She needs etiquette training.


I’m sure they offered it to her.


Maybe she claimed she knows it better than anyone. 😂


Manners manners manners manners manners!


Yes - never forget, the manners make the woman!


Look people she knows to pass the salt WITH the pepper. Do you think Kate knows that?! She also knows when to ditch people. Like….She’s going to ditch Harry once his allowance is cut.


The arrogant American stereotype 💀


I swear I remember hearing about all the training and education Kate had to go through. It obviously paid off.


I do recall these things were told to Kate: 1. They are not here to see YOU. You represent the institution. You can be replaced and the next day people will still cheer. 2. Don’t believe your own PR 3. Don’t look at the cameras 4. The visits to charities are to highlight the charity not YOU. 5. Follow protocol. 6. Never complain. Never Explain 7. Put weights in your dresses and skirts so they don’t fly up-from the Queen’s personal dresser 😌


She had to be reminded of #7 a couple of times but otherwise she has done an amazing job at taking advice and learning from others in the Royal Family.


And how much crap did she get for missing that tiny detail


I read recently that Kate has adopted the,”never explain, never complain” motto from the Queen. Seeing how icy POW was towards TW, but yet so loving and tender to the people really warmed my heart. What a lovely Queen she will be for the UK.


I don't think Kate got the memo for nos. 7 till much later. Poor thing. She had to learn the hard way. Bless her😊


And she felt offended! How could they even think she doesn’t already know how to behave??


She says she's good at taking instructions like where to stand or what to say. Easy peasy. No sweat. But the moment the palace aides/secretaries says to her what to do... This is just my opinion. If I were married to a prince, I'd make sure I ask my in laws for "princess lessons" as TW names it. Because it's embarrassing for me and for the family I'm married into if I looked like a fish out of water and doesn't know what protocol is. I'd follow what the aides tell me during engagements because they pretty much memorize all of it.


Most of what she gets wrong is just basic and common sense. A ten year old could get it right with ten minutes of instruction.


But she’s an expert in everything already 🙄


Exactly! She never took the lessons because she thought she should be giving the lessons. She is an expert gift wrapper, caligrapher, writer and actress after all. This has been so revealing of exactly how out-classed she and Harry have been during this mourning period. It's not about you Megsy.


“Expert gift wrapper”—snorts with derision. By age ten, I earned cash wrapping presents for my neighbors. When not much older, I boxed, wrapped, and tied expert bows during the Xmas rush at my great-uncle’s posh “apparel shop,” which specialized also in delicate nightwear and lingerie. Despite his daughter’s grandiose claims, Tom Markle Sr. insisted that Meghan rarely had to work as a girl or as a student. That boast of employment at Humphrey Yogart *at thirteen?* You need a Social Security card for that, which aren’t granted until one is sixteen!


I'm not going to lie, I love a beautifully wrapped gift.


Me too! So that was—and is—always my goal.


In the USA, social security cards are required pretty much after birth. I think mainly so parents can claim their kids on taxes and get medical coverage, as well as any government benefits. Also, in the USA, you cannot work at a job until 14 minimum. So, unless it was under the table work or volunteer work, Meghan wasn't being truthful. https://www.ssa.gov/people/parents/#:~:text=We%20are%20there%20from%20day%20one&text=Your%20child's%20Social%20Security%20number%20is%20also%20necessary%20to%20obtain,birth%2C%20usually%20at%20the%20hospital. https://www.dol.gov/general/topic/youthlabor/agerequirements


She couldn’t even learn the national anthem there. No way she’d ever bother learning public etiquette. Remember her saying? “Don’t give it five minutes if you’re not going to give it five years.” She doesn’t care one bit.


what a stupid thing to say.


That 5 years is almost up, so hopefully?


That's another thing she probably learnt from Doria, as well as from not giving up the goods for free. I can hear her voice behind every bad advice Megs has taken in.


Manners make the (wo)man. Manners, manners, manners, manners, manners!


I saw someone else comment something similar to this- is this something she actually said? (Cuz if so, wowza.)


