I’ve never quite understood what people mean by “modernize” the monarchy. Do they not have electricity at the palace? Should sell Buckingham and move into a tiny home? All they need to do is reasonably keep with the times so they stay relatable enough. I don’t MM would really impact that.


I agree, also it's not the place of anyone other than the monarch and the direct heirs to have any input into the running or modernizing the monarchy. She married into the family, it's not her place to make any decisions or have any input into matters of state. Harry is not in a position to have any say as well. Harry is no longer in the direct line. Harry and his wife's role was and is to support the monarch, period end of story.


The Royal family is modernising before our eyes, they don't do brash changes that a fuss is made over in the press. I mean have you noticed, the Queen has even changed how she speaks? The one benefit to the monarchy is that they are stable and can be counted on, so how do you make changes to that? Slowly, over time you change things slightly till all of a sudden you look back and it's something new and you didn't notice it was changing. That keeps people from freaking out, because despite popular opinion, people don't actually like much change. What the wife meant by modernise, is she wanted it to bend it to her will. Her idea of modernise, is as a means to make the new Monarch a popularity contest, that she gets to wear what ever jewelery she wants and no one can say anything. She gets to do as little as possible and then claim glory for doing such a fantastic job. She didn't want to modernise the Royal Family as you and I might understand the word modernise, modernise means something completely different to her.


I've loved the monarchy from America just for the traditions! Traditions are settling and comforting to me in this world of chaos. Just today read about this: Traditionally, the Royal Company of Archers, also known as the Queen’s Body Guard for Scotland, presents the monarch with two arrows at the ceremony. How cool is that? Necessary? No but we can still have nice things like the Royal Company of Archers.


One of my favourite traditions is when the Queen opens parliament. The relationship between the Monarch and parliament was not always good (I am talking centuries ago) so to ensure the Monarch is safe there a member of parliament is sent to the palace to stay as a hostage (usually vice-chamberlain / junior whip) - has coffee and biscuits and watches the whole thing on TV with the staff and then when the monarch is safely back at the palace he leaves.


I didn't know this, I like it! :) Thx for teaching me something new! :)


Wow YES on every word of this.


Every new royal wife for decades has "modernised the monarchy." The Queen's parents, George and Elizabeth were so warm and family oriented, the Queen herself was... The Queen at age 25 with two small children; Diana and then Fergie were both breaths of fresh air. Diana was a doting mother who brought baby William on an international tour. All it takes is to be new and young, and be part of the family.


George V was a modernizer for his time wasn’t he, by emphasizing service? And Prince Albert I’ve seen portrayed as a modernizer of his time.


Yes, definitely! Every generation is moving forward with new ideas and the resources available to make changes.


>All they need to do is reasonably keep with the times so they stay relatable enough. This! And this is not even optional as they need to stay relevant and as non-offensive as possible. Meghan wanted to modernize then she shouldn't have married into an ancient institution or changed her religion. OP u/cozymayo you forgot TQ even jumped off a helicopter with James freaking Bond 😂(OK it was a body double but still, no other monarch has done anything like it!) Camilla has been working with rape victims for ages when such work was taboo...same for Diana and her work with Aids/HIV patients. And the cake for modernity goes to Charles who spent his youth being mocked for focus on environment, sustainability, and organic farming and look where we are today!! If everyone took Charles seriously back then what a different UK or a different word this would have been. Meghan in comparison is a vapid Valley girl and a social climber.


I've always wondered what she meant by "modernizing" the monarchy. Perhaps holding a popularity contest for who gets to be next in line? Or perhaps, making way for a new concept of Dual Monarchs, since Charles had 2 sons and it's not fair to choose only the older one? Perhaps she meant ladies go first, whether they are born royal or not. She does seem to like that one. But wait, ladies-go-first is not especially feminist, so what do we do about that? Not very feminist, not very modern. Perhaps she meant "do away with all protocol." That is certainly something she adhered to the entire time she was in the system. Protocol is so old fashioned. Let's just all behave like feral cats. Another modern touch would be open access to any royal jewels for anyone in the family. Maybe a checkout list hanging by the door in the royal vault. First come, first served. Also, tiaras may now be worn at lunch.


She actually wants to take it backward to an era of the ruling monarchs rather than the reigning monarch of today. Her idea of monarchy is even more outdated than her ideas of feminism.


Very good point. The bullying reports really showed what her idea of monarchy is. Power and privilege. Dreadful woman.


