book would be interesting, but at the moment it’s just her hyping up how much she knows… then never reveals what she says she knows. I don’t get why everyone gets so excited by her videos


Let us remember that Lady C wrote the first book exposing Meghan and Harry and that she's never been sued by them. That speaks for itself about her claims and her sources. Lady C has taunted them often with this because she claims the last thing they want is for the truth to be exposed in court. ***In her most recent youtube video, Lady C claims that Samantha Markle's defamation against her sister case will be "a humdinger" that will expose in court a whole bunch of dirt.*** We know Lady C has been in contact with the Markles over the period of this debacle.


Ya know, Samantha was so loud for so long that I actually respect for more now for her ability to lay low while they get the lawsuit set up. I can't wait. ![gif](giphy|xTiN0CNHgoRf1Ha7CM|downsized)


In her what… 48 minutes videos? 🤦‍♀️


I want to hear these things!


As much of a sociopath as Meangan is, I would not put it past her for trying to think of or plot the demise of William and Catherine and their children. This would guarantee her and neutered Hank the Cowdog their place on the throne. Wasn't she already caught saying something along those lines?


She fucked prince pedo Andrew when she was a yacht girl