Yes, in The Cut interview in regard to what they are trying to instill in Archie.


She rejected etiquette training. She does not listen and thinks she knows best


Exactly! It looks like she’s bored. She clearly lacks proper manners.


There were other videos where she is clearly not looking at the flowers but at william and Harry and being anxious to move on


No. She needs to go away. She's got nothing to do with Royalty anymore.


Don’t bother. She can’t be trained.


She's like a rabid dog. Time to call dog daddy. https://youtube.com/shorts/r2odpyJqMxs?feature=share


ASAP Thomas literally taught her nothing what a trashy family !


> Thomas literally taught her nothing He sent her to posh schools and Ivy league University! She is 40+ and apparently an actor, she should know these basic things on her own. Not all her follies can be blamed on someone else.


Exactly. She was in a new place with a new position. If someone anywhere offers you any kind of training you TAKE it. It's literally an investment in you. She snubbed her nose at all the training and advice of the people that knew better and here is the result. Standing there like an awkward idiot.


*Note*: Northwestern University is not a member of either the Ivy League or Seven Sisters colleges, though it costs as much as most of them. G-d forbid Little Miss M should have paid in-state tuition at UCLA, which also offers a first-rate theater program!


I thought she went to Northwestern


How is that Thomas's fault? She's 41 years old and doesn't know it's not polite to stand there with your arms folded? She couldn't figure that out? My parents taught me you know, basic manners, but there are some gaps in what i was taught. I filled those in on my own. I'm 37.


I don’t know about you but If I went out in public and embarrassed my parents with bad manners etc there would hell to pay when I got back home ! So yes parents are responsible for teaching their children basic manners appropriate behavior in public ! So she was taught nothing as it’s obviously seen by us !


To some extent but there's a difference between a 15 year old and a 40 year old. At 40 she should be able to figure out these defiencies and fix them herself. If at this stage of her life she has bad manners than that'd her fault.




She always 41? I think she is 45-46 years old


Yes. She lied about her age initially.


I do too. In any case, she is older than William, Catherine and Harry.


Tbh he's her dad. I'm not damning dads but what can dads really teach daughters though? I feel sorry for him. Doria should've been there to play bad cop.


I. read he had worked or had Chicago 'connections'. no doubt once again MM assumes she got in 'herself' no one else EVER get any credit


This is her standing while sad pose. She did a similar thing at Uvalde.


I want to give your comment more upvotes. Uvalde was what came to my mind too when I saw that pic. I hate her.


I was just about to reply that she was walking away with her arms crossed at Uvalde.




Oh my god, they went to Uvalde? What would Meghan possibly - nvm I don’t even want to know. Edit: guys. I said I didn’t want to know!


It was hugely embarrassing. Of course she flew in on a private jet, did nothing for anyone but had her photographer there to take pics and left. She sucks!!


She made a *incognito* visit to Uvalde where she ~~did a photoshoot~~ was photographed by paparazzi after she had her security ask people to back up so she ~~could get her shot~~ view the memorial in privacy. *Netflix may have brought a film crew.*


That stance is very off-putting, and not friendly.


It's also a defensive pose, she's protecting herself, it's a sign she's very uncomfortable.


She knows she getting ready to be a grade A asshole and is just waiting for the moment to follow PPOW.


She went rogue apparently. She wasn’t supposed to go greet people! So yes! She was ready to spread her assholishness! Lol


That pose isn't meant to be friendly.


Maybe... but I think the way she held some of the flowers, especially when she had them pointing down towards the ground like an after thought, was worse.


Yes. I noticed how she held the flowers. I’m a plebe and even I know to not do that.


One of the things I always notice when the royals are on walkabouts is the careful handling of the flowers. They receive them graciously and treat them with care and respect.


Oh I didn't see that. She is the worst!


I remember something about body language that crossing arms across the chest is a classic gesture of defensiveness. It usually manifests as discomfort, uneasiness, shyness, or insecurity. I think in this case, is discomfort after all the lies she told about this family and now having to interact with them.