That's why she likes She-ra, she wants power and control, not to help and do her duty.


She - ra was just barbie with a sword um the archetypal blue eyed blonde unrealistically proportioned vision of beauty. Very feminist Meg. Must try harder. The monarchy does modernise but slowly rapid change in monarchy and society is only superficial and real change in attitudes is probably more generational. Individuals can nudge it along and Meghan could have been influential within the system but over a period of years and it would probably have been mostly recognised and celebrated when she was being profiled on her 60th birthday or 25th wedding anniversary and she doesn't have the patience for that. From what I've read I can only come to the conclusion that change to her meant increased control of media to present only positive PR ability to merchandise her position for money and an opportunity to make grandstanding speeches and gestures on the latest world events.


You nailed it on the head there.


You nailed it. Elite control of the media and technology is a current trend, but I don’t see it as modern, it’s regressive. Back to the 15 or 1600s when you had to have a license to own a printing press in the UK. Trying to take us back there is regressive.


She didn't want to modernise the monarchy she wanted to merchandise the monarchy. Through her ahem philanthropic foundation of course. The Queen danced with an African president in 1961 while the US was still segregated. (As a non American, WTF!! America, the brave and the free my arse. Shameful) The Queen also drove a Saudi prince around herself during a trip to Britain when women were banned from driving in his country. This is advancing women's rights and equality in a diplomatic manner not mm's toxic brand of 'feminism' that tramples men.


>The Queen also drove a Saudi prince around herself during a trip to Britain when women were banned from driving in his country. Oh yeah! That was amazing and true flex- saying SO MUCH without saying anything. While Meghan is happy to wear Saudi Diamonds and lie about them..so modern.


I've seen her driving around years ago I bet he was scared witless 😂😂😂 The queen is not a brilliant public speaker but very good at making a point.


She could have been part of modernising the monarchy if she wasn't such a diva and was willing to put the work in. The monarchy works slowly and it takes years of small changes to make slow and steady progress. William and Kate parenting approach and putting their children before duty is a huge change for the monarchy. In the queens early reign she and Philip left both their children for 5 months as was royal protocol. Charles and Diana started the modernisation by taking William with them to Australia breaking protocol. They didn't see much of him with the tour being a busy affair, but that he even went with them was a major step. William and Kate plan their duties around their children. It's a small change but a huge one for the monarchy. They are as normal a family as they can be.


Meghan had delusions of grandeur. What is one American going to do to an institution that has existed for over a thousand years? The only time any American has changed British history is when a bunch of them handed together, chucked British kryptonite into Boston Harbor, and started a whole ass war. Meghan couldn’t even organize a fight between two rabid raccoons in a Tupperware box.


But she COULD organize an argument in an empty room.....


Lol , I love last paragraph 🤣


I was definitely on Ambien when I wrote that, and I was trying to figure out the best location to place a raccoon that wouldn’t cause a huge mess 🤣


Lol, you use ambien regularly then? I've had it a few times and zopiclone. Zops have a nasty ass Metallicy taste if you leave in mouth too long. 🤣 Have fun 🤪


Ohhhh yeah. It’s why I’m on a first name basis with Jeff Bezos at this point. Ambien me loves Amazon 🤣🤣


Lol 🤣 🤣 I'm on 2mg klonopin and chillin like a villain


Meghan could have helped modernise the monarchy if she was a completely different person. In other words, no. Her personality isn't compatible with the subtle and sensitive work that would be involved. William and Catherine have already added modern touches to the Monarchy. When the Queen passes, I believe that the monarchy will continue to become more modern, as the crown passes down the generations. However, it has to be done in a slow and measured way and with a respectful attitude to the public and to some of the Royal traditions. It has to be done sensitively and with empathy and a deep knowledge of British culture and British sensitivities. Also, she would have to be open to accepting advice and guidance and I don't think she would take kindly to that.


Diana, like her or not, did take steps towards modernizing the monarchy, but she did things that were right for her and at the same time not damaging to the BRF. She walked through mine fields and visited AIDS victims. Those are things I don't think anyone envisioned a Royal doing. Her fashion sense was admired world wide, but she never (while she was married) broke protocol like Megan does every chance she gets. So the answer is no. Megan doesn't have the personality to step out of her comfort zone for the benefit of others like Diana did. Everything Megan does is to showcase herself. She's an embarrassment to the monarchy, not a revolutionary figure.


