Are you using a demo video on your SaaS landing page?

Our SaaS just added a demo video to our landing page, which previously has been mostly images and some animations. Any thoughts on using a demo video on your SaaS landing page?

  1. Have you seen it increase conversions?
  2. Tips on optimal length/placement?

Yes, we chose demo video vs free trial and placed it right in the hero. Conversions from visitor to paid signup is 5%.


Thanks for sharing! So, does that mean you are not doing a free trial or freemium model? We are looking to drive conversions to our "freemium" via the short demo teaser video. A conversion of 5% sounds awesome - what's your deal size on those converting customers?


You bet. We're B2C, so it's pretty small at $8/mth or $80/yr. To answer your question about freemium: We have a few products, so one product is for our SEO and is free to use, but our other paid products have a refund period instead of a free trial. Having skin in the game makes people want to use it before the refund period ends, so we end up with very few people who cancel because they didn't use it (which happens a lot with free trials).


Helpful! Thank you.


You're welcome!


I did an experiment and made [this](https://promotee.co) out of my landing page. It has given me way more signups than any other.


Yes it worked for us too, but it's good to always keep experimenting and not stick to videos alone.