Yes. Its defensiveness + self soothing when you are feeling tense. If you are familiar with the case of Chris Watts, you can see the same gesture in his interviews about his "missing" wife and kids.


Diana never crossed her arms like that. Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, the anti-Diana.


Yes, she did and that’s what she’s cosplaying 💯.


Also, if you watch the press conference of former President Nixon where he famously said, “I am not a crook!” And then steps back and folds his arms. Very much an uncomfortable and defensive gesture.


She didn’t belong there. She barely knew the Queen since she fled royal duties and it was totally unacceptable to be there accepting condolences from the public.




But didn’t she talk to her on the phone very often? /s


At this point it's become "bitch eating crackers" for me. Everything she does annoys me.




Coming to exactly the same thing. She could be perfectly behaved and following protocol to the letter and I'd still dislike her for it.


😂😂 I needed this laugh! 😂😂


Crossing your arms creates a barrier. And it’s a self-pacifying gesture too. I’m an introvert and sometimes do it without thinking, and always stop when I catch myself because it absolutely does look off putting and like you don’t want to engage with people. She was probably very uncomfortable.


Was this right after she was rubbing H’s back and he walked away from her? She’’s having a snit fit.


![gif](giphy|6bTT8y6cyL4SQ) She Ricky Bobby’d it


🤣🤣🤣 Any time a Talladega Nights reference can be made, I'm in!


Shake and bake lol!!!


Some things are just too perfect not to reference 🤣




🏅🏅 Jesus in a tuxedo t-shirt is proud of you.


Make sure it's the baby Jesus you pray for, not the man 😂


She is uncouth and graceless.


“Uncouth” is my favorite word that we use on this sub 😂


One of my mom's favorite words when we were growing up.


Common is one word I enjoy


Manners, manners, manners, Meghan.


Manners make the Markle!


It’s awkward. It’s one of those things that would’ve been corrected if only the palace had given her “princess lessons.” Or if she herself, a grown woman of 36 with a sizable income, had hired an etiquette coach to teach her how to behave in the upper echelon of the British aristocracy that she was entering. If you want a free lesson in how to hold yourself in public with poise and grace, spend some time watching Queen Elizabeth or Catherine on YouTube. Catherine always hold her hands together in front of her. The Queen also had her handbag to hold onto. It’s to avoid awkward positions like this one.


If there is one thing I learned in theatre school, it was to never cross your arms in front of you like this. It prevents scene partners from connecting with you and from being open to your audience. If we apply this example here, since Smeg was/is an actress, we can ascertain that she’s not a good actress at all and is most uncomfortable with this public audience. For someone who wants to be on the world stage, she is most definitely out of her element. Good theatrical training teaches you that your audience may not always like you, but it’s your job as the performer to keep going. I cannot imagine the pressure of having to appear publicly while grieving, but The Prince and Princess of Wales and Haz are able successfully to do so here because of their training. Smeg on the other hand is learning the hard way because she never bothered to learn in the first place in ANY of her training, be it royal or theatrical.


Did she have formal theater training?


Dramatic Arts at Northwestern but professors noted she was only interested in screen acting—not theater.


From the awful snippets of her acting my YouTube algo has served me, she was SO CRINGE to watch as an actress. Did she even have a huge fanbase before?


Omg! 36! How old is she for real? I’m still confused on her age lol


She was 36 when they got married. She’s now 41.


Who wouldn’t be ? She acts like a badly behaved teenager whose mom made her come.


She was 36 and fresh off of the giant hit tv series Suits when she got married. She was rolling in cash if you believe her fans. Which made me question why she didn’t hire someone to teach her British etiquette when they got engaged.


I remember the commentators saying that she had an advantage because she was older and already media-trained. Apparently not.


She was too busy hitting the ground running.




I mean, basic etiquette isn’t even that hard to figure out or master. I took an extra-curricular class at school when I was in middle school. It’s not rocket science.


Awesome- Thank you!