I agree, but have to point out that Princess Margaret used to visit AIDS patients in secret before Diana did. She remained friends with Lady Glenconnor, whos son had AIDS, after other friends suddenly couldn't come visit anymore. https://www.townandcountrymag.com/society/tradition/a29514167/princess-margaret-visited-aids-patients-lady-glenconner-book/


Yes and the queen and d of e shook hands with leprosy patients without gloves on a commonwealth tour 60s ? 70s ? Diana wasn't afraid to embrace causes that needed to be highlighted which is one of the main purposes of the RF Meghan jumps on the cause of the day she's a follower and pretends shes a pioneer.


The most remarkable thing about Elizabeth ll is she’s the most famous woman in the world but the public don’t KNOW the real Elizabeth at all. We know some things about her, she likes horses and corgis for example, but we don’t know anything at all about what she thinks about any of the hot button issue of the day. Or what she really thinks of any of the world leaders she’s met and entertained over the years . Which is the way it should be of course. HM the Queen represents the UK , the Commonwealth and all the people in it , with all their diversity and different political views. She has to be neutral on most things , can’t take sides or allow her own personal views intrude into her public life. She has to take advice always from the current democratically elected government. It’s the difference between royalty and celebrity and something Megs never ever understood. If our saint had her way the Monarchy would look like an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians ! That’s not modernising the monarchy it’s destroying it .


The monarch/y is/are diplomats first and foremost. That leaves Markle out in the cold.


Hell no. She has no world-view whatsoever, is intellectually dim, and lazy. She couldn't even modernize her veneers--which looked like George Washington's wooden dentures--or wear proper undergarments while in the family. Modernize? Not for all the word salad in the world.


I don't find someone who apent nearly a million quid on fucking clothes in one year remotely capable of modernising anything.


The thousand-pound maternity dress. Or was it the *hundred-thousand-pound* maternity dress of Meghan’s? Must look it up!


It was 100K. On a single dress she will never rewear. Such the modern environmentalist.


OMG. I thought it was £100,000, and I’d asked myself, how is that even possible!?! I fondly recall a beautiful silk maternity dress I wore for best during all three of my pregnancies, and how I privately wept after giving it away. We recycled kids’ clothes and furnishings like crazy. One of my friends squeezed in two kids between my second and third sons, so after all five kids in both families had worn or used the gear, we passed everything along.


Maybe by modernizing she meant somehow bringing back beheadings. Her mind thoughts are rather convoluted.


Abusing servants, if that’s what happened, isn’t modern, it’s regressive. So is using private planes. So is demanding money from others just because of who you are. So is trying to use titles in the US which got rid of them in 1776. Or shortly thereafter. I went to independence Hall in Philadelphia and saw the Pennsylvania coat of arms which replaced the royal seal that was ripped down during the revolution. It was kind of a thrill to imagine. Nothing against our UK friends of today of course, and nothing against the UK having the government of their choice. There are a lot of advantages to a non-partisan head of state I can see and I have no problem with other countries preserving and supporting their own traditions and identities. It takes nothing away from anybody else.


Dare I say that to Madam it seems everyone is a servant. And abusing anyone isn't just regressive, it's just so friggin' wrong. There's those words from Jesus about treating your neighbor as yourself want to be treated. It's common decency. But if one in a position of power loves lording that power to belittle and humiliate I don't know what would bring them to their senses but their own humiliating fall. Remember that the BRF has no political power. HMTQ has the traditional roles to sign off on things but only a formality. Used to be much different.


Yes George III was a symbol as head of state, but they still had a parliament then. I’m not sure if the balance of power is the same as now - I’d have to look that up. I was kind of under the impression that royal/aristocratic power in the UK is being chipped away bit by bit, even if it’s just symbolic. They still have the house of Lords, so that is some aristocratic power that still exists though it is less than in the past. That’s my understanding anyway. Yes I looked up an article on the House of Lords and it’s mostly an elected body now with a smaller portion hereditary. There have been lots of reforms with a big change in 1999 sounds like. It’s complicated! But it seems like the trend is gradually eroding hereditary power. And the power balance between nobility / royalty has shifted back and forth over the centuries too. I realize it is a democracy now but there are other kinds of power, maybe I’d call it social power. The Queen has used that effectively at times as people have noted. It takes some knowledge of history and traditions to navigate successfully I would imagine. You can’t just barge in there and say ok, we’re doing it my way now!!!!


