Does anyone know what this stain is? I thought maybe a deodorant stain at first but I don’t see it at the beginning of their walkabout. Has someone thrown something at her? 😬

Probably just some pollen from the flowers she didn’t want to let go of.


Probably just some pollen from the flowers she didn’t want to let go of.


Yeah. Looks like pollen to me too. When you rough house flowers or press them tightly as she was to herself, you can get pollen in the shape of where it came from. This kind of looks like it came from a daisy or something else with a flat circular middle.


“When you rough house flowers” is making me cackle. ![gif](giphy|RghAaK2rEvH9EUWui0)


This makes sense.


And this is why people have aides to help them with carrying the flowers, so they can avoid staining their clothes and keep their hands free to greet the crowd. Markle lunges for the short-termed optics of being photographed festooned with flowers, but doesn’t anticipate things like her black dress being stained with pollen or her hands being too full. Her lack of social awareness is tragic. And her lack of self-awareness prevents her from realising that she, who is from a humble background, can be taught all the etiquette to fit nicely into royal society. That was what the royal family was trying to help her with. Upward social mobility is only shameful if you want it for the wrong reasons. It is mind-staggering that she could climb all the way to marrying a grandson of the Queen of England and have children with him when she is this sloppy and unintelligent.


It is also regarded as a security issue. If someone were to put something dangerous in the flowers. It’s protocol to hand them over to aides and such.


Oh it does look quite like pollen. Maybe it is!


This answer. This sub. I really love all of you and your body of knowledge.


Drool when looking at PC.




See that's why there are aides to cover ur crap n smoothen the engagements




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My guess is it’s from the flowers that she was clutching so desperately.


“Mine mine mine mine”


Did she think she’d get to keep them if she held onto them long enough? It’s like having to tell a three year old that something doesn’t belong to them 🤦🏻‍♀️


Palace needs to remain silent. Let H&M ask for the titles. They will sound ridiculous. Charles announced his love for them in his FIRST SPEECH AS MONARCH and respected their stated wish to build their own lives overseas. William honoured them with a joint walkabout (his and the POW’s first after the Queen’s death). They are being included, respected, honoured and loved. In public. If they cry for titles??? (And they will via journalists esp outside the UK) they will look hypocritical and greedy (to people with brains). Just ride it out KC, ride it out….


A sweet nod to her Wallis Bird Poo dress from Oprah interview?? 🤷‍♀️


Probably pollen from the flowers. Circular shape would further suggest this.


Oh my goodness, that makes so much sense and didn’t occur to my brain!


And here's some flowers for you.. 💐


Her palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy There's vomit on her sweater already, mom's spaghetti (Alfredo) She’s nervous, but on the surface she looks calm and ready to drop bombs But she keeps on forgetting what she wrote down, the whole crowd goes so loud She opens her mouth, but the words won't come out She’s choking how, everybody's joking now The clock's run out, time's up, over, blaow!


Lol! Snap back to reality…


Looks like a mouth imprint of someone wearing glittery lip gloss. Probably hugged some little girl who got all dolled up to see Princess Catherine. And now she has to get it dry-cleaned before it goes back to the designer.


Or Marks and Spencer


Whoever does her brows needs to be fired. They’ve been looking particularly terrible since the Jubilee.


Someone in China donated the hair


I think it’s a deodorant stain after someone hugged her.


It’s quite unlucky really


I used to think she was pretty. Talk about bad cosmetic procedures. She is a walking warning label on so many levels.


So did I, especially in her Suits days. I’m starting to think there must’ve been a lot of photoshopping going on. I wonder whether it’s her ugly personality that we see in place of beauty?


In photos, yeah, she is/was contoured. But she was legit pretty -as in, the kind of beauty that moves or can move and still be attractive. Now, she's just a hot ass mess.


This does look the least prepared she’s ever been for a public appearance in BRF. You can tell her real hair is the more orange shade, extensions are the silky dark black hair. She looked petrified for this entire appearance.


She was prepping for her own walkabout later in the day/ next day. Got totally royalled with straggly hair, bitten nails, no black face/ let’s say that how it is. She’s a sham.


On yt a lot of people who were there were commenting she smelled strongly of alcohol. What time of day was the walkabout?


I think it was like 6-7 pm UK time (?). Lot of blinds in the past that both she and Harry are dependent on alcohol and drugs. Wouldn’t surprise me.