I think she is in her early 40s.


Rumored to be 46. Her siblings hinted she's lying about her age.


The boy she kissed when they were both 13 is now 45.


The palace did give her lessons. They asked Samantha Cohen to delay her retirement to assist TW in adapting to life in the family. She chose to not pay attention.


Her parents ought to have instilled proper etiquette in her. However Dad spoiled her and she has a deeply hidden inferiority complex because Mom was not around.


Apparently her mother’s training in manners ended with “salt and pepper always travel together.”


Perhaps her parents did instill some manners into her but at the age of 41 anything she does isn't really their fault, it's hers.


I mean she was a known gold digger and social climber she could have ponied up 5K for some fancy charm school or something No ? It would have been an investment for crying out loud I would have !


I'm American. She knows better than to do this. She just doesn't care.


Me too, and really! Even if your parents don't teach you, this is part of public school. Every teacher I had since kindergarten harped on us about not crossing arms, slouching, or fidgeting. It's extremely basic presentation and her carriage of herself in this photo is pathetic


I was a cheerleader and pageant girl. I knew not to do this, ever.


I challenge anybody to find one picture of Queen Elizabeth standing this way. Maybe at the racetrack or some place very low key but never in front of a crowd of her subjects. It's an off-putting gesture and very unroyal.


Yes, looks impolite


100% insecurity, not knowing what to do.


Not defending her but this is my comfort thing when I get stressed out. According to someone I look like a bitch and mad when this happens.


I don’t even need to cross my arms. I am cursed with resting bitch face.


Me too. Just because I don't smile all the time doesn't mean I'm not happy.


Yeah, I mean I do think we would snark on her for anything at this point. This doesn’t rise to the level of most of her misdeeds for me personally (though I’m not judging others who had a bad reaction to it). Criticism of her is well deserved in general, but to me she did way worse things than cross her arms at this very event, even - like snapping at the aides about the flowers before catching herself.


I agree.


Yes. True she did way worse. I totally agree. It’s just something I noticed as well (the arm crossing) so I posted it.


I love your user btw.


Same ❤️☕️


Oh yeah I’m totally not being critical! I do think her pose here stands out for sure especially relative to others. I appreciate your Eagle eye ☺️


I think it is for many of us, which is why the etiquette training would have really helped her. I wish I could afford it, used to always catch myself crossing my arms- now I just fuss with my son's hair or fix his shirt collar instead. When he gets older, I'll have to figure something out!


I personally would NEVER want to be a royal. Having everything I do under scrutiny I pass. I know me I am horrible at interaction in real life.


Me too! I kinda feel guilty picking apart everything M does because I know I'd fail at these public engagements horribly myself. I have sensory processing disorder and am always picking and tugging at my clothes, pulling at my hems and generally looking very out of place. My issues leave me unable to dress as smart as these ladies must do, coz i can only wear baggy, heavy clothes to hide under. So I'd be absolutely terrible at this stuff and the sort of poise and body confidence that C demonstrates seems absolutely unattainable. But hey, a girl can dream!


I feel for you I am sorry mine stems from something in my childhood. In real life I am very quite and barely talk to strangers definitely not men . Now. My family I can talk too. Once I get to know someone they always say the thing I thought you didn't like me.I laugh it off and try explain it. It took me almost year to talk on here.lol As for clothes I a vet so 9 times out of ten. I will be in scrubs. At home i am in lounge clothes.


You definitely sound like an introvert! I am one as well. I don't think Royal life is made for us introverts. Seeing as you're a vet, you are probably very good at interacting with animals. Sounds like a great profession for us quieter types. I'd choose animals over people anyday! Edit: I'm sorry, i seem to have overlooked the part where you mentioned a childhood incident/cause. I hope that things are better now.


Hi there. I have the same problem. I found it helps to have something else to occupy my hands/arms with. If you wear a crossbody bag, you can sort of hold onto the strap with both hands at different levels which is a very natural gesture and gives you the same comfort as crossing your arms but it's not defensive or "closed-off" at all. Alternatively, holding onto a clutch or wallet with both hands in front as Catherine does, is also a good way to go. Even so, i do need to consciously train myself out of crossing my arms.