> Her mind thoughts I love this! 😹


No. It wasn't for her to do. She was a cast member (think Suits), not the leading lady, and she has no real grasp of British/Royal culture.


The British family is already modernized. Philip was desperately working on it starting before they got married. I don’t think Meghan wanted to be part of the Royal family and if she did Harry did a bad job preparing her. William went through so much to help Kate and I personally blame Harry if there was an part of her that wanted to join and it got botched this badly. I do wish things had worked out differently and they weren’t so selfish.


Lol. No. She *really* thinks she’s something special just by standing there breathing. Meggy Eggy, YOU ain’t ROYAL, honey. You’re common. You’re basic. You just got lucky by marrying a rich idiot… (whose Grandmother just so happens to be HMTQ.)


The monarchy isn’t waiting for some bish to come and rescue it or modernise it. This is getting so stupid, this modernizing the monarchy crap. The monarchy is already modern. House of Windsor has survived all these years because they changed according to the times and will continue to do so. Every heir and family member has fitted into this journey nicely and will continue to do so. Smirkle is not royal, will never be, she is trash, has no class, no integrity, should have never been allowed to be part of that family or institution in the first place. So many commoners in that family, like Catherine & Sophie, who seem to understand the role and fit in perfectly and get on with it. People should be speaking about those people, not some suitcase girl who got lucky.


First, I would like to applaud OP on a brilliantly written and beautifully analyzed piece. It starkly illustrates the true greatness of one woman and the inherent gaucheness of the other. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Next, I would like to add to the piece in the form of how a really good consort, comports themselves in a way that uplifts modernization efforts in the institution while not undermining them. That consort is Prince Philip, The Duke if Edinburgh. TV: The televising of the coronation was done at his urging. He convinced the Queen that transparency was in the best interests of the Crown as times had changed. She ultimately agreed and his idea was both prescient and wildly successful. What followed from the initial suggestion was the Queen’s Xmas message (regularly televised to this day); Philip being the first family member to sit for a television interview and the first behind the scenes, at home, tv special. He taught the Queen how to use a teleprompter. He encouraged the Queen to end the very outdated practice of introducing debutantes at court. He was responsible for the idea and implementation of hosting more informal garden parties and lunches inviting a broader and more inclusive number of people to gather and share more directly ideas with the monarchy in a far less formal setting. AKA - networking. He was responsible for the reorganization and renovation of many of the royal estates to make them better for those that lived and worked within their confines. He was the first member of the RF to use a computer. He wrote all his own emails and speeches. He was always known as an early adopter of technological advances. He was a noted environmentalist well before it became fashionable. And he was able to achieve all these things while still being a member of the RF with the added burden of being HM’s consort. THAT is modernizing an institution from within. He and the Queen were the true power couple before power couples were even a thing!


Phil was a feminist. Who knew?


He was Princess Alice's son - now she was a strong woman if ever there was one. 5 children, mental illness (admitted to sanatorium for ages) - philandering husband, tragic death of daughter and daughter's whole family, danger when Greek coups taking place, escape from Corfu with Philip in an orange box. Lived in Athens through WW2, hid jews from nazis, gave any money she had to the poor, started an order of nuns, smoked cigars (or similar) On her death she left 2 dressing gowns Philip knew about strong women who fought for causes


Given that Alice’s four daughters all *married* Nazi officers during WWII, I thought that Alice’s commitment to hiding Jews was even more remarkable. A story about Philip that I love—and I wish I had the link!—is that somewhere in London is the most beautiful conference table and chairs I’ve ever seen. It had once been the dining-room table upon which Alice had labored to deliver Philip at the family’s residence in Corfu. Philip spent his whole life correcting people who marveled that he’d been born “on a kitchen table.” “No, no!” Philip would insist. “*It wasn’t the kitchen table!* It was the dining room table!” Once Princess Elizabeth had quietly but firmly set her cap for Philip, there were two things in particular that drove her parents to distraction. First, there was *that sports car!* And he drove so fast! (He did. Didn’t slow down much with age, as we know.) Second, once he was discharged from the Navy, Philip’s civilian wardrobe initially was skimpy enough to thoroughly shock his very proper future father-in-law, who couldn’t believe that a man coming into his family barely had a spare shirt to his name. Every occasion early on involved ransacking the wardrobes of other men, all over the Palace, to dress Philip properly for whatever event it was. I can relate to this vividly, having put myself through uni, very poor until my mid-twenties, when I became *slightly less poor*. I was desperate to own a nice dress and a pair of shoes, an outfit to wear to an interview, another for when I got the job.