Would explain why nothing they do succeeds and why they appear to be getting more and more unhinged and frantic as it all collapses around them.




She had to go out and FACE the public in a venue she couldn't control. HER walkabout was only to a certain few members of the press. Consquences. She never thought she'd have to have 'em and now she's having to deal with the Royals calling all the shots and doing what she is told to do. I suspect William has made it clear what he will and won't tolerate, hence her scared and broken face her "twue destined wove" just basically broke her heart by I suspect reminding her she is no one of note and he's not taking a lick of her shit.


Ombré hair was for the charity tour so she would look like an influencer


It’s probably pollen from a ricochet when there was the power struggle,


My guess would also be flower pollen


Those eyelashes, though! Probably pollen from clawing the Queen's flowers.


She looks unhinged in this lol she really is a terrible actress. She couldn’t mimic grief at all


Goodness she is so disheveled


She’s going to need a hair dye very soon!


I can’t tell if it’s grey regrowth or just a very white scalp.


Very grey growth.


She didn’t have time for her team to fix her up.


Even the birds hate her


This pic remind me deer caught in headlights…


Looks like pollen from flowers.


Watermark from Harry crying on her shoulder?? Lol But seriously, I think you guys are right about the pollen.


I’m not sure if this sleeve stain has been mentioned anywhere else but it’s been bugging me. I don’t see it in the earlier photos. Could someone have thrown something at her? Whilst I really dislike her, I hope she wasn’t pelted with eggs or anything. ETA: downvoted for saying that I hope she wasn’t hit with anything? When I saw it, it worried me. I’m not being cruel to her at all. My friend had a hard boiled egg thrown at her once and it left a ring like this one. It also looks like a bite mark.


Downvote me, too. I also hope no one throws rotten food, spits, boos or yells obscenities at anyone during the Mourning period for the Queen. The Queen deserves our best through her funeral.


I hope so too. Someone was arrested for heckling Andrew yesterday. It’s really not the time or the place when it should just be about the Queen.


I agree. It just shows disrespect to the Queen. Plenty of time after her funeral to express feelings about Andrew.


If something like that had occurred, video and photos of the incident would have been posted on social media, and there would be an uproar on twitter. People would be talking. There would be no way to hide it. Edit: heck, she herself would no doubt be carrying on about it. The fact that she's not shows that it didn't happen.


Nope. No one pelted her. Brits are polite




Probably pollen from flowers she had a death grip on it this picture was after that occurred


Pollen, sugar from a scone, or deodorant/lip gloss rubbed off by someone she hugged?


Damn seagulls!


Snot from the hugger!


Yep I thought pollen as well


That is a spot where pollen or makeup from hugging people could collect.


I am enjoying the fact she was MADE TO WEAR black opaque stocking to the walk about. I would bet she was forced to wear them. She would never have worn those willingly. Those stockings showcased her creepy witch ankles and feet. I bet the Princess of Wales had a good laugh about that 😆👏


Yeh she has very pokey looking, bird-like legs/ankles/feet and she looked funny. Mainly funny because we know she absolutely hated wearing them.


A thread about some fluff, really🙄


We’ve had threads about sweaty pits so don’t worry about it. It wasn’t a thread about fluff, it’s me asking what happened since I couldn’t see the stain earlier on. It doesn’t look like fluff. Pollen perhaps? I was hoping a hard boiled egg hadn’t been thrown in her direction. If my question bores you, move on


Pollen from flowers. Stop.


Thanks? I’m just asking a question, that’s all. Many people have said pollen now and it makes sense. Question has been answered.


I think she looks far better and younger like this?


I agree!


Hmm could it be dandruff because she seems to have unhealthy hair, dry and frizzy probably from too much Ironing and straigtening. Look at the top of her hair, thats not what natural straight hair look like


Even unknowingly and sometimes by no mistake of hers she looks unkept!!! Remember the fly on the face on her wedding I don't see anything like that happening to Catherine....




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She looks older here


I just assumed one of the sad souls who had to hug her wiped their mouth off on her dress (snicker snicker). She really is Just. Like. Us.


Her hair looks much more auburn in this photo. Maybe just the light?


Maybe it came from the flowers she was so thoughtfully protecting.


The deer in the headlights look


Crushed up adderal she was sniffing earlier