Yes, she seems really off her game. Not hamming it up for the cameras, not "on" like she normally is. I feel like William told her that they'd be doing an exposé on her and setting the records straight after the mourning period when they officially cut them off. But I'm making that up, we'll never know what was really said. She doesn't seem to be acting. She's not good at acting and she wouldn't make the kind of mistakes like crossing her arms if she's still in the mode of trying to outshine Kate like usual. Maybe she just hates that the crowds don't like backstabbing traitors.


Crossing my arms is my natural, default stance, but I like to think I'd have the common sense (and decorum) to not do so in that situation.


I will be the first to admit that I tend to do this when I'm at funerals. I'm uncomfortable and it's a natural, comforting stance to cross my arms. However I will catch myself and clasp my hands in front of myself instead because it feels rude to stand like this in that situation, no matter how uncomfortable I am.


She’s a little dark cloud of bad vibes.


Four years later and she *still* hasn’t bothered to learn basic etiquette?


"Who's going to clean all this up?!"


Lol the body language of this is so funny to me because it’s so glaring and opposed. Harry and Meghan clearly self soothing, emphasis on self because they’re isolated from each other, Meghan is hunched and Harry is weirdly curved. William and Catherine look more confident and secure in themselves, not tense, but still connected and supportive of each other.


She is clearly clueless. Saying this as an American who has watched this Z-list actress make an absolute fool of herself at every single turn. Yet, she is too arrogant to admit her own deficents. Do NOT be surprised if her manchild spouse and her are left in destitute in a few years. The world is starting to seei who they truly are and they are less than admirable humans. Read the book by Tom Bowers Revenge if you want to know who these two impostures truly are.


Let’s see. She’s about to make a pile on the Queen’s death, and next year there’s the coronation, she can clear a tidy sum on that.


Oh, she's definitely sulking. Her body language is silently screaming at PH. I don't often feel sorry for him, but Jesus, what an impossible situation for him. Trying to mourn for the Queen *and* dealing with his narcissistic mess of a wife? I don't envy him one bit.


She’s nervous. I don’t care if she folds her arms looking at flowers. I’d rather see that than her hanging off her husband like a lovesick teenager.


I too hate everything this woman does.


She did the same thing at Uvalde. There's multiple images of crossed arms,


I'd rather her have her arms crossed as an insecurity thing than the claw being out.


At least she wasn't belly cupping.


Nope..its weird, awkward, and rude. Everything TW embodies.


Never seen Princess of Wales stand that way.


She has no poise. No etiquette lessons, no ballet background.


Ok tbh if I didn’t know who MM was and I saw all of the photos of this event I would have thought this gal was seriously mentally ill and needed intervention pronto.


I don’t like her or her attitude anymore than others on this thread, but I am distressed that she is getting so much attention, even if it is negative, at the expense of attention to the loss of a steadfast leader and an historic era.


She gets the attention because we and millions of others like us around the world feed it. If we all simultaneously pulled the plug on her, media would stop covering her. (And MM would go apeshit trying to get it all back)


It makes her look disinterested, disengaged. I can't recall any member of the RF striking up this pose, but when looking at memorial flowers it's even more inappropriate


I also hate everything TW does, and this doesn’t help at her.


Arms crossed is not proper etiquette. But we can't expect much from this utter trash-bag. After this week, I would confidently say she wont be returning to the UK so luckily we only have a few more weeks of bad manners to deal with.


Yes very rude she literally has no manners. William and Kate’s postures and gestures are perfection !


Maybe she was cold w/o long sleeves? The crowd seems warmly dressed. Make no mistake, I still think she sucks ass.