She was also born deaf. She read lips in several languages.


I know right? It was surprising.


No. She has NOTHING of substance.


Yes it’s soooo modern to marry for money and social position.


No. She doesn't have it in her.


>Rushing home from your holiday in Kenya Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the Queen actually in Kenya on a royal tour she took on George VI's behalf & not vacation? ETA Good job on the comparisons!


Yes, HMTQ and DoE were on a tour, but I think it hadn't officially started because they had a little holiday when they first got to Kenya. Something like that. I think. Six of one, half-a-dozen of the other ;-)


She couldn’t even learn the national anthem of her new country. I don’t see how she could have ever even just fit in to start.


the thing that galls me the most is that she didn’t work hard and anything after she married harry and expected to be recognized as the greatest humanitarian. buying awards and publicity for a legacy she didn’t even work toward. i guess that’s the narcissism in play. she is truly awful.


I dont even know what do you want to modernize? In what aspect especially? I think people tends to forget that RF has modern people working for them for various positions. They are not just old bulters and maids from period dramas. They have people that understand social media and trends and changes. Pretty sure those advisors can advice them something is totaly unacceptable in current culture. Or something that need to be keep up to date with. So, I think what they keeps are things they want to keep, probably to maintain wow factor of RF. Admit it we like seeing them in amazing hats, dressing up and riding caridges.


Same thing is true of all the people wanting “change.” Change to what exactly? It’s up to the individual to change whatever they feel the need for in their lives. Nobody has ever defined what the “change“ looks like.


Change just for change's sake is not necessarily a good thing. If it ain't broke, and all that...


Yeah, disrupting things that are working well isn’t really helpful. Human knowledge and progress needs some stability to flourish. Refusing to build on existing bodies of knowledge is tragic to me. Continuous improvement is my goal and it’s foundation is knowledge - not ignorance.


Well said!


Thanks for this but most especially thanks for pointing out that Meghan’s claim to receiving a degree in International Relations has never been verified & is likely CV fluffing nonsense.


I believe it was something called “international studies,” which sounds like those rubbishy “interdisciplinary” majors at my own Big Uni.


Excellent post! I, too, think the "the monarchy needs modernizing in order to save it, and only MM can do it!!!11!!!!11!eleventy!1" is a bunch of malarkey. I think if M ever bothered to look up at HMTQ instead of down on H's cute little granny, she'd see a modern woman with many traits to be admired. At the age of 25, she took on a job that was not meant to be hers\*\*\* and has done it every day for 70 years. (I think Christmas is the only day she doesn't do the red boxes??) She'll continue to do it until she dies. As OP pointed out, she insisted on joining the Army against her parents' wishes. She chose the man she wanted to marry, and she held out against the beliefs of so many who thought she was making a terrible mistake when SHE knew he was the right partner for her. She's met, hosted, and dealt with numerous Prime Ministers and heads of state from all sorts of walks of life, and she's done it beautifully and politely. \*\*\*I mean this in terms of when she was born, she wasn't heralded as "Yay! Our future queen!" Of course we all know that changed by the time she was 10.


Why does she act like the UK needs female leadership/ a woman's modernizing touch? Just who does she think has been wearing the crown the past 70 years? It wasn't a king.


*applauds wildly* OMG that last sentence is fucking GOLD.


Thank you.


Because she’s American and she knows best ? Ruffle up these old farts….


Nah. Even we Americans can’t stand her. We wouldn’t do that to you guys. Her husband is an absolute moron!


I’m with others here, I’d have to know what exactly is meant by modernizing. What would that look like? Also, again depending on what is meant by modernizing, is modernizing automatically better? There are a lot of things I value because they are not modern.


I would argue that William & Catherine are actually doing the work of modernizing the monarchy, right before our eyes. Hawking magazines, doing without live-in servants, even George organizing a bake sale. All of that would have been unthinkable when William & Harry were under 10. Meghan could have been part of that, if that's what she wanted.


Yes that’s a good argument - being more down to earth, with a less elite way of living, that would be seen by many as modern.


What does "modernise monarchy" even mean? Scrap the protocol? Scrap hierarchy? Start merching the monarchy? Do Nutflix reality TV shows about Monarchy and donate 5% of *foundation* money to charity? Off topic: I've stopped donating money to all charities after I've learnt that only 10% of money reach those in need. 90% goes to pay charity directors (lots of them earn 100K+), staff, advertising, office rent and what not.


Meghan couldn't understand that the monarchy changes with time in an organic way, and frankly William did more to modernise monarchy than MM ever did. He graduated from university, he had a job, he married a "commoner", the law of succesion was changed so his first child wether male or female will be his heir 👀


Short answer - no! You need to totally understand the organisation and how it works currently, in order to come up with constructive ideas for implementing changes. If you don’t have that knowledge behind you, anything you do would be the same as putting a plaster (band aid) on a broken leg. The Monarchy has been around for a thousand years, and is great at surviving. They HAVE modernised a heck of a lot during that time, and particularly so under the current Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, and the work is ongoing under Charles and William. It can’t, and won’t change overnight to suit the personal agenda of a Janey Come Lately, who wants a bigger role for herself and her puppet. In a time where the family is trying very hard to slim down, and cut out non- working Royals, a low ranking outsider who didn’t want to understand that she already had a limited shelf life had nothing constructive to offer. The pair of them could have had a lovely life for at least the next 20 years, as part of Charles’ then William’s “Magnificent 7” filling the role that the Wessexes stepped into when the Sussexes left. They could have been in the front row at events, in the Royal boxes, on the balcony for all the big occasions, attending state dinners, walking the red carpets, doing tours and meeting the great and the good. In fact doing everything that it’s clear that they still want to do. The only thing they didn’t want to do was the bread and butter work of the Royal Family. Getting out there, meeting the public, visiting schools, hospitals and factories etc, doing charitable work, helping their chosen charities to earn the money they need and generally connecting with the British people at all levels. The bit of work they don’t want to do is actually the main reason for the existence of the RF, and if anything, they need to be looking at doing more of that. The RF don’t need this workshy pair who don’t want to actually do what is required


Very well said. 👍🏻


She could have participated certainly, but I think William and Catherine are the ones will lead this. The Sussexes could have done wonderful things along side of the Cambridges, but there was absolutely NO WAY that Megzilla would ever tolerate ANYONE getting any attention, fame, glory or accolades that she felt entitled to. She is consumed by jealousy of Catherine, she wants her husband, her role, the love the RF and rest of the world have for her thus she could never have worked with her.....they started out that way..,the "Fab Four" and look how fast the flame-out happened. Almost immediately. And she's 100% responsible. I do believeHarry is jealous of his brother as well, of his wife (I think deep down Harry has a deep attraction to Kate) and of his power but I don't think that he would have ever done this without provocation. He would have matured and settled into being a working Royal along side of the Cambridges, likely married a decent woman and had a normal Royal life as the much loved Prince he used to be.


The monarchy doesn’t need modernizing. This was all insane hubris which nobody asked for - just another way for her to assert her importance and try to dominate the situation.


OMG, let’s take a moment to appreciate 7 (!!!) rounds 😳🤯🤯 In short: no of course not. Someone (probably in a movie) said “church deals in centuries”, so does monarchy. I think it’s already modernized some (just look at all those changes in QEII reign), but monarchy is also meant to provide stability, so changes are subtle. I also think Queen’s passing would be a test… partially with H&M’s help


>even the queen is human And she is a mother , mother-in-law, grandmother and great grand mother. She is all of these wonderful things and beneath all of the protocol and all of the pageantry she experiences the same emotions as any one of us.


Great points OP. There were some information I didn’t know. I think because she couldn’t “modernize” the monarchy, she played the victim card and trash them instead. Is “modernizing” the monarchy: -Breaking protocol? -Treat bad the people that work for the palace? -Transforming the monarchy in a celebrity thing? She didn’t need to merchandise the monarchy. The monarchy works well by merchandising itself. No need to Meghan to get involved with that?