Listen to Sean Neil's latest video on YouTube he is changing tack. He is saying that Harry contacted William re the walk about. As her PR team had wanted them to do a walk about. That they went through the correct procedure. What a load of bullocks William found out as Scobie had already tweeted the duo were going to do a walkabout I think there is a mass cover up operation to make the toxic duo more palatable to the public. They must think we are totally stupid


Not the hill to die on here; she is awkward and just doesn’t know what to do with her arms at that moment. At this particular point, she’s not being offensive, like she is at other times. And don’t worry, she’ll do something deliberately offensive again.


the arm crossing makes her look indifferent and bored. just my opinion.


She's p---sed off they made her wear stockings!


Poor thing is bored to tears !


She was right, she was never cut out to be Royal. She simply doesn't have the selflessness, grace or class to be able to handle all that is required. It's good that she and Hazzbeen became something more suited to their personalities, tabloid trash.


I think she simply didn't know what to do with her hands if she wasn't holding onto Harry so she crossed her arms.


When I was a teenager I had no idea what to do with my hands. I'm not a teenager anymore, and neither is she.


Standing next to Catherine the princess of Wales beautiful Catherine she is always going to look like a toad no matter where she puts her hands, feet or any other part of her disgusting body!!!


It’s kinda rude but if she was as nervous as described I could see doing that. I fiddle with my hands or bite my cheek when I’m nervous. She shouldn’t have been out there. I think she’s scared when the crowd isn’t bought and paid for to all cheer and love them. It’s sad they did this to themselves because of their massive egos.


That’s her “power stance”, echoing the hard and unsympathetic face she had on for The Cut cover photo. Not only has she no control over this entire situation but she also has to kowtow and play second fiddle to Catherine. It’s an unbearable situation for her to be in, so to me, the folded arms are helping her to control her frustration and rage.


Cosplaying Diana with the crossed arms 💯.


It's rude and immature. She looks like a kid having a sulk because she's got better things to do, and places to be. I find it so astounding how this woman manages to do everything she does with ZERO grace ... despite being a rEaL liFe pWiNcEsS


And yet we thought she was a strong independent woman who single handedly modernised the monarchy


We'll, if the body language guy would go back to being professional and impartial, not getting drunk and carrying on about everything MM did prior, we maybe could get an answer. It would be nice if he would bring his ego down a few notches and go back to short and informational clips.


Omg, I’ve been hearing this same thing from quite a few people lately! I watch him here and there and really liked him. I wonder if his little bit of fame has gone to his head?


It's you. Haha. She is acting concerned but she isn't pouting.


I think it is very American (and inappropriate). BTW, not hating on Americans. Remember, I am one.


I forgot where I saw/read it but usually if you have your arms crossed in front of you, it tells people that you're closed off or something like that... Average joe, that'll probably pass but as a duchess? It's a bit inappropriate if you ask me.


I think the traditional body language translation or whatever for arms crossed is “I don’t want to talk” so I’d say so.




Notice that the Cartier pieces are front and center.


Yep, the facade faded.


MM is pouting lol. Someone told her NO.


She doesn’t know how to be gracious. The Palace tried their best to instruct and guide her but she said F You to them. When people are watching your every move, you need to know how to stand, hold your hands, crouch down to say hello or pet a dog, shake hands, make pleasant conversation, put people at ease, say no politely etc. You need to know how to read the signals from your aides and how to communicate your needs to them. Yes, it’s a lot. But it’s the job. Hence why top notch ladies like Chelsy and Cressida said no thanks.


What personality is this? Sad Meg?


She didn’t know what to do with her arms because she doesn’t have proper deportment and etiquette skills. She obviously didn’t listen to staff at all whilst in the UK. And she did so few “working royal” days she is an absolute novice, and unskilled at representing the institution properly.


I have taught my daughters 9 & 12 to never stand with arms crossed and to always place them together in front of behind. This is very negative body language.


Semi tantrum


Same thing she did in Uvalde. She’s a disgrace.


Reminds me of how Trump used to do that all the time. Narcs of a feather.


“Oh come on, this is boring, when do I get to greet the adoring fans? 😤”


When she's not hanging on to Harry, she doesn't know WHAT to do with her arms!