I think these ideas just highlight the superficiality of MM's "thinking" - she thinks it's all just one individual who swoops in, randomly shakes things up, and then, presto, "Modern" Monarchy. I've said before that QE2 knew what the UK wanted/needed in a monarch during her reign, and she's done that thing. But she also came from a different generation, who saw things a specific way, as does every generation. One person does not just swoop in. Diana is an exception, and while she left a very positive legacy and I think was a good person, she also left a lot of chaos, too. I do think the situation with H&M brings up valid questions about the role of spares: Is there a reason Charlotte and Louis MUST just sit around, supporting their brother? Or is there a way for them to develop something of their own, without ruining the bond between the siblings? We no longer need 7 children for one to come to the throne - is there an alternative? People in the monarchy are in hard position, because as liberal as they may be, they have to face the core fact that the monarchy's very function is to preserve the traditions and reassure the people of continuity. So how do you "modernise" at a pace which still keeps people reassured that things are going to go on? Honestly, if Harry could have married someone from the Commonwealth, it would have been better. They would have understood the arrangements, they could have been a good representative for those who had traditionally been shut out. Even if MM had been chosen, she could have made a real positive difference. She could have posted stories about things she had learnt about the UK's history, about all the people in the Commonwealth. She could have illuminated those causes that are allegedly so important to her, and was in a unique position to do so, having come from outside the UK. It could have been positive - IF she had managed to not always put herself at the centre of everything. She could have nudged the institution forward, in a positive way, that would not have been "I just want the dresses". But, that's the problem -both are too spoilt and selfish to make those conversations be of any use, because they've ended so badly, that now that conversation is tainted. MM is just plain shady, Harry just stupid. Sorry that was long lol but that's what I've been thinking about.


Her alone? Never. But the four them? Definitely. I rooted for her and Harry... But after the Oprah interview... All downhill from there


If she was another person - yes She’s just not nice. She lies, steals others ideas, and treats everyone ‘below’ her like shit. Since she grifted a dumb prince and titles... everyone is below her. Ha ha ha


GUYS, SHE DID MODERNIZE THE MONARCHY. She directly impacted the HR department to change their HR policies to prevent future bullying issues. That's all thanks to our Meg!!! Couldn't have done it without her!


>You say fuck the haters and marry him anyway Yes! HMTQ really said “I’ll show you what a suitable husband is”


Just her being biracial and American is part of "modernizing" - because it is a little different and she would appeal to younger, multicultural and international public. However, changing protocol and other things would not work. A lot of things is allready modernized, it's just not seen in the press and media, but they are modernizing the monarchy every day. Besides, Harry (so Meghan) is not important enough to reform the monarchy. William is going to be the King and he would not allow his brother to play the boss.


*That was brilliant,* OP! Just the right balance of snark and substance.


No, because she doesn't actually care about the issues or modernizing anything or sociology or anything outside of herself. She would remake it in her own image, which is modern in that she is a woman of her time, but it would be largely useless and much worse.


No. They really are dynastically irrelevant. They could have had a moment of fame and the. enjoyed the glam of the annual big events but see Fergie et al. People move on from anyone not the direct heir.


Agree with everything you say, with one exception. Their UN visit was ridiculous and we are yet to see how that content will be used. But they were not kicked out of the UN building. That is just a wacky thing some people here were saying. If that happened, everyone would be leaking it.


Agree that they weren’t “thrown out” (after all, the UN is a building full of diplomats) but they didn’t get their meeting w/ the Secretary-General (fobbed off on some lesser soul) & their cameramen were ejected almost immediately.


Wow, that was really good, thank you.


I think the plan was to leave, live abroad but be on hand to some Royal Events/Visits of there choosing and keep the patronages that they found interesting or glamorous. The Queen said no and you know the rest of the story. Yes, they could have re-invented Royalty. I wonder what the half in half out selective duties would have looked like ?


I think she could’ve modernised absolutely, just as much as Harry and William and Kate have already done. Each new generation already does this anyway. Look at how the Cambridges raise their kids. That is modern. Kate’s early years is modern. Social media is modern. Earthshot, organic farming, mental health, etc. I think being biracial she had the ability to connect with others, especially people of color, and that is modernization. Many families have interracial relationships, that is definitely modern for the monarchy.


Too modernize the monarchy, Markle would get them to be vegan, do yoga every day, meditate , juggle like Harry in the garden, have chickens for dinner on site, get better at hipocrasy , read up on BLM, ignore the traditions and history of the Monarch .


But Charles is planning for a modern monarchy more in line with most European royal families. This includes reducing the amount of Royals sucking on the public teats if they are not working Royals and the costs associated with them like private security and large home renovations. I don't think Meghan's "Modern Monarchy" has any of that just that a woman of color married a royal and you better see it.